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13:28 slef hi all
13:29 slef Is it too early for kiwis?
13:29 owen A little, I think
13:29 owen hi slef
13:31 slef Anything thought of more to cover in the arch discussion starter?
13:31 owen Does the conversion process retain the history that's already in a CVS repository?
13:33 slef I didn't. Some of it can be done, but it's an attempt to turn sausages back into pigs. I'd just leave the CVS archive up as a store, maybe with all files deleted in HEAD.
13:33 owen I suppose that makes sense
13:34 slef Sausages/pigs => when you do a multi-file commit in CVS, it actually just commits each file in turn. With a remote laggy server like sourceforge, you start trying to reconstruct from the timestamps and usernames.
13:34 slef Not an easy problem, sadly.
13:34 slef oh, and the log messages, as most cvs users use the same log message for multiple files, which sucks but actually helps in this case.
13:35 owen sucks if you're making different changes to each file, makes sense if you're adding the same thing to each one.
13:36 slef of course
13:37 owen when you were talking about developers not documenting their changes yesterday, were you talking about CVS log messages, or inline comments? Or both?
13:37 slef more inline comments and perldoc
13:39 slef the koha cvs is better than most for log messages
13:39 slef occasionally it's vague, but that's rare
13:42 owen Did my comment yesterday about make sense?
13:44 owen (bug 436)
14:08 slef yes
14:22 indradg hi... anyone here using kbarcode with Koha?
14:22 rach hi
14:22 indradg hi rachel
14:22 owen kbarcode is a barcode-generator, right?
14:22 indradg owen: thats right
14:23 owen So it doesn't really have to work *with* Koha, does it?  Because Koha will accept any barcoding system you want.
14:23 owen ...with alterations to the database, in some cases :(
14:23 indradg owen: yes... semantically u r correct :)
14:24 owen :)
14:24 indradg i'm facing a small problem with the barcodes I generated and while I can write a small script to take care of it... i was just looking for someone who may have some experience of using kbarcode
14:25 owen Paul is best reached earlier in the day (or night, as the case may be).
14:26 indradg right... i know :)
14:26 rach or e-mail him
14:28 indradg its a silly problem... I had calculated/generated (using OOo Calc) 10-digit numbers for my items, with the last digit as checksum
14:28 indradg same logic as ISBN checkdigit
14:29 indradg the trouble is that when I pass that number to kbarcode to generate the PDFs of the actual barcodes... kbarcode is appending 978 (bookland suffix) to my number and dropping off the checkdigit
14:31 indradg of course I can take care of it using a few lines of client-side Javascript :P
14:43 rach euw that's not so good
14:50 indradg rachel: what do u suggest?
14:54 rach sorry I don't have any useful suggestion
14:54 rach other than perhaps to ask kbarcode?
14:55 indradg yeah
14:56 indradg thnaks anyways :)
15:00 rach or check with Paul
15:04 indradg yup... will do that!
15:06 rach nice e-mail on list owen :-)
15:06 owen Thanks.  Can't snark at a person about not seeing the footer if they've just joined the list, eh?
15:07 rach yep
15:30 slef Europe is the place to be for football, cycling and skiing coverage
15:31 slef There are even web sites like that track football
15:31 rach mmm skiing
15:31 slef which reminds me, I wonder what happened to Tyler Hamilton
15:31 rach we had a few days snowboarding on our way too and from library conference
15:31 rach sanity breaks :-)
15:32 slef damn commentator is shouting
15:36 rach lol
16:07 christian helo
16:07 christian i am new
16:08 owen Welcome!
16:10 rach Hi christian
16:11 christian of which subject speaks
16:12 rach we're just hanging out at the moment really
16:12 rach you're welcome to ask a question, and we might be able to help
16:14 christian that process makes the
16:15 rach but good to start with which version of Koha you are using
16:16 christian I am using the 2.1.1
16:28 rach sorry phone
16:28 rach erg and I have to go to a meeting
16:29 rach and I'm not much help with that - if you're on the koha -devel list then ask there
16:30 christian thanks,
16:31 christian even when it is the opening of chat?
20:01 kados chris around?
20:01 chris yep
20:01 kados does this url work for you:
20:02 kados
20:02 kados I am trying to troubleshoot the bloglines thingy
20:02 chris right
20:02 kados (/me assumes that bloglines isn't working for you again, right)
20:02 kados it's not working for me
20:02 kados well .. my feed that is
20:02 chris shows up in mozilla ok
20:02 kados yea ... for me too
20:02 chris yeah it wasnt last i checked
20:03 kados it may be a timeout issue
20:03 kados my machine is pretty slow tho so I can't figure a way to speed things up
20:03 chris yeah could well be
20:03 chris it could be the connection that is slow too
20:03 kados I moved from sendmail to postfix and that helped the load
20:03 chris will help u not get owned too :-)
20:03 kados hmmm ... well I've got a cablemodem ... it's pretty fast
20:04 chris apache 2?
20:04 kados yep
20:04 kados 2.0.50 I think
20:04 chris right
20:06 chris whats ur load now?
20:06 kados 21:06:54 up 29 days,  4:39, 30 users,  load average: 0.11, 0.17, 0.09
20:07 kados what'dr ya up to?
20:07 kados :-)
20:07 chris that looks not bad
20:08 kados kernel : 2.6.8-1.521
20:08 chris 13:08:36 up 24 days,  4:01, 23 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
20:09 chris my machine isnt doing much at all :)
20:09 kados :-)
20:09 kados this is mail/web/screen/firewall/dhcp servers
20:09 chris is it a ram thing?
20:09 chris ie is it having to swap
20:09 kados a bit
20:10 kados Swap:      1024088      31320     992768
20:10 kados Mem:        183188     141344      41844
20:10 kados I'm maxed out for this MB on ram
20:10 chris right
20:10 chris whats the cpu?
20:10 kados p1
20:11 chris ahh, uve probably got it going about as fast as u can then :)
20:11 kados I can't remember the speed ... slow
20:11 kados is there some way to put the blosxom.cgi resident in mem?
20:11 chris the only thing to try would be to try and compile a kernel
20:11 chris is it perl or python?
20:11 kados perl
20:12 chris u could try running it under mod_perl
20:12 kados right ...
20:14 kados FWIW, the forthcoming Blosxom 3.0 will run under mod_perl. I'll help Rael to make sure of it.
20:14 kados[…]org/msg00076.html
20:14 chris :-)
20:14 kados :-)
20:15 kados oh well thanks chris
20:15 chris sorry i couldnt be more help
20:15 kados getting married pretty soon eh?
20:15 chris yep, 17 days
20:16 kados wow
20:17 kados ooh ... I just got this from the bloglines folks:
20:17 kados Thanks for the bug report. We're investigating it and hope to have it
20:17 kados resolved soon.
20:17 chris cool
11:46 paul ppl reading this => i can't send mail to koha mailing list. is ok, but not it seems.

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