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02:44 tuxayo looks weird, doesn't it?
02:52 tcohen thd++
02:52 tcohen thd++
02:52 tcohen thd++
02:52 tuxayo tcohen: lol, I was about to do the same, I just got the new wiki propagated
02:52 tuxayo thd+
02:53 tuxayo tcohen++
02:53 tuxayo thd++
02:53 tuxayo looks so neat!
02:56 tuxayo Now we will be able to make collapsible sections in the RMaint doc to better handle conditions (if security release, if using the release tool docker image, if Koha version <= 21.05, if releasing master)
02:57 tuxayo 🎉
02:57 tuxayo Some stuff is messy, creating noise or spread out.
02:58 tuxayo > MediaWiki offers collapsible classes out of the box for MediaWiki 1.18 and higher
02:58 tuxayo confetti!
02:58 wahanui o/`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
03:06 tuxayo There is even the visual editor!!!!!
03:11 tuxayo The wiki is so reactive now!
03:14 tuxayo > The overall contents of Canasta are as follows:
03:14 tuxayo > Elasticsearch 6.8.20
03:14 tuxayo ok so using EOL ES comes from Canasta. They might be reluctant to go to the non-libre version.
03:44 tuxayo Here we go
03:44 tuxayo Need to open a ticket at MediaWiki actually to have ES 7 or OS support backported to LTS
03:45 tuxayo Oh we don't have anymore the page view counters in the wiki. It was nice to see how insanely popular Koha is.
03:48 tuxayo Regardless, I got one of my wish list items done!
03:48 tuxayo https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_tuxayo/Wish_list
03:51 tuxayo Oh there are captchas from time to time on the wiki now. Quite basic but at least they are libre.
03:52 tuxayo thd++ again thanks for the wiki upgrade
03:52 tuxayo mtj++ also if I recall correctly ^^
03:53 thd and thanks tcohen
03:54 thd tcohen had forgotten to ask the mail system maintainer to fix the mail server for the system on which the wiki is running.
03:55 thd I think that new users cannot register and people cannot change passwords until the mail system is working.
03:56 thd Many other things to do to improve indexing which is now ElasticSearch etc.
03:57 tuxayo > new users cannot register and people cannot change passwords until the mail system is working.
03:57 tuxayo oops ^^"
03:57 tuxayo let's try
03:57 thd The sitemap for helping Google find things may not be working in the current configuration.
03:58 tuxayo Error sending mail:
03:58 tuxayo Unknown error in PHP's mail() function.
03:58 tuxayo As expected indeed!
03:58 thd tcohen reports that the mail system has been broken on that system a long time such that people do not receive email from jenkins jobs or whatever from that server.
03:59 thd Now fixing the mail system is a priority.
03:59 tuxayo How did people registered on the wiki until now?
03:59 tuxayo Ah it was on another server
03:59 thd Yes.
04:00 thd We may go back to that other server but that server needs an OS upgrade.
04:00 thd Equinox supplied the other server and are happy to continue.
04:00 tuxayo Once the upgrade is done, portainer thing make it easy to migrate to another server is that it?
04:00 tuxayo equinox++
04:01 thd Portainer is intended to make things easy.
04:02 tuxayo thd: I'm interested in hosting a MediaWiki as a personal website, IIUC Canasta is a distribution with a lot of things already set up like the visual editor which take some work otherwise.
04:03 thd The production and testing Docker containers have each restarted on me twice.  It could have been tcohen doing something but maybe some little problem.
04:03 tuxayo And I guess it should be easy to upgrade also? And is ElasticSearch optional (too much RAM for a personal site)
04:03 tuxayo *optional?
04:04 thd I have ElasticSearch running in 1GiB of RAM on a 2GiB VPS with MediaWiki Canasta copy of the Koha database.
04:05 thd ElasticSearch maybe needs not require too much RAM if configured well.
04:06 tuxayo Regardless, it's likely to at least double the overall RAM usage.
04:07 thd I had copied a config for RAM constraint which worked for in a minimal Linode but failed for tcohen on the Portainer system.
04:07 thd tcohen then copied the Koha config for ElasticSearch and that worked.
04:08 thd Indexing the whole wiki takes about 2 minutes.
04:11 thd A few seconds for the ES generate step.  Comment out the index update hold in LocalSettings.php.  Run the ES bootstrap step.  Uncomment CirrisSearch for using ES in LocalSettings.php.
04:12 tuxayo > Indexing the whole wiki takes about 2 minutes.
04:12 tuxayo nice
04:12 thd Yes, ES probably doubles RAM usage.
04:13 thd MediaWiki Canasta provides an ElasticSearch container as part of their docker-compose configuration.
04:17 thd Database based indexing takes much more time but the speed difference may be more in consequence of the Docker container running in RAM.
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05:25 umair hello
05:25 umair i need help
05:25 umair installalion of koha
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05:36 marcelr hi #koha
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06:12 reiveune hello
06:12 wahanui hello, reiveune
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06:42 alex_ Bonjour
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06:51 magnuse \o/
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08:06 Joubu (Mojo::Exception)<<Overflow error. version 8 total bits: 1316  max bits: 1232>>
08:06 Joubu what the heck is 1232?
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08:30 ashimema blimey, that test fix is more involved than I initially thought Joubu..
08:31 ashimema will try to QA it today.. so much going on at the minute I'm really struggling to fit it all in.
08:33 Joubu same here! but the tests were testing the whole UI, so had to rewrite most of it
08:35 ashimema yeah, i see
08:49 Joubu marcelr: around?
08:51 Joubu @later tell marcelr please see 32011
08:51 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
08:51 alohabot Joubu: Error: "later" is not a valid command.
08:51 Joubu ?
08:59 marcelr bug 32011
08:59 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32011 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, ASSIGNED , 2FA - Problem with qr_code generation
08:59 marcelr hmm
09:01 marcelr will have a look tomorrow
09:03 Joubu I have a patch, but I don't really understand it..
09:05 Joubu 2 hours for a 1 char change patch, the best ones :D
09:06 marcelr yeah
09:34 marcelr bbl
10:00 fridolin Bug 32012 encoding in hell :(
10:00 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32012 major, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, Needs Signoff , should use binmode UTF-8
10:27 oleonard o/
10:40 oleonard davidnind[m]++
10:40 oleonard thd++
10:48 Joubu oleonard: bug 31960 - "Report" is h2 and "Detailed messages: is h3, expected?
10:48 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31960 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Information on job detail view is misaligned
10:48 Joubu
10:48 Joubu as well as the : vs none
11:08 oleonard I think the : is probably not needed, but the h2 and h3 were deliberate, though I wouldn't argue about it.
11:15 tcohen hola #koha o/
11:16 oleonard Hi tcohen
11:16 tcohen hey oleonard
11:16 wahanui oleonard is happy for ashimema to write the release script
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11:42 zb someone who understands koha’s branches better than me:  suppose library has three branches, A and B in the same building, C more independently somewhere further. can you make koha treat B’s items returned at A as returned to their home branch (C’s items still marked for transfer)
11:45 zb (so if you are logged in at A and return an item belonging to B, koha understands that it doesn’t need to go to transfer and doesn’t need to be returned again at B)
11:46 oleonard zb: You can set up rules in Circulation & Fine rules so that items "float," but that's not quite the same.
11:47 oleonard zb: B items returned at A won't be transferred, but they'll still say they're at A.
11:47 zb oleonard: and they would then float only between A and B, but C would still be independent?
11:47 oleonard hm, no... I guess the options aren't that granular.
11:48 zb that’s what i suspected but wanted to confirm
11:50 zb i suspect that in the actual case i have, the library might want to change branch B into CCODE B of branch A
11:51 oleonard zb: It makes me wonder if A and B could be considered one library in Koha and use shelving locations to differentiate the collection. But then you couldn't easily get separate statistics
11:52 zb oleonard: would shelving locations be better than ccodes?
11:53 oleonard Not necessarily, because ccodes don't have to be used in any particular way. We (a public library) generally use them to define genres
11:54 zb ah :)
11:54 zb i think in the past you couldn’t make circulation rules based on ccode but maybe now you can?
11:54 oleonard No.
11:54 oleonard Still item type + library + patron category.
11:55 zb ah, that is then something for me to keep in mind
11:57 zb hmm. we do have collection code available in circ rules of our test installation, but maybe this was a non-standard feature
12:00 oleonard it must be a customization
12:01 zb yup. i think we tried to get rid of ccode-based rules a year ago or so, but maybe we still have them somewhere in some library...
12:01 zb thanks for helping me on figuring out the options!
12:02 oleonard You're welcome!
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13:20 anne Hi there. Another library allowed me to import their article records (from Koha). How do I import them into my library (dewey classification) I have fields 850$a=FLTE; 995$b=FLTE; 995$c=FLTE I would like to change these fields to IBB I did that in the file, but the import doesn't work. I guess it's because there are 3 characters instead of 4. Is there a control number? So how to solve this problem ?
13:21 caroline Hi anne, Is this UNIMARC? I don't recognize the fields
13:24 anne It's Unimarc
13:26 caroline And FLTE is their branchcode and IBB is yours?
13:29 caroline Do you need the item fields? If you're just importing the bibliographic records, you can skip checking the item fields
13:36 anne Yes FLTE is their branchcode and IBB is mine. How can I skip this item fields ?
13:39 caroline In Outils>Préparation des notices MARC, you should have a section for items, just choose No
13:42 ashimema do we have a best practice way to get at teh currently logged in users borrowernumber in the staff client from javascript?
13:43 ashimema i was considering a global scoped variable.. but that feels a bit funky somehow.
13:51 anne Thanks Caroline, I don't have "Préparation des notices Marc" but I have "Gestion des modèles de transformation MARC". I used it to create a new template to delete items 859a, 995b and 995c. I used this template when importing and it worked. Merci ;)
13:52 caroline Préparation des notices MARC is the fr-CA translation... not sure what it is in fr-FR, it is the importing tool (stage MARC records)
13:52 caroline glad you found a way around it!
14:09 oleonard Happy birthday caroline!
14:09 caroline thank you oleonard!
14:19 cait oh no
14:19 cait Happy birthday, caroline!
14:21 caroline thank you cait!
14:28 ashimema happy birthday ! 🙂
14:30 caroline thank you ashimema!
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14:48 lukeg hi
14:49 cait hi there
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16:07 caroline Has anyone around worked on the "pages" tool? bug 15326
16:07 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=15326 new feature, P5 - low, ---, aleisha, Needs documenting , Add CMS feature
16:07 tcohen marcelr?
16:07 wahanui well, marcelr is just amazed that next is faster than count
16:07 oleonard caroline: Just in testing
16:07 tcohen happy birthday, caroline
16:07 caroline I'm wondering what the expiration of a page does... The URL of an expired page is still valid, so what is the point?
16:07 caroline thank you tcohen!
16:09 oleonard caroline: Should it return a 404 error instead? That seems logical to me. Or a more specific "this page has expired" message.
16:11 caroline I'm wondering if it has a specific purpose or if it's a relic from copying the news tool that wasn't removed or adapted
16:12 caroline So far, I only see that it removes it from the list of "active" pages in the staff interface (, but the links are still valid and accessible
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16:16 oleonard caroline: I suspect it's an oversight. Something we should have caught in testing for sure.
16:16 caroline Ok I'll write a bug report
16:17 ashimema The pages stuff needs a fair bit more work in my opinion
16:17 ashimema Lots of little things like this
16:18 caroline It's still a very cool feature!
16:20 ashimema Indeed it is
16:21 caroline I think lukeg excited everyone at Kohacon when he showed it!
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18:42 cait oleonard++
18:46 cait thd++ tcohen++
18:52 caroline Does anyone remember who we're supposed to ping to update the 'latest' link in the manual?
18:53 caroline rn latest goes to 20.11, which is... way back
18:53 caroline
18:55 cait I am not sure... liz maybe? or rangi?
18:59 caroline @later tell wizzyrea Hi Liz! Are you the one I'm supposed to contact to change the 'latest' link for the manual? Right now goes to 20.11, but the latest branch on gitlab is 22.05[…]ree/manual22.05.x Let me know if you need more info. Thanks!
18:59 huginn` caroline: The operation succeeded.
19:04 caroline @later tell rangi Hey rangi Are you the one I'm supposed to contact to change the 'latest' link for the manual? Right now goes to 20.11, but the latest branch on gitlab is 22.05[…]ree/manual22.05.x Let me know if you need more info. Thanks!
19:04 huginn` caroline: The operation succeeded.
19:04 caroline covering all the bases...
19:06 cait hehe
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