Time  Nick             Message
06:53 alex_a           Bonjour
07:03 Hugo             morning, does anybody configured shibboleth with plack?
07:03 Hugo             I am able to make it works without plack.. but I am not able with plack enable, any help will be welcomed
07:05 fridolin         hi there
07:05 wahanui          hi, fridolin
07:07 Hugo             hi
07:07 Hugo             I am trying to configure koha & office365 with smal20
07:07 Hugo             any experience on this?
07:08 cait1            I am not sure what you are trying to do with office and koha?
07:10 Hugo             I am trygin to SSO
07:10 Hugo             I have configured SAML2 with office365 and it is working fine when plack is disabled, but when plack is enabled, I suspect that env variabes doesn't reach to apache
07:11 Hugo             and I am not able to login
07:20 ashimema         `Note: Please see the Auth_with_shib.pm POD for details of an alternate configuration for use in Plack environments.`
07:21 ashimema         which says
07:21 ashimema         Or (for Plack running):... (full message at https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/JNfGmTLDSaURyKkSxaePdwff)
07:21 Hugo             yes I have already be there , but nothing woks
07:21 ashimema         and you've enabled UseHeaders and disabled UseEnvironment
07:22 ashimema         the issue you described about env not reaching plack is described exactly there
07:22 ashimema         you need to use headers instead
07:22 * ashimema       has a meeting to head into.. bbiab
07:30 Hugo             Ok I will recheck again.. thanks a lot for your help
08:07 Joubu            mtj: around?
08:27 Elia             Hello all. I am trying to print patron library cards. When I generate the batch, underneath the barcodes, there is "HASH(0X55,,,)"
08:27 Elia             what is this "HASH.." for, where is it coming from, and how do I get rid of it? thank you for help
08:36 Joubu            Elia: which version of Koha are you using?
08:40 eliza            version 21.05.02
08:42 eliza            I'm trying to generate patron library cards. When I create the batch, underneath the barcode there is "HASH(0X55....)". What is this coming from and how do I remove it?
08:49 Joubu            eliza: it sounds like a bug, can you report it on our bug tracker?
08:49 Joubu            https://bugs.koha-community.org/
08:53 eliza            will do. Not really sure what a bug is (sorry, very new to Koha)
08:55 eliza            Do you think I should go ahead and print with it on there? It's not obstructing the barcode, which I guess is most important.
08:55 mtj              hi #koha, about now Joubu
09:25 cait1            eliza i guess it fails to print the barcode in clear text
09:25 cait1            the card number
09:25 cait1            that should be below the barcode usually
09:40 mtj              hey folks, does anyone have sudo/root access to the git server? tcohen, Joubu?
09:48 mtj              i seem to now have an access problem, with my ssh key - can anyone help?
09:49 mtj              ^ ashimema, rangi perhaps?
09:59 cait1            mtj: sorry not me, for sure Joubu
10:00 cait1            I am not sure if this is current - I think it's not: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Website_Administration#git.koha-community.org
10:00 cait1            Joubu: please update!  ;)
10:01 ashimema         what's up mtj
10:02 ashimema         hmm
10:02 ashimema         you don't appear to be a user on the gittea instance at all mtj
10:02 mtj              hi ashimema, i fwded email to you
10:03 ashimema         ta
10:03 mtj              hi cait1 🐻
10:09 ashimema         OK.. I've added you an account via gittea
10:09 ashimema         must admit, I thought you'd already have one
10:10 ashimema         you should get a welcome email asking you to set a password
10:11 ashimema         for now, i've added you as a collaborator on the security repo
10:11 ashimema         so once you've set your password and associated your key with your account on gittea, you should get access
10:11 ashimema         I'm still a bit new to it.. so will defer to Joubu for getting it set properly for the future
10:11 ashimema         but that should get you going
10:15 mtj              thanks ashimema, just waiting for email...
10:16 ashimema         hmm
10:16 ashimema         I would have expected it to be almost instant
10:19 mtj              ashimema: hmmm yeah.. no email it seems
10:28 mtj              cheers, all sorted
10:30 ashimema         :)
10:39 oleonard         Hi all
11:25 tcohen           good morning
11:33 oleonard         Hi tcohen
11:48 magnuse          \o/
13:19 tuxayo           mtj: Joubu Hi, I'm preparing the release
13:39 * oleonard       bbl
13:47 tcohen           bbl
15:24 ashimema         anyone able to remind me how to prevent a column from printing from a datatable
15:24 ashimema         I thought it was simply adding 'noprint' as a class to the field
15:24 ashimema         but that appears not to be it :(
15:31 oleonard         I think "noexport" covers both export and printing, not sure if there are any instances of only doing one
15:31 * oleonard       isn't sure he's remembering correctly
15:31 ashimema         interesting
15:31 ashimema         thanks
15:31 ashimema         there are noprint classes littered around the codebase
15:32 oleonard         That's just for hiding using the print stylesheet
15:33 ashimema         afraid noexport doesn't seem to work either
15:36 oleonard         var exportColumns = ":visible:not(.noExport)";
15:36 oleonard         From columns_settings.inc
15:36 ashimema         aha.. that works
15:36 ashimema         thanks
15:41 reiveune         bye
20:50 oleonard         Anyone awake?
20:52 caroline_catlady I'm here
20:53 oleonard         Hi caroline_catlady how are you?
20:53 caroline_catlady not too bad, and you?
20:54 oleonard         Pretty good... mostly succeeding at fighting the pandemic brain fog :)
20:55 oleonard         I was actually just working on a bug you reported, Bug 29019
20:55 huginn           Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=29019 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Unable to delete HTML customization
20:55 oleonard         ...I've half-solved it...
20:55 caroline_catlady can you replicate it?
20:56 oleonard         Yes and I see what the problem is, but there's a part of the code I don't understand
20:57 caroline_catlady I'm not much help for that unfortunately
20:59 oleonard         I'll do what I usually do, bang rocks together until something works
20:59 caroline_catlady XD
20:59 caroline_catlady Maybe you'll create a fire to warm yourself up
21:07 caroline_catlady [off] I actually have big new in my personal AND professional life : my partner started working at inlibro this week. he is not really on Koha, he's working on another product, but eventually all devs work on Koha, so he might pop in here or on bz
21:08 oleonard         [off] That's cool!
21:10 * oleonard       thinks he has copied-and-pasted the correct line of code for a fix
22:24 tuxayo           caroline_catlady: great news! :D
22:25 tuxayo           We need more cat people, nyaa