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00:13 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
00:13 wahanui Congratulations!
00:13 koha-jenkins Project Koha_19.05_U18 build #221: FIXED in 43 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_19.05_U18/221/
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11:43 tcohen morning
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11:52 saa i am new to kona and would like to know whether i can keep my basket open
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13:24 oleonard o/
13:30 cait hi oleonard :)
14:08 oleonard cait: Do you know about switching between Zebra and ES in a testing environment?
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14:11 oleonard I guess re-start up my testing-docker...
14:29 cait ah sorry, missed your question oleonard
14:30 oleonard No problem. I tried the info I saw on the koha-testing-docker gitlab page but it didn't work
14:30 cait I think for kohadevbox you need to set a switch before creating it to activate and then i could just switch the pref and do a rebuild index for elastic from command line
14:30 cait do you have a specific error/problem?
14:30 oleonard Oh I didn't try to rebuild the index manually...
14:31 cait i think you need to do it once at the beginning
14:31 cait tuxayo and tcohen were recently working on changes/enhancements for elasticsearch on docker i think
14:31 * cait is trying to improve release notes and hopes not to add too bad English :)
14:45 * oleonard is taking another stab at a Bootstrap 4 upgrade for the OPAC
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15:34 ashimema I've been  trying to clarify the way bugs are worded.. 'Add new thing X', 'Change existing thing Y', 'Remove thing Z', 'Fix issue A' for the release notes cait.. only started on Friday and not got all that far yet..
15:34 ashimema Adding summaries and checking enhancement Vs bug Vs new feature as I go too
15:34 ashimema Any help greatly appreciated
15:43 cait I already made some changes but it's good to know you are ok with changing the bug titles this way
15:43 cait I promised a talk on new 20.05 features for the german user meeting, so I am doing it all at the same time... making a "german" highlights version and updating - might miss a lot :)
15:54 cait ashimema: ^
16:00 cait ashimema: do the sandboxes support elasticsearch by default?
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16:13 ashimema Cool
16:14 ashimema I believe they do.. you just have to change the syspref
16:14 ashimema At least.. I think that's the case.. it's not something I've actually tried
16:14 ashimema cait^
16:27 cait sorry, was on the phone
16:27 cait I will try it out - the browse freature would be nice to show i think
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16:54 tuxayo cait: «I think for kohadevbox you need to set a switch before creating it to activate»
16:54 tuxayo Yes, for KohaDevBox one needs to do that. Otherwise ES isn't started/installer
16:54 tuxayo *installed
16:56 tuxayo ashimema: Found it!
16:56 tuxayo «<tcohen> it does, if you launch vagrant with KOHA_ELASTICSEARCH=1»
16:57 tuxayo It's only KTD where ES is started by default.
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17:43 ashimema sandboxes are based on ktd
17:45 ashimema Hence my thinking they pretty much support it out if the box
17:46 ashimema But I haven't actually tried it
18:04 tuxayo Indeed!
18:04 tuxayo The question was about sandboxes, not DevBox
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18:12 tuxayo > Hence my thinking they pretty much support it out if the box
18:12 tuxayo From dev meeting of the 6 may: «need support in sandbox for indexing es»
18:13 tuxayo I'm not sure if it's about having an ES instances but at least, auto indexing on startup is missing. Like on KTD
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