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00:05 lisettelatah hayley: I signed off Oliver's patch
00:06 hayley thanks so much lisettelatah! :D
00:06 kidclamp Qaed
00:08 hayley kidclamp you rock!
00:11 * kidclamp blushes
00:13 pastebot "davidnind1" at pasted "aleisha_kohacon qa failures for bug 19532" (399 lines) at
00:13 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19532 new feature, P1 - high, ---, aleisha, Failed QA , Recalls for Koha
00:15 caroline Othello (my cat) is purring like crazy... he loves the attention lol!
00:15 rangi hehe
00:16 * philor finally grasps that[…]rt_fields_ordered(-@new_fields-) thinks "in strictly numerical order" is "after the last smaller number" rather than "before the first bigger number"
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00:30 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
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00:31 caroline thx kidclamp!
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00:32 oleonard Dang.
00:34 kidclamp I put a patch owen
00:35 oleonard Oh cool thanks
00:35 kidclamp You did too many fantastic things at once, and Koha broke from too much awesome
00:35 aleisha_kohacon hey kidclamp im getting this qa test tools error:
00:35 aleisha_kohacon FAILKoha/Schema/Result/
00:35 aleisha_kohacon FAIL  pod coverage
00:35 aleisha_kohacon POD coverage was greater before
00:35 aleisha_kohacon which is a bit confusing because that file didn't exist before!
00:35 aleisha_kohacon do you know anything about that?
00:35 kidclamp yeah, I would call that a false positive
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00:36 kidclamp just means the auto generated schema has stuff that isn't covered, so overall coverage has dropped, but we don't expect you to address that
00:36 aleisha_kohacon hmm
00:36 aleisha_kohacon so okay for me to ignore that one?
00:36 * kidclamp makes sure Cait isn't watching
00:36 kidclamp Yes
00:36 aleisha_kohacon hehe
00:36 davidnind1 does anyone know how to get into the database as the root user (koha-testing-docker)
00:36 aleisha_kohacon do you know how i would solve it if we didnt want to ignore it?
00:37 kidclamp Add POD to the file
00:37 kidclamp but you aren't supposed to edit most of that file
00:37 kidclamp so it's a catch 22
00:37 aleisha_kohacon yeah!
00:37 aleisha_kohacon okay thanks :)
00:40 caroline I signed off bug 26810 is someone wants to qa
00:40 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=26810 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Signed Off , OpacCustomSearch is no longer a system preference, we must use the template variable
00:40 oleonard Haha whoops me too
00:40 oleonard I think simultaneously
00:40 caroline +1 the more the merrier lol!
00:41 caroline maybe because when I tried to git bz attach, it gave me an error
00:44 alexbuckley thank you for QA-ing kidclamp!!
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00:44 rangi can you hear our music faintly in the background oleonard ?
00:44 oleonard Yes :)
00:44 aleisha_kohacon oleonard, ?
00:44 wahanui somebody said oleonard, was this the cataloguing search or the main intranet catalogue search?
00:44 hayley oleonard
00:44 wahanui oleonard is seeing some buggy stuff though
00:45 rangi we can hear the beep
00:47 oleonard rangi: PDFtk?
00:49 rangi mutool poster -y 2 input.pdf output.pdf
00:53 aleisha_kohacon bug 19532 is rebased! again!
00:53 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=19532 new feature, P1 - high, ---, aleisha, Needs Signoff , Recalls for Koha
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00:58 rangi mutool clean [options] input.pdf [output.pdf] [pages]
01:01 lisettelatah night all. I'll be back tomorrow to do more sign offs (and maybe some patch writing.)
01:14 caroline does the "prog" theme opac still exist?
01:17 rangi nope, well not in the repo
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01:18 rangi caroline:  its interesting to see what people have set as opacthemes
01:20 caroline I was wondering cause there are pictures of that theme in the manual...[…]acregionsprog.psd
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01:20 caroline was redoing this for the past two days[…]ns-customized.jpg
01:21 oleonard Wow that is very old :D
01:21 caroline I of course put a bunch of cat books
01:21 oleonard And that's getting more and more out of date with the move to news
01:21 caroline yes... it's a huge change in the manual!
01:22 caroline Do you think OpacNav and OpacNavBottom will be in the news in 20.11?
01:23 oleonard OpacNav maybe, but it's doubtful because of the late date
01:23 oleonard OpacNavBottom definitely not
01:24 oleonard caroline are you recreating the image?
01:24 caroline yes
01:24 oleonard Cool
01:24 caroline not the prettiest, but it'll do
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01:25 caroline[…]ionsbootstrap.png
01:25 caroline[…]ap-customized.png
01:31 caroline if someone has talent, time and more patience with gimp than me, they're welcome to try and make these pretty!
01:32 rangi :)
01:33 kathryn ohhh I was wondering about that bit of the manual, I refer people to it often :) I am not clever with images but we could perhaps ask someone in our design team to do an image if you could draw a scribbly one caroline :)
01:34 caroline I'm uploading the .xcf (gimp modifiable files) with the png so they can work with that
01:37 rangi good plan caroline
01:47 kathryn I am packing things up soon, I reported a few accessibility things - I am hopeful we can work on some of these at Catalyst but have not assigned to us at this stage :)
01:58 alexbuckley davidnind++ and kidclamp++ thank you for testing and QA-ing!
01:59 alexbuckley bug 26783 is ready to QA now
01:59 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=26783 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tal.rogoff, Signed Off , Set OpacRenewalAllowed to "Allowed" for new installations
01:59 caroline going to bed! good night!
02:01 davidnind1 good night caroline!
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03:10 kidclamp night all! happy hacking
03:13 davidnind kidclamp++
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15:46 cait kidclamp++ thx for qa'ing the hackfest patches :)
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17:18 lisettelatah greetings
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19:01 * cait waves
19:07 davidnind hi cait!
19:08 cait :)
19:08 cait how are  things?
19:08 lisettelatah hi cait!
19:09 cait hi lisettelatah
19:09 davidnind trying to get the signed off numbers up again..:)
19:10 davidnind has been slow going so far this morning
19:10 lisettelatah I've been patch writing, but I hope to sign off at least as many patches today as I add  to "needs signoff"
19:15 davidnind awesome!
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19:26 lisettelatah what version of Elasticsearch do we use with Koha?
20:03 davidnind in koha-testing-docker ES6 is the default, but I'm not sure what the recommended version is
20:03 lisettelatah Thanks davidnind
20:18 caroline hello everyone!
20:19 davidnind hi caroline!
20:20 lisettelatah hi caroline
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20:48 caroline_catlady davidnind: do you have any examples of "manuals" with various types of contents (tutorials, refenrece, etc.)
20:49 caroline_catlady I'm trying to see how we could go from one to another, but I don't have a visual in mind
20:51 davidnind I'll have quick look
20:53 rangi morning
20:57 davidnind morning rangi
20:57 davidnind caroline_catlady: Example 1:
20:58 davidnind caroline_catlady: Example 2 - GitLab
20:59 davidnind caroline_catlady: Example 3 - Jenkins
21:01 caroline_catlady Thanks! I'll look at those and see if I can come up with an outline and an action plan to slowly migrate towards that
21:01 davidnind caroline_catlady: Example 4 - Oxygen XML Editor[…]s/22.1/ug-editor/
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21:19 caroline_catlady I had a birthday brunch with my parents this morning and I got sooooo much chocolate as gifts! :P
21:21 caroline_catlady I'm going to weight a ton by Christmas lol
21:22 davidnind happy birthday!
21:22 caroline_catlady thanks! It's next week
21:22 caroline_catlady (tuesday)
21:22 kathryn hi caroline_catlady happy birthday!
21:23 kathryn hi also davidnind :)
21:23 caroline_catlady I was looking forward to spend my birthday in NZ this year :(
21:23 davidnind (for Tuesday)
21:23 davidnind hi kathryn
21:23 kathryn oh! :) yes I am sad about that too, caroline_catlady
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21:24 kathryn This week was great, with a giant "but" because you all couldn't be there
21:24 davidnind ^^ ^^
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21:25 kathryn hi alexbuckley
21:25 alexbuckley hi kathryn and everyone!
21:25 caroline_catlady it was pretty great! Thanks for organizing it all!
21:26 alexbuckley happy birthday caroline_catlady :)
21:26 caroline_catlady thanks alexbuckley!
21:26 kathryn knowing people enjoyed it is one thing, but seeing you all would be better!
21:27 kathryn it's my turn to say: it's on Tuesday :D
21:27 lisettelatah Happy next Tuesday birthday caroline_catlady, I hope you enjoy all your chocolate
21:28 caroline_catlady Thanks lisettelatah! It will not be hard!
21:30 lisettelatah I'm trying to sign off a patch in the devbox and I'm getting: Cannot rewrite branches: You have unstaged changes. The only change is the patch, but I've signed off a number of other bugs today with no issue. Anyone know what might cause it?
21:30 lisettelatah (also, needs signoff count is below 200!)
21:32 kathryn hi lisettelatah, and thank you so much for your recording your excellent talks for Kohacon :)
21:32 davidnind yeah to below 200!
21:33 davidnind what does git status show?
21:36 lisettelatah changed not submitted for commit: modified: ..../css/staff-global.css
21:37 lisettelatah I'm testing bug 26804
21:37 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=26804 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, lucas, Needs Signoff , Limit the size of the News column in newst table (News Tool)
21:39 davidnind I get that when I update the CSS, I just do a git checkout ...filename... or delete if a new file
21:40 lisettelatah Thanks davidnind, that seems to have done the trick
21:41 kathryn hey caroline_catlady I was going to do another little capitization task to check if I can remember what davidnind taught me. Do you know of a page/taiga task I could do?
21:42 caroline_catlady maybe a part of installation.rst? You don't have to do all of it in one go
21:42 kathryn Sure! :)
21:42 caroline_catlady I think starting at Creat a Item type or Create a Circulation Rule
21:43 kathryn I'll go look there, thank you
21:48 kathryn it looks to me like aleisha finished that off already caroline_catlady
21:49 caroline_catlady oops, I was looking at the wrong version
21:49 davidnind the QOTD section of the tools page needs fixing[…]e-day-qotd-editor
21:49 caroline_catlady try hardware then
21:49 caroline_catlady or what davidnind said
21:49 kathryn Cool!
21:49 davidnind :)
21:55 kathryn If something is naming of a system preference, button, or tab heading I am leaving the caps so far. Would you agree with that?
21:56 caroline_catlady System preferences have to stay how they are written in the softare
21:56 caroline_catlady I capitalize buttons or tabs, but I remember davidnind saying he doesn't so... not sure!
21:57 kathryn I have left them capitalized so far
21:57 davidnind another thing we need to decide for the style guide, may stay with what it is until be decide
21:57 davidnind we decide..
21:57 kathryn :)
21:57 caroline_catlady Where would be a good place to keep all those things we have to decide on? the wiki?
21:58 kathryn I think someone started it the other day :)
21:58 kathryn https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]tion_and_spelling
21:59 kathryn Another would be to leave americanised spelling, until such time as someone has volunteered to run another translation
21:59 davidnind I will also add to the agenda for the next meeting - there were a couple of things that came up
21:59 kathryn or whatever term canadians don't mind using for americaniz/sed! :)
22:00 davidnind default is for master to be in US English
22:01 caroline_catlady I think most of our spelling is like uk or yours (colours, neighbour, etc.)
22:01 kathryn Oh! :)
22:03 caroline_catlady I really have to think whenever I write "authorised value" because in the manual it's written one way and in the db it's written another wat...
22:03 caroline_catlady way
22:03 kathryn mmnnn
22:09 caroline_catlady what is the name of the tense for berbs ending in -ing?
22:09 caroline_catlady verbs not berbs lol!
22:11 kathryn was gonna say do you mean like Little Whinging?
22:11 kathryn when I was little we called them doing words!
22:11 kathryn Present participle (says google)
22:12 davidnind[…]adding-ed-and-ing
22:12 caroline_catlady Is Little Whinging a place?
22:12 kathryn It's where Harry Potter's aunt and uncle live
22:12 caroline_catlady ok that's where I heard it before lol!
22:13 kathryn :D
22:13 rangi thats 7 signoffs im gonna go find some food
22:13 caroline_catlady here it says "gerund"[…]rammar/ing-forms/
22:14 kathryn :) hey rangi, I just ate one of those cake bars
22:14 caroline_catlady feel free to add to this page https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ation_style_guide
22:15 kathryn lovely
22:15 kathryn oh hey caroline_catlady you know how you had to manual push my changes the other day, was that because of something I did?
22:16 kathryn if it's cos I had two commits on the same page, I am about to do the exact same thing...
22:16 caroline_catlady no, it's because you all worked at the same time and therefore after I pushed the first change, every change was one change more behind and gitlab didn't like that
22:16 kathryn ahhhh
22:16 kathryn cool
22:16 caroline_catlady yeah no, add as many commits as you want in your merge request
22:23 kathryn cool, so I committed changes to tools and hardware pages, but for some reason I wasn't prompted to do a merge request. any ideas?
22:24 caroline_catlady maybe go to your project page /kathryntyree/koha-manual and see if there's a merge request button at the top
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22:26 kathryn maybe this is my problem
22:26 kathryn Forked from koha-community / koha-manual
22:26 kathryn Mirrored from https://:*****​a-community/koha-manual.git.
22:26 kathryn Pull mirroring failed 16 minutes ago.
22:26 kathryn Last successful update 46 minutes ago.
22:26 caroline_catlady should still be okay I think....
22:27 caroline_catlady Did you create a new branch?
22:27 kathryn I clicked Fork, so I think so
22:27 caroline_catlady If you go to Repository > Branches and click on the branch you worked on, can you see a merge request button%
22:28 kathryn ohhh I think maybe I did not create the branch
22:28 kathryn the last changes say "master" and there's no merge request button
22:29 kathryn but there is a merge request by everything below that
22:29 caroline_catlady yeah I think it doesn't like when we work on 'master'
22:29 kathryn I will try again!
22:37 davidnind You should be able to go Merge Requests > New Merge Request > [select ktyree/koha-manual and master] then target = koha-communityy/koha-manual and master
22:38 davidnind it should list your commits under the source branch
22:38 kathryn i will have a look, thanks!
22:38 caroline_catlady thanks davidnind!
22:41 kathryn aha!
22:41 kathryn yes I see my three commits there
22:41 kathryn in the merge request should I leave the title as master, or change that to something more descriptive?
22:42 caroline_catlady the merge request title is not that important, unless you have information you want me to know (like "this is for version 20.05")
22:43 kathryn cool thanks for all your help!
22:43 caroline_catlady As long as your commit messages are descriptive, I don't really care about the merge request message... unless you have a differing oinion davidnind ?
22:44 davidnind I don't have a differing opinion on that :)
22:44 caroline_catlady +1
22:45 davidnind trying to figure out how to get the master for a forked repository back to mirroring the community repository using the UI...
22:49 kathryn ok hopefully that worked! I went back to put comment on my commits as i forgot to do that properly as well! I like doing things to help but am generally pretty bad at following rules :)
22:50 kathryn if you find little annoying tasks you would like me to do in future, feel free to allocate them to me :) just easy fixing ones for now probably. maybe if I do one a week it is at least a little help
22:50 kathryn so long as I don't always take 1/2 hour of your time helping me do it right :)
22:51 caroline_catlady every little bit helps! kathryn++
22:51 davidnind we all had people helping us the start, so no worries
22:51 davidnind kathryn++
22:52 kathryn thanks so much
23:01 kathryn I'm off to do some stuff with the family - if there's any problem with my merge request I can always redo it for practice!
23:02 kathryn Thanks again caroline_catlady and davidnind
23:02 davidnind thanks kathryn, have fun!
23:10 alexbuckley is anyone able to test bug 25560 ?
23:10 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25560 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, alexbuckley, Needs Signoff , Exclude itemtypes from UpdateNotForLoanStatusOnCheckin
23:12 davidnind I will have a crack after I finish the one I'm on if you would like (unless someone beats me to it!)
23:13 alexbuckley that would be wonderful thank you davidnind :)
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23:31 davidnind kathyrn: To get back into a "clean" state for master you will need to 1) Remove the fork relationship (Settings > General > Advanced > Remove fork relationship) 2) Rename (Settings > General > Advanced > Change path > change name to koha-manual-delete (or something similar)) 3) (Settings > General > Advanced > Delete project) 4) Re fork the koha-manual repository
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23:32 kathryn thanks davidnind ! all I had to do was follow instructions...!
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23:36 * cait waves
23:36 davidnind no worries!
23:36 davidnind hi cait!
23:36 alexbuckley hi cait!
23:36 cait :)
23:39 * kidclamp waves
23:39 kathryn thanks davidnind all done
23:40 kathryn hi cait and kidclamp
23:41 davidnind I will review the EDiting the manual page and make sure it reflects what I said on Friday!
23:42 cait When I left a few hours ago the QA queue had 9 bugs, now 24!
23:43 davidnind kathryn: not sure it is clear on creating a branch when you are
23:43 davidnind I think it was lisettelatah and rangi!
23:44 kathryn davidnind I thought I need to create a fork every time I did something, and somehow ended up on master...just me not being familiar I think!
23:47 davidnind kathryn: that's one way, but probably easier if using the GitLab UI to 1) Fork 2) Setting up mirroring 3) Create a branch for edits; then each time you edit, your fork should be up-to-date with whatever changes have been made on master
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23:49 * cait waves at aleisha
23:50 kathryn thanks again davidnind :)
23:50 davidnind kathryn: oh no, I was too slow to merge your changes before the repository was deleted...I will redo for you
23:50 davidnind I have a screen open with the changes you made, apologies for that - didn't realise it would delete your merge request
23:50 kathryn I almost asked! no worries I can do them sometime
23:53 davidnind really sorry about that  ... :-(
23:54 kathryn don't worry!
23:56 lisettelatah cait davidnind, I was about 6 of those I think. Then I went pack to patch writing. I'm trying my hand at bug 16440
23:56 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=16440 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Update report parameters
23:57 cait lisettelatah: sounds like a good one!
23:57 cait and i was not really complaining, just seeing a lot had been done
23:57 cait glad to see the NSO gets some attention
23:57 cait kidclamp: are you on QA too right now?
23:58 kidclamp yes
23:58 cait just don't want to overlap with you, should we use qa contact?
23:59 cait but starting with one of your own next :) bug 26810
23:59 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=26810 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Signed Off , OpacCustomSearch is no longer a system preference, we must use the template variable

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