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02:00 tuxayo dcook:
02:00 tuxayo > I have some thoughts on CPAN and Carton. I'll email the listserv about it.
02:00 tuxayo I'll try to not miss this :)
02:00 tuxayo Ho, it's already there!
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02:05 dcook Oh yeah haha
02:05 dcook Of course, I always have a million thoughts about everything
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06:20 ashimema Morning
06:20 ashimema dcook still around?
06:20 dcook Sure am
06:20 dcook ashimema: ^
06:21 ashimema Nice to see you around so much at the moment. :)
06:21 ashimema Didn't realise I used ellipses.. oops
06:21 dcook Yeah it's nice to be around ^_^
06:22 dcook Brain going fast 24/7 but all good
06:22 ashimema As for how Joubu is funded.. he's not on contract as such.. though we do ocassionaly also cint act work to him on top
06:22 dcook I suppose I'm partially curious from a business/accounting perspective
06:23 dcook I can't remember what else I've asked about. It's been a full on day.
06:23 ashimema ByWater, Biblibre and Ptfs-e just have a mutual agreement to keep funding him for a certain amount.. but we deliberately don't steer where he spends that time so he can the freedom to do what's best for community.
06:23 dcook For instance: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…].cgi?id=20554#c55
06:23 huginn Bug 20554: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, claire_gravely, CLOSED FIXED, New OPAC CSS
06:23 dcook fontfaceobserver.min.js is coming up as a virus to Symantec Endpoint Protection
06:23 ashimema Though he did discus taking in being RM with the three of us breifly before his submissiom
06:23 dcook Pretty sure it's a false positive but looks like might be 2 days before Symantec get in touch
06:24 dcook That's great that those 3 groups have that agreement. I think it's so valuable having Joubu.
06:24 dcook Even when we don't see eye to eye, although lately we've been agreeing a lot. It's weird lol.
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06:25 ashimema I agree
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06:25 ashimema We also have our differences at times, but we're all adult enough to get over it and move on.
06:26 ashimema Yeah, I just saw your comment about that is being flagged for security.. I wasn't aware of it before
06:26 ashimema Very odd
06:27 ashimema rangi recently setup a snyk account for Koha.. it goes through a js much like GitHub does these days and looks for security issues in us dependancies.. we should probably start paying more attention to it.
06:28 ashimema I've not had enough time if late to concentrate on that area much.. I made the decision to not worry too much about the current failures as they were all in our Dev tools rather than in public facing.. but it's time to get digging on those now I reckon.
06:29 ashimema Just about to go r as your systemd email 🙂
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06:32 dcook :D
06:32 ashimema Can wise.. seems we lost the 'test with latest from cpan' Jenkins build.. but I got it added back yesterday.
06:33 dcook I do think it's a false positive. I looked at the fontfaceobserver code, which is very brief, and I don't see any obvious issues.
06:33 dcook Oh nice
06:33 ashimema I must check it actually looks in the right place for the dependancies rather than still using system ones
06:33 ashimema Butby ah.. that's a good first step in my mind.. actually using the cpanfile for a test install to check everything still works
06:34 ashimema Grr.. autocorrect doesn't like cpan.. always corrects to can
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06:36 dcook Yeah I think that's a good first step too
06:36 dcook The funny thing is that I'm switching as many servers as I can over to Debian/Ubuntu these days, so that I can just use Debian packages heh
06:37 dcook I'm hoping to soon be almost exclusively using Koha on Debian/Ubuntu in the weeks to come. I will still have 1 RHEL, but that's not the end of the world.
06:38 ashimema The packages are nice.. I wish we didn't customise Koha as much as we do at ptfs-e,... We have such a mess of install methods here.
06:38 dcook I am porting a different Perl system to RHEL 8 soon I hope, and I'm planning to use Carton for its dependencies instead of packaging them all as Debian packages though
06:38 dcook I hear that...
06:38 dcook I'm slowly but surely whipping things into shape...
06:38 dcook And honestly I actually do prefer building RPM packages over Debian packages heh.
06:38 ashimema With that move do you think we may finally agree to upping the minimum perl by any chance?
06:38 dcook Upping the minimum Perl?
06:38 dcook OpenSuse is way ahead of Debian with the minimum Perl I think
06:39 ashimema I really would love to see us move to a more modern perl and start using some more recent functions
06:39 dcook I've usually been the one to complain about Koha because my Perl has been too new heh
06:39 dcook Or do you mean in terms of using Carton?
06:39 dcook More recent functions? I'm intrigued.
06:39 ashimema I think every time I've tried you've thrown in the blocking comment on the bug from memory.. 5.10 is ancient
06:40 dcook Hmm that does sound like something I'd do... lol
06:40 dcook I think maybe I just mentiond that RHEL 6.x is on 5.10.1
06:40 dcook But RHEL 6 is EOL or about to be EOL
06:41 dcook 30 November 2020 "Maintenance Support or Maintennace Support 2 ends"
06:41 * ashimema would love to see us adopt signatures at some point
06:41 dcook Ooo does Perl actually have that?
06:41 dcook I know old Perl had "prototypes"
06:41 ashimema We stopped supported rhel and centos a while ago at ptfs-e
06:42 dcook
06:42 dcook I actually only have the 1 Koha on RHEL. Most of my RHEL experience is with non-Koha apps >_>
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06:42 ashimema We had a mix of OS's too for a period but now we're pretty much Debian only.. it justa made life soo much easier.
06:42 dcook RHEL 7 still only has 5.14 if I recall correctly. Can't remember about RHEL 8..
06:42 dcook Sooo much easier
06:43 dcook I'll be glad when we're almost exclusively on Debian/Ubuntu
06:43 dcook I don't mind other OSes as exceptions, but yeah... rather just run with the mainstream
06:43 ashimema I'm out of the loop of the rh way these days.. same as Windows for me.. I'm pretty much debain/Ubuntu and arch Linux only now
06:43 dcook Windows is kind of interesting. They just got a "win-get" package installer.
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06:44 ashimema I should really force myself to catch my knowledge of windows back up
06:44 dcook And they're now shipping a Linux kernel with Windows 10 2004 and using a lightweight virtualization to run that for things like WSL and Docker
06:44 * dcook just likes to know lots about lots of things
06:45 * dcook glares at the ATMEL microcontroller on his desktop which isn't taking its firmware like it should...
06:45 ashimema Yeah.. I reached brain capacity.. now something goes and something else drops out.. haha
06:45 dcook haha
06:45 dcook I've also recently started to try to learn Korean... put Chinese on hold...
06:45 dcook Figure I should revise my French...
06:45 * dcook thinks his brain is just going to explode one of these days
06:46 ashimema Not good when some of the things going in are kids shows theme tunes that I just can't seem to get back out again.. hahahaha
06:46 dcook Actually, speaking of customizations, I have a goal of trying to get the plugin system to a point of usability where I can move a lot of customizations out into plugins
06:46 dcook lol
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06:46 dcook I like singing the Paw Patrol theme song to the tune of Yeah Yeah Yeah's Y Control heh
06:46 reiveune hello
06:47 dcook salut reiveune
06:47 dcook You came in at an odd time heh
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06:47 ashimema Haha.. your only a little way behind me there.. I've been working slowly on that for a while now.. encouraging backporting of plugin and API features where possible and pushing for improvements in that area of code
06:47 dcook Trying to remember the French for Paw Patrol...
06:47 ashimema Great to have you aboard there
06:47 dcook La Pat Patrouille?
06:47 ashimema Lol
06:48 dcook Nice. I'm glad I'm not alone on the plugin front.
06:48 dcook A lot of our local code is actually just plugin type tools I think
06:48 dcook And then a lot of the little modifications are things I could probably upstream
06:49 dcook Keen to work with Tomas to get some sort of RabbitMQ-based task queue system going
06:49 ashimema I agree with you.. we need to focus on securing it more and making it a more professional seamless piece.. as well as expanding its capabilities over time
06:49 dcook I've got a local tool running with it, and I'm going to have some real clients test it out early next week
06:49 ashimema I'd love to see Koha become more modular and I see the plugin system as a way to do that..
06:49 dcook I reckon so
06:49 dcook I actually have a modular framework for authentication that I keep meaning to upstream
06:50 dcook And to possibly refactor to be used with Koha plugins...
06:50 ashimema I'm more than happy to see a task queue.. I hop I didn't come across too negative on that front last cycle.
06:50 dcook I want to upstream my OpenID Connect code but also think it's not perfect. I think mine is much better than the Google OpenID Connect stuff we already have, but... I guess I'm shy
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06:50 dcook Oh, I don't think you came across negatively
06:50 ashimema I'm just aware that we sometimes try to do the big thing inst as of taking baby steps which are more manageable
06:50 dcook In fact, I totally agree
06:51 alex_a Bonjour
06:51 wahanui kia ora, alex_a
06:51 dcook I love that Joubu put in all that effort, but I think it was too big
06:51 dcook I think we need to be more willing to do small experiments
06:51 ashimema is scary.. that's deffo and area that needs splitting up some time
06:51 dcook I'm not scared of anymore, but it needs TLC for sure
06:52 dcook I'm actually planning a local mod to do some cool SSO stuff for vendor administration...
06:52 ashimema Yeah.. it doesn't scare me.. though I do keep putting off rebasing my shib only code
06:52 ashimema I really should do that
06:52 dcook I should upstream a pluggable Auth system so that you can change your shib code to use that heh
06:53 ashimema I would love that.. I've been meaning to try and make pluggable for years.. but I've just never had enough time to properly see it through
06:53 dcook I figure plugins and the REST API really are good ways forward
06:53 dcook I've only tested my framework using my own OpenID Connect code, but it worked pretty well I think
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06:53 dcook Not enough hours in the day...
06:53 ashimema The challenge I found with Auth is just how different some of the flows end up being.
06:54 dcook I think I tried to work around that a bit
06:54 dcook Because really there shouldn't be many flows
06:54 dcook Actually, that reminds me..
06:54 dcook I have a patch waiting to make the session cookie secure
06:54 dcook We set the session cookie in 12 different places
06:54 dcook Like wth...
06:54 ashimema Making it pluggable for a bunch of them seemed simple.. but then also supporting plugs for cas, shib and openid which have rather different flows made me back away again
06:55 ashimema Yikes
06:55 dcook Ah yeah fair
06:55 dcook Although I think saml and openidconnect use similar flows?
06:55 dcook I've been using Keycloak for a while now, and it's so handy for testing saml and openidconnect auth
06:55 ashimema Yeah.. I was trying to keep a fair bit inside Koha.. a think we need to hook lower down to allow the plugins to govern far more of the flow
06:55 dcook That's what I was thinking
06:55 ashimema Yeah... They're not too far different
06:56 ashimema Brill
06:56 dcook Like with my model you had do specifically initiate a OpenID Connect login
06:56 dcook And that would load the plugin, and then it would just call methods that I had set ahead of time
06:56 dcook For login, logged in session set, logout, maybe one or two others
06:57 dcook As there are a few times I needed to set session variables..
06:57 ashimema We need to move saml in process.. getting more and more conscious of the issues we have by using headers with the native sp for shib
06:57 dcook All takes time though right..
06:57 ashimema Sounds interesting.. happy to take a look when you submit it. 🙂
06:57 ashimema Indeed
06:58 ashimema And I'm not entirely sure what stepping stones could be used
06:58 dcook stepping stones?
06:58 ashimema Just r placing on mass is a scary prospect.. we need to somehow work out how to do it piecemeal or in parallel for a while
06:59 dcook Yeah I hear that
06:59 dcook Hmm..
06:59 dcook Parallel eh..
06:59 dcook The staff client vs OPAC is a natural dividing line
06:59 ashimema I.e how do we slowly move from all Auth code in one scary massive module to core Auth code in one place and flows being plugins
07:00 dcook One mouthful at a time heh
07:00 dcook I think it comes down to priorities
07:01 dcook While I don't have the time or energy to be RM, I think sometimes if I were RM I would rule with an iron fist...
07:01 ashimema Often times in Koha I find it's not the coding that holds me back. It's finding enough people who understand it well enough at the same time to move it through SO and QA.. and doing it in small enough chunks that we can all manage to keep on top of it
07:01 ashimema Haha
07:01 dcook <3
07:01 cait1 dcook: you can try, but iron fist doesn't work when herding cats
07:01 ashimema Haha.. community just doesn't work that way..
07:01 cait1 yep
07:01 dcook ashimema: So much that. The coding is the easiest part. It's getting that shared understanding and consensus which is so hard.
07:02 dcook cait1: Yeah, I tell myself I'd be a pretty ineffectual dictator
07:02 dcook Another reason I don't want to rule the world
07:02 dcook I'd love to be able to just say "All right. We are just focusing on Auth for the next month."
07:02 magnuse \o/
07:02 ashimema We have too many stakeholders with too many different priorities at different times.. so iron fist just doesn't work.. you'd never get enough people on side
07:03 ashimema At l art.. that was my opinion..
07:03 dcook I know I have so many competing projects in my mind. I don't know how I'm going to do them all.
07:03 dcook Agreed. Kyle persuaded me years ago that there's no way to get a community to focus on 1 priority.
07:03 dcook As we just have too many different competing priorities and resource availability
07:03 ashimema I'd love to encourage road maps and concerted effort..
07:04 dcook Same
07:04 dcook I mean Tomas and I privately have been pumping each other up about RabbitMQ for 19.11
07:04 dcook Not feeling alone is powerful
07:04 dcook 20.11*
07:04 ashimema I opted with just really encouraging more communication between entities and that seed to work well.. we managed to collaborate better last cycle than I feel we have for a while... But it's still pretty scattergun
07:05 dcook I think that makes sense
07:05 dcook Hmm
07:05 dcook Do we have anywhere that people can flag interests?
07:05 dcook And people could group together?
07:05 dcook Like I know Tomas, Kyle, you, and I are all interested in plugins, but maybe there are others too
07:05 dcook And you and I are interested in Auth
07:05 ashimema Joubu is working on introducing tiaga
07:05 dcook Annd Jonathan, Tomas, and I are interested in RabbitMQ..
07:05 dcook On yeah...
07:06 dcook Yeah maybe that would work if I looked at it often enough..
07:06 ashimema It's partly about the Devs.. but it's also a bug part about getting their bosses on board so the Devs can actually spend the time
07:06 dcook I have so many interests that I sometimes forget my interests.. lol
07:06 ashimema It's that piece I've always found hard.. grabbing the boss people
07:07 dcook ^
07:07 dcook Yeah, I've been doing work on that front
07:07 ashimema I do generally get their support when asked.. but you have to be thoughtful about what your asking
07:07 dcook Like my latest RabbitMQ work was a POC that had the boss's thumbs up
07:07 ashimema Excellent
07:07 wahanui darn tootin' it is.
07:07 dcook But we have a homemade task scheduler which is just... no. So I want to replace it with RabbitMQ
07:07 dcook If next week's tests go well, I might try to to do more local changes to support that
07:08 dcook But I also don't want to go too deeply down my own path
07:08 dcook I want to learn just enough from real life experience to feed it back to the community so we can make something practical
07:08 dcook I think my experience with the OAI-PMH harvester has really made me re-think my own steps
07:08 dcook Like that dev... it was big
07:08 dcook And in the end I didn't write it in a way that was easily unit testable
07:08 dcook Few people understood it
07:09 ashimema This cycle is going to be hard for me on that front.. having just had 24 months of high level community roles supported by ptfs-e I'm somewhat in time debt to do loads of more company orientated work
07:09 dcook And the harvester I designed was appropriate for the library that commissioned it but probably way overkill for 99% of Koha libraries...
07:09 dcook Oh no! :(
07:10 dcook I was going to do non-Koha stuff today, but was interrupted by Koha things so that didn't happen
07:10 ashimema I'll still be here.. just won't has quite as much time for my own community priorities
07:10 dcook The non-Koha stuff I do is super interesting too, but Koha is where the heart is.
07:10 ashimema Haha.. know the feeling
07:11 ashimema Nice to hear that
07:11 dcook But really if we are able to make Koha more modular... then it becomes a lot easier to work on it
07:11 dcook Less monolithic developments that take so much time and energy
07:11 dcook Fewer*
07:13 dcook I was just thinking "I wonder how long I'll work on Koha"
07:13 dcook And I bet rangi never thought he'd work on it for 20 some years
07:14 dcook I've been working on it for over 8 years O_O
07:14 ashimema mmm.. totally
07:14 dcook That blows my mind to think about
07:14 ashimema I'm currently in a "What's next" stage of life/career..
07:14 dcook I hear that..
07:14 dcook Actually, the only thing I haven't done is own a house, and I'm pretty sure you've already done that
07:15 dcook Well, career-wise I haven't done many things
07:15 dcook But life wise..
07:15 dcook Actually, that just reminded me of another thing lol
07:15 dcook Deploying Koha at scale..
07:15 ashimema having just finished as RM I'm really unsure what the future holds.. being so thoroughly immersed in community has been whats kept me going the past 24 months.. it started out as "6 months and I'll be moving onto greener pastures" and grew into sticking around for 24 because I kept being allowed to continue in community more and more
07:16 dcook :O
07:16 dcook That's interesting to know
07:16 dcook I mean I was thinking about rangi's announcement recently
07:17 dcook Where I think he's scaled back his Koha role at work and taking on another role? Like 50/50 or something?
07:20 ashimema ptfs-e have been hugely supportive of community and my involvement in it.. but the world is changing so it'll be interesting to see where priorities lie and evolve as time goes on.
07:21 dcook Mmm that's true
07:21 dcook We're predominately a libraries, archives, museum business, but I wonder sometimes about the future
07:21 dcook Not so much from our perspective, but rather the whole GLAM sector.
07:22 dcook I've been to library school. Staying relevant can be tricky.
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07:31 magnuse when i joined the community 11+ years ago koha felt like an old and settled project, now i have been involved for more than half it's life :-)
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07:31 magnuse hm, "old and settled" isn't really what i mean, but i can't find better words...
07:32 ashimema my first commit is 2011-10-27 (though that seems late.. I'm sure I committed under some other alias earlier).. I started working in koha world back in early 2010 I think
07:33 ashimema it's really interesting to look back and see how far it's come and how much it's still evolving and improving
07:33 magnuse yeah!!
07:33 ashimema as 'slow' as I feel it is sometimes when I actually look at the stats for the project as a whole it's incredible.. very fast moving and impressive
07:34 magnuse yeah :-)
07:34 ashimema the reason things can feel slow I think is that as a commuity and being open source.. everything is moving forward instead of just one area making a leap.. lots of area's make smaller steps every cycle.
07:34 magnuse my first was 2009-11-02
07:35 ashimema ooh, ooh.. I just realised I've knocked jcamins off his top ten position in the gitstats :)
07:36 magnuse yay! :-)
07:36 ashimema best get submitting some more patches.. only 100 or so to go and I'll have overtaken kidclamp.. but he's harder.. he's a moving target
07:36 magnuse congrats
07:37 magnuse yeah, that could keep you writing patches for a long time to come :-)
07:37 ashimema @later tell kidclamp I'm on your tail.. only 64 more commits and I'll have knocked you down to 10 position on the gitstats leaderboard :P
07:37 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
07:41 magnuse and i have dcook on my heels in the stats
07:41 magnuse pretty sure i won't be able to keep ahead, unless all our customers suddenly stop asking questions...
07:42 ashimema haha.. know that feeling
07:50 Joubu @later tell oleonard .git/info/exclude
07:50 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
07:56 Joubu dcook: you would have prefered a smaller patch for the task queue?
07:57 Joubu How could it be smaller?
08:20 * Joubu raises his protest sign "more code, less talk!"
08:22 TimothyAlexis ashimema: Great for you
08:23 TimothyAlexis ashimema: <= Read that and do it. ;)
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08:35 Joubu magnuse: will you be able to test the patch I attached on 24986?
08:35 Joubu If you could retry with a precedent backup (do you still have it?) that would be great
08:35 Joubu bug 24986
08:35 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=24986 critical, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Maximum row size reached soon for borrowers and deletedborrowers
08:38 magnuse i should have a backup, yes, let me see what i can do
08:38 Joubu thanks
08:40 cait1 can someone please add quote Joubu's protest sign for eternity?
08:47 TimothyAlexis I added this one, as I have yet to find a solution for it: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=25680
08:47 huginn Bug 25680: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , When adding a new patron and missing to fill a field, on saving, the invalidFocus should show the focused field clearly in view.
08:48 cait1 @quote add Joubu raises his protest sign "more code, less talk!"
08:48 huginn cait1: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
08:48 cait1 gah.
08:49 magnuse @quote add Joubu raises his protest sign "more code, less talk!"
08:49 huginn magnuse: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
08:49 magnuse @quote add Joubu raises his protest sign "more code, less talk!"
08:49 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.  Quote #340 added.
08:50 magnuse @quote random
08:50 huginn magnuse: Quote #274: "eythian: you should have a separate server because messing on production is always a Bad Idea" (added by wizzyrea at 04:20 AM, September 02, 2013)
08:50 eythian still true
08:51 magnuse hehe
08:51 magnuse @quote 123
08:51 huginn magnuse: I've exhausted my database of quotes
08:51 magnuse @quote get 123
08:51 huginn magnuse: Quote #123: "rangi: #thingsihavelearnt if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder" (added by wizzyrea at 09:20 PM, March 30, 2011)
08:51 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
08:51 cait1 thanks!
08:52 magnuse cait1: you have to pm huginn and say "identify <nick> <password>"
08:53 cait1 i know, but i alwas forget the password :)
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09:01 ashimema interesting.. I've never identified myself in a pm to huggin
09:02 ashimema but I do identify to oftc and thus the channel.. and freenode
09:02 ashimema annoyingly oftc and freenone have opposite syntax's
09:06 Joubu I prevent you to send the password on the channel ;)
09:06 ashimema :)
09:08 Joubu It*
09:12 ashimema would you like me to take a look at adding the #action parsing stuff to koha-meeting Joubu.. or are you already on the case?
09:12 ashimema it's been on my todo list since mid 2019 :(
09:12 ashimema but.. I'm no longer the RM :)
09:14 ashimema looks like you're on it.. I'll wait until I see something land in gitlab.. feel free to assign anything to me on that front
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09:17 Joubu I am not on it
09:17 Joubu you can create the issue on gitlab
09:17 Joubu I was creating the project, but it existed already!
09:23 ashimema cool
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09:35 Joubu @later tell tcohen 25662 - you assign it to you but still "NEW", should be assigned?
09:35 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
09:39 Joubu Please, QA needed on bug 25651
09:39 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25651 critical, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , Modifying an authorised value make it disappear
09:44 kohaputti Joubu, was it okay I just signed-off bug 25586 – it was in new status before
09:44 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25586 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Signed Off , Something wrong with KOHA_HOME (?)
09:45 Joubu I was adding a comment on it!
09:45 kohaputti oh...
09:45 Joubu kohaputti: what about the occurrence in koha-plack?
09:46 kohaputti let me see
09:46 Joubu I'd like to have a clean state after this bug report
09:46 Joubu I am not sure the patch will actually fix an issue (even if better with it)
09:49 kohaputti bin/        KOHA_HOME=$(run_safe_xmlstarlet $instancename intranetdir)
09:50 kohaputti so it gets it from the koha-conf.xml file
09:51 kohaputti I think it is good we use this variable since it gets it from the koha-conf.xml file
09:52 kohaputti somebody might install koha elsewhere and if we don't get it via this variable/from koha-conf.xml then those installations don't work
09:56 Joubu keep in mind that the debian/* script are only used by if you installed from the pkg. So the path should not be different
09:56 Joubu script*s*
09:57 kohaputti I see, but still if we want to change those sometime in the future lots of places to run sed regex replace in.
09:58 Joubu yes, that's why I replaced it. But it should not change anything for now
09:58 kohaputti well, if this is not an issue that bothers anybody right now maybe we can just not do anything about this
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10:07 kohaputti Joubu, one thing related to this is if we want to make the debian/scripts compatible with other OSes, I know some people use koha on centos(or fedora?), and those scripts would be helpful there also but now the paths might be just compatible with debian.
10:08 kohaputti well, there was also the systemd dicsussion on the mailing list, and that might be something we want to replace these scripts with
10:09 kohaputti I suggest to discuss this on the next dev meeting, although I will probably be on holidays then
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11:02 oleonard o/
11:04 oleonard Joubu: Thank you! .git/info/exclude! I knew there was a way because I'd done it before but forgot how :)
11:04 Null404 joined #koha
11:04 Null404 hello there :)
11:05 Null404 cait1: Finally I found how to manual change text "not for loan", "available" etc in system that is in staff mode:  /usr/share/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-t​mpl/prog/pl-PL/modules/catalogue/
11:06 oleonard Null404 the "not for loan" text should be changed via Authorized Values, not by editing the template
11:07 Null404 oleonard: I had a very strange bug: I updated KOHA 17.11 to 18.11 and I get .po files for 18.05 and some texts was untraslated because "fuzzy" status
11:09 Null404 and some words was in english language because these .po files is from 02.2020
11:11 Null404 on test server I updated to 19.11 and gues what - it also .po files for 18.05
11:11 enkidu joined #koha
11:14 oleonard That's very strange Null404
11:23 cait1 oleonard: there are some in the template too i think
11:23 cait1 occorrences of 'not for loan'
11:28 oleonard Yes. I misunderstood the problem.
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11:34 kohaputti tcohen, still working on bug 21366 ?
11:34 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21366 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, ASSIGNED , add plack reload
11:35 khall joined #koha
11:38 tcohen kohaputti no
11:39 tcohen the options available were discouraged by the starman author
11:39 tcohen (I was thinkiing of detecting source changes and reloading)
11:40 tcohen a way to reload plack would still be interesting 'on-demand'
11:40 kohaputti why need for detect changes?
11:40 kohaputti I though the idea was just to add the option to do manually the reload
11:40 tcohen e.g. when installing a plugin
11:40 tcohen exactly, I was thinking the wrong thing
11:41 tcohen I was bothered by the need to restart plack in my dev env all the time I made a change to a lib
11:41 kohaputti ah, I see, I was thinking this feature is useful in production
11:41 tcohen oh, I'm talking about a different bug actually
11:41 kohaputti we've been actually using this for a long time, hot reloading
11:41 tcohen LOL
11:41 kohaputti haha :D
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12:02 TimothyAlexis I did git commit --amend and then git bz attach... But it seems that the previous commit was attached again rather than the update?
12:04 TimothyAlexis OK now it worked...
12:10 Joubu khall: can you write a patch for 22522 please?
12:10 Joubu ashimema and tcohen will SO and QA immediatly
12:13 Dyrcona joined #koha
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13:10 TonyS joined #koha
13:12 TonyS Can someone help me understand which mailing list I need to send a request to be add to the area for paid support? I've tried to do this about 4 times but never get a response.
13:15 cait1 koha main mailing list I think
13:15 ashimema I'm not seeing any mails from a 'Tony' with the keyword "Company name" on any of the lists
13:16 ashimema having said that.. I don't really know who, if anyone, actually takes responsibility for adding companies
13:18 cait1 technically wizzyrea is the only one I know who can do it
13:19 AndrewFH joined #koha
13:21 ashimema TonyS
13:22 ashimema I can't see any mails I can identify as.. the last three I see are B2H2 Solutions, ZINET and Texicon
13:24 TonyS Sorry it would be under Anthony and the company name is Trident Consulting
13:25 ashimema aha.. found the email
13:25 TonyS Thank you --- can you help me??
13:25 ashimema neither website listed in your email appears to work
13:26 TonyS hmmmmm
13:26 ashimema no https?
13:27 TonyS Do you require that??  If so I can have that done in no time
13:27 Joubu[…]ow-to-get-listed/
13:27 Joubu you should first read that I'd say
13:27 ashimema I dno't think we do.. but that's what caught me out
13:27 ashimema in your email you list that website as https and there's no automatic redirect to http
13:27 ashimema so it's just a dead link in the email ;)
13:28 TonyS Okay I get it... we changed that server and my developer may not had moved the cert. to that server ... if you wish I will have that done so it all matches
13:28 ashimema on a personal note.. I wouldn't trust any company offering computer services whom doesn't secure their own website with https.. best practice and all that ;)
13:29 ashimema but no.. I don't believe that is a community requirement
13:29 ashimema no worries
13:29 TonyS Totally understand
13:29 ashimema as for getting listed.. it looks like there's a backlog looking at the most recent emails in my search..
13:30 ashimema @later tell wizzyrea is anyone looking after the paid support contacts page on the website these days.. looks like we have a backlog of requests.
13:30 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
13:31 ashimema I've just left a message for the person who takes care of the website in general.. hopefully she can reply to your queries.
13:31 TonyS thank you very much for your assistance
13:31 ashimema no worries
13:32 inlibro joined #koha
13:39 wizzycray joined #koha
13:52 wizzycray https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=25097 hi i'm nudging this for a QA cos it's a really really Good Thing
13:52 huginn Bug 25097: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Add option to message_queue to allow for only specific sending notices
14:18 margaret joined #koha
14:28 eythian wizzycray: you have messages for wizzyrea, fyi :)
14:32 inlibro joined #koha
14:33 * oleonard suspected all along that eythian reads all our messages
14:33 oleonard Anyone around who is familiar with library transfer limits?
14:34 eythian oleonard: nobody else would if I didn't
14:34 eythian And is a message really a message if nobody reads it?
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15:00 reiveune bye
15:00 reiveune left #koha
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15:38 kidclamp whats the question oleonard ?
15:39 Joubu enjoy the weekend #koha!
15:39 oleonard I can't tell if it's not working or I just don't know what it's supposed to do.
15:39 oleonard If I have an itemtype configured to not be transferred between branches, what should happen if I check in the item at the wrong branch?
15:42 oleonard kidclamp: In my test it looked like nothing different happens at checkin. The transfer is initiated
15:45 lisettelatah joined #koha
15:51 oleonard cait1 did you see my question on Bug 25469?
15:51 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25469 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Typo: Item does not belongs to your library
16:07 kidclamp @later tell fredericd do you have a timeline for submission of ES code? there are outstanding bugs and I want to make sure if we work on those we are doing so in a way that works with the direction you are heading
16:07 huginn kidclamp: The operation succeeded.
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16:29 kidclamp Oleonard, but the item is returning home? It should be able to do that still
16:29 kidclamp I think if there is a hold to fill at another branch, in check-in it won't do that, but will return home
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17:16 cait1 oleonard: not yet, but hope to catch up during the weeken
17:16 cait1 d
17:16 cait1 which i will start now :)
17:16 cait1 cya later all!
17:16 cait1 left #koha
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18:12 * oleonard was really hoping ashimema was going to rescue him from Bug 24766
18:12 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=24766 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Provide an option to show news blocks for all available languages
18:21 ashimema That's an area that is on my list oleonard
18:21 ashimema I have a couple of branches I started playing with on it about 3 weeks back.. I aim to get back to them shortly
18:22 ashimema Gotta spend early next week working through accessibility bugs.  The stuff I talked about with you a little while back and is now becoming more urgent.  Then I can get onto some other things like the news blocks again.
18:22 ashimema Not forgotten 😉
18:25 oleonard ashimema: I should fix a bunch of accessibility stuff but base it on my Bootstrap 4 branch so you'll have to test it ;)
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21:07 ashimema I'm in a catch 22 on the accessibility stuff.. I need to have it implemented for the customer.. yes that entire however many hundred page reports worth.. and they don't want to upgrade for it either.. so it all needs to be done at 18.11 I believe.. :'(
21:07 ashimema oleonard ^
21:08 oleonard ridiculous
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