IRC log for #koha, 2005-06-06

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12:20 shedges Does anyone know why/how you would use an authorised value on a MARC tag?
12:22 shedges I understand how it works for subfields, but the "Modify tag" page (under system preferences->biblio framework) had a pull-down for authorised value.
12:22 shedges s/had/has
18:35 kados chris around?
18:50 si kados: long weekend here
18:50 si I suspect he's out banging about in his new wheels
19:10 chris just about to head out to the mall in porirua actually
19:10 chris whats up joshua?
19:10 si you won't be walking to porirua :-)
19:10 chris nope
21:27 kados hehe
05:31 gavin hello
06:03 gavin it's possible it might not be that much quicker, but it's quite a bit simpler and adds relevance ordering and boolean searching
06:03 gavin <oops>
06:10 chris hi gavin
06:10 chris have you tried using a warn to print out the query, then doing an explain on it?
07:13 gavin yes
07:13 gavin but not on kados machine
07:13 gavin next time we have opportunity, I'd like to get him to run the query, add the indexes and run the query again
07:14 gavin (i mean by hand in the monitor)
07:23 gavin i'd like to see the query times
09:54 kados hi everyone
10:20 gavin hi jados
10:20 gavin s/jados/kados :)
10:27 gavin :wq
10:37 gavin kados: did you get that data from sanspach?
11:20 kados gavin: not yet
11:33 gavin kados: it would be cool to have access to that data (3000 records really isn't enough)

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