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00:02 wajasu i've come to the conclusion that you can't run 2 plack workers with a 1cpu VPS.
00:02 wajasu you can run 1cpu and bump the plack worker count to 1
00:03 wajasu or run a 2cpu VPS with 2 plack workers,
00:03 wajasu or run 2 VPS 1cpu servers with 1 appserver/memcached, and 1 database.
00:05 wajasu but 1cpu VPS with 2GB ram will work with 1 plack worker.
00:05 wajasu when i had 2 plack workers trying to run on a 1 cpu server, one stalled and died. thus opac connection timeout.
00:06 wajasu things worked with staff search, but opac does so many more requests, it took too long.
00:07 wajasu my box from 10 years ago probably had an AMD with 2 cpus, plus it was koha version 3.8.
02:33 tuxayo > i've come to the conclusion that you can't run 2 plack workers with a 1cpu VPS.
02:33 tuxayo With 1 CPU, no concurrency is possible so having two workers shouldn't yield any gains while carrying a RAM and CPU overhead
02:34 tuxayo > one stalled and died. thus opac connection timeout.
02:34 tuxayo This shouldn't happen though ^^"
02:35 tuxayo It should feel a bit slower if anything. (the CPU overhead shouldn't be much perceptible)
02:36 tuxayo Anyway, does Koha still runs decently on your VPS with one CPU and one worker?
02:36 wajasu it might be that 81 queries to the db is pushing it past a plack worker timeout.  context switching?
02:36 wajasu yes it runs as well as my old system.
02:36 tuxayo good ^^
02:37 tuxayo > pushing it past a plack worker timeout
02:37 tuxayo The timeout should take some time to happen tough. How fast it failed?
02:38 wajasu 4-5 seconds
02:38 wajasu firefox browser is 90 by default.
02:40 wajasu the other day, i had some local covers.  so it was doing db queries, after memcached, plack worker contention, and serving 5 local covers.
02:40 tuxayo > context switching?
02:40 tuxayo Yes, it should happen a lot with 1 CPU for 1 worker and the DB. And even more for 2 workers (assuming multiple concurrent requests) but I don't know how much performance is really eaten by that.
02:40 tuxayo Maybe there isn't much context switching with 1 worker. Since Koha waits for the DB call to end.
02:40 wajasu i saw in my top
02:41 wajasu its faster with plack and memcached, than without.
02:41 tuxayo > 4-5 seconds
02:41 tuxayo That's way too fast. So something is wrong that it (webserver, worker or DB) timeouts that fast.
02:41 tuxayo > its faster with plack and memcached, than without.
02:41 tuxayo great :D
02:42 wajasu if my librarian complains, i will bump to a 2cpu VPS for $30/month.  i probably could do 2 $5 servers, with the db on one.  and then backup to the second disk.
02:43 wajasu i'm trying to find where I can set how many days back to keep the backups.
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03:08 wajasu even though i migrated from 3.10 to 22.05, my database has all the notices with << >> template brackets. do all those notices need to migrate to [% %] or is the template toolkit configured to handle both.
03:08 wajasu if it doesn't hadnle << >>, is there a script to migrate to [% %]  ?
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11:25 ashimema wajasu we still support both syntaxes for now.. not even all the default notices are migrated yet
11:26 ashimema They support slightly different options though, some of the newer notices rely on TT feature not available in our custom <<>> replacements wtuff
14:33 tuxayo git fetch returns "Gitea: Internal error"
14:33 tuxayo But it managed to fetch commit anyway ^^"
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