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12:38 paul hi owen.
12:38 owen Sad day for America.  :(
12:39 paul ...
12:40 owen Four more years of Bush is not going to be easy.
12:44 paul the only good knews is that everybody in the world now know where Ohio is !!!
12:44 owen The bad news is that everyone will hate us...
12:45 paul not everyone, I don't ;-)
12:45 owen Thanks :)
12:53 owen Paul, have you seen the item type images in our OPAC?  I notice that's on the list for 2.2.x or 2.4.0.
12:53 paul yes. That's why I had the idea ;-)
12:53 paul but what I want to add is a feature to have itemtypes not hardcoded.
12:54 paul so, we need a new field in itemtype where the user can select the img.
12:55 owen I see.  So when libraries set up their item types they could also choose an image to associate with it.
12:55 paul yep
12:55 paul not too complicated to code.
12:56 paul a little question : i suppose you saw my modif with wiki rss ?
12:56 owen Yes
12:56 paul how can I add the rss into my mozilla ?
12:56 owen I use an web-based aggregator:
13:03 owen paul, can I ask you about the barcodes generator?
13:03 owen I'm confused about how the items are chosen.
13:04 owen It says 'inventory codes,' but I don't know what that means
13:04 paul it's item barcode isn't it ?
13:05 owen Oh, that makes sense.  I'll try it. (thanks for pointing out that we needed PDF::API2 for this to work)
13:06 owen What is the country code for?
13:07 paul (the barcode is ean13 anyway...)
13:12 owen Hmmm.. I'm getting 'Illegal modulus zero at /usr/local/koha/intranet/module​s//C4/Barcodes/ line 143.' when I try to generate the barcodes
13:12 paul mmm... I havent' this kind of problems.
13:12 paul did you set up your label format before ?
13:13 owen I did the printer configuration (label width, height, etc)
13:14 paul the line 143 is related to label format :
13:14 paul my $indexX = $labelNum % @positionsForX;
13:14 paul but i can't say anything else
13:15 owen I'll file a bug report
13:50 owen Looks like the barcode generator is still very buggy.
13:50 paul mmm... it worked fine for me...
13:51 owen Really?  I get javascript errors and missing images.
13:51 paul I have 1 or 2 missing images, maybe.
13:51 paul i don't remember a javascript error
13:51 paul (i use mozilla)
13:52 owen Me too.  For instance: "Error: panel has no properties" when I choose 'continuous range (from-to)' under type of interval
13:55 paul ok, i've the same error
13:55 paul it's probably my fault. I've added this option soon.
13:55 paul (not the original commit)
13:55 owen I still don't know what 'country code' is supposed to do.  I can enter a new one, but it doesn't seem to get saved.
13:56 paul you should ask koha-dev imho
13:57 owen Okay.  It's Emiliano's team's work, right?
13:58 paul yep
13:58 owen (Damn.  Kerry just conceded the election to Bush.  No going back now)
14:13 paul yes, I just here the new.
14:14 paul I think he's right : he can't win with 200 000 votes unchecked and 150 000 votes in advance for GWB.
14:14 paul He an honest man.
14:14 owen Honest men don't seem to win in American anymore.
14:15 paul maybe you're right. But is it enough to become a thief ?
14:15 owen Unfortunately no.
14:15 owen It doesn't even look like Kerry got the popular vote like Gore did in 2000.
14:15 owen Whatever Bush is doing, it works in America, even if America is the *only* place it works.
14:16 paul :'-(
14:19 owen Paul, do you know if there was a change in the Koha database related to barcode printing?
14:20 owen I guess maybe it's not storing it permanently anywhere.
14:20 paul no, it's stored somewhere
14:21 paul but the directory must be writeable by apache user
14:21 owen Oh, so it's trying to write some kind of config file to disk?
14:21 paul yep
14:21 paul your error log should show it
14:22 owen all I see is the error that I mentioned earlier.
14:22 owen where would the file be?
14:25 owen /includes/labelConfig/itemsLabelConfig.conf?
14:25 paul yes, iirc
14:30 paul yes.
14:31 owen Bugzilla won't accept his email address
14:31 paul mmm... means he has no account i think
14:32 owen That makes it hard :)
14:32 owen I'll email directly
15:01 owen /cgi-bin/koha/bookshelves/ missing?
15:32 owen hi rach, hi tim.  rach, you're up early
15:33 tim hi owen
15:52 rach yar - builders
15:52 rach
15:56 owen That's a great domain name, by the way :)
16:00 rach cheers
17:40 owen My internet connection is about as reliable as a Diebold voting machine today
17:43 tim I lost my connection to this server once.  Besides that it seems to be working ok.

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