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02:03 Genji hey, what software do katipo programmers use for programming?
02:07 chris a text editor
02:32 paul hi chris & genji
02:33 paul Genji : I use kate, a linux-KDE text editor
02:34 chris i use jed
02:34 chris or vi
02:34 chris or emacs
02:34 chris depends what machine im working on :)
02:34 chris ssh, screen and a text editor are pretty much all i need
02:35 chris emacs will do nice formatting and colour syntax hilighting if you set it up
02:36 chris i pretty much use whatever is available
02:38 hdl But vim will also do syntax higlighting if configured and Kate, asoasf... ;)
02:38 chris yep
02:39 chris i very rarely work on my machine at home
02:39 chris i ssh onto whatever machine im working on at the time and edit there
02:39 chris so i prefer things like vim and jed or emacs which are curses based
02:40 chris but each to their own .. whatever works best for you is what you should use :)
02:42 chris its exceedingly fast
02:43 chris well to search anyway, returning the results takes a little more time
02:44 chris and then we need to query the item specific things
02:44 chris but i think its going to be a nice scalable fast search solution
02:44 chris and one that can be optional
02:49 paul chris : about "optional" do you think it would be easy to have 2 koha version
02:49 paul * 1 without zbra, easier to install, for small libraries
02:49 paul * 1 with zebra, harder to install but with a good/great scalability
02:49 paul ?
02:52 chris thats the plan
02:53 chris with a switch in system preferences
02:53 chris usezebra=1
02:53 chris something like that
02:53 chris so you have C4::SearchZebra
02:54 chris which is used if usezebra=1
02:54 chris otherwise we use the existing methods
02:55 chris i was thinking as well, that you could have a zebra server running at each branch ... in a multi branch or consortia type library
02:55 chris for the opacs
02:56 chris so u search locally, and only talk back to the mysql db for item specific or borrower specific stuff
06:31 gavin Genji: similar to chris I use screen, vim, ssh all the time
06:31 gavin also make use of cvs, svn, make a fair bit
07:08 slef APC News just linked to greenstone
07:41 kados paul: zebra is pretty easy to use
07:41 kados hi everyone btw ;-)
07:41 paul 'morning kados.
07:42 paul easy to use maybe, but is it easy to install ?
07:42 kados paul: yep ... there are packages
07:42 paul if as easy as other packages, then I won't have any problems with it
07:42 kados .deb and rpm
07:43 paul btw, did you succed to rebuild marc_Tword with the new version ?
07:43 paul no, but ppl in france find Koha hard to set up
07:43 paul in France, there is another ILS, called PMB (php+apache+mysql), under GPL, that is really easy to install.
07:44 kados paul: yes
07:44 paul small libraries goes to PMB really often & rarely choose Koha.
07:44 paul you'll say a small library means small fees, so let's ignore them ;-)
07:44 kados not really ...
07:44 kados :-)
07:44 kados but that's a good point ;-)
07:44 paul you will be right, but I don't want ppl discarding too quickly Koha.
07:45 kados right ... it's a tough decision whether to make Koha 'on size fits all'
07:45 kados oops ... s/on/one/
07:45 kados (do you know this expresion?
07:45 paul (we will never be as easy to setup as PMB, because, with easyphp, on a winXP computer, in 2 clics you have all you need. Installing perl on windows is not as simple)
07:45 kados right
07:45 paul (i understand it at least)
07:46 paul do you want to see a nice stylesheet i'm working on ?
07:46 kados (it's become idiomatic -- it comes from clothing sizes)
07:46 kados yes!
07:46 paul[…]ha/
07:46 paul 100% standard Koha
07:47 hdl cool :)
07:47 kados very pretty!
07:47 paul (required a little hack that will be commited soon)
07:47 paul (hdl, can you call me, pls)
07:47 hdl yes.
07:47 kados looks good paul!
07:48 kados paul to get Tword working I need right?
07:48 paul yes.
07:48 paul just replace use SearchMarc by in
07:50 kados ok ... here it is:
07:50 kados
07:51 kados keyword doesn't seem to be working
07:52 hdl It is just for Proof of concept, ;)
07:52 kados right ;-)
07:52 paul no keywotrd
07:52 paul just title or author should work
07:52 paul (& probably subject)
07:53 kados paul: have you tried this:
07:53 kados[…]76,9999&CI=034920
07:53 kados it's pointing to my zebra server
07:56 kados I'm thinking we need a Yaz wrapper in SearchMarc that does the search and pulls out the results in a hash ... then queries for item info, etc.
07:56 paul kados, how do you manage biblio modifs with Zebra ?
07:57 kados not sure of the specifics, but : "It supports incremental, safe database updates on live systems."
07:57 kados the index only takes 3 minutes to build
07:57 kados from scratch
07:58 kados and it takes in raw marc data
08:00 kados also ... it means automatically having a _very_ good Z39.50 server ;-) (mine is not too good ;-))
08:00 paul ;-)
08:00 paul & could be easier to extend search to more than you catalogue
08:00 kados and adds boolian, relevance ranking, and I think stemming
08:00 kados exactly
08:01 kados natively searches xml
08:01 kados s/searches/indexes/
08:03 kados paul: I've also just acquired 5 million MARC records ...
08:03 paul what do you mean by "acquired" ?
08:03 kados paul: and I'll be trying to import into Koha
08:03 kados paul: someone donated them ;-)
08:03 kados sanspach
08:04 kados they will be very useful for locating bottlenecks, etc.
08:04 kados right ;-)
08:11 hdl kados, bug 924, your note assigned it to me but is marked fixed/worked for me.
08:12 hdl 5000000 records WOW ! smileglasses
08:18 kados hdl: must be my mistake ;-)
08:23 slef paul: Kartouche CVS is being moved to a public server.
08:23 paul slef : let me know the address.
08:29 hdl hi michael.
08:52 slef paul: once I know. Do you want an account?
08:53 paul why not, if the project plans to release a new version, I could give some code.
09:43 paul hi owen.
09:43 owen Hi
09:43 paul happy to see you. do you have a min for a css problem (once again)
09:43 owen Yes
09:43 paul[…]biblionumber=9955
09:43 paul how to get the mainbloc go until end of the table ?
09:44 owen I think the only way to do it is to put an element after it that has a clear= value.
09:44 paul (btw, you also can go to :[…]ha/, it's 100% pure Koha, just with a stylesheet /me really proud of this stylesheet)
09:44 owen Or <br clear="both">
09:45 paul ??? don't understand.
09:45 owen Is the table floated?
09:46 owen (btw, I'm not getting *any* style sheet with that second link!)
09:46 paul you don't have
09:46 paul <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />
09:46 paul in line 6 ?
09:47 paul btw, the table is in a container that has :
09:47 paul div.tabsub {
09:47 paul background-color: #ACE6E6;
09:47 paul visibility:hidden;
09:47 paul margin-left:72px;
09:47 paul margin-top:100px;
09:47 paul margin-right:10%;
09:47 paul }
09:47 paul tabsub being in
09:47 paul div.tabblocsub {
09:47 paul position:absolute;
09:47 paul display:block;
09:47 paul top:123px;
09:47 paul left:42px;
09:47 owen Okay, I reloaded the page and now the stylesheet has loaded
09:47 paul border: 1px solid black;
09:47 paul }
09:49 owen On the subscription page, do you see a black border that extends up into the orange header bloc?
09:50 paul yes.
09:50 paul (removed, it was just a test)
09:52 owen Maybe it's because the div is absolutely positioned... I'm not sure.
09:52 owen CSS is funny that way--it's sometimes hard to get the container to extend around an object when positioning is used
09:53 owen The bibliothèque de sociologie page looks really good
09:54 owen Adding a clearing element doesn't seem to help your problem page any :(
09:54 paul it comes from cnrs stylesheet rules. My customer wanted to have an ILS looking like other cnrs sites.
09:54 paul right, no change.
09:57 paul back.
10:00 owen Does div.tabblocsub have to be position:absolute?
10:05 paul what do you suggest ?
10:07 paul if i remove the position:absolute, it works partially
10:07 kados paul: one tip ... if you validate your html you will be able to validate your css ... that may notice the problem
10:07 owen I don't know if this will break something somewhere else, but if you take out position:absolute from div.tabblocsub { that helps
10:07 paul the mainbloc is extended, but the table appears after the year list, where i want it facing the year list.
10:07 kados paul: right ... because floated elements are outside the document flow
10:10 owen So '2005' is the year list?
10:10 owen Will that always be a single year?
10:10 owen Maybe you could put that into the table <caption> element and style it there
10:10 paul owen, no, i've added a 2006 entry manually.
10:12 owen Are you trying to build the same kind of tab system you use with the MARC display?
10:12 paul yes owen
10:12 paul but even with the marc display, the problem is the same
10:13 paul (i've just included them in div id=mainbloc)
10:13 paul They were outside, so without light blue
10:14 paul (how did you solve this with npl templates ?
10:15 owen In the OPAC, I don't use the tab system.  I just display the whole record.
10:16 owen In the intranet, I haven't solved it either.
10:30 slef paul: I've gone blind, or your page is blank.
10:30 paul which page ?
10:30 slef[…]biblionumber=9955
10:30 paul not blank at all for me (with firefox)
10:30 paul (or konqueror, or opera)
10:31 paul (there is a long list of subscription / issue date & number & status)
10:31 paul question : how to add an attachment to a mail::sendmail mail ?
10:31 slef 1mo for screenshot
10:33 slef gopher://
10:34 paul did you clic on 2005 ?
10:34 paul you should have a list
10:34 slef clicking 2005 doesn't work. It's javascript.
10:34 paul right.
10:35 paul (it's javascript)
10:35 kados paul: thanks for adding the syspref for 'lost'
10:35 kados paul: but will it impact performance?
10:35 slef Is disability discrimination allowed in France?
10:35 kados it adds another query right?
10:36 paul you're welcome. my customers would probably cry a lot.
10:36 paul no joshua, as all the systempref table is read when the 1st pref is needed. and one is needed to find template/language
10:36 slef I've unsubscribed from koha-cvs. It's too high traffic recently. How do you follow development?
10:37 owen By subscribing to koha-cvs ;)
10:37 paul (no way to do it otherwise imho)
10:39 paul ok, i've found[…].html#attachments that has the answer to my question
10:39 slef       Look at for additional info
10:39 slef       (CGI, examples of sending attachments, HTML mail etc...)
10:39 slef from the manual page
10:39 slef oops, lagged
10:40 paul ;-)
10:42 kados btw: 5 million records indexed in 40 minutes with Zebra ;-)
10:43 sanspach kados: so I take it the records loaded OK? :)
10:43 kados
10:43 kados sanspach: yes ... thanks!
10:44 kados (that address should work only for Yaz or some other Z39.50 client)
10:45 kados (bad news is I forgot to index using the VOYAGER db name so I can't use the loc gateway to speed test, etc :(
10:48 kados I'm gonna take it down and re-index :-(
10:50 slef paul: "fixing a bug" is not a nice log message :-(
10:51 paul slef : when i write this, it means the bugfix is trivial. Here it is : my$temp instead of my $temp
10:52 slef paul: that's "fixing a typo" or even just "typo fix" ;-)
10:52 paul ok, i'll remember it.
10:52 paul (/me poor english :-( )
10:52 slef paul: cvs log in french then :-D

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