IRC log for #koha, 2005-01-22

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12:42 paul g'morning owen
12:43 owen Hi
17:13 rach hello
17:53 owen Hi rach, I didn't see you come in.
17:53 owen I like the new designs you posted
17:57 rach thank you
17:58 rach I have a new PC, which doesn't kick me off IRC every time the screen saver comes on
17:58 rach so I'm finally back to being able to pay attention
17:58 rach rather than doing a merekat impersionation
17:59 rach but it does mean I'm lurking a bit more :-)
17:59 rach so owen, when used in a page, do you still get that "surprised" feeling?
17:59 rach with the logo
18:01 owen Yeah, kinda.  But I have a tendency to see things that aren't there. ;)
18:09 rach have you done those inkblot thingys?
18:12 owen Not since they let me out
18:13 rach :-)
18:15 owen Did I read correctly that someone's going to try to do your designs up in HTML?
18:15 rach yep
18:16 rach lucky man :-)
18:18 owen Shouldn't be too hard, except for that opacity thing
18:18 rach he likes a challenge :-)
18:20 rach owen what does the admin for your koha look like?
18:20 owen The admin home page?
18:21 rach yes
18:21 rach could I possibly get you to send me a screen shot?
18:22 rach or is it the one that paul did?
18:22 rach ta
18:22 rach interesting, we don't have an option to change theme for the admin side, in the same way as we do for the opac
18:23 owen
18:25 chris yep we do rach
18:25 chris its just called template though
18:25 chris Preference order for intranet interface templates
18:26 owen Here's the circ screen, from our test server (that's why my account is in such bad shape, I swear!)
18:26 owen
18:26 rach ah that's right
18:26 rach thanks owen
18:27 rach so you've put acquisitions into cataloging
18:28 owen We lump all that together.  But really we don't do acquisitions in Koha, so I don't have a good idea of the workflow.
18:31 rach oh that's a bit weird
18:47 kados hi everyone
18:49 kados owen we may be doing acquisitions in koha pretty soon ... stephen wants to cancel our ITSMARC subscription this year
18:49 owen Catalogers will be pissed.
18:49 kados he's asked me to get the cataloging interface up and running (the Z39.50 aspect of it that we're not using)
18:49 kados yea
18:50 kados the main problem will probably be authorities on the records
18:50 kados I haven't had a chance to see how koha handles authorities yet ... but I doubt it's as advanced as ITSMARC
18:51 kados (lower quality records also means worse searching btw)
18:51 owen There are large parts of the acquisitions system that I'm not familiar with
18:51 kados same here
18:52 owen I haven't updated any z39.50 templates in a while.  I'm not sure what their status is.
19:21 kados si around?
19:21 owen kados: z39.50 isn't working on 101 is it?
19:37 kados si if you arrive anytime soon ... here's my problem:
19:38 kados I can boot the net4801 off my nfs share fine
19:38 kados so debian is running now on it
19:38 kados but
19:38 kados the cf card is showing up as hdb instead of hda
19:39 kados so when I try to run lilo (after changing /etc/fstab to mount from the local filesystem) I get an error like this:
19:39 kados Warning: /dev/hdb is not on the first disk
19:39 kados and:
19:39 kados Fatal: Trying to map files from unnamed device 0x0009 (NFS ?)
19:40 si so your root file system is your HD, or still NFS?
19:40 kados currently I've got / which is the NFS
19:40 si some CF apparently are outside spec, and don't come up correctly on 4501's
19:40 kados and /mnt which is the CF card (hdb)
19:40 si I've got a few that come up as slaves
19:40 si right, so you need to tell lilo to chroot to /mnt
19:40 kados ahh ...
19:41 si      -r root-directory
19:41 si              Before doing anything else, do a chroot to the indicated  direc-
19:41 si              tory.  The new root directory must contain a /dev directory, and
19:41 si              may need a /boot directory. It may also need  an  /etc/lilo.conf
19:41 si              file.
19:42 kados sweet
19:42 si you may also need -b as well
19:42 si alternately
19:42 kados so you think 'lilo -r /mnt'
19:42 kados would do it?
19:42 si you could mangle your nfs boot line so that it actually loaded /dev/hdb1 as it's root, rather than the nfs partition
19:43 si so that you're using tftp only to boot the kernel
19:43 kados yea I was going to try that next :-)
19:43 si then you'd be able to install lilo without needing the mad chrooting stuff
19:43 si just try various combinations of -r -b and -A, until it works
19:43 kados thanks si!
19:43 si that's what I do, randomly
19:44 kados :-)
19:44 kados lilo -r /mnt gave:
19:44 kados same Warning (not the first disk)
19:44 kados and
19:44 kados Added Linux *
19:45 kados si can you think of a reason that the CF is showing up as hdb instead of hda? (is that what you were mentioning just a sec ago?)
19:45 si yes
19:45 kados ahh
19:45 si it's discussed in the soekris archives, if you can be arsed googling
19:46 si but on the 4501's there's not a great deal you can do about it
19:46 si buy a better flash, or live with it seem to be the choices
19:47 si ctrl p, and then "boot f0"
19:47 si will force it back to a netboot, if the lilo is munged
19:47 kados right :-)
19:48 kados hehe ... does this mean it's munged?:
19:48 kados L 00 00 00 00 00 00 ad infinitum
19:48 si yup
19:48 si but it means you're half way there
19:48 kados k ... I'll just change the fstab in the nfs
19:58 kados strange that these cards are of different quality ... they all seem to cost about the same
19:58 kados the same kinds of problems exist with the SD cards ... I had to scrap one of those with my Zaurus because it wouldn't hold on to a filesystem
19:59 kados switched to another brand and problems went away
20:04 kados soekris finally grabs kernel
20:06 kados sweet ... mounted on /dev/hdb1
20:07 kados grrr ... still get the Fatal: Trying to map files fron unnamed device 0x0009 (NFS ?)
20:07 kados when I run lilo
20:11 tim Hey chris!  Your 'Flat Stanley" is on the way.
20:11 chris cool ill keep an eye on my inbox
20:11 chris there it is
20:12 tim We'll be having more kids make some later so you'll have to wait a bit kados.
20:12 tim Let me know if you have any problems with the stuff I sent.
20:12 kados hehe np ... I'll keep posted :-)
20:12 chris looks all good to me
20:12 kados si: any more ideas?
20:12 chris hes at a meeting joshua
20:12 kados ahh ... thanks
20:36 kados I think the problem was that I was overriding lilo with some kernel statements in my 'default' file (TFTP)
20:52 kados shoot! ... it booted off the network and mounted the CF filesystem ... I ran lilo and it gave the warning but no fatal message ... I rebooted and lilo still gives me the L 00 00 prob

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