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14:43 kados si around?
17:28 rach hi pat
17:28 rach sorry about the to do list :-(
17:33 pate no problem ... it's already fixed
17:36 rach so how are things with you?
17:37 rach we just had simon's cousin & his wife come to stay with us - they live in Seattle so we got to hear a bit more about it
17:38 pate things are going well, though still hideously busy
17:39 rach I guess Christmas in Retail is going to be like that
17:39 rach did you get some time off?
17:39 pate i've got a small bundle of ideas that I'm hoping to turn into KohaHelper
17:40 pate yeah, the 24th and 31st
17:40 pate how are things down there?
17:40 rach busy as well
17:40 rach but we do get a bit more time off :-)
17:41 rach we are getting ready to go to a library/information conference in sydney
17:41 pate cool
17:41 rach we've had a case spray painted the bright Koha green
17:41 rach and are making up a "koha appliance" to take with us
17:42 pate and you being busy should contribute to the bottom line, my being busy translates to me being tired and grouchy
17:42 rach well and maybe someones bottom line?
17:42 rach but yep - although tired and grouchy comes into it unfortunatly :-)
17:42 pate good luck with the appliance ... i think it's a good idea
17:43 rach right, time for me to run off to dog class - I'll be back in a couple of hours
17:43 pate have fun
17:43 rach ta
17:44 rach we're making a "boxed software" thingy too - so a box basically :-)
17:46 rach going for the "make it real" angle
17:46 pate that'll be the way to go
17:47 pate when i called the shifted librarian on dynix being first with RSS, she said, well they were the first vendor/product ... Koha's just a project
17:47 rach yep
17:48 rach oh what a good call
17:48 pate you should
17:48 rach right, that's something to think of on my walk :-)
17:48 rach later
17:48 pate well, good 'walkies'
19:07 kados hey pate!
19:08 kados good to read you today
19:13 pate hi there
19:13 pate thanks ... i thought it was worth sending, i'd love to see more communications between open-ils and koha, so i'm going to see what i can do to encourage it
19:14 pate what're you up to these days?
19:20 kados oh not much ...
19:20 kados at the moment I'm trying to get this soekris device to boot
19:21 pate ?
19:22 kados I'm trying to build a little embedded firewall/transparent proxy using a soekris net4801 board ... it's not cooperating :-)
19:25 pate ahh, sounds cool
19:41 pate well, i'm spending a *lot* more time away from this than where I can see it, so I'm gonna take off ... have a good'un everybody
19:45 Genji Hiya all. hmm.. pauls not on.
19:46 kados si if you're around ... I broke down and bought a sandisk CF card 512MB ... downloaded the sarge netboot files, booted into ramdisk and ran the regular sarge installer.  I can't get it to boot off the CF card (I get a message GRUB loading ... and then it give me some garbage).  I also can't get it to boot from pxeboot with the root set as /dev/hda or /dev/hda1 ... any suggestions?
19:46 kados hi Genji
19:55 Genji seems like the new 2.2.0 erased my fix to
21:23 Genji yahoo. got CVS working.
21:48 kados si ... IT BOOTED!
21:49 kados si: you weren't kidding I'd have to learn alot here ... in the process I filed my first redhat bug report (hal was automounting ext2 CF cards as vfat)
21:49 kados woohoo!
00:04 kados si and chris squid and squidguard are working like a charm and the transparent proxy via iptables is running too
00:04 kados si thanks for your help!
06:33 Genji how do you test for the preference tag 'marc' if its 0 or 1?

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