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11:18 kados hi all
11:31 kados when you are off phone: is there another term variable besides "searchdesc" for displaying the original search query?
11:32 kados that variable isn't available to
12:02 paul kados, no there is none
12:02 paul but i agree that's something that must be improved
12:47 kados while I"m complaining about variables that aren't available: I'd like to be able to keep an array of all the biblionumbers of a specific query when an opac user clicks on details from the main search page ... that way we could have "previous" and "next" for the patron to scroll through the details of each result and not have to backtrack to the main results page ...
12:48 paul right.
12:48 paul another minor but cool improvement would be
12:48 paul to have a "complete search" link with previously entered parameters stored.
12:48 paul will be for a future 2.2..x
12:48 kados yep
12:48 paul if someone does it
12:48 kados :-)
12:49 kados maybe I will try it :-)
12:49 kados my perl is getting a bit better
12:49 kados but still pretty weak
12:49 kados :-)
12:52 kados also ... I've tried to see how to make reserves work from the book bag
12:52 kados it looks like only handles one bib at a time
12:52 kados how hard would it be to make it handle multiple?
12:52 paul right.
12:52 kados it's a bit too complex for me
12:53 paul i don't know, reserve process is a katipo code
12:53 kados ahh ... maybe I'll ask chris to take a look
12:57 kados wow ... Oracle finally got PeopleSoft
12:58 paul 10 300 000 000 USD...
13:06 kados hehe
13:28 JYL57 Hi owen
13:28 owen Hi
13:29 owen We're testing it right now.
13:29 paul Jean Yves : owen is in Nelsonville, like kados (joshua)
13:30 paul hi owen, good morniing
13:30 JYL57 I'm struck with the fines management which doesn't work
13:30 owen Hi paul
13:30 owen Hmmm.. unfortunately our library doesn't charge fines, so I haven't even looked at fines management!
13:31 JYL57 Paul, I've changed in the script is working without errors
13:31 JYL57 But without any results neither ! ;-((
13:31 paul and he does what it's supposes to do ?
13:31 paul ok, no
13:54 kados hi owen
13:54 owen 'morning kados
13:55 kados what would you say is the biggest block for 2.2 at this point?
13:56 kados here was the list:
13:56 kados[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=851
13:56 kados[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=863
13:56 kados[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=858
13:56 kados[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=841
13:57 owen 851 and 858 are the most serious. 841 we could live with, but not for long.
13:57 paul 841 should be easy to solve.
13:57 kados owen I think 851 is fixed
13:58 paul (if it's really just a parameter pb)
13:58 kados at least on 101 I can search for a patron fine
13:58 owen I guess 863 was just for non-MARC searches, so that acutally doesn't affect us.
13:59 owen No, 851 is not fixed.  Try searching for 'ferraro, j'
14:00 kados that's working for me on 101
14:00 owen In circ?
14:00 kados ahh
14:00 kados I misread it
14:00 kados no in circ it doesn't work
14:01 owen Paul, if that's a modified Koha, then they've done a lot of work on it
14:01 paul why do you say that ?
14:02 paul i think the GUI is really like koha
14:02 owen I just see things that Koha can't do, like checking off items in search results and viewing them separately.
14:02 owen They offer a long list of fields to choose from in their search box at the top.
14:03 owen they offer printouts based on different bibliography formats
14:03 kados owen are you sure that 851 isn't a template problem?
14:03 kados looks like there is no value listed in that template for biblionumber
14:03 kados sorory for patron number
14:03 kados around line 163 or so
14:03 kados circulation.tmpl
14:04 kados in fact, I'm not sure why those branch and printer hidden inputs are there ...
14:06 kados yikes ... now it's really acting strangly
14:06 kados :-)
14:06 owen ?
14:07 kados sorry ... wrong machine ;-)
14:07 kados so looks like the defailt template is acting the same way
14:07 owen Yeah
14:08 owen I would think it has to so with whatever module handles the search, since it works for a full last name but not a last name with partial first name
14:09 kados ooh it might be the comma
14:09 kados Ferraro Joshua works
14:09 kados and Joshua Ferraro works too
14:10 kados we may have customized a s/// for the last version of Koha -- I'll try to track it down
14:10 owen Any reason why the official version shouldn't strip out commas?
14:10 paul i don't think
14:11 kados ok ... I can commit those two lines (also stripps out ')
14:12 owen Paul, have you had a chance to look at Bug 841?
14:14 paul mmm... strange work fine for me.
14:15 paul (with default template & language english)
14:15 owen Hmm... Suddenly title, author, and subject searches aren't working in the intranet...
14:16 owen Paul, regarding bug 841, when I open up the additem screen the link to edit an item looks like this:
14:16 owen[…]id=84479&itemnum=
14:16 owen With no value after itemnum
14:19 kados owen I'm having problems commiting to CVS ...
14:19 kados can you commit the following:
14:20 kados lines 59 and 60:
14:20 kados $findborrower =~ s|,| |g;
14:20 kados $findborrower =~ s|'| |g;
14:20 kados or someone ...
14:24 kados hmmm I wonder what's happened to title, author and subject in the intranet ...
14:24 kados I guess I never tested it before now
14:25 kados here's the query in the log:
14:25 kados select distinct m1.bibid from biblio,biblioitems,marc_biblio,marc_word as m1,marc_word as m2 where biblio.biblionumber=marc_biblio.biblionumber and biblio.biblionumber=biblioitems.biblionumber and m1.bibid=marc_biblio.bibid and (m1.bibid=m2.bibid) and
14:25 kados ((m1.word  like 'neal' and m1.tagsubfield in ('bibl'))and (m2.word like 'stephenson' and m2.tagsubfield in('bibl'))) order by biblio.title term is    neal stephenson           at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules//C4/ line 267
14:25 paul hehe
14:26 paul bibl are the 4 firsts digit of biblio.something
14:26 kados ahh
14:26 kados :-)
14:26 paul there's a parameter missing
14:26 paul that confuses SearchMarc
14:26 paul I bet USD10
14:26 paul for the modify/deletion imopssible, i'm really confused myself
14:26 paul works fine for me...
14:27 owen Why are our parameters messed up all of a sudden?
14:27 kados hmmm could they have been messed up by updatedatabase?
14:28 paul should not
14:28 kados hmmm ... broke in the opac too
14:28 kados they were working fine yesterday before I updated Koha and ran updatedatabase
14:29 paul and did you note what was modified ?
14:29 paul updatedatabase explain what it does
14:29 kados I don't think so ... /me checks
14:30 kados nope
14:31 kados but I can confirm (I think) that it's updatedatabase:
14:31 kados our other server has the same problem (a brand new database uploaded yesterday and ran updatabase on)
14:31 kados brand new copy of database ...
14:32 paul not a good news...
14:32 kados it would take a while (several hours) to import the database again to get output for updatedatabase
14:32 paul a trick :
14:32 paul * import
14:32 paul * stop mysql
14:32 paul * copy /var/lib/mysql/npl directory somewhere else
14:32 paul * restart mysql
14:33 paul if you have to rollback, just stop & copy again !
14:33 kados problem: none of our test servers are running same version of mysql :-(
14:33 kados so I think we need to use mysqldump
14:33 paul you're probably right
14:34 kados I'll run it
14:34 kados owen: but not on 101
14:35 owen Hunh?
14:36 kados owen: I have to import the data again on 69 so I can run updatedatabase and track down the problem with it ... but I'm not doing that on 101 cause that machine is slower ... after we resolve the problem I'll fix the data on 101 (if updatedatabase is even the culprit)
14:37 owen Okay
14:54 kados owen ... a quick question about the hotkeys ...
14:54 owen Yeah
14:54 kados would it be possible to have a key to insert the first part of a barcode?
14:54 kados when we need to type them
14:56 owen Well, the accesskeys are a function of HTML and the browser.  All you can do with those is move the cursor focus.
14:56 owen It's possible that there's a javascript solution, but I'm not sure.
14:56 owen I wonder if a Windows macro program would work?
14:57 owen Something that would let you bind certain key combinations globally.
15:00 kados a javascript might be better since it would be a one-time deal
15:00 kados :-)
15:00 kados course that means one of us would have to do it :-)
15:02 owen kados: Tina's question in the Koha forum is very relevant, because the way that information is displayed has changed in 2.2.
15:03 owen I'm not sure it's an improvement, but we'll have to make a conscious decision on how it *should* work.
15:04 owen Maybe "4 of 6 copies are available, in Nelsonville, Athens, Glouster, and The Plains"
15:05 kados ooo that's nice ... I like it
15:05 owen Looking at Cinci's's a real mouthful when you've got 23 branches!
15:05 kados yep ...
15:06 kados and I don't think their details page holdings collum is too good either
15:06 kados obviously displaying holdings for patrons is a repl problem
15:06 kados real
15:07 kados maybe we should initiate a dialog on the forum about how best to dispay holdings data on the details and initial search pages
15:07 owen I think so
15:07 kados I'm pretty sure I can whip up variables if they dont exist now (my perl is getting a bit better)
15:08 owen Yeah, let's cram as many availability variables into the script as possible to allow for the most possible permutations.
15:08 kados well ... give me a list :-)
15:08 kados what do we have now?
15:10 kados in the BIBLIO_RESULTS loop:
15:11 kados oops I guess nothing there
15:11 kados <!-- TMPL_LOOP NAME="ITEM_RESULTS" -->
15:11 kados <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="datedue" -->
15:12 kados <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="datelastseen" -->
15:12 kados that's all I see in opac-detail.tmpl (default)
15:14 kados opac-searchresults.tmpl:
15:14 owen I think it's the search results page that's really an issue.  I wonder if that's what Tina's talking about?
15:15 kados <!-- TMPL_LOOP NAME="results" -->
15:15 kados <!-- TMPL_VAR name="totitem" -->
15:15 kados <!-- TMPL_VAR name="locationstring" -->
15:15 kados <!-- TMPL_LOOP name="CN" -->
15:15 kados <!-- TMPL_VAR name="holdingbranch" -->
15:15 kados not sure what CN is (and it's commented out in default)
15:16 kados is <!-- TMPL_LOOP NAME="numbers" --> page numbers or item numbers?
15:17 owen page numbers
15:18 kados we've also got
15:18 kados <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="itemcount" -->
15:18 kados <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="location" -->
15:19 kados I think that's about it
15:20 kados so for what don't we have?
15:20 owen brb
15:21 kados brb?
15:24 owen be right back.  And I am.
15:24 kados ahh :-)
15:24 owen So right now the opac says something like  "Bookmobile(1) Unavailable(1)"
15:25 owen In the 2.2 opac it says something like "BKM ALB (On Loan until 2004-07-27)"
15:25 kados yup ... those codes should be hashed to the full branch name
15:26 owen Yes.  But I'm not sure the due date information belongs on that screen.
15:26 kados iirc stephen modified our opac-searchresults to display copies per branch, no?
15:27 kados well ... it doesnt really matter ... a TMPL_IF could hide or display that branch
15:27 owen Well, the opac is running off something that's between 2.0 and 2.2, right?  So we needed to make changes to match the 2.0 output.
15:28 kados <!-- TMPL_UNLESS NAME=duedate --><!-- TMPL_VAR NAME=branchid --> should do the trick (I think)
15:28 kados right
15:29 owen Personally, I like the way it is now in our opac.  I don't see the problem with 'unavailable'  The reason it doesn't say 'checked out' is because the item might be lost or damaged, I think.
15:29 kados right or staff-use or notforloan or ...
15:29 kados there are too many statuses to make such a binary distinction
15:31 kados well I've never had trouble understanding unavailable
15:31 kados but we are dealing with the public here :-)
15:31 kados long words can be confusing ;_0
15:32 owen I do seem to remember that patrons didn't understand Spydus's terminology: "No copies available."
15:32 owen Seems pretty clear to me!
15:33 kados yea ... it's frustrating ...
15:33 kados Tina mentioned to me that she gets calls every day from patrons wondering what unavailable means
15:34 owen ???!
15:34 kados patrons might not understand that there are multiple statuses for an item
15:34 owen It means you can't have it!
15:34 owen No books for you!
15:34 kados hehe ... I guess some folks think it means the library doesn't own it!
15:35 kados hehe
15:35 kados and then they want to know if they can request it ... etc
15:36 kados did you see my cinci opac-detail page where I put "available" and "unavailable" in different colors ... and also had a like for reserving, etc?
15:36 owen No, I didn't see that.
15:36 kados maybe something like that would be useful for the opac-searchresults page ... something that would make it clear that the item is accessible even it it's not available
15:38 kados here it is:
15:38 kados https://opac.athenscounty.lib.[…]ha/
15:39 owen oooh... secure!
15:39 kados yep :-)
15:39 kados sortof ... it's a self-issued cert
15:40 kados so the transaction is secure
15:40 kados but open to a man-in-the-middle attack ... but this is pretty unlikely
15:40 kados and the data would still be encrypted
15:40 kados hehe ...
15:41 owen the CN loop was commented out because of our customizations
15:41 owen But that's what's used in the latest official version.
15:42 kados ahh ... what is CN anyway?
15:42 owen It's what lists the branch codes
15:42 owen I don't know what it stands for.
15:42 owen Something in French?
15:43 owen I'm still confused about this 'itemcallnumber' stuff.
15:52 kados isn't it just the callnumber for that item? (dewey)
15:52 kados so SF Stephenson for Cryptonomicon
15:52 kados although iirc the dewey number isn't showing up ...
15:52 kados but that might be our fault
15:52 owen It's something new in 2.2
15:53 owen Call number is showing up in the opac searchresults, if that's what you mean.
15:53 kados oh!
15:53 kados that's useful
15:53 owen :)
15:53 kados we have that in our opac too don't we?
15:54 owen Call number?  yes.
16:14 owen So what are all the variables we're talking about for the holdings information?
16:14 owen -- A list of branch names
16:14 owen -- a list of branch codes
16:14 owen -- total number of available items
16:14 owen -- total number of unavailable items
16:15 owen -- numbers of available items at each branch
16:15 owen -- due dates for individual items at each branch
16:19 owen What about:  -- numbers of items with different statuses, like checked-out, lost, waiting, etc?
16:29 owen For this kind of thing it might be nice to have a setup interface like ISBD has
17:02 chris morning
17:02 JYL57 Hello chris
17:03 JYL57 Was more or less waiting for you...;-)
17:04 JYL57 What about the fines management for your libraries ?!
17:04 owen chris is always popular!
17:04 JYL57 Do you use it ?
17:04 chris which library? :)
17:05 chris at HLT (the koha originators) we use
17:05 JYL57 does work in 2.2 and I'm trying to understand how it is supposed to work...
17:05 chris sorry
17:06 chris right i should be able to help with that
17:06 chris its designed to run as a cron job
17:06 JYL57 good
17:06 chris (we also use another script that emails ppl with overdues but ill worry about that later)
17:07 chris the way works is that it looks
17:07 JYL57 I've already seen that categoryitem table has been changed for issuingrules table
17:07 chris ahh, good point
17:07 chris im not entirely sure how will work with 2.2
17:08 chris i havent tried it yet
17:08 chris but with 2.0.x and 1.2.x
17:08 JYL57 In fact, paul told me that also ! :-D
17:08 chris it simply gets todays date
17:08 JYL57 yes and checks against the foreseen return date
17:09 chris yep
17:09 chris so you pass CalcFine an itemnumber, a borrower category, and the difference ie
17:10 chris CalcFine(1,'A',7);
17:10 chris and it works out if a fine should be placed
17:10 JYL57 yes, I'm just there
17:10 chris it does this buy looking at categoryitem
17:11 chris | A            | ART      |           NULL |           NULL |      1.000000 | 1.000000 |           7 |            7 |          28 | Fine
17:11 JYL57 you mean issuingrules.issuelength ?!
17:11 chris nope
17:11 chris in 1.2 category item looks like this
17:12 chris +--------------+----------+----------------+----​------------+---------------+----------+--------​-----+--------------+-------------+------------+
17:12 chris | categorycode | itemtype | restrictedtype | rentaldiscount | reservecharge | fine     | firstremind | chargeperiod | accountsent | chargename |
17:12 chris +--------------+----------+----------------+----​------------+---------------+----------+--------​-----+--------------+-------------+------------+
17:12 chris | A            | ART      |           NULL |           NULL |      1.000000 | 1.000000 |           7 |            7 |          28 | Fine       |
17:12 chris +--------------+----------+----------------+----​------------+---------------+----------+--------​-----+--------------+-------------+------------+
17:13 chris which tells koha, a borrower of type A .. that has an item of itemtype ART overdue .. will get a $1 fine after 7 days, then after another 7 days, it will get another $1 fine
17:13 JYL57 Ok, new table name for that in 2.2 is issuingrules !
17:13 chris until it hits 28 days overdue
17:13 chris right i highly doubt will work in 2.2 then
17:14 chris at 28 days overdue the item is marked lost and the replacement cost is added to the persons card
17:14 chris i suspect CalcFines will need to be rewritten for 2.2
17:14 JYL57 Right, and that's where I'm !
17:15 chris lemme go look at one of 2.2 installs and ill see how bad it looks :)
17:16 kados woa lotta action since I was here last :-)
17:16 kados hi guys
17:16 JYL57 not so bad I suppose
17:16 chris hmm not too bad most of the column names are the same
17:16 chris hi joshua
17:17 chris my $sth=$dbh->prepare("Select * from items,biblioitems,itemtypes,categoryitem where items.itemnumber=?                        
17:17 chris  and items.biblioitemnumber=bib​lioitems.biblioitemnumber and                                                                    
17:17 chris  biblioitems.itemtype=itemtypes.itemtype and                                                                                    
17:17 chris  categoryitem.itemtype=itemtypes.itemtype and                                                                                  
17:17 chris  categoryitem.categorycode='?' and (items.itemlost <> 1 or items.itemlost is NULL)");  
17:17 chris i reckon if we just change this
17:18 chris categoryitem becomes issuingrules
17:18 JYL57 I've done so already
17:18 JYL57 but the amount remains to 0
17:18 chris hmm
17:18 chris whats in your issuingrules table?
17:18 chris can u paste in one line of it?
17:19 JYL57 I'll try to, let me just a minute...
17:19 chris cool
17:23 kados paul still around?
17:24 kados I'm about to run updatedatabase on our test server to problem-solve the parameters bug (data finally finished loading -- and I made a copy of the /var/lib/mysql/Koha dir so next time will be quick :-))
17:26 JYL57 chris, I've problems with my proxy settings and can't easily copy my queries results... hold on please...
17:31 kados hmmm the output looked normal so I've committed it as a bug
17:33 kados[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=878
17:41 JYL57 chris, i won't have that issuingrules output easily...
17:42 JYL57 anyway, what is the meaning of the code in around line 197
17:42 JYL57 if ($difference == $data->{'firstremind'}) {
17:43 chris in ?
17:43 JYL57 no, in
17:43 chris where is ?
17:43 JYL57 yes in
17:43 JYL57 for sub calcfine
17:43 chris i cant find a file called
17:43 chris ohhh ?
17:44 chris hang on ill look
17:44 JYL57 Yes, sorry !
17:44 chris ahh right
17:44 chris if ($difference == $data->{'firstremind'}){
17:44 chris says
17:45 chris if the book is overdue by the same amount of time as the first reminder
17:45 chris ie
17:45 chris for my example before
17:45 chris it was 7
17:45 chris so if difference == 7
17:45 chris then the fine will be set
17:46 chris so in issuingrules
17:46 chris the firstremind column is what koha is using to decide when to set a fine
17:46 JYL57 I'm coming here with $difference = 72 and $data->{'firstremind'} = 28
17:47 chris right
17:47 chris so it will skip right past that first one
17:47 chris next it will look at
17:47 chris my $second=$data->{'firstremind​'}+$data->{'chargeperiod'};                                                                    
17:47 chris  if ($difference == $second){
17:47 chris what is your chargeperiod ?
17:47 chris 28 as well?
17:48 JYL57 no
17:48 JYL57 it's 1
17:48 chris ah ha
17:48 chris so at this point
17:48 JYL57 I don't know why...
17:48 chris $second = 29
17:48 JYL57 yes
17:48 chris difference still = 28
17:48 chris sorry 73
17:48 chris 72
17:49 chris (cant type :-))
17:49 chris so nothing gets done
17:49 chris finally
17:49 JYL57 Is it normal ?!
17:49 chris if ($difference == $data->{'accountsent'} && $data->{'fine'} > 0){
17:49 JYL57 My book is largely overdue and nothing to pay ?!
17:49 chris thats right
17:49 chris because
17:50 chris it would have got caught at 28days
17:50 chris then at 29
17:50 chris then again when difference = accountsent
17:50 chris ie, it wouldnt get to 72 without a fine being set
17:50 JYL57 And if the library is closed during summer ?
17:51 chris the cron job will still run everyday
17:51 JYL57 so, you mean that my test set was wrong
17:52 chris yeah, its set up on the assumption that a book cant suddenly be 72 days overdue
17:52 chris ie its assumed the script will run every night
17:53 chris so if you return the book before 28 days overdue, u get no fine, if it hits 28, it sets a fine
17:53 JYL57 With the 2.2 we have know the possibilty to issue on a particular date
17:53 chris so you can issue in the past?
17:53 chris (i hope not :))
17:53 JYL57 yes, somehow
17:53 chris darn, that should be fixed
17:54 JYL57 It can be useful if the system is down for a few days...
17:54 chris hmm true
17:55 chris if you issued with a due date of longer than accountsent ago, then would never catch it
17:55 JYL57 According to me, the calcfine could be enhanced a little to avoid my case...
17:55 chris yep
17:55 chris what it could do
17:56 chris is if ($difference > $data->{'accountset'}){
17:56 chris set fine
17:56 JYL57 Right !
17:57 JYL57 And what is the purpose of the /tmp/fines file ?!
17:57 chris just a log
17:58 JYL57 Ok
17:58 chris you could get it emailed to a librarian each morning say
17:58 chris to see what overdues were marked last night
17:58 JYL57 I'll send the modified & to paul tonight
17:58 chris cool
17:59 chris # Yes. Set the fine at 5 local monetary units.                                                                              
17:59 chris    # FIXME - This '5' shouldn't be hard-wired.                                                                                  
17:59 chris    $amount=5;
17:59 chris if you wanted to fix that that would be cool to :)
17:59 JYL57 the Maxfine is somewhere in a table ?!
18:00 chris nope, thats the problem :)
18:00 chris it probably should be in issuingrules
18:00 chris might be worth making a bug for that one actually
18:00 JYL57 Yes, I will
18:01 JYL57 thanks for your help chris !
18:01 chris no problem
18:02 kados owen still around?
18:03 kados tina just forwarded me this link to a nice-looking catalog:
18:03 owen chris--interesting about that modified version of Koha.  Too bad they're not interested in participating in the wider Koha community.  It looks like they have some good stuff going on there.
18:03 kados
18:03 kados yep
18:03 kados maybe we can get them interested in contributing
18:04 owen Yeah, wave some of our cash at them kados ;)
18:04 chris heh
18:04 kados I see things I like and things I don't like
18:04 chris i reckon if we be nice we could get some contribution
18:04 kados hehe
18:05 kados things should get interesting when PINES finishes
18:05 owen That link is a "Triple-I" system, which is one of those ungodly expensive ones.
18:05 kados yep
18:05 kados ohiou uses it
18:06 kados I think I could make a Triple-I template for Koha fairly easily :-)
18:06 kados there's very little that they can do that we can't
18:06 chris im sure there will be stuff in pines koha can use
18:06 chris in the meantime we have about a year to keep getting better :)
18:06 kados :-)
18:07 owen That Triple-I search may have some nice features, but it's ugly as sin.
18:07 kados I'd like to put together a demo page where folks could dynamically change the opac skin from the opac (change to Dynix, Sirci, Triple-I, Alexandria, etc)
18:07 kados hmmm maybe ugly, but easy to find status, etc.
18:07 kados from the detail page
18:08 chris ulll have to be careful with that kados
18:08 chris proprietary vendors go mental about "IP"
18:09 kados right ...
18:09 chris if you did one that you could dynamically change to lots of different templates easy
18:09 chris (like the cahnge language button)
18:10 chris but not too similair .. similair but not the same
18:10 chris youd probably be ok
18:10 chris and it would be a cool demo
18:10 kados sounds good
18:10 chris its certainly nothing those systems can do
18:11 chris i think a great start is
18:11 chris a pda theme
18:11 chris and a bad eyesight theme
18:11 kados yea that's a me original
18:11 kados :-)
18:11 kados cinci had "kids catalog"
18:11 chris that too
18:11 kados and I changed it to "pda catalog"
18:11 owen Heck for that all you need are some alternate stylesheets
18:11 kados yep
18:11 chris tis true owen
18:11 kados actually, for all of this that's all you need
18:12 chris its easy, but it looks cool
18:12 chris and ppl love stuff that looks cool
18:12 kados I just need to come up with a really solid organization for the css
18:12 kados and then it's just a matter of changing css files to change templates
18:13 chris as i was blathering on about the other day, i think we have come a long way in the underlying functionality of koha (thanks paul)
18:13 chris now is the time to make it pretty for a bit
18:14 chris if it looks better, and can do everything other systems can .. how can you not use it :-)
18:14 chris but thats easy for me to say
18:14 kados I agree chris
18:14 chris cos i know i wont be doing it
18:15 kados :-)
18:15 chris you really dont want interface design done by me :)
18:15 kados :-)
18:15 kados me either generally
18:15 kados but I can copy stuff that others have done :-)
18:16 kados what exactly is the IP issue ... using the same css sheet sure, but can they really copyright the way things look?
18:16 owen Yup, you can reserve all the items in your bookbag at once!
18:17 chris that shouldnt be hard to do with koha owen
18:17 kados owen really?
18:17 owen Yup.
18:17 owen Then talk to Joshua about it, chris! :)
18:17 chris i did :)
18:17 kados cool ... I tried and it didn't work
18:17 chris i wouldnt try bending
18:17 chris id write a new script
18:18 kados right
18:18 chris that takes an array of biblionumbers
18:18 kados ok ... I guess that can't be too hard if I"m not worried about display
18:18 kados just feed an array to the sub that makes the reserve ...
18:18 chris yup
18:19 chris foreach loop doing what does
18:19 kados but there are some hecks lalong the way no?
18:19 chris minus all the display stuff
18:19 kados s/hecks/checks/
18:19 kados s/lalong/along
18:19 chris :)
18:19 kados :-)
18:19 kados my connection is lagging
18:20 chris the middle chunk of is what you want really
18:20 kados so chars don't display for several ms :-)
18:20 chris and then just redirect to somewhere else when its done
18:22 kados I'll see if I can do it myself and if I have any probs I'll let you know
18:22 kados thanks for the advice
18:22 chris hmm 4.98 for a domain from yahoo
18:22 kados hehe
18:27 kados chris does paul automatically get all bug reports? my latest submission should be reassigned to him if not
18:27 chris depends if he is on the koha-bugs mailing list or not
18:29 kados hmmm, $rank needs to be generated before the reserve is made ... too bad CreatReserve doesn't do it
18:29 kados and why do we need $title to go to CreateReserve
18:30 chris pass
18:31 chris http://library.masterman.phila[…]koha/
18:32 kados hehe google is your friend, eh?
18:34 chris yep
18:34 chris another one to add to the koha users list
18:34 kados near as I can tell $title is just used for insertion into accountlines
18:35 chris i figure if we get enough in PA i get business trips back to see the wifes family :-)
18:35 chris ahh right
18:36 kados so I can skip that ... and I'm inclined to skip fines too since we don't use them ... but that'd be mean I guess
18:37 kados so I just need to 1)check to see if the item can be reserved. 2) check to see if the patron can reserve. 3) if so, make the reserve. 4) display something in the javascript that says "reserves made"
18:49 kados so chris ... what's the syntax for a CGI array?
18:50 kados to replace my $biblionumber = $query->param('bib');
18:50 kados I looked around in Koha and I don't see any examples
19:18 kados found it
20:29 kados hehe well the first draft of the script ran but didn't add the reserves to my record (on test machine) -- at least not that I can tell :-)
20:35 kados chris if you get a chance could you take a look at this snip of the error log:
20:35 kados
05:32 JYL57 Hello
06:19 Genji hiya paul.
07:02 JYL57 Hello all,
07:03 JYL57 Help needed for 'Default issuing rules' ?!
07:04 JYL57 Is the '*' a super set of all other groups parameters ?
07:06 JYL57 no one reading here ?!
07:07 JYL57 Ok, I'll be back in a while...
07:50 Genji hey paul?
10:19 paul hello all
10:20 paul (hello JYL57_all)
10:20 JYL57_alt Salut paul !
10:20 paul enfin, JYL57_alt plutôt
10:20 paul la réponse à ta question : oui, l'* est un joker
10:21 paul donc 5,5 pour itemtype=* et category=MACHIN et branch=default signifie
10:21 paul 5 prêts de 5 jours maxi pour les lecteurs MACHIN, quel que soit le type de document.
10:59 Genji hiya paul.
10:59 paul hello genji
10:59 paul can't sleep ?

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