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00:48 mtj hi Joubu, i had a look at "fixing" www/search_utf8.t some days ago using sleep(1), i'll upload the patch
00:49 mtj i'll take a look at bug 26893 over the next few days, i need to setup a CI for it
00:49 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=26893 blocker, P5 - low, ---, mtj, ASSIGNED , New version of JSON::Validator (D11) break our REST API routes
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01:10 tuxayo mtj++
01:11 tuxayo Better sleeping than having to remove the test
01:27 mtj hi tuxayo, im not sure that ive fixed the test... as i cant get it to fail on my test system
01:28 mtj ..but hopefully it will be pushed, and we can see how it behaves with jenkins
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02:12 mtj hi dcook, i have koha-core and koha-full packages ready to test
02:12 mtj[…]pelines/218230110
02:12 mtj[…]pelines/218229728
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02:42 dcook mtj: Oooh cool
02:45 mtj hiya, we need to setup some ktd/jenkins to properly test them, yet :)
02:46 dcook mtj: I was just looking for job artifacts... heh
02:46 dcook Hmm am I seeing rabbitmq on the koha-core-ka pipeline?
02:47 dcook[…]/-/jobs/859064515
02:47 dcook Oh or is that just for testing?
02:48 mtj just testing, its manually installed and configured
02:48 mtj apt-get -qy install rabbitmq-server
02:59 dcook :D
03:00 dcook Hmm so looking at bug 26672
03:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=26672 normal, P5 - low, ---, dcook, NEW , Create metapackage to install Koha and all its dependencies
03:00 dcook I think that Tomas and co wanted to do things differently to how I've done them there
03:00 dcook And actually since koha-common still requires rabbitmq-server, koha-core depending on koha-common would install it..
03:02 mtj currently, koha-core and koha-full dont depend on koha-common
03:03 dcook Oh I gues I did include two different patches..
03:03 dcook Or is bug 26672 irrelevant?
03:04 mtj my packages are built from here .. ->[…]/heads/koha-core7
03:04 dcook Oohhh Joubu's saying git move next Monday. Excitement!
03:04 mtj[…]9423a5c67e7e82ef5
03:06 dcook Ah coool. Sounds good.
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06:22 Vihaan hey can you help me to change the cronjob time of from 15 min. to 1 min
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06:48 Vihaan any one ther?
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07:39 alex_a Bonjour
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07:46 TimothyAlexis How does the backporting of patches work? Can I backport any patch?
07:46 magnuse \o/
07:47 TimothyAlexis magnuse++
07:47 TimothyAlexis Thank you for the code reference yesterday.
07:47 magnuse huh?
07:47 magnuse ah, my pleasure
07:48 magnuse the rmaints backport the patches they deem necessary, if it is overly difficult, they might ask the patch writer to do a patch specific to "their" version
07:49 magnuse if there is one you need backported i'm sure the rmaints won't mind if you backport it for them. it is up to them to include it or not, though
07:49 magnuse at least that is how i would describe things, based on my experience .-)
07:51 TimothyAlexis I added a patch to bug 9565 for master and we have 20.05.03.
07:51 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9565 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Signed Off , Deleting a biblio should alert/fail if there are existent subscriptions
07:52 magnuse as long as it is a bug (not enh), the rmaint should then backport it to 20.05.x and make it part of a future minor version
07:53 TimothyAlexis Ok I see, thank you.
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08:29 cait1 looks like translate is down agaon
08:29 cait1 and good morning #koha
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08:31 Chugeistr Hi everybody. Is there an IRC channel dedicated to MarcEdit by any chance?
08:32 cait1 Chugeistr: sorry, I don't know, have you checked is there is a marcedit room maybe?
08:32 cait1 i think if there is it's probably listed on their website too
08:37 Chugeistr fair enough =) apparently there isn't any. But I've found their mailing list. Thanks.
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08:49 kohaputti ashimema, down
08:53 kohaputti works again
08:53 ashimema should be back now
08:53 kohaputti thanks :)
08:53 ashimema weird.. I think the server may need a bit more maintanence
08:53 ashimema things went wrong badly yesterday for a while and neither of us could ssh into it either
08:53 ashimema at elast today I could get in to reset apache
08:53 kohaputti restarting apache fixes this?
08:54 ashimema yup
08:54 kohaputti strange
08:54 ashimema it's a bit odd.. I've not worked out why yet
08:55 kohaputti do you know if it happens every day or just once a week or randomly?
08:55 ashimema not sure to be honest
08:55 ashimema I've not been tracking it all that closely
08:55 kohaputti ok, I have no idea either because I don't use pootle that much
08:56 ashimema the system seems very slow today
08:59 kohaputti everybody getting prepared for 20.11
09:00 ashimema indeed
09:01 Joubu I've tried to ssh few minutes ago but it was not working
09:01 ashimema I managed to ssh in
09:01 ashimema but the system feels very sluggish
09:01 ashimema wierdly though.. nothing stands out in top
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09:02 kohaputti ashimema, how's the ram/swap?
09:02 kohaputti did you check dmesg for hw problems
09:03 ashimema total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
09:03 ashimema Mem:           7.8G        2.3G        226M         23M        5.2G        5.1G
09:03 ashimema Swap:          952M        192M        760M
09:04 kohaputti and enough of disk space? The Koha jenkins server we hosted was sluggish because of one partition getting full.
09:04 ashimema ther's a java process running elastic on here.. which surprised me
09:04 ashimema but then I don't know what else the server is really used for
09:04 Joubu it still times out for me
09:04 * ashimema sent a long message:  <[…]mjnlb/message.txt >
09:04 ashimema yup..
09:04 ashimema so all the obvious look OK.
09:04 ashimema dmesg not really reporting anything either.. a few firewall blocks but not so many that I'd worry
09:05 kohaputti the network could be satured maybe.. lots of possible causes :P
09:05 ashimema indeed
09:05 ashimema I am suspecting network.. my ssh terminal is sluggish.. I type something and it take a second or two to actually appear
09:06 ashimema any and all commands take seconds to respond.. one's I'd normally expect to be pretty much instant
09:06 ashimema so yeah.. something funky is going on
09:06 kohaputti it is 500ms ping from finland to the server
09:06 ashimema I'll ask bernardo to take a more detailed look.. he has a team of ops at the uni who look after it as infrastructure I believe
09:07 kohaputti so that will make it definitely sluggish ssh experience
09:08 ashimema the server is asking for a restart and update upon login anyway.. that's something I'll defer to bernardo anyway.. bit rude to go ahead and reboot someone elses server.. haha.
09:09 cait1 can you check if jobs are running or so?
09:09 cait1 not that we interrupt update processes
09:10 ashimema er..
09:10 ashimema any idea what this does? */5 * * * * mysql test -e "update fecha set fecha =now();"
09:10 ashimema seems an odd thing to see in the chron
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09:14 Joubu testing if the mysql server is reachable?.....
09:33 cait1 I see new strings on pootle
09:34 cait1 maybe the apache problem is related to updating the po files
09:34 cait1 or even intentional to wait until finished?
09:41 ashimema not that I can see.. but it might be buried in a script
09:42 ashimema there are three scripts that run one after the other at 0:15, 1:15 and 2:15 respectively
09:42 ashimema no idea how long any of them take.. wouldn't be at all surprised if they overlap
09:49 Joubu @later tell kidclamp could you have a look at bug 24488 comment 93?
09:49 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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10:30 tcohen bonjour
10:30 wahanui hello, tcohen
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10:30 tcohen bgkriegel told me he couldn't find the apache problems cause
10:31 ashimema interesting
10:31 tcohen reboot the server if it is not running any process
10:32 tcohen that server only hosts the communty translation stuff
10:32 ashimema thats good to know, thanks tcohen
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10:36 Joubu tcohen: we are experiencing network issues apparently
10:37 tcohen it is working now, right?
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10:54 ashimema hmm
10:54 ashimema connection times out for me now on translate
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11:06 kidclamp joubu: the cases where libraries have lowest priority greater than 1 seem to be very rare, and usually have reasons (suspended holds, holds in future, missing items) so I think that is the right way forward
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11:12 Joubu highest you mean?
11:12 Joubu kidclamp: highest you mean?
11:12 kidclamp semantics, yes
11:13 Joubu ok, thanks for the confirmation!
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11:38 oleonard o/
11:40 tuxayo hi #koha o/
12:05 mtj hi folks
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12:21 magnuse \o/
12:24 mtj Joubu, re 26031, theres only one way to find out if the patch works - push it and see what happens :)
12:24 oleonard mtj: So just like every other patch?
12:27 mtj oleonard: no, most patches can be tested without being pushed
12:27 oleonard I mean, if you don't want to live dangerously.
12:29 mtj the failing test has no risk, so it presents no danger :)
12:34 mtj re 26031, there seems to be only 4 tests that fail randomly - so another option would be to just remove those 4 problematic tests
12:35 mtj ..then we can still retain the other 88 reliable tests
12:40 tuxayo +1
12:58 Joubu sleep() in tests always proved it was a bad idea
12:59 Joubu mtj: why do you think it could fix the failing tests?
13:03 mtj Joubu: i thought it was a timing problem, that could be fixed with a sleep
13:04 mtj but i do see your point about it failing on slower systems, still.. i can offer a better patch
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13:58 kidclamp Joubu: bug 24083
13:59 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=24083 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, andrew.isherwood, Pushed to master , Koha should support "seen" vs "unseen" renewals
13:59 kidclamp followup added
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14:00 Joubu thx kidclamp
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14:15 ashimema thanks kidclamp :)
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15:00 Joubu @later tell oleonard did you see my comment on bug 26465?
15:00 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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15:30 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "Joubu: we've got something already, to work with" (21 lines) at
15:38 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "Joubu" (16 lines) at
15:54 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "Joubu: settled" (13 lines) at
15:56 Joubu tcohen: yes, read better
15:56 Joubu with the comment it's perfect imo
15:57 * tcohen will check what it says if the credentials are wrong, just in case haha
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16:07 caroline what's up with the sql/yml files for translation?
16:08 caroline do we still have to submit language specific sql?
16:08 ashimema "It depends"
16:08 ashimema you shouldn't.. the strings should all now be in pootle
16:08 caroline asking specifically for account_credit_types.sql and account_debit_types.sql which are in installer/data/mysql/mandatory, but are in english
16:08 ashimema unless you had some additional customisations that were beyond translations and were 'localisations' instead..
16:09 ashimema like changing syspref defaults for your locality
16:09 ashimema they need sql files still
16:09 ashimema right.. so I those actually don't count
16:09 ashimema as the user facing strings are not coming from the database for those..
16:09 ashimema they're coming from a template include
16:10 ashimema you, in fact, signed off one of the patches that did that template stuff for translations caroline :)
16:10 caroline ok, so if in I see them in english, it means my .po file in incomplete
16:10 ashimema correct
16:10 ashimema the strings should be coming from /inc/
16:10 caroline ok thanks!
16:10 ashimema in both opac and staff
16:11 ashimema :)
16:11 ashimema hugs
16:11 caroline some people here get insulted if things are in English (historic thing) so I really need to translate stuff  asap :)
16:11 ashimema I see
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16:11 ashimema understandable
16:12 ashimema us english are horrible people :S
16:12 caroline lol!
16:12 tuxayo ^^
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16:13 caroline its a thing in canada unfortunatelym the anglophones don't like the francophones (esp. quebec fracophones) and francophones don't lkike the anglophones
16:13 caroline historically the two people have always been opposed (since colonization, but even before in europe i guess)
16:22 ashimema any of the cait (s) around
16:26 tuxayo caroline: that's a sad story :(
16:27 tuxayo hm, git bz suddenly asks for a ton of perl deps even though nothing perl related or git bz was updated
16:27 tuxayo It even asks for Search/ when I'm just doing an apply :o
16:29 ashimema er.. that's weird
16:31 tuxayo Can't locate C4/
16:32 tuxayo ok now it asks for a Koha thing
16:32 ashimema did perl5lib go awol somehow?
16:32 tuxayo wut
16:32 tuxayo I always used git-bz in the host system
16:33 ashimema it's weird that git-bz is the issue
16:33 ashimema git-bz is python
16:33 tuxayo BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at
16:34 tuxayo it's like it's trying to execute the patched file :o
16:35 tuxayo ashimema: I know!
16:35 ashimema that is very strange
16:35 tuxayo It might be the pre apply hook
16:35 ashimema hmm
16:35 tuxayo I enabled it yesterday
16:35 ashimema could be
16:36 ashimema that would make some sense
16:36 * ashimema doesn't have a pre-apply hook
16:38 tuxayo «The pre-commit hook can also be useful as a pre-applypatch hook to catch issues with others bugs when applying via either `git am` or `git bz`. »
16:38 tuxayo https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ks#pre-applypatch
16:38 ashimema interesting
16:38 ashimema I had never noticed the line about pre-applypatch on tips and tricks
16:38 ashimema haha
16:38 ashimema I re-worked the pre-commit hook a fair bit a while ago
16:39 ashimema wouldn't be surprised if I broke it.
16:39 ashimema well.. broke it for pre-applypatch
16:41 tuxayo Indeed the same code works as a pre-commit hook
16:42 ashimema interesting
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16:50 tuxayo ashimema: shall I remove the section or add a warning? «Currently broken when applying bug 27044 for example. Needs adaptation.»
16:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=27044 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Deprecate core support for PayPal payments
16:52 ashimema Huh
16:52 ashimema Does it only not work on that one..m wonder why
16:53 ashimema I'm not sure I understand how it works.. I should remind myself what states got is in at the time preapplypatch runs
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17:09 tuxayo ashimema: «does it only now work with that one?» I just tried with two and the other one worked
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18:35 tcohen is using alt="description" translatable in Koha?
18:35 tcohen aria-friendly even?
18:43 caroline has anyone noticed if bulkmarcimport is slower in 20.05 va 19.05?
18:43 caroline I started an import of 136000 records yesterday (!!) and it's still running... I don't remember it ever being this long before
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19:34 tuxayo > aria-friendly even?
19:34 tuxayo Pretty sure that yes. It's one the of most told things about accessibility
19:34 tuxayo For the screen reader use case at least.
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21:39 ashimema we noticed bulkmarcimport has got slower with recent releases caroline
21:40 * ashimema slinks off to bed
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