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00:50 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
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06:40 fridolin yellow
06:40 fridolin Hohoho
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07:09 reiveune hello
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08:58 ashimema cait around?
08:58 ashimema I miss the cait, cati1, cai2, cait3 bot
09:17 NikolayGospodinov[m] Hello #koha! I have a question. When changing the code of a constant value for language? How the code to be changed across all bibliographic records?
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09:40 ashimema still no cait?
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12:28 tcohen hola #koha
12:30 cait1 ashimema: been here all day?
12:30 cait1 well.. kind of
12:31 ashimema I've been looking for you
12:31 cait1 oh what for?
12:31 ashimema tcohen.. your change to Koha/Release for tarball
12:31 ashimema have oyu tried running it on mac?
12:31 ashimema md5sum doesn't exist
12:32 ashimema or is this another thing you're doing from inside the docker image
12:33 * ashimema is updating docs: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]lease_maintenance
12:35 ashimema I bet you don't have access to add users to
12:39 ashimema cait1 translation stuff
12:40 ashimema I no longer appear to have any rights in the UI..
12:40 ashimema so can only make suggestions and not actual translation fixes
12:40 ashimema for example
12:40 cait1 i can fix that
12:40 cait1 which language?
12:41 tcohen ashimema: you can install md5sum
12:41 ashimema er..
12:41 tcohen but yeah
12:41 tcohen I use THE docker image for release-tools
12:41 ashimema well.. I was looking at en-GB initially.. but there are feck loads of fixes we had to do to pass the junit test
12:41 ashimema yeah.. I really need to get into habbits of using the docker
12:43 ashimema can you add people to wordpress cait1 ?
12:43 ashimema matt is rolling release so wanted to draft up the annountment
12:44 cait1 I think i cannot
12:47 ashimema Okies, I'll catch wizzy
12:48 ashimema And do it for them this time
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13:13 magnuse with RealTimeHoldsQueue = on i get 4000+ background jobs for holds per day on one site. anyone else seeing that? the site is an active public library, but not huge either. 1870 active holds at the moment
13:15 tcohen magnuse: yeah, every action that changes bibs or items related to one of those holds will update the queue
13:16 tcohen but it should be almost immediate, not taking resources
13:17 magnuse but it makes the page for viewing background jobs very slow to load
13:19 magnuse there should be a cutoff there, to only load the 1000 newest jobs or something
13:22 tcohen there should be a 'last hour' checkbox?
13:22 ashimema version magnuse?
13:24 magnuse 22.05.06
13:26 magnuse ah, i see that in ktd, at least
13:26 magnuse probably not in 22.05
13:28 tcohen https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30982
13:28 huginn Bug 30982: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, RESOLVED FIXED, Use the REST API for background job list view
13:28 tcohen 22.05.07
13:28 magnuse ah bug 30462, which is in 22.11.00, 22.05.07
13:28 ashimema 🙂
13:28 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30462 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, RESOLVED FIXED, Improve the default display for the background jobs queue management page
13:28 magnuse yeah
13:28 magnuse time for a minor upgrade :-)
13:28 magnuse thanks for pointing me in that direction
13:28 tcohen \o/
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13:58 paulderscheid[m] oleonard around?
14:07 oleonard A little bit paulderscheid[m] :)
14:08 paulderscheid[m] I just looked at bug 32341 and it technically works but I think the added UI elements could be improved upon. Just thought I'd ask you.
14:08 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32341 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, hammat.wele, Signed Off , Some OPAC tables are not displayed well in mobile mode
14:09 cait1 paulderscheid[m]: i had a question for you too
14:09 paulderscheid[m] Maybe you could add your 2 cents on the bug :)
14:25 oleonard paulderscheid[m]: it makes more sense to me to have the controls in the last column rather than at the start. What do you think?
14:26 paulderscheid[m] Agreed. Do the svg icons look good on your end?
14:26 oleonard I don't think the little + icon is very clear in terms of what the user expects it to do
14:26 paulderscheid[m] Yeah, that's what I thought.
14:27 oleonard It's all CSS, so we certainly have a lot of leeway there
14:28 oleonard The sorting icons don't work for me. I don't see them.
14:28 oleonard (in the table headers)
14:28 paulderscheid[m] Oh my.. I think I overlooked that.
14:29 paulderscheid[m] Ah no, I have them and they seem to work.
14:42 paulderscheid[m] Hey cait1. How can i link to the log of this chat?
14:44 oleonard
14:46 cait1 what oleonard said :)
14:46 paulderscheid[m] Thank you both :)
14:51 oleonard I added some comments paulderscheid[m]. Unfortunately I won't be available to try some other options myself until after the new year.
14:51 paulderscheid[m] I get that. But thanks for chiming in o/
14:58 paulderscheid[m] Happy holidays!
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16:02 reiveune bye
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18:58 jabiertxof hi all I start using Koha, thanks for working on
19:00 jabiertxof I need hemp with a issue updating a fresh install from 22.05 to 22.11, all seems correct but when try to upload a mrc file with my books I get a JS error
19:01 jabiertxof the problem is here: xhr.onload = function (e) {         var data = JSON.parse( xhr.responseText );         if( data.status == 'done' ) {             progressbar.val( 100 );   '.fileuploadpercent').text( '100' );         }         callback( data.status, data.fileid, data.errors );     }
19:02 jabiertxof in the JSON parse, I go with the same file to the 22.11 demo server and upload correct. I only add 4 langs, all the rest is a fresh install
19:04 jabiertxof langs also give me a error (also happends in 22.05 can not acces to memcahed sokets. Info koha show memcached working
19:04 paulderscheid[m] Strange
19:04 cait[m] I see the same here
19:04 cait[m] it has been discussed a few days ago
19:04 jabiertxof thanks so much unsdertand my problem, sorry Im not english
19:04 cait[m] but no bug filed yet I tihnk
19:05 paulderscheid[m] Is that blocking behaviour?
19:05 cait[m] i tihnk it's ealted to the background jobs
19:05 jabiertxof Yes because cant upload the books
19:05 paulderscheid[m] Oh, that's bad
19:05 cait[m] try using the command line scripts if you can get to the server
19:05 cait[m] they stil work
19:05 jabiertxof or similar?
19:06 jabiertxof I remember a warn to use with caution
19:06 jabiertxof is strange upload go well in other demo server
19:06 paulderscheid[m] This bug should be filed.. Who found it @cait?
19:07 jabiertxof and in my local dev 22.05
19:07 cait[m] stage_file and commit_file for like the staged import
19:07 cait[m] or bulkmarcimport
19:07 cait[m] please also consider filing a bug
19:07 paulderscheid[m] Yeah, jabiertxof
19:08 jabiertxof the bug happends to me on /cgi-bin/koha/tools/
19:10 jabiertxof probably I fiil out tommorow
19:12 jabiertxof thanks so much for helping me!
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21:50 jabiertxof Hi just to inform my issue uploading is because it give me a 403 Request Entity Too Large
22:11 jabiertxof maybe a warn in the interface is welcome :)
23:03 jabiertxof also wiki on debian setup maybe must warn instance must be stoped before remove
23:03 jabiertxof or better dont allow remove running instances
23:04 jabiertxof it give me some problems I couls sove but is a panic situation on restoring backuups

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