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13:25 paul hi ambrose|w
13:26 ambrose hi paul
13:34 paul good morning owen
13:35 owen Hi paul
13:35 owen Snowy morning here today
13:36 paul mistral here...
13:36 paul (mistral is the wind we have in Marseille)
13:36 paul when there is mistral : blue sky, but very very cold (for Marseille...) !
13:55 owen We're talking here at NPL about the possibility of blocking patrons from placing reserves if they are debarred.  I wonder how difficult that would be?
13:56 paul mmm... it's probably easy
13:56 paul use to get member informations
13:57 paul and add a <!-- TMPL_UNLESS name="debarred" --> <!-- /TMPL_UNLESS --> in the templates
13:58 owen That doesn't sound too bad.
13:59 paul maybe another solution would be to store debarred information in a cooki
14:00 paul (at login stage)
14:00 paul will be a less load for the server
14:00 owen That's not a bad idea... Then you could use that cookie to change the template to one that was all red and black with skull-and-crossbones :)
14:01 paul :)
17:25 kados chris around?
17:26 chris yep
17:26 kados owen and I are trying to figure out where the holdingbranch value (available in the template) is hidden in
17:27 kados chris: nevermind ...
17:27 chris found it?
17:27 kados sortof
17:27 kados owen can fill you in on the details ;-)
17:28 kados looks like there's a npl customization for holdingbranch that was never committed
17:28 owen Here's the big picture:  I was enlisting Joshua's help to get the holdingbranch information for waiting items output by
17:28 chris right
17:28 owen I wanted to get both holdingbranch and pickup branch into that script so they could be compared
17:29 owen If they match, then the items is really waiting.
17:29 chris righto
17:29 owen If not, then the item is still in transit
17:29 chris yep
17:30 owen I thought we could use getiteminformation() inside the foreach at line 124 of
17:30 owen but that doesn't seem to work.
17:32 chris there is ItemInfo in that might give you too much info tho
17:33 chris how are u calling getiteminformation?
17:34 kados so owen ... if you add $reserve{'holdingbranch'}=​$item->{'holdingbranch'}; in the RESERVES loop that might work
17:35 kados oops that won't work ...
17:35 chris what script are u looking at joshua?
17:35 chris :)
17:35 kados :)
17:36 owen Here's what I have in our copy of
17:36 owen if($reserve{'holdingbranch'} eq $reserve{'wbrcode'}){
17:36 owen $reserve{'atdestination'} = 1;
17:36 owen }
17:36 owen where 'wbrcode' is the destination branch for the reserve.  I'd like to be able to do the same thing in
17:36 chris my $item=getiteminformation(''​,$res->{'itemnumber'},'');
17:37 chris $res->{'holdingbranch'}=$item->{'holdingbranch'};
17:37 chris might do it
17:37 chris or
17:38 chris if ($res->{'branchcode'} eq $item->{'holdingbranch'}){
17:38 chris  $res->{'atdestination'}=1;
17:38 chris }
17:38 chris im assuming that $res contains the itemnumber
17:39 chris else my $item=getiteminformation(''​,$res->{'itemnumber'},'');
17:39 chris will fail
17:39 chris if it does, if you put that in around line 127, and then the if you should have the value available in the template
17:40 owen syntax error at /usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/ line 126, near "'';"
17:41 kados missing the ) ?
17:41 owen Yep
17:42 owen Looks like it's working!
17:42 kados cool!
17:42 kados better commit it right away :-)
17:43 owen :)
17:53 owen Hi rach
18:19 tim Anyone here know anything about Flat Stanley?
18:21 tim An off-topic question at the children's librarians request.
18:21 tim She's looking for sponsors.
18:22 owen I've heard of it.
18:22 owen Can't remember if its something I heard about being done here or not.
18:23 tim She'd like to get someone from out of the US.
18:23 chris doesnt ring any bells for me
18:24 tim One of the kids even asked for NZ
18:24 chris ooh, i live there :-)
18:24 owen :)
18:24 chris what is flat stanley?
18:25 tim I'm trying to find a web site that would explain it better than I could.
18:25 chris righto
18:25 owen
18:26 tim I couldn't connect.
18:26 chris i could do that
18:26 chris so they mail me a flat stanley, and i take it places and write a journal and take photos of it?
18:27 chris shame it couldnt get here by monday, i could take it to the NZ vs the World 11 cricket match :)
18:27 owen Can Stanley be faxed? ;)
18:27 chris ohh yeah if you could fax it, and the journal
18:28 chris if stanley was hanging out with me, he'd be in computer machine rooms, and in front of computer screens a lot :)
18:29 chris oh, and im going to australia for a week in february
18:29 tim I connected on the second try.
18:30 chris or do they want kids? i know someone who teaches at a primary school (u guys call it elementary i think)
18:31 tim It doesn't matter if there are kids.
18:31 chris right, well id be willing to look after stanley for a while
18:32 chris ill even write a blog for him
18:32 chris :-)
18:32 tim I think they mail it.
18:32 tim She asked me before she went to start todays after-school programing.
18:32 chris cool, ill take him to the nz vs australia cricket match later on then
18:33 chris waitangi day is feb 6
18:33 chris which is kinda like your guys independence day
18:33 chris so that might be interesting
18:36 tim I can ask her for more detail when she gets out.
18:37 chris thatd be cool
18:37 tim Thanks!  She's been trying different places from a Flat Stanley mailing list without any luck.
18:38 owen Maybe Paul knows someone who'd take him in?
18:40 tim That would be cool.  We have a bunch of kids who made 'em.
18:42 tim I think I finally got the records and mapping set right on Koha.  Been importing everything for a couple hours now.
18:42 chris sweet
18:44 kados hehe that Flat Stanley looks like a lot of fun ;-)
18:46 tim It does.
18:46 tim We probably have more to send if you want to do one.
18:47 owen Okay, I've committed those changes to both and
18:47 owen Next on the list is :)
18:49 kados owen did you commit them to HEAD or 2.2.0? (how do we commit things to 2.2.1?)
18:50 owen I committed them to HEAD, though they probably could go in rel_2_2 as well
18:50 kados so rel_2_2 will become 2.2.1 right?
18:50 chris yes
18:51 chris and 2.2.2 and however many are made before 2.4.0 comes out
19:08 owen So the itemswaiting loop in has holdingbranch but not destination branch.  Would I use FindReserves() to get reserves.branchcode?
19:27 LLMark Hi
19:28 LLMark Anyone awake?
19:29 LLMark Need to set up a "dual" install, one for our local campus and one for our extensionin Romania. Seems like I need to be able to set the ETCDIR variable, but I need a little help, if possibel. Thanks, Mark
19:32 chris hi mark
19:32 chris so you want to have a central database somewhere, and have to machines serving the opac and librarian interface .. is that right?
19:41 kados chris I may have asked you this before ... do you use ssh_keygen to create passwordless ssh keys for use in backup scripts (using scp)? ... /me recently read that if the keys are passwordless the key is unencrypted ...
19:41 kados chris: I was going to add some documentation on setting that up for Koha (in the backups document) but I wanted to pass the idea by you first (to make sure it's the 'right' way to do it)
19:43 LLMark sorry, I went away . . .
19:43 LLMark Yes, two installations of KOHA
19:43 chris hmm if the key is unencrypted that doesnt sound 2 nice kados
19:44 chris mark: sharing the same database?
19:44 chris if so, its not too hard
19:44 chris in you /etc/koha.conf
19:44 LLMark no, two different collections, tho I will transfer records between the two occasionally, probably
19:44 chris ahh, right
19:45 chris then you just do 2 installs
19:45 chris one on each machine
19:45 chris and they each use their own database
19:46 LLMark OK, at the beginnig of running it says something about setting etcdir, but I didn't know when or where to do that. I take it this is to be done AFTER the installation?
19:46 kados chris: how do you do passwordless scp?
19:46 LLMark oops, I miscommunicated
19:47 LLMark I want TWO separate databases on the same Linux Box
19:47 chris ahhh right
19:47 chris thats fine then :)
19:47 chris how you do that is
19:47 chris you do one install
19:48 chris and put the stuff in /usr/local/koha1/ say when it asks you where to put the opac /usr/local/koha1/opac etc
19:48 chris then when that is finished
19:49 chris mv /etc/koha.conf to /etc/koha-1.conf (or some more senseable name)
19:49 chris and edit the line in the httpd.conf that says
19:49 chris SetEnv KOHA_CONF "/etc/unidokoha.conf"
19:49 chris will say /etc/koha.conf
19:49 chris set it to /etc/koha-1.conf
19:50 chris you can see here that i set it to unidokoha.conf .. we have about 8 kohas running one box
19:50 chris then you do another install
19:50 chris and you will have 2 koha's with 1 db each
19:50 chris does that make sense?
19:51 LLMark yes!
19:51 chris cool
19:51 chris joshua: i use passwordless keys
19:52 LLMark there must be a separate section in httpd.conf for each install, I take it?
19:52 chris thats right
19:52 kados LLMark: actually, two, one for the opac and one for the intranet
19:52 chris koha-unido-httpd.conf for eg
19:52 chris i do it that way i have one conf file for each install then in my main httpd.conf
19:52 LLMark WIll I have multiple SetEnv KOHA-CONF lines?
19:53 chris i have
19:53 chris include /etc/apache/koha-unido-httpd.conf
19:53 LLMark OK! I'll go try and attempt to repor to the devel group when I get it all online and working!
19:53 chris Include /etc/apache/koha-somethingelse-httpd.conf
19:54 chris then its all nice and seperate and to turn one off, i just comment out the include line
19:55 kados chris: this guy might be bsing but he says " An interesting feature of ssh-keygen is that it will allow you to simply press enter when prompted for a passphrase. If you don't supply a passphrase, then ssh-keygen will generate keys which are not encrypted!"
19:55 kados[…]=dgr-lnxw07Backup
19:56 chris ahh right, i cant remember how i generated the keys
19:57 chris it was a while ago now
19:57 si ssh-access
19:57 si breakfast of champions
19:57 kados :-)
19:57 si sorry ssh-keychain
19:57 kados ahh yea I've heard about that
19:57 kados so that will start the ssh_agent for you on reboot right?
19:58 LLMark Thanks chris, et al. Bye
19:58 chris cya
19:59 si it makes the keys available to multiple processes
20:00 kados si: so this would be a better choice than passwordless keys generated via ssh-keygen?
20:01 kados (writing up docs for backing up Koha to a remote server via scp)
20:01 si ohh my word yes
20:01 si keychain helps you to manage ssh keys in a convenient and secure manner. It acts as a frontend to ssh-agent, but allows you to easily have one long running ssh-agent process per system, rather than the norm of one ssh-agent per login session. This dramatically reduces the number of times you need to enter your passphrase. With keychain, you only need to enter a passphrase once every time your local machine is rebooted. keychain also makes it easy
20:02 si
20:02 kados thanks si
20:03 si it's a nice end run around th eproblems normally associated with running keys under screen
20:07 kados yikes! this article also says that passwordless keys are unencrypted
20:09 chris i think that means they are just stored unencrypted, not the connection is unencrypted
20:09 kados right ...
20:09 chris which i cant see is any worse than coding a user name and a password into an expect or shell script
20:10 chris which is the other way you could do an automated scp
20:11 kados yea ... I guess for the purposes of this documentation keychain may be a bit too complex ... but I'll include a link
20:12 kados keychain will let your cron jobs 'source' your ~/.ssh-agent file to obtain access
20:15 tim Hey chris!  We mail a packet with Stanley and some info in it.
20:16 tim You keep it for 5 days and write about what he's doing.  Pictures would be nice too.
20:17 tim If you'd still like to do it, let me know.  We can exchange contact info and we'll send it out right away.
20:17 chris cool ill email you my address
20:17 chris whats a good email addy to send it to?
20:19 tim tmcmahon at
20:19 chris cool
20:20 chris email on its way
20:25 tim Firefox flagged it as junk mail.
20:33 chris thats me, spammer chris
20:33 chris :)
20:37 tim Thanks.  It'll probably go in the mail tomorrow morning.
20:38 chris cool
20:43 tim Could you email me if you do the blog so the kids can keep track of him while he's there?
20:44 chris sure can
20:45 chris ill try to do a blog, and take digital photos, so they can keep an eye on him
20:45 tim That would be cool.  The kids'll like that.
21:13 kados tim if you have any other kids I'd do the Flat Stanley thing too :-)
21:15 tim I'll check if any are left.
21:18 tim She's out for supper.  I think we'll have one, but I'll have to check later.
21:19 tim woohoo!  I have over 10000 records imported.
21:20 chris excellent :-)
21:20 tim Almost half-way there
21:22 tim Is there any way I can switch it to run in the background so I can log off the server and let it run over night?
21:39 kados tim: take a look at "screen" a terminal multiplexor
21:40 kados multiplexer even
21:40 kados
21:40 kados it will let you keep a terminal running on your server allowing you to disconnect and reconnect at will
21:41 tim I knew about that, but wasn't using screen when I started the import.
21:42 tim We have a Flat Stanley for you if you want kados
21:43 kados cool
21:44 kados I don't think you can background a running terminal
21:44 tim That's what I thought.
21:44 kados so ... can you email it to me?
21:44 tim Email the flat stanley?
21:44 kados yea
21:45 kados jferraro at
21:45 tim We could probably do that.  Would you like it emailed too chris?
21:45 chris depends what the kids would like more
21:46 tim I guess it tepends on if they fit in the scanner too.
21:46 chris if they want something back, that they can stick up on the wall, mail is fine
21:46 kados same here
21:46 chris if they dont mind digital format, email is fine also
21:47 chris i guess they could always print it out when we send it back
21:48 chris mail takes anywhere up to 3 or 4 weeks to get to nz .. so email would be a lot faster for me, unless u airmail it
21:51 tim We'll probably scan and email tomorrow.
21:51 tim Just about closing time today.
21:55 tim If I close the ssh connection, will the script stop running?
21:56 chris maybe ;) .. probably
21:56 tim That's what I was thinking.
21:56 tim This computer runs XP and it's never held up running over night.
21:58 chris ull have to play world of warcraft with the ssh session in the background :)
21:58 tim Thanks for helping out the kids.  And for helping me out.
21:59 tim Gotta go to a board meeting now.
22:03 kados no local stores have it ...
22:32 kados chris ... have you seem Amarok?
22:32 kados
22:33 kados it does audioscrobbler natively
22:33 kados it also downloads recommended songs from AS, and if you have the songs on your hard drive you can drag them onto the playlist
22:38 chris ill have to check that out
22:40 kados chris: what level are you in WoW?
22:40 chris which character? ;)
22:41 chris the one im playing at the moment is level 18
00:09 kados chris if you do check out amarok best start here:
00:09 kados
00:34 kados it also uses taglib for meta data reading:
01:18 rach[…]ncept_home_review
01:56 kados looks nice rach
01:56 kados are those templates available somewhere in cvs?
01:56 kados that's a nice addition too (10 most recently acquired items)
02:02 rach ha ha
02:02 rach you are such a card :-)
02:02 rach they are currently in photoshop
02:03 rach about to get made into actual templates -richard is in for a busy week
02:03 rach but what I would like to know is if I've missed anything off
02:03 rach etc
02:03 rach I've based the book bag one on the NPL ones
02:04 rach and I wasn't sure how realistic having an actual item featured on the front page was going to be
02:04 rach we do it for a library customer who doesn't use Koha

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