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03:00 Timothy_MY Hi, I'm still new with KOHA and I'm trying to send out notification using my Gmail account. I've explored all possible solutions from website but still couldn't solve my issues which keep showing "PENDING" at status. Please help.
05:49 davidnind Timothy_MY: please take what I say with a grain of alt, as I've never setup Koha for a production environment, only for testing
05:50 davidnind On the server side, you need a MTA (Mail Transport Agent) configured so you can send email to the wider world - I think using Gmail can be done (I've done it for testing), but in a real environment this involves a lot of expertise to get right
05:52 davidnind A link on setting things up for testing:[…]-testing-easy-way using Gmail and a Google App password
05:52 davidnind For the Koha side of things, you may need to do two things:
05:54 davidnind 1. Enable email to be sent (if you have done a package install): https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]an_packages#Email - koha-email-enable instance name
05:56 davidnind 2. Porcess the mail pending using a cronjob/command: misc/cronjobs/ - you can add -h to get the help for the options available, normally you would want to run this as a cronjob so that email is sent at scheduled times
05:58 davidnind That's about all I know! As I said, setting up mail to the external world properly in a production environment is way beyond my skill level and expertise, and is an area that requires specialist technical skills in system administration
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06:53 marcelr o/
06:55 marcelr @later tell tcohen See bug 24606: the comments may help you to do the right thing :)
06:55 huginn` marcelr: The operation succeeded.
06:56 marcelr Joubu: could you please QA bug 31937; one-liner ?
06:56 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31937 normal, P5 - low, ---,, Signed Off , Prevent from locking too many accounts
06:59 Joubu marcelr: no test, FQA
06:59 Joubu :D
07:00 marcelr lol
07:00 marcelr does every one-liner need a test nowadays?
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07:01 Joubu every change in module need to be tested, in 99% of the time
07:02 Joubu has been a rule for a while now
07:03 Joubu this one seems part of the other 1% however
07:04 marcelr that makes sense :)
07:05 marcelr yes i heard about this testing
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07:33 reiveune hello
07:46 Joubu bug 32010 needs your love
07:47 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32010 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Needs Signoff , selenium/authentication_2fa.t is failing randomly
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08:34 ashimema I'm back today, will be juggling my new people a bit, getting their environments set up and things. But I should be able to blitz a few QAs and things.. apologies for the absence this week.. seems it's been a super busy week again
08:39 cait wb :)
08:43 marcelr hi ashimema you cant be super busy all the time :)
08:44 Joubu @later tell tcohen is missing the x flag
08:44 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
08:47 marcelr anyone able to confirm that superlibrarian does not see all Tools options ?
08:47 marcelr i only see two columns
08:47 marcelr i am missing the middle one
08:47 marcelr with batch item mod etc
08:47 marcelr in current master
08:49 marcelr or did they move ?
08:49 marcelr hmm
08:49 marcelr ok
08:50 marcelr they moved to Cataloging
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08:50 marcelr hi tcohen
08:51 Aldaron Hello Koha
08:53 cait hi Aldaron
08:53 cait marcelr: you are missing the new cataloguing start page
08:53 cait ok, too slow reading on my part :)
08:54 Joubu @later tell tcohen api/erm_users.t fixed on 32240
08:54 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
08:55 marcelr thx cait
08:57 Joubu marcelr: hum, my comment on 24606 didn't make sense
08:57 cait marcelr: ashimema: Joubu: I touched a lot of the bug bugs in QA queue already, would be great if you could help out there
08:57 Joubu I didn't notice tcohen was not modifying Koha::BackgroundJob
08:57 cait bug 24606
08:57 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=24606 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to master , Allow storing item values as a template for creating new items
08:58 marcelr yes I tried to alert you on that Joubu
08:58 marcelr but there is still an issue, I see it now
08:58 Joubu that means he didn't break the batch mod tool
08:58 marcelr it is strange that I cannot pass an encoding param to Net::Stomp
08:58 marcelr thats the issue
08:58 marcelr I would expect an encoding at that layer
08:59 marcelr when you send or send_with_receipt
08:59 Joubu I am pretty sure I've tested the batch tool after bug 31351 and that it was fixed
08:59 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31351 major, P5 - low, ---, stalkernoid, Pushed to stable , Worker dies on reindex job when operator last name/first name/branch name contains non-ASCII chars
08:59 marcelr yeah but i see the same error now as you did
09:00 marcelr i am on it now
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09:00 marcelr cait: the encoding issue has my attention now and encoding stuff is always a bad byg
09:00 marcelr bug
09:01 cait marcelr: I agree - was just adressing all QA team members visible at that moment :)
09:03 marcelr Joubu: I am seeing flags like $Net::STOMP::Client::Frame::UTF8Body
09:04 marcelr and UTF8Header
09:05 Joubu marcelr: I don't understand something (lacking sleep I bet), why do we need the args to be passed to the rabbit?
09:06 Joubu we are storing them in the DB
09:06 Joubu when creating the job
09:06 marcelr the error I see is line 147
09:06 marcelr The job has not been sent to the message broker: (Wide character in syswrite
09:06 marcelr $conn->send_with_receipt
09:06 marcelr and it came from a batch mod
09:06 Aldaron Is there anyone who can help me with my problem regarding the change of authority in records ? I have already asked this question (with the nick Thibaut but apparently, it's already being used by someone)
09:06 marcelr item
09:07 marcelr Aldaron try mailing list too
09:07 Joubu marcelr: yes, my question is more global, why do we need to pass json_args?
09:08 marcelr Joubu read your own warning; it is about message broker
09:08 Joubu we should simply pass the job_id
09:11 Joubu hum the jobs are retrieving their args from the message, not the DB
09:11 Joubu nevermind, there is a bug anyway, even if we modify that
09:16 cait Aldaron: what was the question?
09:18 Aldaron cait:  When we try to change an authority in a record, we can use the authority search but after we click on the choose button, the page 'authorities/' stay blank with a loading message.
09:18 cait hm ok, that's not so good, which version of koha are you using?
09:19 Aldaron 20.11
09:19 cait hm, that's pretty old by now
09:19 Aldaron in logs, I just have : var/log/plack-intranet-access.log: - - [15/Nov/2022:10:12:29 +0100] "GET /intranet/authorities/blinddetail-bib​​606_subfield_a_244507_232855&repet= HTTP/1.1" 200 61687
09:19 Aldaron "https://pro-koha.bu.univ-renne[…]excluding=&operat
09:19 cait has this worked before?
09:20 cait and what is your exact version? with the last third part?
09:20 cait you want to look at the plack-error-log
09:20 cait not the access one
09:20 Joubu the JS console
09:22 marcelr Joubu do we already have a bug for the Background wide char issue or shall I open a new one ?
09:23 Joubu new one
09:24 marcelr ok
09:26 Joubu ktd broken, don't pull!
09:26 cait thx for the warning
09:26 ashimema thanks
09:32 Aldaron cait: I'm new to Koha and I don't know where I can find the exact version... in the plack-error-log I have several times: "Prototype mismatch: sub Koha::Plugin::KohaLa::AbesWS::decode_json : none vs ($) at /applis/koha/var/lib/plugins​/Koha/Plugin/KohaLa/AbesWS. pm line 15" (I know my colleague edited this last week so I will check what he did).
09:32 cait you can see the verson on the about page
09:33 cait right at the top of the first tab page
09:33 cait check if the error appears directly when you try to link an auth
09:33 cait but it's certainly something to check out if you have local customizations
09:34 Aldaron
09:34 cait ok, I had found a bug, but that was in 20.11.04
09:34 cait so it's not that
09:34 cait the last number is the bugfix release number
09:35 cait well the third... the last is the database upgrade, but you should onyl ever see 000 there in a production env
09:37 cait Aldaron: problem is, 20.11 is end of life - there will be no more fixes for this version.
09:37 marcelr Joubu : could you test 32242 ?
09:38 Aldaron Yes, I know we should upgrade... but as I said, I'm new with Koha (new job) and my colleague is on hollidays... The upgrade is planned for early next year
09:42 Joubu the main problem is that 20.11.10 is not the latest minor version of 20.11.x
09:43 Joubu v20.11.19 is the latest
09:43 Joubu so your problem may be fixed in this version
09:45 Joubu @later tell tcohen add "Issue #315 - Add node_modules/.bin to PATH" to ktd, but I think it's not correct. PATH should be adjusted in instead, what do you think?
09:45 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
09:45 marcelr 20.11.10 was a great version (with WAS emphasized)
09:45 Aldaron cait:  the error in logs don't appear when I try to link an auth...
09:46 cait yes, so it's probably another unrelated error
09:47 cait you might see something in the browser console, as Joubu suggested earlier
09:47 cait as you have been using Koha for a while it looks like, I asusm eit worked before. So maybe also check what changed... and if it doesn't work for all auths or only this specific one
09:48 Aldaron in JS console, I just have two warnings about the usage of  non standard property "zoom" instade of "transform" and no "samesite" attribute in the "CGISESSID" cookie
09:49 Aldaron the problem is for all auths in all records
09:50 cait yes, those you can ignore
09:50 cait the last is fixed in new versions I believe
09:54 Joubu marcelr: fixing ktd first ;)
09:56 marcelr there is just too much to fix
09:58 Joubu ktd fixed, and building dist file for vue files, which means the eRM module is now working out of the box in ktd, and ready to test new patches on sandboxes \o/
09:59 Joubu you will then notice a new output during a reset_all, related to `yarn build_js`
09:59 marcelr cait: where do I find those item templates ?
10:00 marcelr for the item editor
10:00 Joubu add/edit items
10:00 marcelr i dont see them
10:00 Joubu it's on the same view
10:00 marcelr do i need a pref ?
10:00 marcelr ah now I see it
10:01 marcelr you need to click new item
10:07 cait sorry, was too late again
10:10 Aldaron OK, in my JS console, I now have an error (after several attempts with just the warnings...) so I can try to fix it.
10:18 ashimema Joubu++
10:18 ashimema nice one
10:20 marcelr @later tell tcohen please check last two patches on 24606
10:20 huginn` marcelr: The operation succeeded.
10:21 marcelr ashimema: bug 32242 for SO or QA ?
10:21 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32242 major, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , The job has not been sent to the message broker: (Wide character in syswrite ... )
10:21 marcelr Joubu might do the other step
10:30 marcelr bbl
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11:14 oleonard o/
11:22 cait hi oleonard
11:40 tcohen HOLA #KOHA
11:40 cait hola tcohe, why are you screaming?
11:40 oleonard easy tcohen, it's so early :D
11:46 tcohen Joubu: 32154 DBIC changes were pushed?
11:48 tcohen about, api/erm_users.t I wasn't able to reproduce locally
11:48 tcohen hahaha
11:48 Joubu see the test plan
11:48 tcohen I didn't notice I had the caps lock
11:48 Joubu or commit message
11:48 tcohen yeah, I will
11:48 Joubu Bug 32240 - api/erm_users.t fails if checkouts exist
11:48 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32240 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Needs Signoff , api/erm_users.t fails if checkouts exist
11:48 Joubu talking about that?
11:49 Joubu tcohen: 64         push @errors, "dbrev file is missing the +x flag - $f" if $mode != 0775;
11:49 Joubu I have that in my pre-push hook
11:49 Joubu don't you?
11:50 * tcohen checks
11:50 tcohen I always rely on the QA tools
11:51 tcohen and I think it is not checking db_revs
11:51 cait it is
11:51 cait well the atomic ones, but people forget the +x all the time there
11:51 tcohen so anytime I don't run the QA tools before generating the db_rev, it doesn't check permissions
11:51 Joubu tcohen: it does
11:52 Joubu the pre-push hook checking db_revs..
11:52 cait found a new bug :( bug 32245
11:52 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32245 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Deleting news entries from Koha's staff start page is broken
11:52 tcohen right, but not on my laptop LOL, just found
11:53 tcohen I don't have the hook configured on my laptop
11:57 tcohen Joubu: about setting PATH in
11:58 tcohen you're only thinking the CI use case, we all need the tools in the PATH daily
11:58 tcohen testing 61 commit(s) (applied to 9d68cae 'd2b Bug 32154: DBRev')
11:58 tcohen Processing files before patches
11:58 tcohen error Command "prettier" not found.
11:58 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32154 normal, P5 - low, ---, pjamorim91, Pushed to master , Missing primary key on erm_user_roles table
12:01 tcohen Joubu, cait
12:01 tcohen git reset --hard 8b4ea0beaa733f349be32b95267c4ec907be1188
12:02 Joubu tcohen: I don't know, there is PATH defined in files/templates/root_bashrc
12:02 tcohen qa -c 4 --run-tests
12:02 Joubu should we actually have it only in then?
12:02 tcohen I'm saying it is fine as-is, because the path in root_bashrc should be the right one?
12:02 cait huh?
12:02 Joubu tcohen: did you pull latest ktd images?
12:02 tcohen I didn't on this computer
12:02 tcohen well, I'm waiting
12:03 Joubu files/templates/root_bashrc:export PATH=${PATH}:/kohadevbox/bin:/kohadevbox/koha/no​de_modules/.bin/:/kohadevbox/node_modules/.bin/
12:03 cait what do you want me to do and why?
12:03 Joubu with that, it should work
12:03 tcohen cait: I was proveng the qa tools are not alerting about the db_rev permissions
12:03 Joubu tcohen: db_rev is for RM, so it is best placed in the pre-push hook imo
12:04 tcohen I had it wrong then, I will update my laptop's git hook
12:05 cait yes, we don't usually have those yet in QA :) but good addition for RM and Maints
12:06 tcohen I'm not gonna complain, because I made a mistake. But that bug had two QA team members PQA with the permissions wrong.
12:06 tcohen can we share the load? haha
12:07 tcohen thanks for pointing me to the hook issue, Joubu. I never set it on the laptop so my evening pushes were more fragile
12:08 tcohen Joubu: we can add the path tweak to the root user... but it might mess with permissions at some point if people build as root
12:09 cait I was not aware it would cuase issues.. they are still executed and thought you'd move/rewrite anyway :D
12:09 cait but now I know; I'll fix them again when I encounter
12:09 magnuse has anyone else had problems with records without 999 after upgrading to 22.05? it seems to break the (zebra) indexing...
12:10 cait hm it should
12:10 cait break it I mean - 999  = no biblionumber
12:10 tcohen cait: I usually fix them inline, it is only when I create the db_rev before running the qa script
12:10 tcohen that I miss them
12:11 magnuse cait: i have a site where it breaks indexing, but it looks like some of the records without 999 have a timestamp in 2017
12:11 tcohen touch_all_biblios?
12:12 magnuse tcohen: should that fix it? i'll give it a try!
12:12 tcohen Joubu: hooks set on my laptop, thanks!
12:16 Joubu tcohen:[…]erge_requests/400 - that then?
12:18 tcohen Joubu: don't you want to have it on root_bashrc just in case as well?
12:18 Joubu tcohen: wondering about the yarn command from the vue_tidy.t - maybe we need to pass PATH to the prove koha-shell cmds
12:18 Joubu tcohen: it is in root's bahsrc alreay
12:18 magnuse huh, touch_all_biblios throws a lot of "oAuth error: Database unavailable (109) authorities Bib-1"
12:19 tcohen well, that was the reason for adding to the instance's PATH
12:19 Joubu git grep PATH
12:19 Joubu ho right, tcohen, forget that
12:20 tcohen it's in
12:20 tcohen but maybe we should add to instance_bashrc
12:21 Joubu tcohen: please see merge_requests400
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12:21 * tcohen likes
12:26 * tcohen goes grab his first morning coffee
12:26 tcohen bbiab
13:27 cait bbl
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13:53 Joubu bug 32248
13:53 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32248 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , t/00-checkdatabase-version.t should be removed
14:15 SupportLibrary[m] Hello. I am currently in the process of changing the ISBD view in the employee system. For example:  #651|<br/><br/><label>Subjects--Geographic Terms: </label>|<br/><br/>{ 651b }{ 651c }{ 651d }{ 651e }|
14:15 SupportLibrary[m] #653||<br/><br/>{ 653a }|.  I would like when tag 651 is empty and 653 is populated to show the lable. Is иt possible at all?
14:42 tcohen Joubu: thanks
14:43 caroline my
14:43 caroline oups sorry! wrong window... But hello everyone :)
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15:10 ashimema tuxayo around?
15:38 bag joined #koha
15:43 paulderscheid[m] Good evening #koha
15:47 oleonard Hi paulderscheid[m]
15:47 paulderscheid[m] o/
16:21 reiveune bye
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16:36 tuxayo hi ashimema and all :)
16:53 * cait waves
17:02 Aldaron Bye
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18:18 cait oleonard-away: still around?
18:32 oleonard Yes cait
18:33 cait ah yes
18:33 cait sec
18:33 cait i was about to fix the last table here (cashup history)
18:33 cait and i got a conflict on the staged import bug :(
18:35 oleonard Oh I fixed that conflict but then I'll bet I didn't re-attach both patches...
18:36 oleonard Please try again
18:37 cait I'll try after the page sections
19:04 oleonard I need an assistant who just writes commit messages and test plans for me.
19:05 oleonard I pay nothing and have high standards. Must be willing to never speak to me.
19:05 SupportLibrary[m] Hello. I am currently in the process of changing the ISBD view in the employee system. For example:  #651|<br/><br/><label>Subjects--Geographic Terms: </label>|<br/><br/>{ 651b }{ 651c }{ 651d }{ 651e }|
19:05 SupportLibrary[m] #653||<br/><br/>{ 653a }|.  I would like when tag 651 is empty and 653 is populated to show the lable. Is иt possible at all?
19:06 oleonard SupportLibrary[m]: As far as I know it's not possible to use conditional logic in the ISBD display.
19:07 SupportLibrary[m] Okey. Thank you
19:17 cait oleonard: lol
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20:16 cait oleonard: are you already on 32200?
20:17 oleonard I was about to start but it's time for me to quit. You can take it if you want
20:20 cait ok :)
20:20 cait have a nice evening!
20:21 cait I'll try to check what remains of those page-sections... gotta catch em all
20:23 caroline the song started in my head... "I wanna be the very best! Like no one ever waaaaas! To catch them is my real test! To train them is my caaaauuse!"
20:23 cait lol mission accomplished
20:25 cait caroline++ :)
20:25 caroline XD
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23:48 tuxayo @later tell oleonard bug 29603 backported :)
23:48 huginn` tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
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