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12:21 kados has anyone here seen the demo of PINES Evergreen circ?
12:21 kados it's really nice
12:21 kados
12:21 kados there's a firefox extension to install
12:23 kados this is really impressive
12:24 kados not everything is working yet but it's really cool
12:41 kados so owen ... we still have two reserve errors right?
12:41 kados[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=969
12:41 kados "Overriding waiting item results in cancelled reserve"
12:41 kados and the second
12:42 kados[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=844
12:42 kados "renewstatus subroutine should check for reserves"
12:42 kados owen: any more reserve-renew-related bugs asside from those?
12:44 kados owen: do you mind if I update 101?
12:47 owen That sound right--just the two reserve errors
12:49 kados and our solution for 844 was to just include the 'reserved' variable so you could 'block' the checkbox on the details screen right?
12:53 kados it's this variable in moremember.tmpl:
12:53 kados <!-- TMPL_IF name="norenew" -->
12:53 kados right?
12:53 owen Right--the renewstatus should check for both too many renewals and a reserve.
12:53 owen It'd be nice if it returned two variables--one regarding renewals, and one regarding reserves.
12:53 owen I'm not sure how it might work, though.
13:34 owen Hi Ben
13:34 Ben hi.
13:34 Ben apologies for my early leave yesterday: it was 11pm and I had to go to bed
13:36 owen I think it was a bad time for almost everyone!
13:36 owen That's what compromise is all about :)
13:36 Ben yes
13:37 Ben still, I got in an hour of it
14:13 kados Note that I'm assuming that all libraries don't want items reserved for others
14:30 indradg kados, just had a look at these guys' are really thinking of kicking it up a notch.. jabber... XUL ... hmmm
14:30 kados yep :-) ... did you see my post above?
14:31 kados it's really a nice interface
14:31 indradg  was ur post which took me there :)
14:36 kados chris around?
14:42 shaun hi everyone - is kados around?
14:42 slef hi doctor nick!
14:46 kados shaun: my list email?
14:46 kados you mean a re-cap?
14:46 kados that recap is probably rach's job
14:46 shaun anything that you would say about being 2.4 RM, and the job allocations.
14:47 kados right ... I'll probably do a general email
14:47 shaun excellent
14:47 kados then start threads for the individual roles and jobs to do
14:47 kados etc.
14:47 kados hopefully I'll get the general email out today (truth be told, I was kinda waiting for rach to do an official sounding email to the list announcing me, etc.)
14:48 kados (for the folks that were'nt at the meeting)
14:48 kados but I guess I don't need to wait for that
14:49 shaun if you send that out, I will call a meeting on # on the topic of visual interface - I would call it the website meeting, but I feel that the templates need to be brought into it as well, to some extent
14:50 kados how about I call the meeting ... and it'll be the 'interface design' meeting
14:50 kados the website doesn't really fit into that scope does it?
14:50 shaun an interface with customers
14:50 kados ahh
14:50 shaun ;-)
14:51 shaun anything that the end-user sees, basically?
14:51 kados so we're talking about redesigning the entire color scheme/ logos, etc of Koha
14:51 kados all things Koha
14:51 kados I'm all for that
14:51 kados but
14:51 shaun the logos are good- rach has done a good job with the latest one she sent out to me at least.
14:52 kados I still think the narrower topic of interface design as related to the actual Koha interfaces is a priority
14:52 kados yea the latest logos are nice
14:52 shaun the visual identity needs to be brought back up to a slick level.
14:52 shaun go on then - without a doubt, such a meeting will be just as popular as the town hall one...
14:52 kados in my experience, designing an overall presense is a tough thing to do wihen we've got so many folks with a vested interest
14:53 kados ok ... I'll bring up both issues and we'll hash it out ;-)
14:53 shaun yeh... mind if I chair?
14:58 shaun brb
15:00 kados shaun: I'd rather chair for now
15:24 shaun back again - kados: OK
15:36 kados sure
15:37 kados shaun: sorry ... I've been squashing bugs today for NPL
15:37 shaun np
15:37 kados I'll probably not get to the message for a few hours
15:38 kados plus I'd like to touch base with rach before I do send it
15:38 kados thanks for your patience ;-)
15:38 shaun i'll be gone by then... 9:00 GMT, thursday next week sound OK?
15:39 kados sounds ok with me ... course, any time is always ok with me
15:39 kados since I work on Koha now for NPL and LibLime it's pretty much Koha all the time ;-)
15:39 kados two full time jobs ... yay!
15:39 kados ;-)
15:41 kados how many times can paul quit without joining again ? ;-)
16:02 indradg kados, around?
16:06 shaun I'm off now, bye. kados - send mail ;)
16:16 kados indradg: yep
16:16 kados chris: if you're around ... do you happen to remember what the values for 'itemlost' mean?
16:24 kados indradg: what's up?
16:36 indradg kados, I was thinking how abt a pygtk interface for the circ module?
16:37 kados right ... have you seen chris's work?
16:37 kados
16:37 indradg yep... looked thru the screenshots
16:38 kados I'd like to see an XMLHttp front end
16:38 kados like Evergreen's
16:38 indradg hmmm...interesting :)
16:38 Genji morning.
16:38 kados morning Genji
16:38 indradg morning Genji
16:39 kados so Chris has done a TK and a Curses implementation
16:39 kados[…]-bin/blosxom/koha
16:41 indradg cool
16:47 indradg kados, excuse my ignorance... the only time I fiddled with curses was back in the mid 90s... what I knew was that it worked on the terminal
16:47 kados it does ;-)
16:48 kados it's a widget toolbox
16:48 indradg rite... but that might lead to issues with L10N issues with asian scripts
16:49 kados yea
16:49 kados I'd like to see XMLHttp
16:49 kados we can likely steal the whole thing from Evergreen
16:49 indradg most asian scripts.... particular all the indian langs don't behave on terminals due to rendering and character clusters  issues
16:50 kados (their mozilla plugin is based on XMLHttp)
16:50 indradg yeah... /me was reading up XUL tutorials
17:06 si joshua: 'tis saturday here
17:06 si rach is out stewarding at a dog show
17:55 kados ahh ... right ... forgot about the day diffs
17:55 kados too bad
18:08 si that's not to say that either of them won't be on some time
18:08 si but I wouldn't rely on it :-)
21:26 kados any Spanish or French Kohaites present?
21:26 kados chris around?
21:33 chris whats up?
21:36 Genji hiya chris!
21:37 chris heya
21:55 kados hi guys
21:55 kados chris: two questions
21:56 kados 1. did you ever commit your mozilla extension and README?
21:56 chris nope, as i havent been able to generalise it yet
21:57 kados 2. do you remember what the itemlost status statuses are?
21:57 kados 0 is 'not lost' ... I'm assuming 1 = lost
21:57 kados but what about 2-~?
21:58 chris yep
21:58 chris 1 = marked lost by the librarian
21:58 chris 2= longtime overdue
21:58 chris considered lost by koha
21:58 chris if you set up your rules and use
21:59 chris koha will mark items 2 after a set period and level the replacement charge on the borrowers account
21:59 kados cool ... thanks
22:02 kados and should itemlost be 0 by default, empty, or null?
22:03 kados in 2.2 lost items are displayed alongside items present in the catalog ... on the initial search results sscreen
22:03 kados I'm trying to alter the sql query that pulls out item info
22:03 chris null or 0
22:03 kados elect items.* from items where biblionumber=? and itemlost<
22:04 chris 0 if its been 1 or 2 previously
22:04 kados ok ... so itemlost<1 should work then eh?
22:04 kados is null < 1?
22:04 chris dont think so
22:04 kados or is it undefined
22:04 chris null is undefined
22:04 kados shoot
22:04 kados so maybe itemlost !=1 and itemlost !=2 ?
22:05 chris and (itemlost = 0 or itemlost is NULL)
22:05 kados ok ... I'll give that a shot
22:06 kados thanks
22:06 chris np
22:11 chris :)
09:53 kados :-)
09:53 kados ISP nab it?
09:59 kados slef: do you know of a free '' resource?
09:59 kados slef: I'd like to setup some kind of voting mechanism for meeting times
09:59 kados slef: how does debian do it?
10:00 kados (speaking of debian, would it be worth it to try to get a Koha package together for inclusing in sarge?)

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