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06:13 magnuse_ \o/
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06:39 alex_ Bonjour
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06:56 cait1 good morning #koha
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07:08 paulderscheid[m] morning #koha
08:00 cait1 morgen paulderscheid[m]
08:00 cait1 ;)
08:03 paulderscheid[m] Morgen cait1
08:04 paulderscheid[m] How do I enter the database in ktd with the default env vars?
08:07 fridolin paulderscheid[m]: yey, use koha-mysql kohadev
08:07 fridolin after a kshell
08:09 paulderscheid[m] Thank you
08:09 paulderscheid[m] Entering the db container and using root apparently also works
08:09 fridolin sure
08:10 paulderscheid[m] fridolin: This is more convenient though ^^
08:11 fridolin i bet you can build this in one command
08:11 fridolin i like having root access
08:11 fridolin my computer is always sudo without password, whooo
08:12 paulderscheid[m] me too
08:12 paulderscheid[m] no time for passwords ^^
08:12 fridolin sudo fetch me a beer
08:13 paulderscheid[m] 🍻
08:19 paulderscheid[m] How to I trigger a Zebra reindex in ktd?
08:21 fridolin heuuu koha-zebra-rebuild ... something
08:23 paulderscheid[m] Thanks again
08:23 fridolin https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]oha-rebuild-zebra
08:24 paulderscheid[m] It was koha-rebuild-zebra
08:24 paulderscheid[m] I really have to bookmark this stuff
08:55 cait1 paulderscheid[m]: I often end up doing sudo koha- tabtabtab
08:57 paulderscheid[m] That's also good advice ^^
09:16 domm[m] Quick question: If sending a mail (message_queue) via an external SMTP (i.e. not running on localhost) failed (eg due to network problems), would I find that in some (which?) logfile?
09:16 domm[m] in message_queue table `failure_code` is null and `status` is `sent`, so I assume the send worked
09:18 domm[m] the problem was that one mail was sent ~15 times, and I now assume that there was some upstream network problems, but I'd like to make sure that Koha actually offloaded that mail to the external STMP server, and did so only once...
09:24 ashimema that's my understanding of the code domm, yes
09:25 ashimema we try to catch failures in the actual send routines.. but we don't look for bounce emails for example.. so your right.. if upstream has a problem we don't see it.
09:25 domm[m] yeah, which is fine, IMO
09:25 ashimema agreed..
09:25 domm[m] as soon as one STMP server accepted the mail, it's that servers job to deliver it. once :-)
09:26 ashimema adding client functionality.. which you'd need to grab bounces for example.. would be  a lot of code for little benefit to us..
09:26 domm[m] bounce handling is maybe another issue, but not related to my actual bug report...
09:26 ashimema I kinda like the idea of adding basic mail client functionality for other things... but I'm not confident I'll ever get the funding for it.
09:26 ashimema indeed
09:27 ashimema once an SMTP server has accepted it koha assumes it's all worked from there.
09:27 ashimema we do allow return-path and stuff.. so in theory you can direct bounce mail to a corporate address to be able to spot them already
09:28 ashimema so whats your bug?.. the SMPT server didn't accept and we didn't give a meaningful failure for that?
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11:09 marcelr o/
12:23 cait1 ashimema: domm: we use the return-path to the bounces get into a library account
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12:33 anne Hi, in normal view, I don't have any info. Title, author ... doesn't appear (whatever the record) - in Marc view title, authors etc. appear. How can I customize normal view so that this information appears ?
12:34 anne Oh I change language to English and it appeared ! But not in French view !
12:46 paulderscheid[m] Hi, does someone have an idea what I'm doing wrong here?
12:46 paulderscheid[m]
12:46 paulderscheid[m] LMSCloud's version of koha btw
12:53 cait1 anne: the normal view is built using XSLT
12:53 cait1 maybe the translated XSLT Is broken, it can happen for example if html entities are entered in translations
12:54 cait1 you could report a bug for your specific version if you are using standard and nothing was changed locally
12:55 cait1 paulderscheid[m]: I have no idea... but what is _pp?
12:56 anne Thanks cait1. I was about to contact Koha Translation Project. Is it the right thing to do ? Or how can I report a bug ? (nothing changed locally)
12:57 cait1 it might need fixing on the translation project, but maybe better to do a bug report or you could email koha-translate
12:57 cait1 tuxayo: do you know how to best get in touch with French translators?
12:58 paulderscheid[m] cait1: per page maybe?
13:00 cait1 anne: which version do you use?
13:01 paulderscheid[m] 21.05.14
13:01 anne 22.05.03
13:01 paulderscheid[m] oops ^^
13:01 cait1 anne: I'll have a quick look
13:01 caroline anne: it is probably a   in the translation files
13:01 caroline is it fr-FR or fr-CA?
13:02 cait1 yes :) and MARC21 or UNIMARC?
13:02 cait1 and hi caroline!
13:02 caroline hi cait1! :)
13:03 anne fr-Fr and Unimarc
13:03 cait1 caroline: that was my suspicion too - was going to see if i can find it - still not speaking French
13:03 cait1 do you want/can you take over?
13:04 cait1 It looks like htere are a bunch in the MARC21 file: https://translate.koha-communi[…]sp&sfields=source,target
13:05 cait1 but UNIMARC appears ok
13:05 caroline cait1, sure I can look
13:06 cait1 thx!
13:06 cait1 caroline: does your IRC client light up when we say French? :)
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13:07 caroline lol no! I just happened to look at that moment. But it should maybe :)
13:12 caroline there are 12 " " in fr-FR-marc-UNIMARC.po
13:12 caroline anne, do you have access to your po files?
13:12 cait1 hm bad search on my part, thx for double checking!
13:13 caroline I downloaded the file from https://translate.koha-communi[…]/export/22.05/fr/
13:13 caroline It's always a bit late compared to the pootle interface
13:15 cait1 maybe someone fixed it? .04 was just released
13:17 caroline anne, if you have access to the po files, you can correct the   in fr-FR-marc-UNIMARC.po and reinstall (or reupdate? I'm never sure which does which) the translations, it should correct your problem... I will correct them on Pootle so if you don't have access, maybe it will be corrected in your next update
13:18 anne caroline : thanks, I have root access to the server, I'm looking for the location of this file
13:19 caroline ugh, nvm I can't correct them bc I'm not part of that language team...
13:19 caroline anne, mine are in misc/translator/po/
13:21 cait1 caroline: i could add you...
13:22 caroline I was going to ask frido maybe
13:22 cait1 wrong time for him I think, was hoping for tuxayo earlier :)
13:22 cait1 but if you are ok with fixing I could give you permission
13:23 cait1 actually I just did
13:35 marcelr ashimema: always glad to assist :)
13:36 ashimema ?
13:36 marcelr qaing your patch set
13:43 cait1 which one? :)
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14:03 ashimema awesome, thanks
14:05 anne I corrected fr-FR-marc_UNIMARC.po and with sudo koha-translate -u fr-FR it worked ;) Merci Caroline !
14:08 cait1 caroline++
14:08 cait1 anne++ :)
14:08 wajasu my librarian was looking at course reserves. in the opac i have a biblio for ISBN 0140448942 which displays details fine. it has "Online resources: Table of contents only | Contributor bigraphical information | Publisher description" with each URL pulling up the external page correctly.
14:09 * cait1 waits for the bug :)
14:11 wajasu no if i go to course reserves, and select that book, I have "Record Url" link. It tries to take all three URLs which it takes from the biblioitems.url field and doesn't separate them for the link.
14:12 wajasu i think it needs to break it apart using the pipe character and provide 3 links.
14:13 wajasu[…]iblionumber=20275   works
14:14 wajasu[…]  doesn't
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14:16 wajasu Of course the code in the opac-detail uses GetMarcUrls frmothe marc record (856)
14:18 wajasu the course-details grabs it from the cr.biblioitems.url and whatever built the url column each into one.
14:19 cait1 wajasu: there is an existing bug for that
14:19 cait1 that probably coudl use some input
14:20 cait1 I remember not being uappy with it using Reord URL as we have so many on the ebooks...
14:20 cait1 bug 20502
14:20 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=20502 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, In Discussion , Record URL broken, when there is more than one 856 on the record
14:20 wajasu i am not sure if it needs to get the marc record and use getMarcUrls, to know the context to display a title just as in opac-detail, or or parse and provide three non contextual links.
14:20 cait1 opac-detail uses XSLT
14:21 cait1 it dosn't use getMarcUrls
14:22 wajasu well. i am on 22.0.03 and see code in bootstrap/en/modules/ and or such.
14:25 marcelr bug 30571 ready for testing. Pleas try
14:25 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30571 trivial, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Table z3950servers: Make host, syntax and encoding NOT NULL
14:25 thd tcohen: Are you around today with some time to test wiki migration to Canasta?  Sorry that as I reported yesterday morning the power supply connector on my laptop developed a bad connection.  I was back on IRC later with swapped hardware.
14:27 anne caroline : an other bug I think, when I am looking for a book, in research page, I got : "Exemplaires en consultation sur place : Not for loan" Not for loan is not translated (it's not in fr-FR-marc-UNIMARC.po but I'm not sure if it's OK or not ; I don't know how to fix it anyway) (22.05.03)
14:29 wajasu ok. i see bug.  couldn't find it. thanks. I think that we could get the marc record and code it like it is in opac-details, as jonathan druart mentioned in comment1.  it's a small like of books for a course, so it's not much overhead.
15:18 caroline anne, sorry I was in a meeting... glad the translation fix worked! I'll check for the "Not for loan" part. It might be in fr-FR-opac-bootstrap
15:52 cait1 anne: maybe it takes it from the NOT_LOAN authorised value
15:52 cait1 so from the database - worth a test
15:53 cait1 wajasu: we probably could, but I don't htinke we have the logic the XSLt does as a perl component yet
15:53 cait1 waht you see might in opac-detail might be related to the old non-xslt views, they are no longer in use
16:00 anne cait1 : Thank you for looking. I saw that in normal view/holdings the translation "Not for loan" worked (but not in research page). But I have to go ...
16:19 cait1 got to leave as well :) bye all!
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