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12:02 shaun i'm going out, i may be a while
12:24 fedor oh, hello everybody
12:25 owen Hi fedor
12:25 owen You're from CZ?
12:25 fedor I am
12:26 fedor and I hope I came to the right place -
12:26 fedor however I hate to bother you and all, I was just hoping someone here might point me to some resources on koha installation...
12:27 owen You're in just the right place. The only question is whether the right people are here
12:27 owen Have you been here: ?
12:28 fedor Yes, I've been principally everywhere - I prefer reading the documentation before asking any stupid questions ;)
12:29 fedor But coming to the right place is all right with me, I can wait or come later, when the right people are online.
12:29 owen What problem are you having?
12:31 fedor Well, I installed the system allright, using the debian installation guide, but it seems the installer did not really edit my apache httpd.conf file (although it did detect it) and I'm not sure what I should do as a next step...
12:35 owen I'm not the installation expert, but I can look at one of our conf files...
12:36 owen Looks like httpd.conf gets some koha-specific directives from a separate file: "Include /etc/koha-httpd.conf"
12:36 fedor well, that looks like a good clue. thanks a bunch.
12:38 fedor btw, if you ever come to CZ again, be sure to stop in Olomouc.
12:41 fedor And I owe you a beer too :) Yes, I need to include koha-httpd.conf
12:44 owen Mmmm... beer. :)
13:17 indradg owen, u r a librarian... right?
13:17 owen Yes
13:19 indradg then u r the best person for my insanely stupid question -- which MARC field do u  use to store the accession numbers?
13:19 owen On the contrary--that's a very good question
13:20 indradg well... better be safe than sorry ;)
13:20 owen In fact, I have to refer to our MARC setup to answer it
13:23 owen In our setup items.barcode is mapped to 952p
13:23 indradg same as mine
13:24 owen And in your MARC structure you have to set the 'Tab' to 10 so that it shows up on the additem screen
13:24 indradg so barcode string == Acc. No?
13:25 owen Okay, maybe I'm getting things mixed up here
13:25 owen Sometimes accession number == barcode, sometimes not, I think
13:25 owen Does that not sound right to you?
13:25 owen I think some libraries keep track of an accession number separate from barcode
13:41 indradg owen, yep... makes a lot of sense... I've seen such cases over here
14:38 kados owen: our accession number is in 00x somewhere (I think) -- that is, if accession number is the unique number that our catalogers keep for each record
14:38 kados not sure it that shows up anywhere in the catalog marc view
14:40 owen I don't even see it in the MARC tag structure admin. Does it never make it into Koha?
14:42 indradg hmmm
14:43 indradg kados, a quick question abt you comment above
14:44 indradg if you are using 00x  acc no. then how are you getting different accn no. for multiple titles
14:44 indradg how are u mapping the biblio -> holdings
14:44 indradg ?
14:46 indradg err... i meant multiple copies of the same title
14:46 owen Sounds like it depends on how you define accession number?
14:47 indradg hmmm
14:53 owen sounds like we use it as a unique identifier for a bibliographic record, and you're using it as a unique identifier for an item?
14:55 indradg yep... thats seems to me how most librarians here in India does it... i could be wrong though
15:25 owen What kind of work, shaun?
15:25 shaun colours ;)
15:26 shaun and any tidy up, if i think it needs doing when i get there
15:26 owen I suppose the ideal way to handle it would be to put all the colors in a separate CSS file
15:26 owen But that would be pretty tedious
15:26 owen What's the status on the site?
15:27 owen Are you still working on that, shaun?
15:28 shaun i haven't made much progress - IE is being a bummer
15:35 shaun welcome back to the cave, ben... *ducks and signs out of msn*
15:36 Ben hrrm.
15:36 Ben em, an announcement: shaun and I have started reskinning the npl templates, as per orders in the last meeting I attended.
15:37 owen Fascinating! :)
15:37 Ben yes.
15:37 Ben (well, not really.)
15:37 Ben shaun said "these npl templates are horrible... but cute, in a 'we can fix this' kind of way"
15:38 Ben which I agreed with.
15:38 owen Nice to hear Koha is horrible in every way
15:38 Ben I'm sorry?
15:39 Ben I have a question on the splash screen: does it need to be there? as far as I am concerned, anything which unnecessarily increases the total loading time is to koha's detriment
15:40 owen The only reason it's there is that no one has yet built the right forwarding mechanism
15:40 Ben ok.
15:40 shaun not .htaccess?
15:41 Ben would it be better then if that page were stripped of everything including css links in order to get it to load faster?
15:41 owen I've inquired about htaccess in the past...I'm not sure why we're not using it.  Perhaps something to do with conflicts with automatic installation?  I don't know.
15:41 owen Ben, which page are you talking about?
15:42 Ben the 'home' page
15:42 shaun Ben: eyecandy - why does anything have a splash screen?
15:42 shaun owen: the pre-login page
15:42 owen Can you give me a filename?
15:42 shaun /index.html
15:42 Ben shaun: most crappy windows apps have splash screens to disguise the fact that they're taking an eternity to load. koha's splash screen, however, is increasing the time it takes to load.
15:43 shaun Ben: hang your head in shame.
15:43 Ben why, may I ask?
15:44 owen You mean the page that says 'WELCOME TO KOHA'?
15:44 shaun owen: yep
15:44 Ben yes.
15:44 owen That doesn't have any css or anything
15:44 Ben the one shaun did did.
15:44 shaun it does in ours - I was experimenting with using an image as splash
15:44 Ben and afaik, the table-based design would be even more code-inefficient.
15:44 Ben so why must I hang my head in shame?
15:45 shaun but it seems said image would be better placed on the login screen, somewhere out of reach
15:45 Ben perhaps so.
15:45 Ben why must I hang my head in shame?
15:45 shaun Ben: because you need to see what you type, but the monitor is fed up with seeing your face.
15:46 Ben explain.
15:46 Ben why have you made this pointless comment?
15:46 owen[…]rial.html#privcom
15:46 shaun thanks, owen.
15:49 shaun anyway, while packets fly from ben to myself in /MSG, how about fixing this splash screen in .htaccess?
15:49 Ben so the splash screen can go, if only partially
15:50 Ben may I remind you that koha is not always going to be running on apache linux: it might have to endure IIS at school
15:50 shaun it won't
15:51 Ben why?
15:51 shaun because of a nifty little app I found called apache for windows
15:52 Ben reeve will still not allow us to install that on her precious (shitty) hardware.
15:52 shaun owen, has this # ever had any ops?
15:54 owen Ben, I don't really care to listen to you and shaun bicker.  Do you really want that preserved for posterity forever in the Koha IRC logs?
15:55 Ben I'm more than happy for the world to know about my IT teacher's political extremism.
15:55 shaun Ben: but the world isn't happy to hear.
15:56 Ben the world doesn't have to hear, if it doesn't want to.
15:57 Ben I am more than happy to allow this conversation to be recorded in the irc logs, because I know that no sane person is going to look at it.
15:57 shaun *sorry, owen* the #koha world is wired in here, and was happy before you joined it.
15:57 shaun rach and chris will be offended by that.
15:58 owen Does an htaccess Redirect require a fully-qualified http:// address as the second part?
15:58 Ben why should rach or chris or especially paul look at the log of this conversation?
15:58 shaun because maybe, just maybe, something koha-related would have been talked about in here.
16:00 indradg owen, I believe it *is* required
16:00 shaun owen: yes, that's what is stopping it, i have just realised
16:01 owen I do wish Koha could use index files more sensibly.  It would be nice to be able to go to /cgi-bin/koha/circ/ and end up at the circulation screen
16:03 Ben yes, it would
16:04 shaun would one ever use you see index.html, index.php etc but never perl
16:04 shaun DirectoryIndex ;)
16:05 shaun which gives me a wild idea... DirectoryIndex /cgi-bin/koha/
16:07 shaun *peace at last*
16:07 owen Does DirectoryIndex work from an .htaccess file?
16:08 shaun yep
16:10 shaun I had that once... took me just under a week to find out why nobody could use htpasswd... :(
16:13 shaun seems as if Redirect permanent /index.html was missing a slash
16:14 shaun i think it would be better if somebody above me commits that
16:15 shaun wdyt?
16:16 owen What specifically are you talking about committing?
16:17 shaun the reason why the redirect wasn't working was that Redirect permanent /index.html was missing the slash; it must be relative to the site root
16:18 shaun I don't know where to look for files to change, except I changed it locally in /etc/koha-httpd.conf, so I am suggesting that somebody more knowledgeable in CVS commits it
16:18 owen I'd suggest sending a message to Koha-Devel asking on opinions on how to best manage what you're trying to do
16:19 shaun it's just because you were talking about it - it seems as if I have uncovered the solution, that's all
16:19 shaun to the problem, why do we have a splash screen in the first place
16:21 owen So run your suggested changes by the list, if you're not sure if they're appropriate.
16:22 shaun ok
16:24 shaun hmm, kados should have a look at that (the apache stuff above) *hint*
16:24 shaun I'm off, night all
18:10 kados ben, shaun and owen the solution to the splash screen problem is to do what NPL has done: in the httpd.conf virtualhost directive for the intranet and opac include a "redirect index.html /path/to/startpage"
18:35 kados rach the katipo site redesign looks great!
21:09 rach ah yep ta
06:51 paul 'morning joshua
06:54 kados paul: did you get my brief email about
06:54 paul yes. it's not as simple as previous SearchMarcTest...
06:54 kados right ;-)
06:55 paul so i'm afraid I won't be able to do it in 2 hours...
06:55 kados :-)
06:55 paul & don't have enough time to play with it...
06:55 paul (nothing to expect before july)
06:55 kados ok ...
06:55 kados figured I'd ask ;-)
06:56 paul but my opinion is almost done.
06:56 paul we must use Zebra for large libraries
06:56 paul we must be able to have koha without Zebra for smaller ones
06:56 paul so my idea is :
06:57 paul create 2 &
06:57 paul 1 dealing with zebra, the other with marc_*_table
06:57 paul and ask during install what the library want
06:58 paul in, we will have to play with MARCaddbiblio, MARCmodbiblio,MARCdelbiblio (& same for items)
06:58 kados hmmm ... I still don't understand why a small library wouldn't want Zebra ...
06:59 paul maybe you're right on the long term (ie : when Koha 2.4 is released)
06:59 paul but i think it's more careful not to go in this way at the beginning.
07:00 paul so, if we don't mix Koha & Zebra too much, we still can have the previous behaviour.
07:00 kados right
07:00 paul another reason being to break sightly less the cvs
07:01 paul giving a 2.4 sooner release
07:32 paul 'lut jean.
07:32 jean_log salut
07:32 paul jean_log plutôt ;-)
07:32 jean_log :)
07:32 jean_log en fait
07:32 jean_log tu me verras tres rarement parler avec ce pseudo
07:32 jean_log mais je log tout
07:33 paul (et là tu es chez toi, derrière ta fbx et pas derrièrele proxy ei-audiovisuel ;-)
07:33 jean_log voila :D
07:33 paul j'ai envoyé un commentaire sur ton doc à flc.
07:33 jean_log ha t'as lu ?
07:33 paul il manque le truc le + important, amha, pour l'optimisation CPU.
07:33 paul suspens...
07:33 paul c'est le mod_perl !
07:34 jean_log si j'en parle ...
07:34 paul en terme de tenue de charge, c'est ca le plus important.
07:34 jean_log atta je verifie
07:34 jean_log je me suis pas etale dessus mais il y a 1 ligne normalement
07:34 paul "terme recherché introuvable" dans OpenOffice...
07:35 jean_log atta 2 sec stp
07:35 paul ca y est, vu
07:35 paul (tu as écrit mod-perl, donc on trouve pas mod_perl ;-) )
07:35 jean_log :)
07:35 jean_log vi
07:35 jean_log voila
07:36 paul amha, le gain avec mod_perl sera 10 fois plus important que celui avec mpm.
07:36 jean_log vi fort possible
07:36 paul donc j'aurai plutôt mis mod_perl en premier !
07:36 jean_log par contre le gain de tmpfs + zero copy est tres bon
07:36 jean_log :/
07:36 jean_log ouais g pas assez appuye dessus
07:37 jean_log tu as raison
07:37 jean_log mais je peu encore modifier avt de le publier
07:37 paul (sinon, plein de trucs intéressants pour moi à propos des directives followsymlink et autres .htaccess)
07:37 paul c'est vrai que c'est logique, mais je n'y avait pas pensé !
07:37 jean_log je te remercie ^^
07:53 paul (jean_log : j'ai mis dans le mail envoyé à flc copie d'un mail envoyé par un urugayen qui explique comment on met en place mod_perl)
07:54 jean_log ha
07:55 jean_log tu penses que ce serai bien de l'inclure ?
07:56 jean_log parceque il suffit de le rajouter dans httpd.conf apres l'avoir compile ou dl en tant que package non ?
07:58 paul oui, sauf qu'il faut faire quelques modifs dans le httpd.conf pour ca.
07:58 paul c'est les modifs à faire qui sont détaillées.
08:01 jean_log ha oki
08:02 jean_log bah c'est toujours bon a prendre dans ce cas meme si en fait on m'a demande de faire l'article pour les developpeurs et/ou admins donc il sont censes reussir a le faire :)
08:02 jean_log mais dans l'absolu ca augmente la qualite de la doc effectivement
10:03 kados morning owen
10:03 paul hi owen
10:03 owen Hi kados
10:03 owen Hi paul
10:05 paul i think he want to use image which name is in GMD
10:05 paul like your itemtype => itemtype.png
10:05 paul but maybe i didn't understand well...
10:05 owen I'm wondering if he could somehow map GMD to item type?
10:06 owen Or does he still want the separate item types as well?  I'll have to ask him.
10:17 shaun kados around?
10:25 owen He was for a bit.  He'll probably be in and out
10:26 kados shaun: I'm semi-available
10:26 kados shaun: what's up
10:27 shaun just the Redirect syntax - the reason why it doesn't work in the default conf is that index.html needs to be relative to the root of the site, i.e. /index.html, for the redirect to work
10:29 kados and in your config it's not?
10:29 kados index.html doesn't need to exist
10:29 kados ScriptAlias /index.html "/usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/"
10:30 kados will work for a default Koha install (in the httpd.conf virtualhost directive for the opac
10:31 owen That's not part of the default install now, is it kados?
10:33 shaun the default scripted install produces a "Redirect permanent index.html http://$SITEROOT/cgi-bin/koha/" which does not work - hence index.html is displayed instead of the login page OR
10:40 owen That's the problem with the generous help of others... it just /doesn't come fast enough!/
10:40 shaun ?
11:04 kados heh
11:05 kados owen: check this out
11:05 kados
11:05 paul joshua,
11:05 paul i've seen you sql-datas.mrc commit
11:05 kados too big?
11:05 kados ;-)
11:05 paul but that's not what I expected : i expected a mysqldump of a working marc21 database.
11:06 paul that could be used as "sample data", as in 1.2 releases
11:07 kados paul: gotcha
11:07 kados paul: I can do that too
11:08 paul ok, so I install 2.2.3RC to EMN & i wait for your commit for official release
11:08 owen kados: that's looking really good!
11:09 kados it's the work of the Evergreen team mainly
11:09 kados a port of their port ;-)
11:09 owen So which one of your misspelled 'separate'? ;)
11:09 kados heh
11:09 kados them
11:10 owen Like many other Ajax apps, it needs some kind of indicator when it's in the process of retrieving something
11:10 kados yea
11:10 kados lots to do yet
11:11 kados it's mainly going to be good for ILL
11:11 paul (including making this work under konqueror...)
11:11 paul ;-)
11:11 kados :-)
11:11 paul (as it gives a strange page...)
11:11 owen Huh... does it work in Safari, kados?  Are the two very different?
11:12 kados paul: it's the new OPAC ;-)
11:12 kados with built in support for federated searching
11:13 kados of other catalogs and many other formats
11:13 kados like web search engines, etc.
11:13 kados hmmm, doesn't work in safari at all
11:13 paul too many javascript i'm afraid...
11:17 kados well ... it's just a proof of concept
11:17 kados doesn't really need to use javascript really

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