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22:26 Guest845 Hi
22:26 Guest845 text
22:26 * cait[m] waves
22:28 Guest845 I was wondering if there is a way to create a record that is a collection of other records instead of items.
22:28 cait[m] there is a concept for set records in MARC
22:28 cait[m] what is your use case/what are you trying to do?
22:31 Guest845 I'm trying to manage media items like DVDs. They should be available for loan either individually, but also as part of a box set, so that a patron can place a hold on the whole series.
22:31 Guest845 Each box set or series would have its own record
22:34 Guest845 If someone places a hold on the whole series, the idea is that they are actually placing a hold on each of the individual DVDs that make up the series.
22:37 cait[m] hm
22:38 cait[m] there is the new item bundles feature... but that would no longer allow to place a hold on an individual item, once it's part of the package
22:39 cait[m] there are also item groups... but they work on the same record, so if you had items for different volumes on the same record, that would help to say "I want one of the volume 5 items"
22:40 cait[m] the kind of group hold you'd need... I think we don#t have that (yet)
22:42 Guest845 I did look into the bundle feature and it does seem to do what i need to some extent. But the issue is that bundles are created in advance and the item marked as unavailable once they are added to a bundle. I my case they should also be available individually until someone actually checks out a bundle or places it on hold.
22:42 cait[m] yeah, i think that is the issue
22:42 cait[m] you want 'both'
22:43 cait[m] i have looked at bugzilla, found bug 15516 - but that is yet another use case
22:43 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=15516 new feature, P5 - low, ---, aleisha, Failed QA , Allow to place a hold on first available item from a group of titles
22:44 cait[m] maybe... making it easy to search for all records in a series providing an easy to find link could help? you can place mulitple holds from the result list quite easily
22:44 Guest845 Also, bundles consist of individual items instead of records (which would allow to use any available item once a bundle gets checked out)
22:44 cait[m] a work around... but something that could be taught to staff and maybe users - select all... place hold - submit
22:44 cait[m] i tihnk it#s also a practical issue
22:45 cait[m] the item bundles let's you check out the 'bundle item' that is a respresentation of multpile things, that are supposed to be handed out together
22:45 cait[m] so it's lending itself more to things that are also stored together
22:46 cait[m] if you have one item misisng (because someone has checked out the item individually) this would block you from handing out the whole set...
22:46 cait[m] i think what you need is individual holds? so everything can be passed onto the user once it becomes available
22:58 Guest845 Yeah, the holds and checkout process can be on individual items. Would actually be better that way since a patron can do things like returning some items they don't need any more.
23:00 Guest845 The issue with providing a link is that it would need to be created manually somehow. And we have about two thousand cases where it would be needed.
23:00 Guest845 Some records are also part of more than one series, which could be an issue.
23:01 cait[m] the seriesis usually linked automatically
23:01 cait[m] in the record
23:02 cait[m] so you actually have it already maybe?  Maybe it could be highlighted with CSS and some hints added to the website about how to use it
23:14 Guest845 This might work for now. I think I might have found a bug in the process of trying.
23:17 Guest845 If record 490 contains two 'a' fields, then the link shown in the OPAC catalog shows both values, but as a single link that points to the first value.

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