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03:51 dcook TFW your plugin api routes don't load...
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06:59 alex_ Bonjour
06:59 wahanui bonjour, alex_
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07:25 cait1 good morning #koha
07:27 mtj hi tuxayo, are we close to a 21.05.18 release?
07:38 * cait1 waves at mtj
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09:12 Pascal Hello together :)
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09:41 cait1 hello
09:45 paulderscheid[m] Morning everyone
10:11 ashimema oops.. forgot to start IRC this morning
10:11 ashimema morning
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11:32 marcelr o/
11:39 tcohen morning
11:48 marcelr o/
11:54 tcohen \o
11:55 tcohen mtj: how did you break the ES tasks? :-D
11:56 tcohen marcelr: about that follow-up I posted, git bisect blamed the main patch there, but it was not evident to me how it was related. But the logic is clean there are the tests were wrong
11:56 tcohen the change probably fixed an unrelated bug ;-)
11:56 marcelr yes np
11:57 marcelr just asking; could have been wrong bug
11:57 tcohen ashimema++ # another class gets rewritten for good!
11:57 mtj hi cait1, tcohen
11:58 mtj tcohen: i think only ES8 is not passing, due to Search::Elasticsearch_7 pkg
11:59 tcohen ok
12:00 tcohen thanks :-D
12:00 mtj ..probably opensearch_2 (aka OS8) will break too
12:01 * ashimema did another minor update to the dashboard today.. more Jenkins builds listed in a tidier table
12:03 tcohen I got confused at #koha-bots, it seems jenkins only reports failures, so I thought the last run had all those fail
12:08 mtj cheers ashimema++
12:12 * cait1 looks for Joubu
12:13 tcohen he must be trying to sleep
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13:12 thd tcohen: Do you have some suggestion for a Canasta Docker container to use certbot certificates?
13:13 tcohen we should set it in the '' server
13:13 tcohen if we host it there, the certbot stuff is already sorted automatically
13:16 thd The certbot stuff would only be sorted automatically if Canasta is modified to use that support I presume.
13:16 tcohen well, that's an option
13:17 tcohen in the community server we use the 'traefik' reverse proxy, which already does SSL using certbot and doesn't need any extra config
13:17 tcohen that's how I set the demo mediawiki
13:18 thd The extra config is presumably required to direct some container to use traefik.
13:18 tcohen well, it is already done on my end
13:19 tcohen we just need to adjust a couple things
13:19 tcohen let me share
13:21 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "thd: like this" (11 lines) at
13:21 tcohen so, we need something like that on the service definition
13:22 tcohen with tweaked addresses
13:22 tcohen and that's it
13:22 thd I perhaps have Casandra working with an upgraded wiki dump from a couple of days ago but no connection to certificates.
13:22 tcohen we should make that call
13:22 tcohen to coordinate the tasks
13:22 tcohen my perception is you should focus on the data
13:23 tcohen and I help with setting the 'server'
13:23 tcohen and then we migrate the data
13:23 tcohen together
13:23 tcohen in the call we would talk about what is needed in the 'canasta' docke rimage
13:23 tcohen and probably set our own build pipeline in gitlab
13:24 tcohen so it is always updated as you suggested
13:25 thd Yes, when I logged in to IRC Tuesday morning I discovered that my laptop power connector was broken and I had to swap hardware.
13:25 tcohen yeah, we need to schedule it
13:25 tcohen I'm also uber busy this week
13:27 thd Does next Tuesday morning about 13.30 UTC work for you?
13:27 tcohen probably, yes
13:28 tcohen ashimema: will you be around as well? I'd like more eyes on the decisions we make
13:29 thd It will be a trial run so that decisions can be altered.  If it works we can grab the data from the next days dump with a warning that we might move the live system.
13:31 tcohen excellent
13:31 wahanui darn tootin' it is.
13:31 tcohen yeah, but if we need to make decisions, I want more eyes :-D
13:31 thd I do not see a deploy section in Canasta.
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13:38 thd Canasta also does not have provision for the database to persist when the container goes down.  Unless modified for persistent volume store, the database must be dumped and copied before the container goes down.
13:40 * thd takes some sleep.
13:44 tcohen thd: that's never an option
13:44 tcohen the DB will be run on a separate container, with persistency enabled
13:45 fribeiro Hey there! Has anyone managed to use Koha plugins with plack?
13:45 tcohen we all do
13:46 tcohen just remember to restart plack when adding/updating plugins
13:46 fribeiro Can you please explain how to? I've configured the folder at plack.psgi file but its serving all files instead of just perl files
13:47 tcohen plack.psgi?
13:47 tcohen if you are touching that file, you're probably doing something wrong
13:48 fribeiro I don't need to configure any file? The only way I found to see my files at plack.log was to create a new Plack::App::CGIBin pointing to my /var/lib/koha/plugins folder
13:49 tcohen Koha plugins only require being enabled in koha-conf.xml
13:49 tcohen holy
13:49 tcohen a source install?
13:49 tcohen what version are you running and why aren't you using the .deb repo?
13:51 fribeiro I'm using a custom docker image. The source is koha-21.05.07 from git
13:51 fribeiro I can install and use plugins. The "problem" is that they are slower compared with opac pages because they are not in plack
13:52 tcohen I haven't done a source install for years, sorry I cannot help much
13:58 ashimema Back now tcohen
13:58 ashimema I'll be around next week to join a wiki call 🙂
14:00 tcohen \o/
14:00 tcohen thd++
14:00 tcohen ashimema++
14:29 thd As my brain drifts back to sleep, I see where the persistent database volume is identified for Canasta and also the Caddy reverse proxy which could be configured to use certbot certificates.  Most references to volumes are to images, extensions, and skins.
14:41 cait1 thd++ ashimema++ tcohen++ looking forward to the new wiki!
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16:37 wajasu ashimema++  on the dashboard update.
16:55 wajasu cait: after perusing the marc 856 for external links, I think that instead of "Record URL", we can have a popup modal with a list of all the URLs as hyperlinks. Especially if there are more than N links available.  That way we can show a few in opac-details and have a "More" link for a popup modal. This way if there are lots of ebooks, etc.
16:58 wajasu course reserves is my context here.
16:58 wajasu bug20502
18:08 tuxayo If anyone wonders, I'm waiting for this month's 21.05.x release to get bug 25669
18:08 tuxayo To get ES 7 support.
18:08 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=25669 normal, P5 - low, ---, kevin.carnes, Pushed to stable , ElasticSearch 6: [types removal] Specifying types in put mapping requests is deprecated (incompatible with 7)
18:08 tuxayo hi #koha :)
18:10 tuxayo *I'm waiting before making this month's 21.05.x release
19:24 tuxayo tcohen: «git bisect Matthews this bug as responsible» Funny, so "Matthew" is also a verb like "indicates" or "points to" ?
19:26 ashimema I think that was a mobile autocorrect mistake
20:21 tuxayo ashimema: lol thanks. I could have eventually used it if you didn't tell. Like wahanui learning absurd stuff XD
20:24 ashimema Hehe. Well, your English will likely always be considerably better than my French or German.
20:46 cait ... we just need to make it a thing
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21:05 alexbuckley Hi Koha
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22:00 tuxayo alexbuckley: hi :)
22:21 alexbuckley hey tuxayo !
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23:47 tcohen hi all
23:48 tcohen tuxayo: GBoard acting funny
23:48 tuxayo ha ha
23:49 tcohen is anyone able to reproduce the Koha_Master failure locally?
23:49 tcohen I need someone to bisect it because I didn't manage (yet) to reproduce it

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