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13:06 paul Hi american friends that are on irc now
13:07 owen Hi
13:11 owen Paul can I ask you a question about serials?
13:12 paul yes.
13:12 owen I'm confused about the numbering calculation
13:12 owen The help file says to use this kind of formula: N°{X}/{Y}
13:14 paul yes, and ?
13:14 owen ...I guess I just don't understand!
13:14 paul when you recieve an item, it usually has a number.
13:15 owen Yes, like 'Volume 3, Number 10'
13:15 paul for example, the actual linuxjournal is the #127
13:16 paul yes. so, what is your problem ?
13:16 owen When you're adding a subscription, how do you fill out the 'numbering calculation' form?
13:16 owen How does the numbering formula work?
13:17 paul {X} will be replaced by the number calculated from the 1st row of the table just under the formula
13:17 paul for example :
13:17 paul Number {X}
13:17 paul is the formula
13:17 paul X being :
13:18 paul Add 1 once every 1. When more than 99999 set back to 1 Begins with 127
13:18 paul will create Number 127, 1st, then Number 128,...
13:18 paul You can create formulaes as complex as Number {X}-{Y} volume {Z} (with 3 variables changing independantly)
13:19 owen I see, and the {Y} and {Z} could be for Volumes and Years
13:19 paul yep.
13:20 owen How should I fill in the box labeled 'numbering formula' ?
13:20 paul You enter what you want and it's taken as you enter it.
13:20 paul {X} {Y} and {Z} are replaced by calculated number.
13:20 paul the rest is kept as you enter it.
13:21 paul So "Volume {Y} Number {X}, year {Z} "
13:21 paul will give "Volume 1 Number 123, year 2004"
13:21 paul (for example)
13:22 owen I see, so I should type out 'Volume {Y} Number {X}, year {Z}' in that numbering formula box so that when issues are added the volume information is displayed correctly.
13:22 paul yes
13:23 owen Great.  That makes sense now.  I'm upgrading the NPL templates, and I've been trying to get to know the new features.
13:23 paul feel free to update online help if you find a better manner to explain ;-)
13:27 owen One other question:  Under 'subscription length' it asks you to specify 'number of num'.  Does that mean the number of issues in the subscription?
13:27 paul yes
13:27 paul (I correct the template immediatly)
13:27 owen And do you only need to enter information for one of those three?  (issues, weeks, or months?)
13:28 paul yes
13:29 owen I see now that your online help could have answered that last question!  I didn't see it.
13:29 paul template change commited
13:38 owen Hi tim
13:40 tim Hi owen
14:16 shedges hello, all
14:16 owen Hi Stephen
14:24 paul hi shedges & tim
14:24 shedges hi paul
14:25 paul owen / shedges : did I ask you to send me your marc parameters tables updated to 2.2 ?
14:25 paul I don't remember...
14:25 shedges owen, do we have them yet?
14:26 paul (2.1.3 in fact, of course, 2.2 is not officially available)
14:26 paul it's for the installer. I must update the official MARC21 default table.
14:26 paul I remember asking for authorities MARC DB
14:27 paul & I also remember stephen sended it to me
14:27 shedges yeah,that's on sourceforge
14:27 paul (was it stephen ? not sure)
14:27 owen 101 is updated from CVS.  I'm not sure what has changed in the parameters though
14:28 shedges (Paul, I wan't to change the copyright language a little on the doc I sent you, use GNU FDL.  I send a new version for you to approve.)
14:29 tim hi shedges, paul, everyone else I missed.
14:29 shedges I haven't changed anything on 101, haven't really looked at it yet.
14:34 paul back
14:34 paul owen & shedges : what I need is an updated version of the mysqldump -c koha marc_tag_structure marc_subfield_structure.
14:35 paul the -c being to get field name
14:35 paul A fresh dump should help having a better default marc21 structure.
14:36 shedges I'll edit the current tables (in a couple of days, I'm gone to a meeting for a while) then do a fresh dump
14:36 paul ok, nice, thanks
14:37 paul in france 48 hours before an election, it's forbidden for the ppl wanting to be elected to speak
14:37 paul and forbidden to publish new stats
14:38 paul so, it's quite ;-)
14:38 shedges good rule!  Bush voted this morning in Texas, then came to Ohio to campaign some more
14:38 owen I wish polls were forbidden here as well.  I especially wish that exit polling was forbidden.
14:38 shedges here, here!
14:38 shedges or is that hear!, hear!
14:39 owen I don't know if anyone even knows!
14:39 paul exit polling are ok here in france, but can be announced only 1 second after the last voting place closes !
14:39 owen That sounds like a good rule
14:39 paul so, 8PM usually, because Paris/Marseille/Lyons usually closes at 8PM
14:40 paul other small cities closing at 7PM, or 6PM
14:41 shedges we have to wait until the polls in California close, i think at 10:00 pm our time
14:42 paul note, to continue on this subject, that in France, your vote method seems really strange.
14:42 paul electors vote by states, to elect "big electors",
14:42 paul that have elect the president.
14:42 paul quite strange for us, that elect the president directly.
14:43 shedges yeah, we think it's strange, too -- we assumed we got it from the French  ;-)
14:43 paul in France we used this system in the 4th republic.
14:43 shedges (that's where we got it, then!)
14:43 paul (3rd, sorry)
14:44 paul de Gaulle changed it because the parlment & french president was too unstable
14:44 paul because we don't have only 2 major party.
14:48 shedges it would be nice to change our system -- but that will _never_ happen
14:48 paul why ? because it's in your constitution ?
14:48 paul (not sure constitution is the english word)
14:48 paul (it's the french one at least ;-) )
14:49 shedges no, just because it's a "sacred" American tradition
14:49 shedges even though the reasons for the original system are no longer valid
14:49 shedges (lots of ways to cheat in the early days)
14:49 paul and it will survive 2000 and (i don't hope) 2004 days after the election ?
14:50 shedges (also the Foundaing Fathers were all elitists)
14:50 paul because it's something that makes laugh...
14:50 owen You're justified in being an elitist if you're Thomas Jefferson.
14:50 paul (/me means laugh, but in french "yellow laugh" means laugh, but is not really happy)
14:51 shedges Rachel should be here -- she knows more American history than Americans do!
14:57 paul look[…]h_Fourth_Republic and
14:58 paul to learn a little bit more on our republic history ;-)
14:58 paul (wikipedia is the best ...)

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