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00:29 steve Hello
00:30 Guest1297 Does someone know from where Koha gets its barcode renage if autoBarcode is turned on?
00:30 Guest1297 I have to use both Koha-assigned barcodes and preprinted labels and want to avoid a collision.
00:32 Guest1297 It looks like that Koha just assignes a bar code that is one higher than the highest number in use.
00:35 Guest1297 Which is an issue because if assign a preprinted label with 1234 to an item, then Koha suggests 1235 on the next item. That label might already be stuck on an other item that hasn't been added yet.
00:37 Guest1297 Is there a way to get Koha to only assign Barcodes within a specific range, i.e. have all Koha-assigned barcode numbers start with 1000000? This would allow 2000000 to be used for preprinted labels.
00:44 davidnind I don't think so - but you can choose. See the autoBarcode system preference and notes on changing the framework so it is not automatic[…]rcode#autobarcode
01:00 davidnind it may be worth asking on the general mailing list about how libraries manage different sets of barcodes
01:03 Guest1297 Thanks, will do that.
01:03 davidnind for example, you could have autoBarcode enabled, generated in the form 1, 2, 3 (so set as your starting number)
01:03 Guest1297 I think I found a way to do it, but it only works if there aren't any collisions yet
01:03 davidnind but you would then need to remember to overwrite the number if the item being added used a different range
01:04 Guest1297 My idea was to just use the lower range of bar codes for preprinted labels, i.e. have them start with 1000000, then create a single item that starts with 2000000
01:05 Guest1297 Koha seems to always increment the largest value, so it would only create barcodes in the 2000000 range
01:05 davidnind that sounds like a good work around!
01:16 Guest1297 This method may not work in some existing installations that don't have large 'holes' in the barcodes ranges, although one could always increase the barcode length.
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06:30 marcelr o/
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07:33 reiveune hello
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07:47 alex_ Bonjour
07:47 wahanui privet, alex_
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09:06 paxed there's no way to completely delete a branch (and move affected entries to another branch)?
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10:25 cait1 paxed: no automatism - you need to move things, then you can delete
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14:54 tundunf hi all :)
15:01 davidnind Anyone around for the documentation meeting?
15:01 cait1 tcohen: around?
15:01 cait1 oh, I thought it was tomorrow
15:01 ashimema I'm partially around if needed
15:02 cait1 it's on the calendar for tomorrow
15:02 cait1
15:02 caroline I thought it was tomorrow too
15:02 davidnind doh, it is indeed tomorrow!
15:02 cait1 I am leaving in 10 so that's not a bad thing for me at least :)
15:02 ashimema hehe
15:02 davidnind sorry everyone 😊
15:03 caroline It's on "Fraday" but today is davidnind's friday :)
15:03 caroline *Friday
15:03 ashimema hugs
15:03 davidnind bonus: I can now go back to sleep
15:03 cait1 yes, and it's probably an awful time for him too
15:03 cait1 sleep well davidnind!
15:03 caroline good night!
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16:10 reiveune bye
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