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15:53 kados msg owen
15:53 kados hehe
15:53 kados oops
15:53 owen Well, you got my attention anyway!
15:53 kados yea I hit enter by mistake
15:54 kados I think I finally finished writing emails for the OLC annual
15:54 kados sheesh
15:54 kados that took all day
15:55 owen I've been working on slides (yes, in CSS!).  The hardest part is judging how long the talk will take.  I don't know if I've got too little or too much.
15:57 rach joshua how did your talk go?
16:04 owen We're both giving talks next week.
16:04 owen Joshua's also involved with the planning and preparation, so he's got even more to think about.
16:05 chris gonna have a webcam so we can all watch? :-)
16:06 owen that'd be a little too technologically-advanced for this facility.  They want to charge $100 per day per conference room for internet access!
16:06 chris ack
16:06 chris ohh i remember they wanted to charge us the last time too .. same crowd?
16:07 owen Well, it's the hotel that's doing the charging, and though it's in a different city, I think it's the same hotel--Hilton.
16:07 chris right
16:08 owen I can't believe they can get away with it.
16:08 chris yeah thats really steep
16:09 owen The libraries should set up some guerilla access points all around the facility, blanket the whole place with wi-fi.
16:09 chris :-)
16:10 chris string cat-5 up thru the windows :-)
16:10 owen It'd be cheaper, either way!
16:10 chris yep
16:11 owen Hopefully the hotel where we're staying will have a better policy (I'm not even sure where that is!)
16:11 owen kados: do you know?
16:11 chris maybe it will be like the redroof inn, with ethernet jacks in the wall, but them not being connected to anything :-)
16:12 owen Oh yeah!  That was very helpful.
16:12 chris the holiday inn in cleveland had free access
16:12 chris just plug into the wall, dhcp an address and u were away
16:13 owen If anyone's interested, here's a link to the PDF of the first day's schedule, when Joshua and I are speaking:
16:29 kados shhh
16:29 chris owen and or joshua, u guys no much about AACR2
16:30 kados don't tell :-)
16:30 chris excellent
16:30 kados lemme check
16:30 owen chris: no
16:30 kados :-)
16:30 chris its a cataloguing standard as far as i can tell
16:30 kados nope
16:30 chris or more a way of displaying catalogue info
16:30 owen kados: it was too good an idea for someone not to be actually doing it!
16:30 kados hehe
16:31 kados well I had a brief stint with AACR2 when I did some research for my Z-server
16:31 kados but not much
16:31 chris they are gonna have a crack at making an AARC2 theme for the opac
16:31 owen o O (KIG?)
16:31 chris koha interest group
16:31 chris theres quite a few members of the indian one now
16:33 chris its good to see, argentina and india .. koha usage seems to be taking off
16:33 owen That's great.  Seems like a prime market: low-budget, tech-savvy, English speaking.
16:33 chris yeah
16:33 chris then we can say
16:33 chris Koha : 1 billion indians cant be wrong
16:33 kados hehe
16:33 owen :)
16:34 chris heh
16:38 kados msg owen I guess I should search our catalog first :-)
16:39 kados hehe
16:41 chris theres not often nothing else to do :-)
16:41 kados :-)
16:43 tim Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules.
16:44 tim Big 3-ring binder.
16:44 chris ahh right
16:45 tim filled with gibberish...
16:45 chris :-)
16:46 chris the existing system a lot of poeple are using in india has a AARC2 view .. which i suspect is just a way of ordering the information u display to the public
16:46 owen Like Paul's mysterious ISBD
16:46 owen (mysterious because it didn't work when we tried it)
16:46 kados I should really try to get a webcam on our Koha sessions
16:46 tim I forgot a bunch of stuff about that from a class I took.
16:46 chris :-)
16:47 tim The webcam would be cool.  Could you record it so we could watch it whenever we want?
16:47 kados that'd be ideal
16:48 tim It would be like a public access cable channel.
16:48 kados yep
16:48 tim The sound's awful on ours.
16:49 kados anyone know of good video software for linux?
16:50 kados chris, you do some of that, eh?
16:50 chris not me
16:50 chris people at citylink do, but im not sure if they use linux
16:51 kados ahh
16:51 chris
16:54 chris i might try to get a webcam going for the wedding too
16:55 chris depending on if the venue has any net access
16:55 owen Who knew we'd ever need to worry about net access for weddings? :)
16:56 chris heh
16:56 chris who know my 79 year old grandma would have internet in her rest home, and ask about a web camera
16:56 chris know=knew
16:56 kados hehe
16:57 kados I'm thinking of just snagging one of the library cams and converting it when I get back...looks like these USB webcams are hard to use with linux
16:57 chris might well be the easiest way
16:58 owen I've got one here in Chauncey that's not being used (because I'm using the ibook for web site tests)
16:58 chris ohhh si
16:58 si complete with monster zoom lens
16:59 kados wow ... that babys got a nic
17:00 kados[…]1-01-006-03-OP-HW
17:00 kados and runs linux
17:00 kados see ya owen
17:00 chris is that what citylink uses for its webcams si?
17:01 kados yowser ... really expensive suckers
17:03 si the good ones, yes
17:04 si unfortuanately, I don't have the audio add on
17:04 si and if we could pick one up in the states somewhere
17:06 chris i was planning to grab a webcam over there, once i saw if it was going to be possible to get some kinda net access
17:06 chris we have a fancy DV camera from TLC to use for normal video
17:06 chris well normal digital video :) i was only gonna a try a webcam if i could get a stream going :)
17:07 si $230 for the audio module as well
17:07 chris ah right
17:08 si which is no biggy
17:08 kados :-)
17:08 chris heh
17:09 si and I'm sure there's a bunch of people back here who'd like to see the ceremony
17:09 chris yep, the trick i think will be getting net at the place
17:10 si is tha tlikely?
17:10 kados depending on the locale you may be able to hop on someone's WAP
17:11 chris i dont think so
17:11 kados you won't believe how many open waps are about
17:11 chris its in the middle of a park
17:11 chris but yeah, its a possible maybe .. which is why i was planning to scope it out when we got there
17:11 chris i dont have to much hope
17:11 kados ahh ... you could always pringles can it
17:11 chris they dont have an email address :)
17:12 kados :-)
17:12 si mmm, pringles cans
17:12 kados[…]s/mypringles.html
17:12 kados I've done a couple of these with great success
17:12 chris did you see the wok one joshua?
17:12 kados no
17:13 chris someone at the university here made an antenna from a wok, i wonder if i can find a url
17:13 si ahh, the fish slice aerials?
17:13 kados maybe that's it
17:15 chris[…]adio%20aerial.htm <--not the one i was thinking off, but cool nonetheless
17:15 si[…]ses/06_11_04.html
17:16 chris heh excellent
17:21 Joann Goodmorning all
17:22 Joann Si: had a good meeting with telstra yesterday. Sent you an email.
17:22 kados hi there
17:22 Joann CHris: good luck with wedding
17:22 chris thanks jo
17:22 Joann have fun too
17:22 chris ill do my best :)
17:22 kados that wok looks alot sturdier than my pringles can
17:23 kados and not pay a dime
17:24 kados there are so many open waps in the valley that my house sits at the top of
17:24 kados :-)
17:24 chris all the students?
17:25 kados yea ... plus all the rich profs
17:25 chris :)
17:25 kados wireless is getting pretty big in athens
17:25 kados I can pretty much hop from network to network on my zaurus all the way from my house to uptown
17:27 chris u need a wifi phone :-)
18:21 chris washington the state? or washington DC ?
18:21 rach DC
18:22 chris 7.22pm
18:22 rach ta
18:22 rach ok that's too late then :-)
18:22 chris yesterday :)
18:23 chris 4.23 in washington state
18:23 chris is what i use rach
18:23 rach ah no is definitly washington dc I want - just wasn't sure which way the time went
18:24 rach that's a bit odd
18:50 chris[…] <-- looks quite nice
19:54 rach Yep - so what is OPALS?
19:54 rach Is it Koha with a new name?
19:54 chris afaict yell, a modified koha
19:55 rach yep - but just the OPAC maybe>
19:56 chris yep
20:45 mikem rach - are you around?
20:50 mikem rach - e-mail heading your way
22:06 rach here
22:06 rach thanks mije
22:06 rach mike
22:07 mikem thanks for that rach ... and yes I will ring next week
22:08 rach cool - russ is away today, but I know that he is keen to hook up with you and get ya going :-)
22:09 rach and Rachel Prebee has been keen to help for ages as well, and she already knows the Kea system - so I reckon between you you'll be  acouple of guns :-)
22:25 mikem which I suppose is good unless we shoot ourselves in the foot ;-)
08:18 matias hello everyone
08:41 matias are you there?
08:47 kados hi there
08:51 matias are you?...
08:53 matias I was looking at reserves...
08:54 matias and to test it...I made a reserved for a book from opac...
08:55 matias and then I tried to issued that book from intranet...
08:56 matias supossely, I couldnŽt issued...but it happended...
08:56 matias :-(
09:52 paul hello
10:31 matias hello again
10:31 paul hi
10:31 matias hi paul..IŽm glad to find ou... :-)
10:31 matias how are you?
10:33 matias an I ask you a question?
10:35 matias what should happend when you want to issue an item...and you have a reserve for it?...
10:35 paul there should be a warning
10:35 matias I mean...should it stop the issue proccess?
10:35 paul asking if you confirm & remove the reserve
10:36 paul if you confirm=> stop the issue
10:36 paul no
10:36 paul if you confirm the issue => remove reserve & issue
10:36 paul if you don't confirm => don't issue & do nothing for reserve
10:37 matias and this is what the 2.2 version should do?
10:38 matias then I may did it wrong...
10:42 matias what do ou mean by remove the reserve...?
10:42 matias it delete the reserve from the DBB?
10:42 matias or just annuled it..?
11:01 matias well....gotta go...
11:02 matias thanks Paul for your help..
11:02 matias bye people...
11:02 matias see ya
11:02 paul here
11:02 paul sorry, i missed your question.
11:02 paul it's supposed to be deleted from the DDB
11:03 paul (not sure it's "deleted". maybe it's marked "canceled")
11:03 paul in fact, i havent' tested reserve a lot yet.
11:07 matias oh ok...IŽm testing that part right now...
11:13 matias handle kind of priorities for reserves...
11:13 matias when you confirm an issue, it set the reserveŽs priority to 0...
11:14 paul meaning it's canceled ?
11:14 paul does it appear in the reserve list from the borrower entry ?
11:15 matias I didnŽt chkc that..but I did this
11:15 matias I made a reserve for an item...
11:15 matias its priority was set to 1...
11:15 matias I did that from opac...
11:16 matias then I went to intranet and try to issued that item...
11:16 matias do you follow me?
11:16 matias when I did appears a warning to confirm that issue procces...
11:17 matias only to confirm...not to cancel...
11:17 paul but if you confirm the issue process, you cancel the reserve
11:18 paul go to members => search member
11:18 matias if you confirm => issue the item and set that founded reserve priority to 0
11:18 matias thatŽs what Idid
11:18 paul if you go to members area
11:18 paul and search for the member that did the reserve
11:18 paul does it still appear or is there a "no reserve" ?
11:19 paul if that's it, then it's working as it's supposed to do.
11:19 paul when issuing => ask for confirmation because there is a reserve
11:19 paul if confirmed => cancel the reserve
11:19 matias it appears a table for the requested items and says none...
11:20 paul so, it work
11:20 paul s
11:20 paul go in OPAC again and reserve again
11:20 matias ok
11:20 paul then in the lbrarian interface, search for the member
11:20 paul you should see the reserve
11:23 matias is...
11:23 paul so it works fine
11:23 matiasŽt we have to show to the librarian that you have to confirm because you have a reserve on that book?
11:24 paul the confirm box does not show that ?
11:24 paul it's a bug...
11:24 paul it just show "confirm the issue (Y/N)" ?
11:25 matias says... This issued needs confirmation and thereŽs a confirm button...
11:25 matias ok...go to dinner...thanks a lot for your help
11:25 paul_away but does not show just before the confirm button the reason ?
11:25 paul_away strange...
11:26 matias nope
11:26 paul_away i'll look
11:26 matias look..
11:26 paul_away it's a bug.
11:26 paul_away it's supposed to do.
11:26 paul_away bye, i leave
11:27 matias IŽll work with emiliano this afternoon...weŽll make a doc about about all this reserves it is working until now...and what is our proposal for that..
11:27 matias we are going to email that doc for you..ok?
11:27 matias see ya later...and thanks again...
11:34 matias bye all
11:34 matias see ya

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