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04:55 saa GM
04:55 saa Our acquisitions is throwing error while receiving and adding item and here is log
04:55 saa [Wed Sep 28 10:11:52.496940 2022] [cgi:error] [pid 19438] [client] AH01215: Use of uninitialized value $origquantityrec in numeric gt (>) at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi​-bin/acqui/ line 80.: /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi​-bin/acqui/, referer:[…]575&invoiceid=257 [Wed Sep 28 10:11:52.542073 2022] [cgi:error] [pid 19438] [client
04:56 saa AH01215: Use of uninitialized value $origquantityrec in numeric gt (>) at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi​-bin/acqui/ line 80.: /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi​-bin/acqui/, referer:[…]575&invoiceid=257 [Wed Sep 28 10:11:52.542073 2022] [cgi:error] [pid 19438] [client] AH01215: DBIx::Class::Row::store_column(): No such column 'invoicenumber' on K
04:56 saa i had sent email to group as well but did not receive any reply
04:56 saa can anyone figure out what could be the issue
04:58 saa AH01215: DBIx::Class::Row::store_column(): No such column 'discount' on Koha::Schema::Result::Item at /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/ line 79: /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi​-bin/acqui/, referer: http://kohaadm
04:58 saa we could see several logs where at different places it is mentioning no such column
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06:10 alex_ Bonjour
06:10 wahanui privet, alex_
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06:41 reiveune hello
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08:21 ashimema morning
08:21 magnuse_ hooray for bug 5697!
08:21 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5697 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, RESOLVED FIXED, Automatic linking in guided reports
08:21 magnuse_ kia ora ashimema
08:25 cait hello #koha
08:51 magnuse_ is the staff client redesign still available in a sandbox somewhere?
08:53 cait magnuse_: yes and no
08:53 cait biblibre sandboxes has a bit of an older versio, but you shoudl be able to create a new one the tandard way
08:53 cait just don't forget to build CSS
08:54 cait ah, I see it got deleted, I will make one
08:54 cait
08:54 wahanui is broken
08:56 cait wahanui: forget
08:56 wahanui cait: I forgot
08:59 cait magnuse_: shoudl be ready now
08:59 magnuse_ awesome, thanks!
09:00 magnuse_ and are we still aiming to have it in 22.11?
09:00 cait I thnk final decision has not been made, tcohen woudl be the one to ask
09:00 cait I think it might be good
09:03 * magnuse_ too
09:05 cait Discussion happens here.[…]e-redesign/issues
09:07 magnuse_ on the "erm sandbox" links to the bug for the staff client redesign...
09:08 cait yes... I chose to ignroe that :)
09:10 magnuse_ :-)
09:11 magnuse_ i can't seem to find the erm bug, though...
09:20 cait don't think there is a bug
09:20 cait all on the kanban
09:21 cait[…]u-koha-erm/kanban
09:22 magnuse_ ah, gotcha. a bug might not be a bad idea though, as a "placeholder"
09:22 cait code is here:
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10:31 oleonard Hi #koha
11:06 cait hi oleonard
11:06 wahanui hi oleopard
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11:16 marcelr o/
11:20 cait hi marcelr
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13:40 lukeg hi
13:40 wahanui privet, lukeg
13:42 oleonard Hi lukeg
13:42 * cait waves
13:43 oleonard In the redesign, there is no longer a difference between the menu associated with a patron or biblio and menu which is just navigation:
13:43 oleonard
13:43 cait oleonard: could you maybe provide me with a little template help?
13:43 cait but I will look at your screenshot first :)
13:43 oleonard I wonder if that's an important distinction to preserve?
13:43 oleonard And yes cait I'd be happy to
13:44 cait I have this here imploding in the intranet: <a href="[% PROCESS biblio_a_href biblionumber => biblio.biblionumber %]" class="title">
13:44 cait Template process failed: file error - biblio_a_href: not found at /kohadevbox/koha/C4/ line 127
13:45 cait it looks like we never use the link = 1 in the staff interface elsewhere... so i have no working example
13:46 cait or maybe I am just too confused right now
13:46 cait In the template I have: [% INCLUDE '' link = 1 biblio=BIBLIO_RESULT.HOSTITEMENTRIES %] [% BIBLIO_RESULT.RELATEDPARTS | $raw %]
13:47 cait so ... we end in here:
13:47 cait [% IF ( link ) %]
13:47 cait <a href="[% PROCESS biblio_a_href biblionumber => biblio.biblionumber %]" class="title">
13:47 cait [% END %]
13:47 cait but I am stuck on the PROCESS and have to admit I am not sure how they work in the first place
13:49 oleonard cait you're trying to add something? Or this is a bug with an existing page?
13:49 cait it's bug 16522 exploding when trying to send a cart from staff interface
13:49 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=16522 normal, P5 - low, ---, aleisha, Needs Signoff , Add 773 (Host item entry) to the cart and list displays and e-mails
13:49 cait I am trying to fix it
13:50 cait how does TT know where to find the code for a Process block?
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13:55 cait hm I think i got an idea... the include might be missing from the file used for generating the email, a sit's not using the standard header/footer
13:56 oleonard That was going to be my guess cait
13:56 cait it is exactly that, adding the process line fixed it
13:57 cait yay :) oleonard++
13:57 oleonard I did nothing :D
13:57 cait you were there with your calming presence and listening :)
13:58 oleonard :)
13:58 oleonard jajm, lukeg: I'd be interested in your opinions about the screenshots above if you get a moment
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14:03 cait oleonard: i also took a look at your screenshots, but might need more clues
14:04 lukeg oleonard: I'll have a look ASAP!
14:07 oleonard cait compare to the differing style of these menus:
14:07 oleonard
14:11 kidclamp Hey all, just curious if anyone is or knows who the owner of is
14:11 jajm oleonard: i think it's clear that the patron menu is related to the patron as there are patron specific informations inside the same block, but it's not the case for biblios
14:25 cait kidclamp: i don't know
14:27 jajm oleonard: maybe we clarify by adding a title above the menu ?
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14:39 domm[m] Can we run one instance of RabbitMQ and have several different Koha instances use it? Or do we have to have one RabbitMQ instance per Koha instance?
15:00 lukeg oleonard, jajm: I agree with jajm, I think the links in each navigation menu make it clear what the menu is for. The new look is quite nice imo and I don't think the 2 menus need to be visually distinct. IMHO
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15:07 reiveune bye
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15:07 oleonard I'm surprised that the black-on-green tabs have enough contrast... It doesn't look like it to me.
15:07 oleonard A screenshot with a possible alternative:
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15:11 jajm oleonard: black on green pass WCAG AAA test
15:11 oleonard I know, I just don't think it looks like it does
15:12 oleonard I find it more difficult to read than the white on green
16:01 cait bye all
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16:03 caroline I'm very late, but I just wanted to chime in on the side menus thing. I think one is a navigational menu (the Circulation > Checkouts one) for different sections and the other (the patron file) is a navigational menu for the same patron... So one goes between sections and the other stays in the same section, but different subsections(?)
16:04 caroline I don't think it's critical that they be different, I prefer the new unified look personally... but I *think* there may be one instance where there are both in the same page? I'm trying to find it... maybe I dreamt it
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16:38 oleonard Yes caroline I think there might be some pages in Acquisitions
16:55 caroline I'm doing a training on the acq module this afternoon... I'll keep my eyes peeled
16:58 oleonard caroline:
16:58 caroline ah! there it is! I didn't hallucinate it
17:01 oleonard In the redesign:
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19:09 thd tcohen: Are you around?
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20:51 thd tcohen: Are you around?
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21:00 tuxayo_ hi :)
21:00 tuxayo_ Anyone for the meeting?
21:02 thd Yes
21:02 davidnind[m] Hi tuxayo
21:02 tuxayo_ Great :D
21:02 tuxayo_ I'm not at home, I need to get my credential for the wiki etc
21:03 thd ElasticSearch indexing working in MediaWiki Canasta testing for the past two weeks.
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21:06 tuxayo_ ok, I'm in, I need to move some things in the agenda
21:06 alexbuckley Hi everyone!
21:06 thd I missed tcohen .
21:07 tuxayo_ What is the wikipage with the meeting cheat sheet again?
21:07 tuxayo_ ah https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]Chairing_meetings
21:07 tuxayo_ let's goooo!
21:08 tuxayo_ #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 28 September 2022
21:08 huginn` Meeting started Wed Sep 28 21:08:15 2022 UTC.  The chair is tuxayo_. Information about MeetBot at
21:08 huginn` Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
21:08 huginn` The meeting name has been set to 'development_irc_meeting_28_september_2022'
21:08 tuxayo_ #topic Introductions
21:08 alexbuckley #info Alex Buckley, Catalyst IT, NZ
21:08 tuxayo_ #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ember_2022#Agenda Today's agenda
21:09 tuxayo_ Refresh it if you had it open
21:09 davidnind[m] #info David Nind, NZ
21:09 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
21:10 tuxayo_ #info Victor Grousset, Tuxayo Empire, France
21:10 fridolin #info Fridolin Somers, Biblibre, France
21:10 * tuxayo_ is starting to get paid for Koha work!
21:10 fridolin tuxayo : Empire strikes back then ^^
21:10 fridolin ++
21:12 thd tuxayo_ Please avoid pay distorting your perspective :)
21:12 tuxayo_ At a 2% growth per year I expect to consume all the visible universe in 2000 years. Exponentials are great
21:13 tuxayo_ #topic Announcements
21:13 tuxayo_ Anything to announce that doesn't fit better in the other topics?
21:13 davidnind[m] #info Individual videos and slides (where available) are now online![…]lides-recordings/
21:14 tuxayo_ great!
21:14 davidnind[m] #info Thanks to koha-US for organising KohaCon22
21:14 fridolin super, ill have a look
21:14 tuxayo_ thd: there will be certainly one distorion: now I can stop getting worried about rent and food and fearing to have to stop working on Koha
21:14 tuxayo_ koha-us++
21:14 tuxayo_ community++
21:15 fridolin food++
21:15 davidnind[m] From a remote perspective (apart from the timezone 😀) things seem to go really well.
21:15 bag #info Brendan Gallagher ByWater
21:15 tuxayo_ What do you mean?
21:15 tuxayo_ super cool the page with videos and slides for the conference
21:16 tuxayo_ Anything else to announce?
21:17 thd Aside from one longish outage using library wifi much better than most conferences at avoiding livestream connection problems.
21:18 tuxayo_ Proposal Website for KohaCon 23
21:18 thd Uses hard wires whenever possible.
21:18 tuxayo_ ethernet++
21:18 tuxayo_ #topic Update from the Release manager (22.11)
21:18 tuxayo_ tcohen: arround?
21:18 tuxayo_ IIUC, no
21:18 fridolin wires++, only use wireless for the FM radio ;)
21:19 tuxayo_ #topic Updates from the Release Maintainers
21:19 tuxayo_ rmaints?
21:19 wahanui rmaints are lukeg, liliputech and tuxayo
21:19 fridolin liliputech told he is on releasing 21.11.12 these days
21:19 tuxayo_ Everything good so far this month.
21:20 tuxayo_ fridolin: ah great
21:20 tuxayo_ lucas release stable today I think
21:20 tuxayo_ #topic Updates from the QA team
21:20 tuxayo_ qa_team?
21:20 wahanui qa_team is probably cait, marcelr, khall, kidclamp, kohaputti, lukeg, aleisha, fridolin, ashimema, tuxayo, nugged, petrova, Joubu and dcook
21:21 nugged o/
21:21 tuxayo_ \o
21:21 fridolin I didnt do much this month sorry
21:21 tuxayo_ I guided another patch testing session with french librarians but this time attendance was very low. It's a bit worrying.
21:21 fridolin but i try to follow the current mood
21:22 fridolin i mean the current news
21:22 fridolin Universities are back on busy time
21:22 fridolin we see it in our support
21:23 tuxayo_ And monday a patch testing session in english but only people from Germany and Austria came lol Where are english speaking librarians ^^
21:23 tuxayo_ We tested a few patches and extensively walked through the process
21:23 davidnind[m] tuxayo_++
21:23 tuxayo_ Hopefully it will be a good time investement ^^
21:24 tuxayo_ davidnind: I hope in the end you will have nothing left to test :P
21:24 tuxayo_ But it's harder than I though to get attendance
21:24 nugged Keep it flowing as it goes, mates! (tuxayo++ tuxayo_++) because -
21:25 davidnind[m] I don't think that will happen any time soon... 😀
21:25 fridolin I see there is life in the french translation ML, you may want to go there fishing for testers
21:25 tuxayo_ #info support companies: please relay patch testing sessions to your customers that would be keen to test patch. (announcement in the koha general list)
21:25 davidnind[m] I feel slightly guilty that the Needs QA queue is so big....
21:25 tuxayo_ fridolin: that's what I do ;)
21:26 fridolin ah super
21:26 nugged because don't panic, I (more or less confidently) prognose that all those my and our from-Finland efforts and potentially-to-happen declared things also come into power in upcoming month and this year will be very productive for us in further time - I will have more interest soon from Finnish libraries and some groups will come to help us also because of "KohaCon 2023 and PerlCon which will be all together as one)
21:26 tuxayo_ nugged: that's great! :)
21:27 fridolin ah what a chance, but i will not be able to be tehre IRL
21:27 fridolin fetch me a T-shirt of PerlCon please ;)
21:27 tuxayo_ he he
21:27 tuxayo_ moving on
21:28 tuxayo_ #topic Status of roadmap projects
21:28 nugged this one will be "Perl and Koha Conference" so this is unique something "very new",
21:28 nugged ah, btw:
21:28 tuxayo_ #info
21:28 thd ElasticSearch indexing has been working in MediaWiki Canasta testing for the past two weeks.
21:28 nugged #info Andrew Nugged, National Library of Finland, HELSINKI
21:28 nugged (sorry lost my info tag :) )
21:28 tuxayo_ nugged: this is so cool to have both at same time and place
21:29 nugged yes and it's also now more moves further made now
21:29 tuxayo_ thd: media wiki uses ES now?
21:29 nugged I actully drowning in this and this is something "massive" to happen, so -
21:29 nugged fridolin: maybe you reconsider?
21:29 thd Wikipedia has used ES for a long time.
21:30 tuxayo_ So the ugprade of our wiki will introduce ES?
21:30 thd Most importantly some extensions are dependent upon ES.
21:30 thd I had previously told tcohen that we did not need ES quickly but it was too easy and too much depends on it.
21:31 nugged (sorry for scattering topics, mates, but) btw, link I see posted above, here some updated "few extra info places" - please consider these two:
21:31 nugged
21:31 tuxayo_ Great, it's easy
21:31 nugged
21:31 tuxayo_ thanks nugged
21:31 tuxayo_ Sorry, I changed topic too fast
21:31 nugged and I am working now hard to set up all "socicla channels" environment
21:31 nugged *social
21:31 thd ES indexing took only 5 min. in 1 GiB RAM.
21:32 thd with shared single CPU core.
21:32 thd I had been worried about resource use.
21:32 nugged and also we have official dates confirmed - from 14 August (premises booked, and lobbies, etc, for 2023 conference)
21:33 nugged thd: sorry for scattering threads, I'll some later once you tell I can. Let's go under your lead.
21:33 thd Do not poke this too hard as it has minimal resources: .
21:33 davidnind[m] nugged++
21:33 davidnind[m] thd++
21:33 alexbuckley nugged++
21:34 thd I finished VectorMod a modified version of the Vector skin allowing people to use either.
21:34 thd I plan to set everyone to VectorMod as default.
21:35 tuxayo_ thd: great full scale pictures now work :D
21:35 tuxayo_ thd++
21:35 thd They always worked in Apache.
21:35 tuxayo_ ah ok
21:35 tuxayo_ nugged++ thanks for the info
21:35 thd Nginx was always the problem.  The workaround for Nginx requires work.
21:36 tuxayo_ thd: what is left before rolling out the upgrade?
21:36 davidnind[m] thd: Do you need testers to have a look around? From a quick browse things looked OK to me.
21:37 thd Essentially nothing but getting together with tcohen who is working on integrating a custom Docker container with Koha container infrastructure.
21:38 davidnind[m] Excellent!
21:38 wahanui darn tootin' it is.
21:38 tuxayo_ thd: that's great new
21:38 davidnind[m] And then it gets switched over?
21:38 thd davidnind[m] testers should be careful not to poke too hard because of low resources there.
21:38 tuxayo_ thd++ congrats on getting rid of the blockers
21:39 thd Also much trouble with varnish caching in my testing.
21:39 thd tcohen said that we probably will not use varnish which is fine.
21:40 thd Problems are about clearing the varnsih Docker container cache after changing a non-content page feature.
21:41 thd I modified the AdvancedSearch extension but it would not appear until the cache expired for non-logged in users.
21:42 thd Similarly changes in the navigation sidebar which gives separate links to current and obsolete content.
21:42 thd mtj ran some diffs between production and my out of date testing copies of the database.
21:43 tuxayo_ mtj++
21:43 tuxayo_ thd: when can we hope to have the upgrade rolled? Assuming the usual last moment suprises
21:43 thd The only differences he found in a crawl were obvious updates where content was not current on my testing copy of the database.
21:44 thd It could be tomorrow if tcohen appears and is ready.
21:44 tuxayo_ wooow
21:44 davidnind[m] Excellent!
21:44 wahanui darn tootin' it is.
21:44 thd More likely next week if I catch him at the right hour.
21:45 tuxayo_ thd: that great!
21:45 tuxayo_ Moving on?
21:45 tuxayo_ #topic Actions from last meeting
21:45 thd He may honour some holidays around now.  I honour none but do have another surprise job on, in addition to my regular late and early week job.
21:45 tuxayo_ tcohen to schedule/call a "CSRF day" to work on related patches together
21:46 tuxayo_ #action tcohen to schedule/call a "CSRF day" to work on related patches together
21:46 tuxayo_ @later tell tcohen any news about the above?[…]2-09-28#i_2452788
21:46 huginn` tuxayo_: The operation succeeded.
21:46 tuxayo_ liliputech (deferred from previous meetingx3) discuss koha CI (docker image built + manual build) hosting on gitlab instance provided by BibLibre's partner AFI.
21:46 tuxayo_ let's drop that
21:46 tuxayo_ Katrin to update LTS wiki page with current information from last dev meeting
21:47 thd tcohen is probably best reached early in the morning in his time zone when I am often asleep in the same or similar time zone.
21:47 tuxayo_ what is the wiki page again
21:48 tuxayo_ I guess https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]workflow_proposal
21:48 tuxayo_ #action cait /Katrin to update LTS wiki page with current information from last dev meeting
21:49 tuxayo_ ashimema will file a bug making Koha::Object::public_read_list throw an exception
21:49 tuxayo_ I dunno
21:49 tuxayo_ #action ashimema will file a bug making Koha::Object::public_read_list throw an exception
21:49 tuxayo_ tcohen Date proposal for master→main change and draft of action list
21:49 tuxayo_ I think I meant draft
21:49 tuxayo_ #action tcohen draft proposal for master→main change and draft of action list
21:50 tuxayo_ @later tell tcohen any news about the above?[…]2-09-28#i_2452803
21:50 huginn` tuxayo_: The operation succeeded.
21:50 tuxayo_ #topic General development discussion (trends, ideas, ...)
21:50 tuxayo_ Bug 31150 - _on or _date for DB date columns?
21:50 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31150 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, In Discussion , _on or _date for DB date columns?
21:50 tuxayo_ «We need to decide a naming for the dates column.»
21:50 tuxayo_ «We have _on and _date:»
21:52 thd _on is certainly cryptic without context.
21:52 tuxayo_ So contributions needed on bug 31150 to settle the matter
21:53 davidnind[m] Maybe add as an action for those interested to comment on the bug, and then bring back  to the next meeting?
21:53 khall joined #koha
21:53 tuxayo_ #action thd
21:53 tuxayo_ oops
21:54 thd ... however, as Joubu identifies _date is problematic when it is not merely a date but actually a date with time.
21:54 tuxayo_ #action thd give their two cents on bug 31150 in order to tilt the scale to on side.
21:55 tuxayo_ @later tell ashimema So in the meeting we just highlighted bug 31150 and called for contributions. If you had something else in mind, feel free to put back on the agenda.
21:55 huginn` tuxayo_: The operation succeeded.
21:55 tuxayo_ next: Are we supporting MySQL? (either 5.7 or 8.0) - CI only tests MySQL 8 on main/master.
21:55 tuxayo_ Anyone here know something about our DB support?
21:57 tuxayo_ #action tuxayo ask on the mailing list « are we supporting MySQL? (either 5.7 or 8.0) - CI only tests MySQL 8 on main/master. »
21:57 davidnind[m] System requirements: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]d_recommendations
21:58 davidnind[m] Doesn't mention MySQL...
21:58 tuxayo_ I'm raising the topic to know if it should mention it
21:59 davidnind[m] Great!
21:59 tuxayo_ Maybe we dropped strong support for MySQL years ago? And only kept MySQL 8 on master to catch the strict SQL mode issues
21:59 tuxayo_ Because that's mostly how I hear about MySQL
22:00 tuxayo_ And MySQL 5.7 still has the db increment issue I heard on a past meeting
22:02 tuxayo_ Let's see what we will learn when asking on the list
22:02 tuxayo_ next: SQL8 of our coding guidelines state that SQL should not be in .pl, but should be in the module in C4 or Koha. This would mean that SQL in the Koha namespace is allowed and there is no mention of DBIC in the coding guidelines right now.
22:03 davidnind[m] I have no idea... 🙂
22:04 tuxayo_ let's ask on the other meeting slot. It looks straightforward to add that SQL is allowed in DBIC. but «This would mean that SQL in the Koha namespace is allowed» does this mean we should ban SQL from .pm?
22:04 tuxayo_ #action tuxayo postpone «SQL8 of our coding guidelines state that SQL should not be in .pl, but should be in the module in C4 or Koha. This would mean that SQL in the Koha namespace is allowed and there is no mention of DBIC in the coding guidelines right now. »
22:05 tuxayo_ Update guidelines with the replacement of jQueryUI Datepicker with flatpickr - introduced in bug 29239. And document the usage in the wiki
22:05 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29239 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , [OMNIBUS] Replace jQueryUI's timepicker with flatpickr
22:06 tuxayo_ It's hard to get the few people that know the details of flatpickr usage in meeting. Let's move that to the mailing list
22:06 davidnind[m] +1
22:07 tuxayo_ #action tuxayo can for volunteers on the mailing list to «Update coding guidelines with the replacement of jQueryUI Datepicker with flatpickr - introduced in bug 29239. And document the usage in the wiki. cc Aleisha who had trouble with using flatpickr for the detail of what is missing»
22:07 tuxayo_ Any other topic before closing?
22:07 davidnind[m] Maybe we should create a bug for that, so that the guidelines are updated - they all mention jQueryUI datepicker..
22:07 davidnind[m] Nothing from me....
22:10 tuxayo_ #action tuxayo maybe create a ticket for updating the guidelines about flatpickr
22:10 tuxayo_ #topic Set time of next meeting
22:10 tuxayo_ I'll get the time for next meeting in the other time slot
22:11 tuxayo_ For the next meeting in this this timeslot, same hour? When the daylight saving time change in NZ and Australia?
22:11 davidnind[m] NZ is now in daylight savings time...
22:12 tuxayo_ Oh, it changed?
22:12 tuxayo_ So the meeting didn't that on 9:00 am for you?
22:12 tuxayo_ *didn't start
22:12 davidnind[m] 10am for us now...
22:13 davidnind[m] Changed last weekend
22:13 tuxayo_ ok
22:13 tuxayo_ Maybe it changed in Australia
22:13 nugged 1am in Finland :P )
22:13 tuxayo_ ^^
22:13 tuxayo_ And we might get a nice time for dcook
22:13 nugged (don't asking for any time slot changes though :) )
22:14 davidnind[m] nugged++
22:14 thd Australia changes on 2 October this year.
22:15 tuxayo_ ok thanks
22:15 davidnind[m] #info Bug 31645 created for updating coding guidelines for flatpickr
22:15 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31645 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , flatpickr - update coding guidelines
22:16 tuxayo_ Next meeting on this time slot would be 26 october
22:16 tuxayo_ now let's see what it does for Australia
22:18 tuxayo_ At 22 UTC it would be 9:00 in Australia and 11:00 in Aotearoa
22:18 fridolin this is after DST change in France right ?
22:19 davidnind[m] Depends what state,[…]iso=20221026T2200
22:19 tuxayo_ fridolin « ends on the last Sunday of October»
22:19 tuxayo_ not yet
22:19 tuxayo_ davidnind[m]: ah yes, I meant the one where dcook it
22:20 tuxayo_ *is
22:20 fridolin ok
22:20 tuxayo_ new south wales
22:20 davidnind[m] dcook = Sydney, so during his working day
22:20 thd 6 am in Perth
22:21 tuxayo_ davidnind[m]: can you chair the 26th of october at 11:00 your time?
22:21 tuxayo_ I can't be sure to chair at 00:00 my time
22:21 * fridolin AFK
22:21 tuxayo_ or fridolin !
22:21 davidnind[m] OK with me
22:21 tuxayo_ thanks a lot
22:21 tuxayo_ davidnind++
22:21 tuxayo_ let's finally end this
22:21 davidnind[m] I'm sure someone will
22:22 tuxayo_ #info Next meeting: 12 October 2022, 14 UTC
22:22 tuxayo_ ######info Next Oceania-Americas slot meeting: 26 October 2022, 22 UTC
22:22 tuxayo_ #endmeeting
22:22 huginn` Meeting ended Wed Sep 28 22:22:49 2022 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
22:22 huginn` Minutes:        https://meetings.koha-communit[…]-09-28-21.08.html
22:22 huginn` Minutes (text): https://meetings.koha-communit[…]2-09-28-21.08.txt
22:22 huginn` Log:            https://meetings.koha-communit[…]28-21.08.log.html
22:23 davidnind[m] tuxayo_++
22:23 tuxayo_ Thanks all for attending. Sorry, that what is bit of a struggle
22:24 tuxayo_ I hope using ######info is enough for the script not to break seeing the meeting after the next being planned
22:24 nugged so, again - dates confirmed, I am working hard to announce further things and get maximum from Perl community as well, and soon (maybe weeks) I will come with detailed vision (days, streams, etc) + I will chase most of us (Koha community core team members and activists) with topics and SIG- invites and so on,
22:24 thd Time zones are always a struggle.  We need the world to function on UTC all together :)
22:25 thd hard
22:26 nugged also for this I want us to organize some dev- SIGs to work on things we already working but to rise that up to higher level and other people attention (ERM ILL BibFrame and so on like that)
22:27 nugged and more. That's why we here organizing some social channels to follow and will go round and round on those topics and more to get the best results, as written here - - to be more in "culmination" point that in just "starting" :)
22:28 davidnind[m] nugged: I'm sure koha-US would be happy to add a new SIG(s)
22:28 nugged and yes, please, - check here: and then soon we'll start to make social noise
22:29 nugged <davidnind[m]> - yes, I personally open and that's my plan for Sep-Oct to establish as much as possible communication and coordination to make the most of this event.
22:29 nugged (and we know koha-US loves SIGs :) )
22:29 tuxayo_ thd: «We need the world to function on UTC all together» That doesn't change the issue, I would have to search when the work day start on Australia and NZ. And DST could still be a thing
22:30 tuxayo_ We need the world be flat, that would solve the issues!
22:30 davidnind[m] nugged: let me know if you would like access to the kohails Twitter account (we use Tweetdeck) for posting #KohaCon23 things
22:30 nugged > We need the world be flat, that would solve the issues!
22:30 nugged there are "corner and border case issues" then :)
22:30 thd tuxayo_ Flat is what I meant, with everyone starting at more or less the same time irrespective of daylight :)
22:31 tuxayo_ he he
22:31 tuxayo_ nugged: «to be more in "culmination" point that in just "starting"» Interesting point!
22:32 tuxayo_ nugged++
22:32 nugged ... but guys, I'll tell ya, UTC TZ DST problems ... Meh... say this for Ukraine ppl.
22:32 nugged tuxayo_: and yes, we want here in Finland that much as possible people to be in-person, really.
22:33 * thd likes darkness or at least the idea that I can work late without much disturbance while I can stay awake.  Early rising is an alternative but more difficult with regular late hours when working in person ;)
22:33 nugged (sidenote: Ukrainian warriors working on some "deadline" for something to stop and I hope that will be more reasons to meet in person than just Perl and Koha!)
22:34 nugged davidnind[m]: twitter case: OK! noted. I'll come for more hints anyway in direct connections. Ok.
22:34 tuxayo_ see ya soon folk, bye :)
22:34 tuxayo_ *folks
22:35 tuxayo_ left #koha
22:37 nugged 🤗

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