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00:02 wajasu i have two koha intallations 22.05.03 on both. one completes searches just fine.(same database). i looked at the about->server information tab and see the perl@INC is different.
00:03 wajasu the opac search server that is crashing is missing  /usr/share/koha/installer and  /usr/share/koha/lib/installer   from the Perl @INC section
00:03 wajasu maybe that's why
00:03 wajasu hmm. wonder where/host that gets set
00:03 wajasu tht path
00:31 tuxayo > should i enable plugins?
00:31 tuxayo Do you need non sysadmin to be able to install plugins?
00:32 tuxayo > the opac search server that is crashing is missing  /usr/share/koha/installer and  /usr/share/koha/lib/installer   from the Perl @INC section
00:32 tuxayo What does the crashes say in the logs wajasu ?
00:33 tuxayo If that's related to perl@INC, then the errors should point to missing modules then
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02:04 dps Hello! Does anyone know/part
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02:08 dps Hello! Newbie to Koha here. Migrating a database of 5000+ MARC records. How can I map 082$a and 082$b to right place so the call number shows up in holdings?
02:28 tuxayo dps: hi :
02:28 tuxayo * :)
02:30 dps hi :)
02:30 tuxayo dps: administration: Koha to MARC mapping
02:31 tuxayo Does anyone know what "searching for item fields" means?
02:31 tuxayo It's in this test plan: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…].cgi?id=27272#c35
02:31 huginn` Bug 27272: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Needs Signoff , Move C4::Items::GetItemsInfo to Koha namespace
02:31 dps tuxayo : that's what I thought, but I'm having some trouble getting it working.
02:32 dps tuxayo : I'm testing using the demo install, though. Maybe that's the problem? It says something about rebuilding misc/ if any mapping changes are made?
02:33 tuxayo about 27272: does that mean using advanced search to find record/item using item specific info?
02:33 tuxayo dps: a yes, you need to be able to run that operation
02:34 tuxayo When you change Koha to MARC mappings, it doesn't reprocess all you data.
02:34 dps tuxayo : okay, so I need shell access to the server?
02:34 tuxayo yes
02:35 tuxayo This command will go through the MARC XML of all records, get the data from the mapped fields and put it in the collumn of the biblio table
02:37 dps tuxayo : So perhaps what I did was correct, just not rebuilt.
02:38 tuxayo dps: likely, because not matter what you do you won't see good results without a rebuild.
02:39 dps tuxayo : I went to the 952$o field in Koha to MARC mapping and I added 082$a and 082$b for dewey to items.itemcallnumber -- or at least it looked like that's what I had done.
02:39 dps tuxayo : Would that be the right process at least?
02:49 tuxayo dps: I don't know the detail, I didn't much used that ^^"?
02:49 tuxayo I'm confused that you can map two fields to a collumn, really?
02:50 tuxayo Also, what did you do with 952$o ?
02:52 dps tuxayo : I left 952$o blank in my Excel table, assuming that Koha could just map to that later. But maybe that was a wrong assumption.
02:53 dps I could go back to the data and write a script that would copy 082$a and 082$b into $952$o. Maybe that would be the easiest solution. Prepare the data better for Koha.
02:55 dps tuxayo : and yes, it "seemed" to allow me to add multiple fields to the items.itemcallnumber
02:56 dps tuxayo : but maybe if I tried to rebuild it would throw an error
03:02 tuxayo > it "seemed" to allow me to add multiple fields to the items.itemcallnumber
03:02 tuxayo Maybe, ok. That would be a good suprise. I don't know the feature.
03:03 tuxayo > I could go back to the data and write a script that would copy 082$a and 082$b into $952$o. Maybe that would be the easiest solution. Prepare the data better for Koha.
03:03 tuxayo What makes the most sense semantically? I relating to the data and the meaning of the 3 fields.
03:03 tuxayo dps ^^^^^^
03:07 dps tuxayao : I'm not a librarian, but I suppose Koha wants the call number in 952$o because you often have both dewey and LOC classification in the MARC records. Putting it in 952$o would make the holdings data specific for your library then.
03:08 dps tuxayo : So I imagine it would make the most sense to get it into 952$o before even staging the records. Does that make sense?
03:10 dps tuxayo : our library uses dewey, so I just though Koha would automatically pull from 082 for the call number, but maybe that's not really best practice, so it doesn't.
03:13 dps tuxayo : and 082 and 952 could be different too if the librarian chooses to classify something a little differently a little different locally than dewey-by-the-book says, which happens in our library sometimes.
03:25 wajasu tuxayo: i do a tail -f /var/log/koha/lib1/*.log and see no ouput when i submit any opac search. staff search works.
03:46 tuxayo wajasu: no output when it crashes??!
03:49 dps taxayo : thanks for your help. appreciate it!
03:50 tuxayo dps: «I suppose Koha wants the call number in 952$o» Since there is the mapping configuration, I suppose it doesn't matter to Koha.
03:50 tuxayo Wait you want to map a record fields (082) into an item column? Maybe Koha won't like that.
04:11 dps tuxayo : What I wanted was simply for 082$a and 082$b to show up as the "call number." I couldn't figure out how to do that.
04:11 dps tuxayo : that's the behavior I had when I was using the really old OpenBiblio that I'm trying to convert from.
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14:02 tcohen marcelr++
14:02 tcohen cait++
14:02 tcohen great QA couple weeks
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16:18 pastebot "wajasu" at pasted "error when rebuilding zebra index with my library db with koha version 22.05.03" (31 lines) at
16:26 wajasu rebooted server. indexing now.
16:33 wajasu tcohen: i found out the deployment problem so my opac doesnt crash.
16:33 wajasu i had deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/koha-keyring.gpg] 22.05 main bullseye
16:34 wajasu instead of deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/koha-keyring.gpg] 22.05 main
16:37 wajasu i'm going to try without bullseye in my packer build script and see if it works better.
16:41 wajasu i noticed without bulseye, my About->System Info shows the /usr/share/koha/installer and /usr/share/koha/lib/installer in the Perl @INC section
16:41 wajasu building...
17:06 wajasu i see. if i don't stop/start memcached, the koha_rebuild_zebra results inthat recent pastebot. so now i'm indexing
17:06 wajasu having memcached running makes the index export faster as well.
17:22 wajasu still connection timeout on opac search.
17:22 wajasu will do one more apt-get update then upgrade
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18:54 Kolvir I've got Koha up and running thanks to some support here, but need a bit of guidance. Does anyone know of some kind of guideline of tips for converting a library to Koha? I'm not talking about another system, but this will be the first computerized system used; we're currently using old time checkout cards. Nothing computerized.
18:55 Kolvir It is quite the project even for this small library.
19:11 wajasu if you don't have marc biblio records, you can try to use a barcode scanner for the books, to get ISBN numbers.
19:12 wajasu ISBNs can be looked up using the public Z3950 servers (i.e Library Of Congress LOC), or other confgured in koha.
19:13 wajasu you might able to use a program like marcedit to help. and gather a file of MARC bibliography records for each unique book.
19:14 wajasu koha can import the marc record file into koha.
19:14 wajasu you can adjust the number of copies for books(i.e. items in koha parlance)
19:19 wajasu when you rebuild the index in koha, it will they will show up in the search.
19:19 wajasu the thing is tht you need to get an item in the marc record (952 items/holdings field)
19:20 wajasu i wrote a program to query the LOC 15 years ago and cleanup marc records that went way back, matching on titles, and such. lots of work.
19:21 wajasu[…]import-into-koha/
19:21 wajasu you can find help on issues like above
19:26 wajasu most of the pros are around here 9-5M-F in multiple timezones.  maybe some youtube vids exist.
19:50 Kolvir Thank you. I've configured a bunch of z3950 servers. One issue I've come across while testing is when scanning a book's UPC code to get the ISBN, I'm getting the additional 5 characters added on it that are in the second , smaller barcode next to it. Look on the back of a recent book and it will make more sense. Those numbers ruin the search results. Is there a way to get those last 5 digits dropped?
19:50 Kolvir Having to delete them manually each time is going to get really tedious
19:53 Kolvir i'm wondering if I'm going to have to scan the barcodes into a spreadsheet or the like and then truncate the field and upload them all to koha. Is it possible to upload a list a ISBNs and do a search on each one?
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21:42 tuxayo «koha can import the marc record file into koha.»
21:42 tuxayo «when you rebuild the index in koha, it will they will show up in the search. »
21:43 tuxayo wajasu: doesn't koha index on the fly when importing?
21:47 tuxayo Kolvir: you might want to ask in the general mailing list for the UPC vs ISBN issue. I'm pretty sure someone has found a way to make that work seamlessly.
21:47 tuxayo[…]ha-mailing-lists/
21:48 tuxayo I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere in koha there was some config about imports from barcode
21:54 Kolvir thanks!

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