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06:53 alex_a Bonjour
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07:03 Hugo morning, does anybody configured shibboleth with plack?
07:03 Hugo I am able to make it works without plack.. but I am not able with plack enable, any help will be welcomed
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07:05 fridolin hi there
07:05 wahanui hi, fridolin
07:07 Hugo hi
07:07 Hugo I am trying to configure koha & office365 with smal20
07:07 Hugo any experience on this?
07:08 cait1 I am not sure what you are trying to do with office and koha?
07:10 Hugo I am trygin to SSO
07:10 Hugo I have configured SAML2 with office365 and it is working fine when plack is disabled, but when plack is enabled, I suspect that env variabes doesn't reach to apache
07:11 Hugo and I am not able to login
07:20 ashimema `Note: Please see the POD for details of an alternate configuration for use in Plack environments.`
07:21 ashimema which says
07:21 ashimema Or (for Plack running):... (full message at[…]SaURyKkSxaePdwff)
07:21 Hugo yes I have already be there , but nothing woks
07:21 ashimema and you've enabled UseHeaders and disabled UseEnvironment
07:22 ashimema the issue you described about env not reaching plack is described exactly there
07:22 ashimema you need to use headers instead
07:22 * ashimema has a meeting to head into.. bbiab
07:30 Hugo Ok I will recheck again.. thanks a lot for your help
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08:07 Joubu mtj: around?
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08:27 Elia Hello all. I am trying to print patron library cards. When I generate the batch, underneath the barcodes, there is "HASH(0X55,,,)"
08:27 Elia what is this "HASH.." for, where is it coming from, and how do I get rid of it? thank you for help
08:36 Joubu Elia: which version of Koha are you using?
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08:40 eliza version 21.05.02
08:42 eliza I'm trying to generate patron library cards. When I create the batch, underneath the barcode there is "HASH(0X55....)". What is this coming from and how do I remove it?
08:49 Joubu eliza: it sounds like a bug, can you report it on our bug tracker?
08:49 Joubu
08:53 eliza will do. Not really sure what a bug is (sorry, very new to Koha)
08:55 eliza Do you think I should go ahead and print with it on there? It's not obstructing the barcode, which I guess is most important.
08:55 mtj hi #koha, about now Joubu
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09:25 cait1 eliza i guess it fails to print the barcode in clear text
09:25 cait1 the card number
09:25 cait1 that should be below the barcode usually
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09:40 mtj hey folks, does anyone have sudo/root access to the git server? tcohen, Joubu?
09:48 mtj i seem to now have an access problem, with my ssh key - can anyone help?
09:49 mtj ^ ashimema, rangi perhaps?
09:59 cait1 mtj: sorry not me, for sure Joubu
10:00 cait1 I am not sure if this is current - I think it's not: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]
10:00 cait1 Joubu: please update!  ;)
10:01 ashimema what's up mtj
10:02 ashimema hmm
10:02 ashimema you don't appear to be a user on the gittea instance at all mtj
10:02 mtj hi ashimema, i fwded email to you
10:03 ashimema ta
10:03 mtj hi cait1 🐻
10:09 ashimema OK.. I've added you an account via gittea
10:09 ashimema must admit, I thought you'd already have one
10:10 ashimema you should get a welcome email asking you to set a password
10:11 ashimema for now, i've added you as a collaborator on the security repo
10:11 ashimema so once you've set your password and associated your key with your account on gittea, you should get access
10:11 ashimema I'm still a bit new to it.. so will defer to Joubu for getting it set properly for the future
10:11 ashimema but that should get you going
10:15 mtj thanks ashimema, just waiting for email...
10:16 ashimema hmm
10:16 ashimema I would have expected it to be almost instant
10:19 mtj ashimema: hmmm yeah.. no email it seems
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10:28 mtj cheers, all sorted
10:30 ashimema :)
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10:39 oleonard Hi all
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11:25 tcohen good morning
11:33 oleonard Hi tcohen
11:48 magnuse \o/
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13:19 tuxayo mtj: Joubu Hi, I'm preparing the release
13:39 * oleonard bbl
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13:47 tcohen bbl
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15:24 ashimema anyone able to remind me how to prevent a column from printing from a datatable
15:24 ashimema I thought it was simply adding 'noprint' as a class to the field
15:24 ashimema but that appears not to be it :(
15:31 oleonard I think "noexport" covers both export and printing, not sure if there are any instances of only doing one
15:31 * oleonard isn't sure he's remembering correctly
15:31 ashimema interesting
15:31 ashimema thanks
15:31 ashimema there are noprint classes littered around the codebase
15:32 oleonard That's just for hiding using the print stylesheet
15:33 ashimema afraid noexport doesn't seem to work either
15:36 oleonard var exportColumns = ":visible:not(.noExport)";
15:36 oleonard From
15:36 ashimema aha.. that works
15:36 ashimema thanks
15:41 reiveune bye
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20:50 oleonard Anyone awake?
20:52 caroline_catlady I'm here
20:53 oleonard Hi caroline_catlady how are you?
20:53 caroline_catlady not too bad, and you?
20:54 oleonard Pretty good... mostly succeeding at fighting the pandemic brain fog :)
20:55 oleonard I was actually just working on a bug you reported, Bug 29019
20:55 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29019 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Unable to delete HTML customization
20:55 oleonard ...I've half-solved it...
20:55 caroline_catlady can you replicate it?
20:56 oleonard Yes and I see what the problem is, but there's a part of the code I don't understand
20:57 caroline_catlady I'm not much help for that unfortunately
20:59 oleonard I'll do what I usually do, bang rocks together until something works
20:59 caroline_catlady XD
20:59 caroline_catlady Maybe you'll create a fire to warm yourself up
21:10 * oleonard thinks he has copied-and-pasted the correct line of code for a fix
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22:24 tuxayo caroline_catlady: great news! :D
22:25 tuxayo We need more cat people, nyaa
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