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00:05 tuxayo dcook: thanks, so many things can go wrong >_<
00:05 dcook Yuup haha
00:06 dcook Just did a "git gc" and re-gained 2GB of space..
00:41 tuxayo dcook: yup, I got the same results: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]story_after_clone
00:41 tuxayo I wonder how much --prune=now --aggressive actually helps
00:41 tuxayo simple: how large is your .git now?
00:42 dcook I suspect a lot as mine is 5GB
00:42 dcook Mind you, I have a few remotes and a lot of branches..
00:42 dcook Usually, I only run 1 koha-testing-docker at a time, it's a pain switching between local branches and master, so decided to have a dedicated community ktd and a local work ktd...
00:43 tuxayo > I suspect a lot as mine is 5GB
00:43 tuxayo ok the hours of instance CPU work do something!
00:44 tuxayo > I have a few remotes and a lot of branches..
00:44 tuxayo Same but maybe not as much. (translations, kumara, oldkoha, joubu, security)
00:44 tuxayo > it's a pain switching between local branches and master
00:44 tuxayo What work do you need to do?
00:45 tuxayo For example between main/master and 21.05.x I just switch branch on Koha's code and run with
00:45 tuxayo KOHA_IMAGE=21.05-bionic bin/ktd up
00:45 tuxayo or
00:45 tuxayo KOHA_IMAGE=master-bionic bin/ktd up
00:46 tuxayo I always got away with using the master branch of ktd's code.
00:46 tuxayo It certainly matters for building the images for the running, not much
00:47 dcook I use custom images as well
00:48 dcook And I've had issues doing that before with some dependencies
00:54 tuxayo Ah ok, so what did you do to have your local work ktd? Just a fork of ktd's master branch?
00:54 tuxayo That points to the right images.
00:55 dcook Yeah I think I just forked it a while ago, and then build my own images with my own local deps
00:56 * dcook just always has to be different
00:56 dcook haha
00:56 dcook got the 2 ktds running side by side now so that's good. Been meaning to do this for a while
00:59 tuxayo > * dcook just always has to be different
00:59 tuxayo It seems most support provider have some patches on top of vanilla Koha so it's not a surprise to have custom images.
00:59 tuxayo > got the 2 ktds running side by side now so that's good. Been meaning to do this for a while
00:59 tuxayo Ah, great
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01:04 dcook tuxayo: I try to have fewer and fewer local customizations but yup
01:04 dcook Hmm and now I can't get Koha to connect to my Keycloak. I definitely had this working previously...
01:06 dcook Oooh looks like I have a new solution..
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01:12 dcook Upgraded Docker Desktop and looks like maybe it's changed the network security a bit but all good..
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01:33 dcook :o
01:33 dcook oleonard: Is that really you?
01:34 oleonard Haha, yeah. Not really here but my irc client likes to return me to non-away status
01:34 oleonard How are you dcook?
01:37 dcook haha
01:38 dcook yeah I'm not too bad. How about you?
01:38 oleonard Good!
01:40 dcook Great!
01:40 dcook Yeah I'm looking forward to the holidays
01:40 dcook Could use a little break
01:40 dcook Doing anything special this xmas season?
01:43 oleonard Nope. No travel or anything. Will probably be a little bit hectic just because Christmas.
01:45 dcook Yeah that makes sense. We have a lot of school holidays in Dec/Jan so I won't be working much
01:46 dcook Everyone can rejoice with the lack of my comments/emails hehe
01:49 dcook tcohen++
01:49 dcook Hopefully with Keycloak being available in koha-testing-docker, more people can get into SSO with OIDC and SAML
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07:03 ashimema I aim to work out how the keycloak stuff works today
07:03 ashimema Nice addition you inspired there dcook
07:03 ashimema Interested to hear how you run ktd twice
07:04 ashimema Right now I use git worktrees to effectively have two checkouts at any time and I run one ktd and one traditional Dev install
07:04 ashimema Thus have two working Koha on different branches to play with at any time
07:05 ashimema But I'm considering going local for my Dev env and dropping this server I've used for years now
07:06 ashimema Our new Devs are coding in VSCode so I'm getting up to speed there as I'm still an old hat vi user myself
07:12 davidnind I've been experimenting with automatically generating screenshots for the manual using the testing framework
07:13 davidnind Here is the git repository[…]mated-screenshots
07:13 davidnind Now the hard work begins - working through the manual and creating tests
07:19 davidnind Feedback welcome! (particularly those who are familiar with both Node.js and using Cypress for creating tests)
07:24 davidnind See bug 29716
07:24 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29716 enhancement, P4, ---, david, ASSIGNED , [DOCS] Automated screenshots using testing framework
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07:32 reiveune hello
07:35 ashimema awesome davidnind++
07:35 ashimema I'll assign one of my new team to having a look.. it'll be good for them to have an understanding of this stuff
07:40 davidnind I've got some examples to write-up for common types of screenshots - the current ones I've created are pretty basic ones
07:51 Joubu MatthewRoss[m]: have a look at bug 28267
07:51 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=28267 critical, P1 - high, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Koha-common package upgrade problem from 20.05.xx to 20.11.04-1
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07:58 Joubu davidnind: "See the wiki for information on how to add tests for screenshots - WIP and not yet complete." the link there is broken
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08:00 alex_ bonjour
08:01 Joubu davidnind: Are you sure you need the cy.wait(100) everywhere? You shouldn't. Cypress is supposed to wait for the page to loaded completely before the next statement.
08:02 Joubu davidnind: I guess you see the cypress tests I wrote for Vue. Let me know if you have any questions, I will be happy to help you!
08:03 davidnind Joubu: thanks!
08:05 davidnind Joubu: I added the wait as the cart icon wasn't being captured - something to look into to figure out what is going on
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08:06 davidnind Joubu: I did have a look at the ERM tests, some good stuff in there
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08:06 fridolin salutations
09:15 cait1 hello #koha
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11:13 cait1 t
11:14 oleonard t time
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11:32 tcohen hola #koha
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13:01 ashimema tuxayo, I'm just popping out for lunch then intend to come and say hi in your drop in..
13:01 ashimema see you later
13:02 ashimema The place is (full message at <[…]cJifcjyHFymcWqKEM>)
13:02 ashimema for context
13:04 oleonard Joubu: I don't understand your question on Bug 32323
13:04 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32323 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Correct focus state of some DataTables controls
13:08 Joubu oleonard: your patch adds a new color, #ADADAD. Why?
13:08 oleonard Seemed right
13:09 Joubu Shouldn't we use colors we already have?
13:09 Joubu Without style guide... it's hard to tell it's correct or not
13:09 oleonard I will take another look
13:13 tuxayo Thanks Martin for relaying ^^
13:13 tuxayo And hi #koha :)
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16:02 reiveune bye
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18:41 paulderscheid[m] Just thought that I could use chatGPT to write unit tests ashimema. Now they may finally write themselves 😄
18:45 tuxayo ^^
18:47 tuxayo The joys of patch testing: try to test one ticket, end up opening two new ones.
19:28 tuxayo ashimema++
19:28 tuxayo Joubu++
19:29 tuxayo thanks again for fixing the sandboxes
20:06 tuxayo 1 - Create a new template at Tools->Marc modification template
20:06 tuxayo 2 - Add action: Copy 999$c to 942$0
20:06 tuxayo 3 - Create a report:  SELECT biblionuber FROM biblios
20:06 tuxayo 4 - Run report, show all, do a batch modification to all records using template above
20:06 tuxayo These tools are so powerful and scary
20:06 tuxayo So easy to destroy data XD
20:08 tuxayo (the above a cheat to populate the number of the checkout of all item, just copy the biblionumber!)
20:14 tuxayo If I understand correctly, sending a cart via email is immediate and doesn't use the queue
20:14 tuxayo So there is no way in a sandbox to check that it worked
20:19 davidnind I think that is the case - they don't  go into the message queue
20:19 cait[m] ashimema would know, but i think there is an option to see something in the logs on sandboxes
20:20 tuxayo :o
20:20 cait[m] i seem to remember he told me about it, but haven't used myself
20:20 tuxayo i'll ask!
20:20 tuxayo Ah yes!
20:20 cait[m] and... someone shoudl test the cart/list moving to notices patch... because then they WILL go through message_queue i believe
20:20 cait[m] well... they will be much nicer overall :)
20:20 tuxayo logs => koha mail og
20:20 tuxayo *log
20:21 ashimema mail log
20:21 cait[m] awesome, it has a logical name :D
20:21 ashimema we sink mail
20:22 tuxayo
20:22 tuxayo Great feature!
20:23 tuxayo One should just be careful because it groups the emails of all sandboxes IIUC
20:25 tuxayo Are there other things that send emails directly? So I can list what goes in the mail log and what goes in the message_queue table
20:25 cait[m] claims
20:26 cait[m] like serial issue claims and acq claims for late orders
20:26 cait[m] also the email order feature, because it uses the same code
20:26 cait[m] acqorder
20:26 cait[m] and some more, it was in my head, sec, I'll find it again
20:26 cait[m] ah
20:26 cait[m] serial alerts
20:26 cait[m] when you subscribe to get an email of a new serial issue
20:27 cait[m] tuxayo: ^always happy to help documentation :)
20:29 ashimema don't think it groups them
20:29 davidnind Bug 3150 ?
20:29 cait[m] we are missing one or two bots...
20:29 ashimema sandboxes are encapsulated
20:29 ashimema containers
20:29 cait[m] but i think so - from aleisha?
20:29 davidnind yes https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3150
20:30 huginn Bug 3150: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, aleisha, Patch doesn't apply , Move emails for sending cart and list contents into notices tool
20:30 cait[m] ah a late bot
20:30 tuxayo ashimema: « don't think it groups them» ah right, I missed the name of the sandbox at the end of the URL
20:30 cait[m] yes that one
20:30 cait[m] don't you want to be finally able to change the text of these? :)
20:30 cait[m] and make them look really pretty?
20:34 davidnind +100
20:58 tuxayo thanks cait, I've noted the cases for direct emails :)
20:58 tuxayo I scribbled notes during the session to then complete the step by step sandbox instructions. https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ki/Talk:Sandboxes
20:59 cait[m] tuxayo++
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22:12 tmcmahon Is there a placeholder in Koha SQL reports that will make a  text box to scan in barcodes?
22:12 cait[m] yes
22:12 cait[m] in recent versions there is |list
22:13 tmcmahon I couldn't find the wiki page that tells about placeholders.
22:14 tmcmahon Thanks!  I'll look into using that.
22:14 cait[m] i was going to make sure i gave you the right code - still looking for the bug
22:17 cait[m] ... and not finding it
22:18 cait[m] ok... this works : select * from items where barcode in <<Barcodes|list>>
22:20 cait[m] tmcmahon: the manual has good info on the placeholders
22:21 tmcmahon I usually look there for other things.  Always seem to go to the wiki first for SQL reports.  Thanks!
22:25 tmcmahon Thanks cait[m],  I got it working!

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