IRC log for #koha, 2004-11-03

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15:43 owen hi shedges, I didn't see you come in
15:44 shedges hey, owen, I just got chatzilla up on the mac, thought I'd lurk while I'm working.
15:45 owen It's been very quiet around here lately.  Might get some traffic later when NZ wakes up
15:52 shedges any news on the Kurzweil reader?
15:53 owen Not yet.  I still have to get in touch with the holder.
15:54 owen The WebFeat OneSearch is up again, but I'm concerned about the load-time.
15:54 owen You have to add their javascript to your site and download the onesearch form remotely.  You can't just integrate their form manually into your site.
15:55 shedges I'm going to do a session on OneSearch at the in-service.
15:55 owen Here's my demo:  See how quickly it loads for you.
15:57 shedges I caught Don Yarmon's sesion at OPLIN Stakeholders on Friday and have his handouts
15:57 shedges That linked loaded very quickly.
15:57 owen I'm not sure why it's required that we use their javascript-generated form.  It seems like you should be able to just copy the HTML.  But Don Yarman said it was required.  That will prevent us from being able to do a single form to search either Koha or OneSearch.
15:58 shedges right.  and they still have some problems with the extra databases librariwes pay for
15:58 owen (a single form-field, that is)
15:59 shedges hmm, they seem to be having problems with this on the oplin site today.
15:59 shedges basically, OneSearch should still be considered a beta.
16:03 owen This caught my eye today, but I haven't had a chance to read it:[…]ofDevelopment.pdf
16:03 owen "Bringing to the OPAC"
16:07 shedges thanks for that, I printed it so my old eyes can read it
16:08 shedges btw, NoveList now offers the ability to link to a library catalog.  I'll fax the info
16:27 shedges lose your connection?
16:37 owen Had to restart Firefox.
16:38 owen Knock on wood, my connection's been fairly stable in the last week.
16:46 shedges the logs are weird, I can't see any pattern.
16:48 rach hello
16:48 shedges hi rachel
16:48 rach hey steven
16:48 rach how are things in your neck of the woods?
16:49 shedges cold and damp.  How's your weather?
16:49 rach variable
16:50 rach aweful day on saturday, lovely yesterday
16:50 rach middling today
16:50 rach but not wet
16:50 rach
16:50 rach this is taking my spare CPU cycles at the moment :-)
16:51 shedges gotcha
16:51 shedges looks like that's no small project!
16:54 shedges is Simon helping?
16:54 rach yeah right :-)
16:54 rach nah - we have 3 builders on the job
16:55 rach we just supply lots of sweet coffee and leave them to get onto it
16:55 si two plumbers
16:55 si a drainlayer
16:55 si and their cats
16:56 shedges good for si!! quite laudable
16:56 si yes, I'm a legend
16:56 rach a valuable contribution
16:56 si but not with a hammer
16:59 shedges you need a BIG pickup truck to haul stuff away -- dontcha?
16:59 rach exactly :-)
17:00 rach mind you we wouldn't want that flash white one, we'd scratch it all up :-)
17:00 si we do
17:00 si or at least, skips
17:00 si which is the local colloquialism for dumpster
17:03 si heh
17:04 shedges too much coffee
17:30 shedges hi tim, how's things in Iowa?
17:31 tim cool, wet and windy.
17:31 tim Hows's things in Ohio?
17:32 shedges same, i'm afraid
17:36 rach[…]45_tim_up_ladder'
17:36 rach things here today :-)
17:37 rach noisy, and somewhat lacking in a sub structure
17:40 shedges Man, some of that lumber is scary!  What's been holding the house up?
17:40 rach um paint I think
17:40 rach which doesn't meet code apparently :-)
17:40 rach yep there was a good deal of teeth sucking going on yesterday
17:41 rach the previous owners had covered over it with plywood, out of sight out of mind
17:41 shedges no duct tape?
17:42 rach no they were keen on dexion - that sort of giant mechano metal shelving stuff
17:42 rach that was holding up the north wall when we bought it
17:42 rach we had to get it repiled before we could/would move in
17:42 rach but they missed this corner
17:49 si matt or fin, on minicom, when you're direct connected on serial, does it show offline, or online, in the bottom right corner?
17:49 si gack, from #
17:54 shedges (gotta run, off to another library, good luck with the building project.)
17:55 tim It's been a long time since I've used minicom.  Those were fun days.
17:57 rach we do some pretty funny stuff around here :-)
18:08 si sadly, I still spend a certain amount of time every week in minicom

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