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06:25 reiveune hello
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08:26 magnuse \o/
08:26 magnuse davidnind++
09:10 cait hello #koha
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10:23 abu Hi, is there anyone online here who can help me with koha setup?
10:32 cait hi abu, if you ask your question we can see if someone is ther eto help you
10:34 abu I have installed Koha (latest stable) 3 days ago, I'm not able to access the staff login page.
10:35 abu The Online Catalog page is working on:      but the staff login page was supposed to be in
10:37 abu I did follow step by step guide, the installation documentation is straight forward but very bad.
10:38 cait can you be more precise on where the documentation is bad/not helpful? which documenation did you use?
10:38 cait also, have you tried
10:38 cait usually the intance name will be part of botht he staff and catalog url
10:39 abu It's opening Apache2 Debian Default Page.
10:39 cait yes
10:39 cait try deactivating this
10:40 abu I followed this https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ki/Koha_on_Debian documentation for installation.
10:40 abu Let me do that.
10:40 cait i think it's a2dissite or so
10:42 abu I deactivated the 000-default.
10:43 abu And restarted apache2 but still the same using `systemctl restart apache2`
10:46 cait you still see the apache default page?
10:49 abu Yes.
10:49 abu Maybe I should restart the PC.
10:50 cait there might be another default to deactivate
10:50 abu We'll see what happens, If it doesn't work out, I would try it tomorrow.
10:57 paxed wheeeee. | Waiting for table metadata lock | LOCK TABLE message_queue
11:22 paulderscheid[m] Hi #koha
11:24 oleonard o/
12:05 tcohen hola #koha
12:05 tcohen abu: did you solve it?
12:06 tcohen run sudo apachectl -D DUMP_VHOSTS
12:06 tcohen and paste the output
12:35 NikolayGospodinov[m] Hello. We would like to link our library site to the Koha OPAC. My question is which approach is more appropriate: Changing the vision of the OPAC to mimic that of the site and save the created functionalities or to create an intermediate layer that communicates with both the site and the OPAC?
12:54 oleonard NikolayGospodinov[m]: I think the question is whether your intermediate layer is fully-featured enough to do the job of the OPAC. Are you looking at a particular product?
12:55 NikolayGospodinov[m] At this moment not realy.
12:55 NikolayGospodinov[m] I just want some advice
12:56 NikolayGospodinov[m] The site being developed is new and we will use Laravel for backend
12:57 oleonard My impression is that people choose to use a discovery layer because it offers more features than Koha's OPAC, so I think it would depend on the product.
12:58 oleonard My library has always chosen to style our Koha OPAC to be like our main web page.
12:58 NikolayGospodinov[m] aha
13:38 magnuse plack.psgi has "$home = $ENV{KOHA_HOME}" - but where should KOHA_HOME get set?
13:40 magnuse maybe /etc/default/koha-common ?
14:07 NikolayGospodinov[m] <oleonard> "My impression is that people..." <- Can you send me a link to your library site
14:07 NikolayGospodinov[m] or your OPAC page
14:07 Dyrcona joined #koha
14:09 magnuse NikolayGospodinov[m]: i think that will be
14:13 NikolayGospodinov[m] magnuse: It looks nice
14:13 NikolayGospodinov[m] thank you for shareing
14:52 oleonard thanks magnuse
14:54 magnuse np
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15:06 oleonard Anyone around for me to bounce an idea off of? Thinking about how to abstract some of the template stuff that's most likely to be affected by an upgrade to Bootstrap 5
15:07 ashimema will be in a few minutes.. just restarting
15:08 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Is this an efficient way to use WRAPPER?" (34 lines) at
15:14 ashimema looks good
15:15 oleonard My idea is to implement these changes gradually before the BS5 upgrade so that we just have to update the wrapper
15:15 ashimema that's a good plan
15:16 oleonard Okay you saw that everyone, ashimema said so
15:16 oleonard Thanks ashimema :)
15:20 ashimema anyone know who manage the koha-translate mailing list?
15:32 ashimema 😄
15:43 cait biblibre
15:43 cait lds i think
15:57 ashimema cait still around?
15:57 ashimema or anyone else that understand translations
15:58 caroline ashimema, depends on which part of the translation process
15:58 ashimema fixing errors in junuit tests
15:59 caroline uh... count me out, sorry!
16:00 ashimema <failure message="msgfmt failure">misc/translator/po/en-GB-messages.po:1399: message catalog has plural form translations...... (full message at <[…]mzMHnnPlcoXujJMWg>)
16:04 ashimema tuxayo around?
16:05 caroline The line "Plural form..." is in fr-CA-messages.po but not in en-GB-messages.po, maybe that's what the error message is trying to say?
16:08 ashimema sounds like it
16:10 ashimema any idea why it would be missing?
16:13 caroline not really... it looks like something that is added to the header, but I'm not sure at which step the header is constructed
16:26 ashimema it's pootle configuration apparently
16:27 ashimema now.. I have admin level access to pootle.. except it won't let me log in right now!
16:27 caroline me netiher... redis error
16:38 reiveune bye
16:38 reiveune left #koha
16:41 cait ashimema: sorry pass about that error
16:47 ashimema I've emailed Bernardo
16:47 tuxayo ashimema: hi :)
16:49 tuxayo but header entry lacks a "plural=EXPRESSION
16:49 tuxayo Let me find that
16:49 tuxayo see email "RMaint branch handover: Fixing translations when release"
16:49 tuxayo The 2nd
16:50 ashimema Seems there's a few options, the error suggests a sensible sounding one for each case
16:50 tuxayo That I sent around the 12th december
16:50 ashimema Cool
16:50 ashimema Thanks
16:51 ashimema Oh... I completely missed that email
16:51 ashimema Thanks
16:51 tuxayo Take the occasion to reread both email with that subject, certainly the other pitafalls that I warn about should affect you
16:54 tuxayo ashimema: I resent an email about some manual fixes that should still be need for the release notes.
16:54 ashimema Ta
16:55 ashimema So reading that email you suggest we migrate to another translation software.. okies
16:55 ashimema We should raise that for a target this cycle . I wasn't really aware of the issue
16:58 tuxayo > we migrate to another translation software
16:58 tuxayo yes T_T
16:58 tuxayo Need to have someone with the time to fiddle with that.
16:58 ashimema Thanks tuxayo.. I'll take a look at those fixes too
16:58 ashimema It's Xmas after all
16:58 tuxayo :D
17:01 tuxayo > So reading that email you suggest we migrate to another translation software
17:01 tuxayo A few times the question came up here and migrating to Weblate was mentioned.
17:03 cait left #koha
17:14 caroline Is there a way in ES mappings to specify that this is a code and must be found "as is"? I thought it was type: string but it doesn't seem to solve my problem
17:15 caroline The problem : I have a client who has two location codes (among others) that are AAR and AARE. A search with a limit on location for either of those returns results for both... I think the search is stemming the location code, and thinks AAR and AARE are the same word
17:17 caroline I tried with type: string on the location index, but I still find everything when searching for one of the two
18:31 matias joined #koha
18:35 matias hi there!!, sorry for my english. I am trying to install a koha instance as a subdamain. DNS records are available and functional, I'm enable the koha instance and enable the ssl site too (with a ProxyPass directive) but everytime I request the koha-intra or the koha-opec instance, everytime I'm redirect to the web page running over the domain
18:36 matias anyone can help me?
19:43 caroline in MARC21, when AuthorityXSLTResultsDisplay is empty, which xslt is used?
19:44 caroline I only see UNIMARCauthResults.xsl in koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/xslt
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23:18 tuxayo matias It seems you don't yet get to Koha. The issue is something more general.
23:19 tuxayo Does the DNS resolves to what you expect?
23:19 tuxayo If yes, then it seems seems to be something to dig on the side of your webservers config

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