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18:03 kados chris around yet?
18:03 chris staff meeting joshua, be with ya later tho
18:04 kados cool ...
18:04 rach yep
18:05 kados sweet
20:14 kados any particular reason this form won't work:
20:14 kados <form method="Post" action="/cgi-bin/koha/<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="biblionumber" -->">
20:14 kados <input type="submit" value="Details" /></form>
20:15 kados it spits me back to the page
20:18 chris got a </form> ?
20:18 chris and its not inside another form?
20:28 kados hmmm ... this is really strange.  it works for some items but those items don't have any item information when they display ... and no holdings information either
20:29 kados
20:29 kados search on "a series of unfortunate"
20:29 kados click on "Details"
20:29 kados[…]
20:30 kados maybe I'm missing my tmpl_loop somewhere along the line (using incs can be confusing)
20:33 chris hmm no its somehting more weird
20:33 chris ie if i click details
20:33 chris i get to the right page
20:33 chris stuff doesnt show
20:33 chris but if i hit reload, it does
20:33 chris you're not doing something fancy with javascript or something are u?
20:34 kados yep
20:34 kados oh ... no I don't think so
20:34 chris ie if i type in[…] the page shows fine
20:34 kados right
20:34 chris but if i get there from the search it doesnt
20:34 kados weird eh?
20:41 chris ohhhh
20:41 chris perfectly simple
20:41 chris ur doing a post right
20:41 kados right
20:42 chris but ur crafting the url like it was a get
20:42 kados ahh ... so what's the right syntax?
20:42 chris so ur not actually passing the biblio number through at all
20:42 chris <form method=post action=/cgi-bin/koha/>
20:42 kados I don't think it works at all as a get
20:43 chris <input type=hidden name=bib value=something>
20:43 chris ie, actually pass the info thru :)
20:44 chris or you could go <a href=/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail​.pl?bib=something>Details</a>
20:44 chris but you dont put the ?variable=something in the action of a form
20:46 chris that make sense?
20:46 kados yep
20:46 kados thanks
21:06 kados ok ... it's working ... only complaint is that the "value" field is also the field that's displayed ... instead of "Details" it now has the biblionumber
21:07 chris thats why i suggested a hidden input
21:07 chris and keep ur submit as it was :)
21:08 kados ahh :-)
21:10 kados hmmm it is hidden
21:10 kados <form method="POST" action="/cgi-bin/koha/">
21:10 kados <input type="submit" type=hidden name=bib value=<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="biblionumber" --> title="details" />
21:10 kados </form>
21:12 chris type="submit" type=hidden
21:13 chris id do
21:13 chris <form method="POST" action="/cgi-bin/koha/">
21:13 chris no ?
21:13 chris and <input type=hidden name=bib value=<!-- TMPL_VAR
21:13 chris                NAME="biblionumber" --> title="details" />
21:13 chris then <input type=submit value=Details>
21:13 chris </form>
21:14 kados ahh
21:15 kados hmmm now I get two buttons
21:15 kados ahh ive got an extra type
21:15 chris yep
21:15 kados thanks chris!
21:15 chris no worries
21:16 kados (what do you think of the templates ?)
21:16 chris its nice
21:16 chris not gonna get in trouble with cincinatti?
21:16 kados well I'm mostly doing it to learn the templating
21:16 chris right
21:16 kados I"m thinking of releasing them annonomously tho as a proof of concept for Koha
21:17 kados (the're paying $70 annual license for sirci)
21:17 kados $70K that is :-)
21:17 chris eeek
21:17 chris thats madness
21:17 kados yup
21:17 chris u could hire me twice fulltime for that hehe
21:17 kados hehe
21:18 chris well one and a half anyway
21:18 chris id go mental
21:18 kados hehe
21:18 chris id give it a month
21:18 chris :)
21:18 kados :-)
21:18 chris 70k a year is a lot of books
21:19 chris cool
21:19 kados as a subscription service or annual support service
21:19 chris right
21:20 chris i think selling ppl an annual support contract, would actually make koha more attractive
21:20 chris in a weird way
21:20 chris ie, ppl still have the idea that if its free its gonna be crap
21:20 rosa I agree with you (having missed the rest of the conversation
21:20 chris joshua was saying he was investigating the possibility of marketing koha professionally
21:21 chris support contracts = piece of mind
21:21 chris peace even :)
21:21 kados yea that's what I'm thinking
21:21 chris a koha appliance
21:21 kados I'm really sick of library admins saying Koha isn't viable cause it's free
21:21 kados so might as well charge for it :-)_
21:22 chris ie, you rock in with a box, koha installed, plug it in and they pay you to maintain said box
21:22 kados yep
21:22 kados or just have lots of bandwidth and a server farm using ssl
21:22 chris could even do fancy case mods and make it look pretty :)
21:22 chris theres something comforting about a machine in your machine room though :)
21:23 chris but yep, you could offer lots of options
21:23 kados yea ... though for me it's much easier to troubleshoot from my living room :-)
21:23 chris well, u make them make a ssh tunnel thru the firewall for you ;)
21:24 chris i havent had to drive to levin to mess with HLT's koha ... hmm in a long long time
21:24 kados hehe
21:25 chris we (katipo) host a couple of Koha installs for people
21:25 kados does opening a ssh tunnel generally meet with resistance?
21:25 chris depends on the clue of the network/sys admin
21:25 kados I guess it does open things up for a man-in-the-middle
21:25 chris if they are knowledgeable, not usually
21:25 kados but I'd think spoofing a thrid-party ssl would be pretty tough
21:26 chris its a tradeoff
21:26 chris like all security is
21:27 chris certainly we couldnt do what we do without ssh
21:27 chris well not for the price's we charge
21:28 chris ie if i had to physically be in front of clients machines .. id spend all day driving
21:28 kados right
21:28 kados that'd really suck
21:29 chris most ppl are pretty calm about ssh from a certain ip
21:29 kados I'm really bad with directions so half the time I get lost
21:29 chris heh
21:30 kados what kind of bandwidth do you think a remote Koha install would require on my end ... think 512K would do?
21:30 chris it'll depend entirely on how many ppl want to use it at once
21:31 chris 512K could get eaten quite fast if you had a few opac users and a few librarians at once
22:18 kados sweet
22:18 kados so that's the CGI module, right?
22:18 kados or is it HTML::Template?
22:19 chris i think HTML::Template
22:32 kados chris I've been wondering this for years ... I thought I saw you (when you visited) purge your mutt account of deleted messages without exiting ... was that a brain fart?
22:32 kados I've searched high and low with no results :-)
22:35 chris nope
22:35 chris $
22:35 chris shift-4
22:35 chris try that
22:36 chris its good to do it occasionally even if you dont have deleted messages
22:37 chris cos it will commit changes, ie the messages u already read, wont show up as new when u restart if it crashes or ur screen crashes or something
22:37 kados ahh
22:37 kados cool thanks
22:37 chris no worries
22:38 kados :-)
22:39 chris nice
22:39 chris this isnt koha stuff, i think 8 mins is my record for a remote koha install
06:18 JYL57 Hello !
06:18 JYL57 Paul available ?!
08:09 GenjiBed hiya paul.. how do i get into koha's cvs? i got a cvs client now, and i feel motivated.
08:46 JYL57 paul ?!
09:54 JYL57 Paul, chris, Genji, someone ?!
09:54 paul oui, je suis là
09:54 paul bonjour jean yves
09:54 JYL57 Ok Paul
09:54 JYL57 t'as 5 mn
09:55 paul zyva, pose ta question, on verra
09:55 JYL57 bug chez moi
09:55 paul je l'ai pas testé depuis longtemps.
09:55 paul possible qu'il soit incompatible avec la v2.2
09:56 paul mets un bug sur, je regarderai dès quepossible
09:56 JYL57 C'est dommage ! Comment je fais avec mes amendes ?!
09:56 paul mmm... en fait, c'est même plus que possible
09:56 JYL57 Il y en a déjà 1 : 756 de mémoire
09:56 paul les amendes sont dans issuingrules maintenant, plus dans jesaisplusou
09:57 paul regarde dans le code et remplace jesaisplusou par issuingrules
09:57 JYL57 Oui, mais quel job dois-je mettre dans la cron table ?!
09:57 JYL57 Ok, je modifie chez moi le alors !
09:57 paul par exemple
09:57 paul et si ca marche, tu me l'envoies je le commiterai
09:58 JYL57 ok, mais comment font les autres ?! pas d'amendes en cours pour personne alors...
10:40 paul JYL57, ceux qui sont en 2.2 en france ne font pas d'amende, effectivement
10:41 paul (l'EMN en fait, puisque les 2 autres, Dombes et Sorbonne ne font pas de prêt, donc pas d'amende ;-) )
10:45 JYL57 Ok, je joue avec fines & fines2 et t'envoie quelque chose...
10:46 JYL57 Il n'y a donc personne qui utilise 2.2 avec amendes, même hors france ?!
10:57 paul (mais sur ce point, il y a pas mal de bibs qui ont développé des "trucs locaux")

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