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00:00 * dcook is enjoying playing with Mojolicious
00:01 dcook Also glad it's only 11am here
00:01 dcook Going to try to make the most out of my hackfest day..
00:02 dcook Make an easy auth shim and maybe a Mojolicious replacement for tools/ and provide a pathway for the move from CGI..
00:06 * dcook wishes ashimema were around
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00:19 cait bit very late for him
00:28 dcook Maybe I'll be able to leave something for him at the end of the day heh
00:28 dcook C4::Auth... hurts the eyes but does give me ideas..
00:28 dcook It looks like we re-authorize people for every web request
00:28 dcook Which I suppose has its pros and cons
00:28 cait good night all
00:29 dcook good night :)
00:29 lisettelatah good night cait
00:57 lisettelatah Good night everyone
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01:42 dcook Ahhhhhhh that feeling when you have a typo but you don't realize it until way too late
02:01 haleems hi, again wonder if today's kohacon20 workshop of in-person activities of both 2 rooms are able to be shared with external online participants as there was no live stream provided. Thanks
02:08 aleisha_kohacon hi haleems, as we've mentioned before we'll do our best to share any notes or slides from presenters.
02:08 aleisha_kohacon our presenters submitted these workshops not expecting to need to cater to an online audience so may not have notes or slides to share
02:16 dcook Got a Mojolicious controller rendering a Template::Toolkit template. Baby steps but..
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02:16 haleems Thanks so much hoping at least you would share the text notes or slides prepared by the presenters especially today's presentation. Thank you.
02:17 dcook Oh darn the action on the form will be wrong..
02:19 dcook Ahh killing it
03:00 aleisha_kohacon haleems we have shared the notes that presenters have made available to us already, they are on the kohacon website programme
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03:56 dcook Oh man I bet I've been hit by buffering..
03:57 dcook And I just haven't been patient enough..
03:59 dcook Ahhh that was it
03:59 * dcook dies
04:05 dcook Hmm maybe..
04:06 dcook Killing my koha-testing-docker with too big of a load O_O
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06:22 severine_q mornin' #koha :)
06:27 paxed really enjoying the kohacon videos
06:27 paxed so nice to "be there" :)
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06:35 ashimema Blimey.. busy overnight
06:35 ashimema Good morning Koha
06:38 ashimema C4::Auth is very much from the CGI age dcook.. do kinda required a re-auth every request.. kinda painful in modern times
06:39 dcook I don't know. I think we could do better with CGI too, although yeah the passing around of CGI objects all over... ugh
06:39 dcook Glad you're awake though :)
06:39 dcook bug 26791
06:39 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=26791 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dcook, NEW , Build Mojolicious controller replacement for
06:39 dcook Really curious what your thoughts would be on that
06:39 dcook Have you had any luck streaming data in a HTTP response with Mojolicious?
06:39 ashimema Though I suppose you sort of from the same in modern tech too.. you do need to verify the request comes from the authenticated session every time
06:39 dcook I'm writing to the Mojolicious listserv now as I'm at my wit's end
06:40 ashimema Hmm, not looked yet.. still in bed ;)
06:41 ashimema We did sockets in rebus:list with mojo.. but didn't venture into streaming
06:41 dcook :(
06:41 dcook It seems like such a basic thing
06:41 dcook I have a tonne of data that I want to output without having the whole response in memory..
06:41 dcook Surely many apps would have this problem..
06:41 ashimema Once we had a socket open for chat and things, it was easy to just throw other things in with it
06:41 ashimema Yeah, I imagine they do
06:42 dcook Hopefully it's a case of me missing something obvious
06:42 dcook But the documentation was dreadful and seemingly inaccurate...
06:42 ashimema Not an area I've had to look at for ages though
06:42 dcook No worries
06:42 dcook I'll pursue it heh
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07:08 dcook ashimema: Got the streaming working, but it required the ugliest construct...
07:09 dcook Oh and maybe I crashed Morbo...
07:10 dcook Ugh, encoding issue I think
07:10 * dcook is increasingly disliking Mojolicious heh
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07:18 dcook Oh maybe I didn't get it to work exactly..
07:26 dcook Definitely time to go home when everything in Koha seems terrible... heh
07:27 dcook biblioitemnumber => undef, # meaningless
07:27 dcook :@
07:27 dcook Although something else weird going on anyway..
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07:40 dcook Ahh it's the bloody item join..
07:43 dcook ashimema: Email sent to the Mojolicious listserv..
07:43 dcook If[…]ndering#Streaming is the only way of streaming in Mojolicious... then my opinion of Mojolicious will go way down...
07:44 dcook Although that $c->$drain syntax is neat...
07:47 dcook I guess the idea is so that it can handle non-blocking I/O better... but ooof
07:47 ashimema you've now gone further in Mojo than I have in years I'm afraid ;)
07:53 dcook heh
07:53 dcook Of course I've done it on a Friday
07:53 dcook I have been wanting to play with Mojo more overall though so maybe no time like the present
07:54 dcook The documentation leaves a lot to be desired... but I think I might get why it's not working..
07:54 dcook Although that $c->$drain syntax blows my mind
07:56 dcook Oh I think I might get it now..
07:57 dcook I don't know if all Perl objects are like this but it seems like you can call the anonymous code block using $c...
07:57 dcook Which then lets you have that $c object as the first argument..
07:57 dcook Crafty
07:57 dcook And then it's just recursively writing it seems..
08:02 dcook The really neat thing in[…]ndering#Streaming is that $drain uses $drain in itself
08:02 dcook And it's able to do that I guess because $drain is a coderef ceated before it's actually run... *brainsplosion*
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08:27 dcook ashimema: Think I may have figured it out mostly? lol
08:28 dcook I mean it's 7:30pm so I should go home..
08:28 dcook While your non-streaming response can be done in a blocking fashion, it looks like for a stream that they force you to do it non-blocking
08:28 dcook So you end up in this recursive callback hell (like in Node.js), but... it should be more performant overall
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08:31 magnuse \o/
08:48 severine_q I get this software error try to add an order from external source
08:48 severine_q Unsupported UNIMARC character encoding [] for XML output for UNIMARC; 100$a ->  at /home/koha/perl5/lib/perl5/MARC/File/ line 568.
08:48 severine_q it worked a few days ago
08:48 severine_q does someone can help me ?
08:48 severine_q Nicolas is in holiday :)
08:49 severine_q *can someone help me ? --> better question :)
08:50 cait hm what is 100  in UNIMARC?
08:51 magnuse title?
08:51 wahanui i think title is generic.. each followup needs to be specific and use the generic method
08:52 magnuse severine_q: did it work with the same record, or with a different one?
08:54 severine_q 100$a are general processing datas
08:55 severine_q i tried to search different king of information but it always failed
08:56 severine_q wanted to answer marcelr about bug 23302 :(
08:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23302 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Less clicks on Z3950 search results
09:01 severine_q happens in both Firefox and Google... seems i've broken something
09:06 dcook Ok I'm outta here.
09:06 dcook ciao ciao
09:06 ashimema ooh, ooh.. you're about to overtake me for this months signoffs severine_q :)
09:06 ashimema nighty night dcook
09:06 ashimema severine_q++
09:07 severine_q bye dcook !
09:07 severine_q do you found where it comes from ashimema ?
09:07 ashimema ?
09:07 ashimema your encoding issue?
09:08 ashimema afraid I'm not sure :(
09:09 ashimema sounds like an errant marc record to me.
09:10 ashimema it's the indicators
09:11 ashimema is this an authority or bib search?
09:11 ashimema ok.. authority or bib record you're adding?
09:12 ashimema bit nasty that it explodes so badly though
09:12 ashimema
09:12 wahanui is up again :D
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09:14 severine_q oh sorry ashimema ! I misunderstood what you said :/
09:15 severine_q well, i didn't test during quite a long time so i need to catch the delay :)
09:15 ashimema :)
09:15 severine_q was a bib search to add an order to a basket from external source
09:16 ashimema did you say it happens for any/all sources?
09:16 ashimema or just the source catalogue you're searching?
09:16 ashimema it certainly looks data related to me
09:16 ashimema position 26 in the record appears to be empty
09:17 ashimema when it should contain either '01' or '03'.
09:17 * ashimema is reading this code:[…]/File/
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09:18 ashimema in fact..
09:18 ashimema it looks like the 100$a field doesn't contain anything at all?
09:18 ashimema is that normal?
09:19 severine_q no idea at all... to me, it seems this datas are filed when importing the record so i'm surprised it blocks the search
09:20 severine_q you know what ? i'll wait Nicolas returns from holyday to fix it with him
09:20 severine_q don't want to take everyon's time for maybe a local problem
09:21 ashimema no worries.. we were happy to try and help
09:22 severine_q you're all so king !
09:23 severine_q *kind
09:23 severine_q seems my fingers are tired today...
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10:01 cait sorry I ran away
10:01 cait i seem to remember a bug from someone at Biblibre about an encoding issue
10:01 cait will try to see if i canf ind it and if it's relevant
10:02 ashimema just in another chat.. waiting for people to arrive
10:03 ashimema no worries
10:03 ashimema I think it was data
10:03 cait there are quite a few bugs about 100$a in unimarc
10:03 cait bug 7474 being the oldest
10:03 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7474 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Error handling for 100$a incorrect value
10:04 ashimema ah, ok
10:04 ashimema maybe not just data then
10:04 ashimema I bet we're doing some pre-processing or something that hurts the data
10:04 cait bug 17791
10:04 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17791 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, synapse.ova, Failed QA , On UNIMARC system, USMARC field 100$a gets overwritten when importing from MARC21 target
10:04 ashimema it's a horrible way to crash out though
10:04 cait bug 18371
10:04 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18371 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , XSLT transformation fails if UNIMARC 100$a is hidden
10:05 cait 18371 has the same error as Severine was seeing
10:06 ashimema interesting
10:06 cait severine_q: can you check if 100$a has been made invisible in your frameworks?
10:06 ashimema perhaps we're somehow dropping the field
10:06 ashimema it appears ot be required else MARC::File explodes
10:08 cait there is bug 18153
10:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18153 major, P1 - high, ---, stephane.delaune, In Discussion , UNIMARC bib records exported with invalid 'a' char in label pos.9
10:08 cait that had a patch but is kinda stuck in discussion
10:11 ashimema not yet
10:11 ashimema in a call.. bbiab
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10:33 oleonard Hi all
10:33 UHH_PSY Hello, we have an issue with opac search engine. The Links in the search results lacks the biblionumber-Parameter ([…]pl?biblionumber=).
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10:37 UHH_PSY Any suggestions how to solve this issue?
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10:49 cait UHH_PSY go ito your bibliographic frameworks
10:49 cait make sure that the 999$c field is set to visible in alll of them
10:49 cait the OPAC editor and Intranet checkboxes need to be checked
10:58 magnuse that was weird, one patron "placing" 14 reserves on the same record, in 20 seconds
10:58 oleonard It's like what the YouTubers say... "SMASH that hold button!"
11:01 magnuse ftw!!1!
11:06 tcohen morning
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11:08 ashimema morning tcohen
11:09 UHH_PSY @cait: Thanks mate, it did the trick!
11:09 huginn UHH_PSY: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
11:09 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
11:11 magnuse cait++
11:11 kohaputti I don't remember if I asked this before, but would it be okay to pay some third party company to do code reviews / sign-offs for a) our own patches b) somebody else's patches?
11:12 kohaputti This is not super clear in the signing-off rules
11:12 ashimema nlegrand around?
11:13 cait kohaputti: you mean pay for testing from another party?
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11:13 kohaputti cait, yes
11:13 cait I think that would be ok as long we have the impression that testing is done seriously
11:14 ashimema I always struggle with that one.. as soon as money is involved you introduce the opportunity for bias.. but at the same time a good tester and qa people will be doing their job well and not let the payment bias them
11:14 UHH_PSY Thanks and good bye!
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11:14 kohaputti yes, the only problem is here when there is somebody who just pays someone to add signed-off-by without doing any testing
11:14 ashimema it's hard.. people need money to live and we expect allot for free in the koha commnunity
11:15 ashimema exactly
11:15 ashimema I think QA people can usually spot that
11:15 ashimema so in general I think it's OK.. though QA should probably highlight if they think that's going on.. for the benefit of all parties
11:15 kohaputti So maybe adding in the BZ comments the affliation would be a good idea
11:16 magnuse yeah, that would be good
11:16 kohaputti like saying "testing requested by XXX"
11:16 magnuse and maybe being extra thorough in describing what and how the testing prior to the signoff was done
11:17 * ashimema certainly doesn't want to put you off.. anything that can help keep the queues moving is good in my book
11:17 ashimema just so long as we manage to maintain quality at the final stages
11:17 cait a test plan written up would be a good touch
11:17 cait and then if things claimed to be tested appear totally broken... we'd have to revisit the idea
11:17 cait but it might turn out all well
11:18 ashimema I've felt for ages it would be nice to have a central pot people could pay into and request compensation from
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11:18 ashimema thus getting rid of some of the bias by going the way of a middle mediator
11:18 ashimema but I have no idea how to get something like that actually working
11:18 kohaputti magnuse, I feel like adding extra steps for paid testers would not be fair and would not incentivise to hire third party testes, Imho it should be same as everyone, adding signed-off-by would mean that the test plan is completed by the tester
11:19 cait kohaputti: i used to write testing notes on all patches
11:19 cait i still am very happy if someone does that
11:19 cait going beyond the written up test plan is the trick
11:19 cait so not asking something that i haven't done myself before
11:19 magnuse yeah, we used to be quite verbose in describing how we tested
11:19 ashimema When it comes to QA.. I trust an SO much more if there are lots of testing notes :)
11:19 kohaputti cait, yeah, I add those only when going beyond the test plan and my code review
11:19 cait i kinda regret stopping that
11:20 cait it doesn'thave to be a novel
11:20 ashimema i.e I'm more likely to pick the bug to QA and then QA it quicker if there's solid notes (or if I happen to know the tester personally and know how diligent they are)
11:20 ashimema for example.. if I see Andrew from ByWater has tested something, I often jump on QAing those, because I know he's often done half the job for me as he's so diligent at testing and spots all the easy to spot issues long before I need to get involved.
11:20 oleonard I would say a signoff implies at the very least that the tester followed the test plan
11:21 ashimema so yeah.. I wouldn't 'require' it.. but if your paying someone, then encouraging them to do a great job is in your best interest
11:21 ashimema indeed
11:21 ashimema I agree
11:21 ashimema but great testers test more than the test plan :)
11:22 oleonard I just mean that testing notes should refer to that extra testing. No need to re-write the test plan as testing notes.
11:22 ashimema totally agree oleonard
11:22 tcohen are you talking about adding a 'testing notes' field  on bugzilla?
11:22 tcohen I love that
11:22 tcohen he
11:23 * ashimema doesn't count himself as a 'great tester' btw..
11:23 magnuse "followed the test plan, works as advertised"
11:23 ashimema ooh.. having the test plan in it's own field in BZ might be nice
11:23 ashimema save having to scroll around the comments or commits to find it.
11:23 tcohen that can be augmented
11:23 ashimema I like that
11:23 ashimema agreed
11:23 ashimema I love that idewa
11:23 ashimema not what we were thinking about.. but great idea all the same :)
11:24 * oleonard offers a bounty of $1000 pretend internet dollars for each signoff
11:25 * magnuse would love to get tuits
11:26 oleonard If I offered to buy one beer for every patch tested davidnind would be dead of alcohol poisoning
11:26 oleonard For his sake I mustn't.
11:28 ashimema Lol
11:28 * ashimema uploaded an image: tenor_gif1609461717111348745.gif (305KiB) <[…]1717111348745.gif >
11:28 ashimema Grrm. Stupid android keyboard
11:28 ashimema Ignore whatever it just posted above
11:29 ashimema I was going to say...
11:29 oleonard I pity the fool who was the intended target of that snark
11:29 ashimema Testing whilst drunk is discouraged ;)
11:33 oleonard At the very least, one or the other should be sober: The patch-writer or the patch-tester.
11:33 oleonard Coordinate as necessary.
11:35 magnuse lulz
11:42 ashimema Haha
11:46 magnuse hm, sometimes getting "internal server error" and "No property notforloan for Koha::Serial::Item" in the plack error log, when i try to receive an issue of a serial. does that ring any bells for anyone?
11:53 kohaputti ashimema, hmm this doesn't seem to be Blocked anymore: bug 25755 ? Correct?
11:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25755 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, BLOCKED , Add a Koha::Item->request_transfer method
11:54 ashimema er.. sorta
11:55 kohaputti ok, will circle back to it later
11:55 ashimema it's part of a big tree.. in fact.. I think that one may actualyl be PQA.. but as it needs pushing as a whole tree I marked it blocked so Joubu didn't have parts in the queue
11:55 kohaputti ok
11:55 ashimema I'm working on a test plan for the whole set in bug 22569
11:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22569 new feature, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Needs Signoff , Add a 'Transfers to send' report
11:56 kohaputti let me know if sign-offs or qa is needed
11:56 ashimema the more I worked through it.. the more I found I couldn't break it down as much as I wanted.. changing one thing had far reaching affects in other areas :(
11:56 ashimema will do
11:56 ashimema it basically just waiting on a test plan
11:57 ashimema I can't think of a nicer way than basically writing out how to trigger a transfer in each and every way it can be triggered and then how to trigger each step a transfer can go through.. i.e. moving from 'requested' to 'in transit' to 'received'
11:58 ashimema we have a tonne of ways each of those can take place.. QA needs to basically check that each combination still works :(
12:00 magnuse ouch
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13:23 ashimema @seen nlegrand
13:23 huginn ashimema: nlegrand was last seen in #koha 2 days, 0 hours, 27 minutes, and 49 seconds ago: <nlegrand> :D
13:25 lukeG good morning
13:33 oleonard Hi lukeG
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13:37 dersmon hi everyone
13:37 dersmon after a restart i suddenly get the webinstaller interface
13:37 ashimema splitter down again :(
13:37 dersmon any idea how that could happen?
13:39 oleonard dersmon if you applied an update to Koha that required a database update you would get the webinstaller login screen
13:40 dersmon ah
13:40 ashimema did cait dissapear :(
13:40 oleonard perhaps she's still a vampire
13:41 dersmon it wont take my admin passwort
13:41 dersmon xD
13:41 dersmon dammit
13:42 ashimema needs the db password
13:42 ashimema i.e. the one listed in your koha-conf
13:42 ashimema that it appeared after a restart means it had a version cached somewhere
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13:44 dersmon ah the autofilled admin user was not the one required
13:44 caroline hello all!
13:44 dersmon thx
13:44 ashimema kohaputti still around@?
13:44 ashimema hi caroline
13:45 dersmon i got the following migration warnings:
13:45 kohaputti ashimema, trying not to be around, but I'm still here instead of spending the weekend :D
13:45 dersmon [Fri Oct 23 15:44:29 2020] ISBN_RANGE_MESSAGE is set to [] but that file does not exist!     [Fri Oct 23 15:44:29 2020] Trying to use the default locations     [Fri Oct 23 15:44:29 2020] at /usr/share/perl5/Business/ line 76.
13:46 ashimema How close is your brain to reserves still.. and do you have a moment to talk
13:47 ashimema I'm trying to wrap my head around C4::Reserves::AddReserve and whether the code that sets the item to waiting is still correct after your addition of the 'P', processing, state?
13:47 ashimema this is because I'm QAing the desks patch
13:48 kohaputti I can take another look there but of course I didn't spot any issues when doing the change
13:49 ashimema I feel like we should either be adding the desk to the set_waiting call in here.. or we should be using set_processing instead
13:49 ashimema haha.. neither did I ;)
13:49 ashimema I've not traced far enough back in the callstack to work out which is more appropriate yet
13:49 ashimema if it's not fresh in your mind, don't worry.. go enjoy the weekend instead ;P
13:50 kohaputti what's the bug for the desks patch?
13:50 ashimema bug 24412
13:50 wahanui bug 24412 is, like, rebased according to all 24201 follow ups :) thanks everyone
13:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=24412 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nicolas.legrand, Signed Off , Attach waiting hold to desk
13:50 kohaputti set_processing was enabled only for SIP so far so if you want it for desks patch you would need to probably expand the scope of it
13:50 ashimema mm, true
13:51 ashimema I need to trace where AddReserve is called and check how that works..
13:51 ashimema I'm reading the code in isolation too much at the minute I think..
13:52 kohaputti I don't like AddReserve setting waiting status
13:52 kohaputti should be factored out imho
13:52 ashimema it just feels weird that AddReserve can actually update an existing reserve and set it to waiting all at the same time..
13:52 ashimema feels elementally wrong
13:52 kohaputti I think it would make it for the desks patch more clear if this was first refactored out
13:52 ashimema lol
13:53 ashimema had a feeling you might say they
13:55 ashimema I suppose it depends on what 'Waiting' means..
13:55 ashimema to me it means 'at a circ desk ready for collection'...
13:55 kohaputti ashimema, read the patches quickly, I think this doesn't have any interference with the processing states
13:55 ashimema it if means 'Somewhere in the library already, go find it' then it's fine as is.
13:55 kohaputti yes, if the definition is exactly what you said then there is no problem
13:56 ashimema oleonard.. any thoughts on what 'waiting' means for a reserve ^
13:56 oleonard Eh?
13:56 caroline ashimema: I have the same meaning as you, i.e. it's waiting for pick up by the user
13:56 ashimema or caroline
13:56 wahanui i guess caroline is there supposed to be a documentation meeting now?
13:56 ashimema :)
13:56 ashimema hehe
13:56 kohaputti ashimema, it can mean that it is somewhere in the library too
13:56 oleonard Don't scare caroline wahanui
13:56 kohaputti ashimema, like if patron returns via SIP2 a book it goes immediately to waiting state
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13:57 ashimema grr.. I best dig a little deeper then
13:57 kohaputti (unless you have in processing state syspref enabled)
13:57 ashimema mmm,.. well that's what you're patch fixes
13:57 oleonard With holds, "waiting" means that Koha has marked the hold as available for pickup. When that happens depends on the  ReservesNeedReturns preference.
13:57 ashimema so what I'm really saying is I'd like to see the processing stuff extended later :)
13:57 caroline isn't there a syspref that says you have to confirm to have the waiting status?
13:57 ashimema but it doesn't hurt this bug
13:57 caroline AutoFillHolds or something like that
13:58 kohaputti ashimema, what is the desk for a SIP2 machine?
13:58 caroline I didn't think a SIP2 return would automatically be filled... I mean, if the item is damaged, I would want to intercept it before it goes to the next user
13:58 oleonard Oh caroline is right, HoldsAutoFill
13:59 ashimema I think at this time desks don't affect SIP2 machines
13:59 kohaputti yes, there is similar syspref for intranet
13:59 ashimema there's another syspref for catching damaged items caroline 'AllowHoldsOnDamagedItems'
14:00 ashimema ok.. this is way more of a rabbit hole than I had expected..
14:00 ashimema lol
14:00 oleonard ashimema I don't understand what prompted your question
14:00 caroline yeah no, but if it's not marked as damaged, but a user put in in the book return box and it was chewed by a dog
14:00 khall joined #koha
14:01 kohaputti if I remember right, the issue with HoldsAutoFill vs In processing holds is that patrons can steal others books on hold instead of it going in the order of the hold (when the books are left laying around all over the library)
14:01 ashimema that's what the new P (processing) state does which kohaputti added
14:01 caroline I'd want to be able to intercept that item and not have it go automatically to the next user
14:01 ashimema it adds a middle state where the librarian has to grab the book from the SIP checkin box and set it to waiting
14:01 caroline ok makes sense then
14:02 ashimema what prompted the question was reading the code in AddReserve...
14:02 ashimema AddReserve will update a reserve and set it to waiting in some cases
14:02 ashimema and I'm not sure I understand the cases
14:03 * oleonard taps out
14:03 ashimema in relation to desks.. I'm asking the question as the patches don't add a desk to the waiting reserve via this route
14:03 ashimema so.. we have a logical hole
14:03 kohaputti ashimema, just refactor and then refactor more this thing until it is easy to understand
14:03 ashimema hehe
14:04 ashimema didn't want to hold up nlegrands work too much :P
14:06 kohaputti ashimema, so the desks patch don't work when adding a new reserve to a item which is available and the reserve has same pickup branch as item?
14:06 ashimema exactly
14:06 ashimema but then.. if it's just randomly somewhere in the library.. then it wouldn't have a desk attached would it ;)
14:06 kohaputti I don't see any other bigger issues regarding this, I would just add the follow-up patch for this specific case
14:07 kohaputti ah, so there would need to be a way for the patron/librarian to select desk when placing a hold
14:07 ashimema we don't know whether the item has just been scanned at the desk and put in the to collect pile (and thus should have a desk attached) or whether they've just placed a request and the books just somewhere randomly in the library
14:07 kohaputti sorry if I get some detais wrong, I haven't used the Desks feature
14:08 ashimema the desk is at the session level (that's also something I'm querying)
14:08 ashimema no worries.. this is the first actual use of the feature
14:08 ashimema hence it all being a bit new for all of us.
14:08 kohaputti is there option to not have desk attached to hold?
14:09 ashimema I reckon the code is probably good enough 'as is'.. but some followup questions on their own bugs may be in order
14:09 ashimema there is indeed that option
14:09 ashimema but not at the end user level
14:10 ashimema if you're logged in and have selected a desk for your session.. then a desk will get assigned when you checkin a book that has a reservation that can be fulfilled
14:10 kohaputti easiest would be probably test here this by making hold in OPAC to available item with the same pickup place and see what happens
14:10 ashimema it'll be set to waiting without a desk
14:11 ashimema which is probably correct
14:11 ashimema patrons can't select a desk for their login session
14:18 inlibro joined #koha
14:19 ashimema caroline.. back on reserves.. whats the workflow in real life that would lead to a librarian searching for an item then placing a hold on it?
14:19 ashimema especially in the case where the book is marked as being in the branch somewhere
14:20 caroline If I had to check something on the physical item, I would put a hold on it
14:20 kohaputti why would librarian search for a book and only after that place a hold on it?
14:20 caroline If i searched for it, but I can't find it, I would put a hold on it
14:21 ashimema pass.. but that's the only way I can see to access reserves/
14:21 oleonard If a patron called my library and said they wanted a particular book I might look to make sure it was there before placing a hold on it for them.
14:21 caroline And then staff members would look for it
14:21 ashimema sorry.. I mean search the catalogue.. not search the physical library ;)
14:21 oleonard How could you place a hold on it if you hadn't searched for it to find the record?
14:21 ashimema aha.. that's the case I was thinking of oleonard
14:23 ashimema so at that point.. you would expect the item to just be somewhere in the library when the patron came to collect it.. you haven't gone and picked it from a shelf to put to one side for them..
14:23 ashimema i.e. I'm asking if you should be able to set a desk in that scenario
14:23 ashimema I think probably not.. in which case I'm happy with this patchset :)
14:24 caroline I would have gone and picked it up for them
14:24 oleonard If a patron called and asked me for a book, I would either place a hold on it and then pull it from the shelf or vice versa. Either way I'm placing the hold so that when I pull it from the shelf and check it in the hold will be marked waiting for them and they get a notification.
14:25 caroline Actually, if a patron called, I would put them on hold (on the phone) and go check the shelf to make sure we actually have it)
14:25 caroline because if they call, they expect to be able to come right away
14:25 ashimema if you can do that you're probably a small enough library to not worry about desks at all I imagine caroline :)
14:25 oleonard So there are two holds... one on the book and one on the patron :D
14:25 caroline lol!
14:25 ashimema hehe
14:26 oleonard If they're asking you in person then the patron should already be marked waiting.
14:26 caroline Yeah, when I worked in a library, it was a medium sized library... we had only one circ desk and several reference desks
14:26 ashimema in your case oleonard.. assuming the book is actually in the library they'll get a hold waiting notice when you place the hold.. not when you check it in
14:26 ashimema though.. once you check it in.. I 'think' it may update the waiting to include the desk at that point.. not sure
14:26 ashimema I'll check that
14:27 oleonard It depends on the HoldsAutoFill setting
14:27 oleonard In my library the hold isn't marked waiting until we check it in, and the notification sent if we confirm the hold.
14:27 caroline to me that would be most logical
14:28 ashimema erm.. I agree..
14:28 ashimema but AddReserve doesn't look at HoldsAutoFill at all ;)
14:28 ashimema nor does reserves/placerequest
14:28 ashimema this is so odd
14:29 caroline cause if you mark the hold as waiting while it hasn't been confirmed.. how do you know it's really there?
14:29 ashimema exactly the question I'm asking :)
14:29 oleonard caroline I guess ask the library who wanted the HoldsAutoFill preference!
14:30 caroline In my understanding the HoldAutoFill is for when you return (checkin) an item
14:30 caroline It just saves the step of clicking the confirm button
14:30 ashimema yup.. that's when it's referred to in code
14:30 oleonard ah
14:30 caroline but that may not have been the original intention
14:30 kohaputti only usage of HoldAutoFill is in circ/
14:31 oleonard I wonder why it's not listed in Hea
14:32 kohaputti oleonard, I typoed the syspref, it is HoldsAutoFill in case you were searching with the one I typed earlier
14:34 kohaputti caroline, ashimema it only goes to waiting state if the item is available in the pickup location specified in the hold request
14:34 ashimema it's 'ReservesNeedReturns'
14:34 ashimema that's the case I'm thinking about
14:34 ashimema if you have that set to disabled then this all goes wrong
14:35 ashimema sorry.. if you have that set to 'Automatically'
14:35 ashimema that seems like a pretty weird pref to me
14:35 ashimema lol
14:35 kohaputti what's the issue if ReservesNeedReturns is false?
14:35 kohaputti I don't see any...
14:36 oleonard That's what I was thinking HoldsAutoFill did, I had them confused.
14:36 fridolin left #koha
14:36 ashimema in short.. I think we're all good
14:37 ashimema if you enable 'Automatically', then the item will be somewhere random in the library (so you don't want to set a desk) and you're not going to go find it for the patron and check it in.
14:37 kohaputti ashimema, the syspref is there so that the patron will have the hold attached to item immediately and will get priority to checking out the book instead of the people who come to physically to library to get the book
14:37 ashimema if it's not 'Automatically', then you reserve the item and it is NOT put into waiting.. then you go find the book and check it in.. at which point the set_waiting will add s desk whilst setting it to waiting
14:37 ashimema so the logic all works
14:37 ashimema it was my brain that didn't ;)
14:38 ashimema thanks everyone and sorry for wasting your time.
14:39 ashimema Cool.. so that's the use case kohaputti.. but it's in effect mutually exclusive with a workflow that requires the librarian go find the book
14:39 marie-luce joined #koha
14:40 ashimema oooh.. actually.. reading his code he's accounted for it.. you can mark a reserve as waiting twice I think.. first time will be without desk at AddReserve.. then second time will add the desk as checking.
14:40 ashimema checkin.. cool
14:40 oleonard ashimema: Not a waste of time, holds logic almost always needs a sanity check!
14:40 kohaputti ah, I guess that's another use case for this: if the library wants for patrons to allow have holds on books (in case they travel far away to fetch the book and want to make sure it is there) and then they also don't want to make too much work for the librarians at the same time
14:40 ashimema agreed.. hence asking :)
14:41 kohaputti have a nice weekend everyone!
14:41 ashimema I still reckon in the future switching this first 'Waiting' state to use your new 'Processing' state if probably the cleanest and clearest approach long term.. and would, I think, achieve the same objective.
14:42 ashimema you too kohaputti, you deserve it after that!
15:11 caroline what would cause notices to be generated more than once? I've never seen that before
15:12 caroline I'm running --date 2020-10-19 then --date 2020-10-20 and so on for several days and patrons have a new notice for everyday
15:13 caroline for the same overdues, I don't know if that was clear, the same message is generated everyday
15:18 inlibro joined #koha
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15:49 ashimema oleonard.. ever notices the datatable on Holds awaiting pickup doesn't respect the fieldset border.. i.e it overlaps to the right
15:50 * ashimema scarpers actually.. it's time to clock off
15:50 ashimema have a good weekend #koha
15:50 vfernandes we are having some problems displaying records with many items. the search results and detail pages takes some seconds to load... how we can improve this? add pagination to the items table?
15:53 caroline vfernandes: I think there's a syspref to hide items over a certain number
15:54 caroline that helps if you only need to consult the record and then theres a link to show the items
15:57 caroline OpacMaxItemsToDisplay
15:58 vfernandes caroline: but after clicking the link the load is too slow... maybe the solution is to add some pagination (like Koha does with other tables) to items table
15:58 caroline you can add it to bugzila
15:58 caroline right now, it is not possible
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17:02 * oleonard doesn't not want to talk about tables overflowing their containers
17:02 oleonard Wait...
17:02 oleonard I DON'T want to talk about tables overflowing their containers.
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17:33 davidnind he first rule of UI design is not to talk about responsive tables, the second rule of UI design.... ):-D
17:34 oleonard Responsive tables is one thing, but making it work via CSS rules... Ugh.
17:35 oleonard Anyone know if the OpacGroupResults preference still works?
17:35 oleonard "Use PazPar2 to group similar results on the OPAC"
17:36 davidnind sends...whatever will help dull the pain
17:38 oleonard OpacGroupResults is another preference not listed in Hea...
17:41 oleonard See Bug 20410 I guess
17:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20410 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Remove OpacGroupResults system preference and feature
17:42 * oleonard has been trying to keep up with changes to for over a decade and has never seen it working
17:50 oleonard Oh it is in Hea. Enabled in 8 libraries.
17:51 oleonard Disabled in 6,063.
17:51 * oleonard personally phones 8 libraries
17:55 caroline lol!
17:56 caroline you can't see which libraries huh? It'd be interesting to see their opacs
18:00 * oleonard adds it to the next dev meeting agenda
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19:48 * philor tries 1. Connect 2. Type instead of the opposite order
19:48 philor lisettelatah: I showed my boss the results of using https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]brary#Hold_Slip_2 and her eyes looked happy above her mask, rare and nice, thank you!
19:51 caroline lisettelatah++
19:55 philor aww, we embarrased her
20:00 caroline Manual editing livestream starting in a minute
20:02 philor switching to Branches.GetLoggedInBranchcode() instead of "noticeslibrarybranchcode" would probably cut down on people confused by why it doesn't work because they didn't realize they needed to change that, but I either don't have a wiki account, or don't have the user/pass stored
20:07 rangi morning
20:14 oleonard Hi rangi
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20:24 rangi
20:25 rangi if you want to try dropping in
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20:33 rangi[…]es/n98064649.html
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21:12 davidnind1 caroline++
21:12 caroline what is the verdict on the refs?
21:13 marie-luce caroline++
21:13 caroline is it better not to wrap?
21:14 davidnind1 I'll generate it locally and see what happens - is a while since I've done it...
21:18 caroline I've done it recently and had lots of warnings, but no errors
21:18 caroline maybe the warnings were due to my wrapping...
21:19 caroline Should I had this video in the Kohacon20 playlist or do we want to keep that for the conferences only?
21:19 inlibro joined #koha
21:22 davidnind1 Maybe we could make a playlist for Koha documentation - contributing
21:28 alexbuckley joined #koha
21:30 rangi thats a good idea
21:37 kidclamp I am around if you need QA or patch fixes :-)
21:37 khall joined #koha
21:37 caroline Could do with some editing... but it's online
21:43 * cait waves at hackfesters and reads back
21:45 rangi cool thanks caroline
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21:49 marie-luce it was nice to see in real time at
21:49 marie-luce have fun in Wellington
21:52 kathryn joined #koha
21:52 kathryn hello!
21:53 davidnind1 thanks for dropping in marie-luce!
22:03 kathryn does this bug description make sense?
22:03 kathryn Reduce number of tabs required to confirm check out for users who circulate this way (Accessibility issue)
22:05 kathryn Reduce number of times a user has to press tab key to confirm a check out when circulating without a mouse (Accessibility issue)
22:05 kathryn is a little better
22:12 aleisha_kohacon second one is good kathryn
22:13 kathryn ta!
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22:18 davidnind1 caroline: I can't find an example at the moment, I think it is when the text between the angle brackets is split between two lines, then the link is broken
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22:19 caroline ok good to know
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23:06 kathryn Frida ate a whole packet of oreos and has hand sanitiser in her hair
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23:14 rangi heh
23:19 caroline mmmm... oreos
23:19 caroline I'm also the type to eat a whole box -_-
23:20 kathryn I really hope someone else ate some, but she seems ok :)
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23:21 caroline @later tell ashimema can you help document the "cashup" tool?
23:21 huginn caroline: The operation succeeded.
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23:51 kidclamp too many friendly faces, I got shy :-)
23:51 kathryn hiya :) yeah it's a bit weird cos we're all chatting away and you're a giant on a screen! nice to see you though :)
23:52 kathryn (sorry to reveal you were a giant)
23:52 hayley my fiance oliver has his first patch (trivial one) that needs testing if anyone is free! bug26809
23:52 kathryn woo!
23:52 hayley thanks for popping in kidclamp!
23:53 kidclamp I am not too small in real life either, so I can deal with that
23:53 aleisha_kohacon bug 26809
23:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=26809 trivial, P5 - low, ---, oliverpelham, Needs Signoff , Inconsistent use of full stops on
23:53 kathryn most people are taller than me :)
23:53 hayley heh thanks aleisha_kohacon
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