IRC log for #koha, 2004-09-24

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12:04 kados strange ...
12:04 kados I'll see if I can
12:11 kados paul ... the list is working for me (I can send messages)
13:32 kados hiya owen
13:32 owen hi there.
13:33 owen I'm disappointed you won't be riding with us to Cincinnati.
14:19 paul kados => i know it's working for many ppl, as I recieve message. It's just that i've sent 5 messages today, all bounced :<>: Name service error for
14:19 paul    type=MX: Host not found, try again
15:54 rach hi ambrowse
15:54 rach oops
16:19 ambrose|w hi
16:19 ambrose|w sorry, the library is closed. let me return to the office
17:16 jo si: are you about
17:16 si jo: I am
17:17 jo have you had a chance to look at that telstra quote
17:17 si yes and no
17:17 jo ok
17:17 si it's doing sterling duty as an armrest at the moment :-)
17:17 jo i am at foxton trying to get these damn opacs connecting to hotmail
17:17 jo can you come to #koha
17:18 jo hardly big enough for a satisfying arm rest
17:30 jo hello there
17:30 jo levin: larissa and sandra:
17:31 jo I have to meet a guy at 1pm. can i swop desk shifts with the 3.15 person
17:46 jo nup
17:46 jo but do now
17:46 rach :-)
17:46 jo was telstra clear guy!
17:46 rach that'll be why larissa and sandra aren't talking to you :-)
17:46 jo not a lover ...
17:46 rach business & pleaseure :-)
19:22 mikem chris: are you around?
01:39 rach bonjour paul
01:45 chris rach: irma is using modified eesi templates
01:46 chris[…]/koha/ <-- based on unido
01:46 chris so not standard templates, so bugs could be in that template and not in others
02:01 rach yup
02:02 rach but thought I was worth finding out if others had same prob
02:02 rach I have a feeling that bernadette might
02:02 chris yep
02:08 mikem chris or rach - what is the status of the Intranet (test drive) off the Koha site - is it still generated of CVS or is it 1.9.x based?
02:09 chris its old 1.9.x based
02:09 chris it really needs to have a new 2.0.2 installed
02:09 chris itd be good to have it running the latest stable
02:09 mikem ok ... thanks chris - I will mark of bug 316 as being fixed then
02:10 chris cool
02:17 mikem anyone have any issues if I post a message to the devel list about the initial owners for some of the components in bugzilla that are currently assigned to Pat and Steve to see if we can get some more vollies to pick up these areas?
02:19 chris none at all
02:24 rach sounds like a plan
02:25 mikem just working on it now ... I'll get a thread going and update Bugzilla with the responses (good to see that I still have that level of access to bugzilla) .. so hopefully by the time you guys are back it will be all nice and updated ;-)
02:25 chris excellent
02:27 rach yay
02:28 rach who knows what the copyright number tag thingy is
02:28 rach 260c?
02:29 mikem that is what I make it Rach
02:30 chris i think thats publication date
02:30 rach yep that's what the label says
02:30 chris but who knows :)
02:31 rach but there isn't a seperate copyright date in this record
02:31 mikem if you look at the devel archives for a message from Stephen Hedges in August last year ,,, he has it as 260c (I can forward you the message if you want it)
02:31 rach ta
02:32 mikem e-mail on its way rach
02:32 rach chris - I definitly can't move items between groups...
02:32 rach[…]=18754&type=intra
02:32 rach are you expecting that?
02:33 chris kinda, i dont really expect much to work on that site
02:36 rach bum
02:36 rach woo tea is here
02:36 rach later
02:36 chris its been used to test lots of stuff
02:52 paul rach ?
02:52 paul & chris ?
02:52 paul koha mailing list still having pb in France
02:52 paul Your message could not be delivered. The reason for the failure and the original message appear below.
02:52 paul Reason: not found.
02:52 paul mail from : MAILER-DAEMON@GAGGLE.NET
08:42 JYL57 Hi Koha team !
08:53 kados hi there
08:53 paul hi all
08:53 kados afternoon paul
10:07 owen paul: are you around?
10:07 paul it seems ;-)
10:08 kados owen about?
10:09 owen It looks like you've made changes to opac-detail that fix Bug 806.  Is that correct?
10:09 owen Hi Joshua
10:09 paul me or joshua ?
10:10 paul right
10:10 paul i made some changes.
10:10 paul i change the bug status ?
10:12 owen We haven't updated our test machine in a while (I think), so I can't see for myself if the bug is fixed.
10:12 owen If you think so, then please do.
10:13 paul how do you see I've made changes ?
10:16 owen Just by looking at the file in CVS.
10:16 owen Do you have a Koha intallation online that's up to date?
10:17 paul yes :[…]koha/
10:18 paul don't try ;-)
10:18 owen Oh, okay :)
10:18 paul[…]
10:18 paul is better ;-)
10:19 owen Certainly looks to me like you've fixed Bug 806.
10:20 owen But not the one about 'Vous n'avez précisé aucun critère de recherche' showing up for every search ;)
10:22 paul right :D
10:23 paul my priority is to fix blocking bugs
10:23 owen Of course.

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