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02:47 yetyunglungTimothy[m] <cait1> "so it's normal you don't see the..." <- it's not.. Because it didn't send also after 15 minutes
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06:02 fridolin hellow
06:02 fridolin release day is coming ...
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07:18 reiveune hello
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08:03 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
08:04 matts hello !
08:09 cait1 hello matts
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08:32 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
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09:18 Joubu please QA bug 32269
09:18 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32269 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Signed Off , Circulation.t is failing randomly
09:56 magnuse cait1: do you use to import records from your union catalogue? have you seen something like bug 32332?
09:56 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32332 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , -insert fails to add MARC field 999
09:57 ashimema she uses stage + commit scripts
09:57 ashimema magnuse ^
09:57 magnuse ah, ok
09:57 ashimema we use it here for our migrations.. but I've not heard of that issue
10:00 ashimema on it Joubu
10:00 * ashimema fits in a few QA's whilst the new devs are shadowing a sales demo
10:01 magnuse ashimema++
10:11 ashimema cait around?
10:26 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30233 is not accessible.
10:47 ashimema Are you working on the Koha/Biblio.t test Joubu?
10:47 * ashimema was about to take a look and didn't want to clash
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10:57 Joubu ashimema: nope, I am off today
11:03 ashimema okies.. enjoy your day then 🙂
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11:10 ashimema the git server feels a bit slow to me recently.. pulls take ages..
11:11 ashimema anyone else noticed that?
11:59 magnuse ashimema: yeah, i thought the web interface was kind of slow the other day
12:08 cait1 it is sometimes slow yes
12:09 cait1 and ashimema is right, we usually use stage/commit - but we use bulkmarcimprot for migrations - and I think others do too, so any bad bugs need to be killed
12:21 ashimema 🙂
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13:08 matts Speaking of bulkmarcimport, I think this is a major bug: Bug 18273 - Bulkmarcimport inserts authority duplicates
13:08 matts https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=18273
13:08 huginn` Bug 18273: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, matthias.meusburger, Patch doesn't apply , Bulkmarcimport inserts authority duplicates
13:08 matts It needs a quick rebase, but it didn't get any signoff at the time.
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13:41 kidclamp ashimema++
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16:13 reiveune bye
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16:40 cait1 bye
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18:12 tuxayo iutiut
18:22 tuxayo finally I'm forced to change one of my last shitty passwords ^^"
18:28 fridolin tuxayo: yellow ;)
18:29 * fridolin has a lot of "shame" passwords
18:29 tuxayo fridolin: hi :)
18:29 fridolin release day is comming right ?
18:30 cait[m] yes
18:33 tuxayo > release day is comming right ?
18:33 tuxayo I guess. I'm catching up on 21.05.x for now. After that, no more RMaint for now and I'll be able to do QA even when it's hard to put time on Koha. for now, RMaint always came first.
18:37 fridolin "tempus fugit" they say :)
18:45 cait[m] hate to say, but we are still short a Maint currently...
18:50 fridolin sorry i really cant
18:50 cait[m] that's ok frido
18:50 tuxayo > we are still short a Maint currently
18:50 tuxayo yes T_T
18:57 tuxayo We have 3 RMaints that can only put time on oldoldstable at best :(
18:58 tuxayo (Wainui, Arthur and me)
19:01 cait[m] we still have a few days to figure it out.. even if not that many
20:11 ashimema I still have something up my sleeve, just have to corner the right people
20:11 cait[m] corner them! :)
20:12 ashimema Easier said than done at the moment.. I've basically been in back to back meetings for over a week now
20:12 cait[m] ew
20:12 tuxayo > just have to corner the right people
20:12 tuxayo lol
20:13 tuxayo Worse case, oldstable could be treated like oldoldstable and not have much backports.
20:14 tuxayo not great, not terrible
20:14 cait[m] hm worst case we should drop the oldest I think
20:14 ashimema By the time something gets to oldstable it really ought to be pretty stable
20:15 ashimema I've lost track.. this is a four rmaint cycle right.. lts
20:16 cait[m] yes
20:16 cait[m] and we got 3
20:16 ashimema I've lost the plot on the scheme at this point
20:16 cait[m] i've made a nice graphic in te wiki just yesterda
20:16 cait[m] look for Koha versioning
20:16 ashimema So are you suggesting dropping the LTS if we don't have enough rmaints.
20:16 ashimema Lol
20:21 ashimema I'm surprised we're naming our first lts as 22.11.. why not retrospectively assign one
20:21 ashimema Anywho . That's not a conversation for now
20:22 cait[m] because that was voted on, i only made the edits
20:22 cait[m] no, I mean dropping the oldes.t.. we are just starting now doing the first real lts i think
20:25 ashimema Erm.. I'm confused by your diagram
20:26 cait[m] hmpf
20:26 ashimema It appears to make all branches last 24 months
20:26 ashimema Not 18
20:26 cait[m] no
20:26 cait[m] we always maintain 4
20:26 cait[m] three diagonal for normal
20:27 cait[m] we could probably the last
20:27 cait[m] drop the ast this time
20:27 cait[m] it woudl fit the new model
20:27 ashimema So why are we trying to support oldoldoldstable
20:28 ashimema If we're doing lts I don't believe we should do oldoldoldstable ever
20:28 cait[m] we could drop it - just was the idea proposed at some point to have always 4
20:28 cait[m] we won't
20:28 cait[m] there is a gap later
20:28 ashimema There is later
20:31 ashimema We dropped 19.11 last cycle didn't we
20:31 cait[m] sorry, only half here, playing online with a friend - we can check back on that tomorrow maybe?
20:32 ashimema Would argue we should have retrospectively set 19.11 as lts as it nearly got there already anyway. Then that would have made your table work
20:33 cait[m] you always got to start somewhere
20:33 ashimema I think I argued against always doing 4.. we already struggle to get rmaints so all we've done is spread the community even thinner
20:33 ashimema Lol
20:33 ashimema Mmm
20:34 cait[m] I had a model with 3 it was argued against
20:34 cait[m] because it would have given less time for updates
20:45 tuxayo > this is a four rmaint cycle right.. lts
20:45 tuxayo wait, wasn't 21.11 going to be the 1st lts? So still 3 RMaint for a few cycles
20:46 tuxayo > i've made a nice graphic in te wiki just yesterda
20:46 tuxayo cait++
20:47 cait[m] check the logs please  - meeting logs are linked
20:48 tuxayo ashimema: «So why are we trying to support oldoldoldstable» Because someone volunteered for. It's out of the old/current scheme and won't be in the new scheme with LTS.
20:48 tuxayo It's a bonus.
20:49 tuxayo So having oldoldoldstable itsn't related to the LTS chances.
20:49 tuxayo *changes
20:50 tuxayo > this is a four rmaint cycle right.. lts
20:50 tuxayo So it's a 4 Rmaint cycle (when the 4th will be found ^^") but it's not related to LTS
20:54 cait[m] i guess we are in an 'in between' cycle
20:54 cait[m] maybe they could be persuaded to move one version up?
21:00 tuxayo Arthur told me that they can't commit more than an oldoldstable load. Thus the "worst case" plan of treating oldstable as oldoldstable. For Wainui turns out I don't know if they couldn't commit to oldstable with the expect load. So maybe.
21:00 tuxayo NZ                    Thu Nov 24 10:00:19 2022 NZDT
21:01 tuxayo no one from Catalyst around it seems
21:03 cait[m] wainui is from Catalyst?
21:04 cait[m] ah noone around
21:12 tuxayo Yes wainui
21:12 tuxayo is from Catalyst
21:12 tuxayo Ah it's spelled noone!
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21:13 cait[m] i missed oyur sentence, not sure about the spelling myself
21:17 tuxayo Turns out both exist but not with the same acceptance, thus the confusion ^^"
21:17 tuxayo
21:17 tuxayo
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