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02:06 tcohen tuxayo hola
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02:43 tuxayo tcohen: hola o/
02:43 tcohen hola tuxayo
02:43 tcohen I need my Linux box to check what's going on with koha-dokg
02:44 tcohen (i.e. to check the base.tgz dependencies
02:48 tuxayo tcohen: could it be this case?
02:48 tuxayo > You will notice the Dockerfile actually downloads a prebuilt image from somewhere. This images
02:48 tuxayo are usually the reason for build failures:
02:48 tuxayo > sometimes the branch adds a new build dependency, but the base image hasn't been updated so it includes this dependency. In such situations you could
02:48 tuxayo > contact tcohen on OFTC#koha, or just build your own base image/variant (both is the best option).
02:49 tuxayo from:[…]se-image-creation
02:49 tcohen I know, I wrote it LOL
02:50 tuxayo Then should can move on and try to built.[…]ilding-the-images
02:50 tuxayo Would that also confirm to you that it's a matter of missing deps. (If I find it)
02:50 tuxayo > I know, I wrote it LOL
02:50 tuxayo Yes I guessed that :P
02:50 tcohen the packaging manager usually has its base.tgz
02:50 tcohen but I ended up building my own
02:51 tuxayo > or just build your own base image/variant (both is the best option).
02:51 tuxayo Is that this?
02:51 tuxayo docker build . -t koha/koha-dpkg:master --build-arg BRANCH=master
02:58 tcohen no
02:59 tcohen the problem is not the docker image per-se
02:59 tcohen but the base.tgz
03:00 tcohen and  if you change the tgz, you should change the dockerfile so it picks oyours
03:04 tuxayo IIUC one must know enough Docker and this koha-dpkg to craft a base.tgz with the right deps.
03:04 tuxayo And then Building the images
03:04 tuxayo And then retry to build the packages
03:06 tcohen the README explains it
03:06 tcohen you need to use pbuilder to build the base.tgz file
03:06 tcohen and then, docker to build the koha-dpkg image
03:08 tuxayo Ok I get it. I though it was like two nested base images or some other nonsense that popped in my head.
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03:27 tuxayo yay, I got pbuilder working on EndeavourOS :D (Arch based)
03:27 tuxayo It's building the base image :)
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16:39 wwwalker has anyone worked out how to get URL links in records to show? currently they are blank even if they have a URL in record.
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20:24 tcohen morning
20:28 tcohen @later tell tuxayo new koha-dpkg uploading
20:28 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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20:31 tcohen @later tell ashimema master packages fail to build with this error
20:31 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
20:31 tcohen #     Error:  Cannot open /etc/koha/log4perl.conf (No such file or directory) at /usr/share/perl5/Log/Log4per​l/Config/ line 51.
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