IRC log for #koha, 2005-01-20

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13:52 owen Hi ambrose|w
13:52 paul hi owen & ambrose|w
13:52 owen Hi paul.
14:00 ambrose|w hi paul
14:00 ambrose|w i regret that the chinese translation is not yet finished
14:01 ambrose hi owen
14:02 owen Ambrose, I'm curious what you planned for bug 886.
14:02 owen[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=886
14:02 paul ambrose|w : i plan to release 2.2.1 in 2 weeks.
14:03 paul do you think you will be able to finish it before ?
14:23 ambrose paul: yes, i should be able to finish it in 2 week's time
14:24 ambrose owen: i already have a patch for 2.2.0. the only think left for me to do is to test my patch again 2.2.1cvs
14:24 ambrose only thing
14:25 owen What's the plan?
14:26 ambrose actually, i have an opac to show you. it doesn't have any data, but the title element is fixed
14:26 ambrose
14:28 ambrose i don't have time today or tomorrow. i'll look at it again maybe thursday
14:29 owen Did you add a system preference?
14:30 ambrose owen: no exactly, what i did was (iirc) to add a function to to strip out the tags, modify a few .tmpl files to use a new parameter, and modify the corresponding .pl files to define that new parameter (using the new function)
14:31 ambrose sorry, i should have written this up in the bug
04:49 rach
04:49 rach stuff to look at

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