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13:27 kados hey owen
13:27 owen Hi
13:27 kados turns out the reserves thing is pretty complex
13:27 kados but I'm working on it
13:27 owen Thanks.  I really think it's an important improvement to make, and I don't think anyone else is going to take it on.
13:34 kados yep :-)
13:42 owen I think the lack of the reserves function is a barrier to understanding how the book bag can work.  People think that if you can't *do* anything with it it's useless.
13:42 owen And by people I include some staff members ;)
14:08 kados here's a neat trick that may be useful for the first few days after an update:
14:08 kados <!-- Set the expiration date to the past so the page will always be reloaded -->
14:08 kados <meta http-equiv="Expires" content="Thu, 1 Jan 2004 08:00:00 EST">
14:19 owen Yeah, but then you've gotta remember you put that in there!
14:26 kados yea ... maybe write yourself a script that reminds you a few days later :-) .. or better yet, write one that checks the timestamp of your index page, adds that line if it's been updated, and then removes it a few days later ;-)
15:15 kados hehe
15:15 kados yea it's definitely a work in progress ... check it now
15:15 kados I've only been working on the top bar ...
15:59 owen Yes, much better now
15:59 owen I'd like to see those 'next' and 'previous' links working.  That'd be cool.
17:35 chris morning
17:51 kados morning chris
17:51 kados[…]
17:51 kados here's the cincinnati one:
17:51 kados http://catalog.cincinnatilibra[…]AIN/317990472/123
17:52 kados it's still pretty lousy but I'm getting there
17:52 kados only the opac-detail page looks half-way decent ;-)
17:54 chris woo fancy pants joshua
17:55 rach howdy
17:55 kados hi there rach
17:58 rach hey joshua
17:59 rach and why are you a fancy pants?
17:59 rach mind you you were talking about doing that, so maybe you have
18:02 kados hehe
18:03 kados[…]
18:03 kados it's a new koha template (very early stages) based on cincinnati's
18:03 kados here's the original:
18:03 kados http://catalog.cincinnatilibra[…]AIN/317990472/123
18:03 kados only the page is half-way decent (and not even really ) :-)
18:20 owen You know...if we used one of those unused date fields in reserves to record the date when an item was marked waiting we could generate reports about items which should be pulled from the reserve shelf.
18:21 owen Maybe that's what 'reminderdate' was supposed to do in the first place?
18:33 chris could be :)
18:37 owen I guess we're all guilty from time to time of building our tables with fields we think we'll use later
18:40 chris those are fields that were in the system we ported from originally
18:40 chris so in order to not throw data away
18:41 chris they came across as well
21:50 kados hehe ... it's really coming along:
21:50 kados[…]
21:50 kados lots to do still tho
23:34 kados chris around?
03:05 kados hehe chris if you're around check out the detail page on the opac :-)
03:05 kados except for a few links that don't work it's perfect

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