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00:06 oleonard Aw dang I missed the Open Refine talk
00:07 rangi im assuming they will get cut up into individual videos for easy replay eh?
00:09 bag not sure - I know now that each session is recorded
00:09 rangi cool
00:09 bag @later tell jzairo - are we going to break each session up into individual videos?
00:09 huginn bag: The operation succeeded.
00:09 rangi we could just timestamp them too
00:10 rangi thta'd be fine
00:10 rangi (i mean just have a link to the time they start on the programme)
00:12 tuxayo rangi
00:12 tuxayo > we could just timestamp them too
00:12 tuxayo my plan was to watch everything and note the timestamp URLs and then send to the Koha list
00:12 tuxayo watch everything: or jump to the next talk if I really don't understand ^^"
00:12 tuxayo thanks bag for asking
00:13 rangi :)
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00:16 rangi Margaret is cool
00:18 rangi her slide deck is neat
00:20 rangi that reminds i should regenerate the schemas, but not while she is using them :)
00:21 tuxayo talk:
00:21 tuxayo > schema is intimidating
00:21 tuxayo Much less than before though ^^"
00:21 tuxayo
00:21 oleonard I'll share this now that different people are awake. I'm thinking about eliminating the checkbox column in search results:[…]?p=15876657007590 I can't tell whether it's a dumb idea.
00:21 rangi hm lemme look
00:22 rangi for adding multiples to a list ? hmm i dunno if it is used much
00:24 rangi oh you mean move it
00:24 rangi i getcha now
00:24 rangi yeah i like that
00:24 oleonard Pros: More obvious label, possibly better for screen readers... Con: Not what people expect.
00:25 tuxayo oleonard: good idea. It's now too much space for something not that much used.
00:25 tuxayo And the text that says it's to select is a touch.
00:25 tuxayo *nice touch
00:25 rangi yeah
00:26 oleonard Great, glad to hear it's not a product of quarantine delirium
00:27 rangi :)
00:27 oleonard I'll share it on the list and see what others think
00:27 philor my system has a public list of Newbery Winners, obviously a bad idea, which does say that add to list gets used (accidentally)
00:28 philor I always forget that you can use the checkboxes to place holds, so I think of them as just lists/carts, that I don't want
00:28 oleonard We have a Newbery list too. Why is it a bad idea?
00:28 philor a public list, so adding to it is the first thing listed for any patron who doesn't have a private list created already
00:29 rangi new berrys are not ripe yet?
00:29 philor currently at the newest of our newberys, the movie Just Mercy and three Aunt Dimity books
00:29 tuxayo For people watching the kohathon: youtube livestream trick:
00:29 tuxayo You can catch up with the livestream if you are late by some time by setting the playback speed to 1.25
00:29 tuxayo When it's catches up, it will go back to 1.0
00:30 tuxayo cc bag
00:30 rangi oh thats a cool trick
00:31 tuxayo Might no be easy for non-native speakers like me ^^
00:31 oleonard philor: So when you say "public list" you mean it can be added to by anyone
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00:36 philor oleonard: yeah, I forget that it's a separate allow changes from field rather than public/private
00:37 philor odds are, the person setting it that way thought "oh, I'll allow any staff member to add things, that way I won't have to remember once a year to add the new winner"
00:41 * philor leaves in Curry County cow theft cases, 1939
00:41 philor expand those young minds
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01:14 davidnind rangi: lisettelatah said earlier on that individual videos for Kohathon2020 would be available in a day or so
01:15 rangi perfect, thanks davidnind
01:15 rangi hope you're well in your bubble
01:16 davidnind Good thanks! (In a bubble of one)
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01:21 lisettelatah davidnind: It turns out those videos might be difficult to extract from youtube, so we might do timestamps instead, but either way there should be specific links available by early next week.
01:21 rangi cool
01:22 davidnind great!
01:31 tuxayo lisettelatah
01:31 tuxayo > It turns out those videos might be difficult to extract from youtube
01:31 wahanui well, lisettelatah is running the devbox install
01:31 tuxayo
01:32 tuxayo Libre open source, should be to install on Linux, macOS and Windows
01:32 lisettelatah thanks tuxayo! We'll look into that.
01:33 tuxayo Someone did a UI:
01:34 tuxayo It actually work with +1200 videowebsite, it's insane
01:34 tuxayo *sites
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01:36 tuxayo I just found a command that made my day to get the time in multiple places in the world at once. (very useful here!)
01:37 tuxayo zdump NZ America/Los_Angeles America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires CET
01:37 tuxayo NZ                              Fri Apr 24 13:37:04 2020 NZST
01:37 tuxayo America/Los_Angeles             Thu Apr 23 18:37:04 2020 PDT
01:37 tuxayo America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires  Thu Apr 23 22:37:04 2020 -03
01:37 tuxayo CET                             Fri Apr 24 03:37:04 2020 CEST
01:38 tuxayo Installed by default on Linuxes and hopefully on macOS also
01:39 davidnind I use[…]ock/personal.html at the moment
01:48 tuxayo neat! For a GUI as a standalone program there also gworldclock[…]ckage/gworldclock
01:50 tuxayo davidnind:  Speaking of timezones where are you from? I didn't found you
01:50 tuxayo Although you seem regular one ^^
01:50 tuxayo *a
01:51 davidnind Hi tuxayo - I'm from Wellington, New Zealand
01:52 tuxayo hi from the other side of world o/
01:55 davidnind Hi from nearly the bottom of the world!
01:55 tuxayo davidnind: So, from NZ are you like from Catalyst, Katipo, HLT?
01:56 davidnind None of the above, I work at a government agency (and we don't unfortunately use Koha :-()
01:57 tuxayo > the bottom of the world!
01:57 tuxayo Depends on the map ;)[…]p_map_orientation
01:59 tuxayo > and we don't unfortunately use Koha
02:00 tuxayo davidnind:  wait you work so much on Koha (so many signoffs!) and your dayjob isn't related to it? :o
02:00 davidnind True!
02:00 tuxayo davidnind++
02:00 hayley davidnind is a good sort :)
02:00 tuxayo For the huge personal time donation
02:01 hayley davidnind++
02:01 * tuxayo learns english
02:02 davidnind Not so much, only in the evenings (or mornings) - mainly when I'm procrastinating about working on the documentation.. :-[
02:02 davidnind Not so much the dependable part...:)
02:03 tuxayo Testing all those patches isn't that long? (please teach us your secrets!)
02:06 davidnind I've tried to do one a day, sometimes I get carried away in the weekends!
02:07 davidnind (Some are a bit easier than others, the larger ones or ones for areas I don't know anything about can take a bit longer...)
02:13 tuxayo > I've tried to do one a day
02:13 tuxayo nice!
02:19 tuxayo Kohathon talk: It's very nice to block the submit buttons when clicked to avoid double submit!
02:22 tuxayo @later tell oleonard do we have issues due to double submit? At Kohathon a talk showed a customization to block a submit button when clicked once.
02:22 huginn tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
02:23 hayley there is a bug report open for that at the moment that I saw tuxayo, possibly already pushed to master
02:23 tuxayo yay
02:25 hayley I found bug 24085 about but couldn't see any other obvious ones
02:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=24085 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Pushed to stable , Double submission of forms on
02:28 tuxayo hayley++
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02:42 tuxayo I hope at some point Koha US would support also Liberapay it for recurring donations. It's libre/open source and also supports Stripe (in addtion to Paypal) for payments.
02:42 tuxayo
02:50 tuxayo Kohathon in 2021, yay :D
02:51 tuxayo To celebrate the end of the Kohathon: here is some music from the Japanese artist Koha-pink!
02:51 tuxayo
02:51 tuxayo
02:53 rangi heh
02:56 tuxayo Hooray for all Kohathon contributors! If some are here.
02:57 davidnind lisettelatah++
02:57 davidnind (and everyone else as well!)
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06:12 * philor thinks that should make marcelr think twice before saying "with detailed steps" where he will see it
06:12 philor 28 steps just to *not* see the bug, then you have to repeat all 28 to see it :)
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06:30 reiveune hello
06:30 wahanui niihau, reiveune
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06:35 marcelr hi #koha
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06:57 alex_a Bonjour
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07:17 cait1 good morning #koha
07:17 marcelr hi cait1
07:18 cait1 hi marcelr :)
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07:51 eythian cait1:[…]53146536508178433
07:51 eythian also, hi
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07:53 cait1 eythian: I am never sure if it's safe to click on your links at work :)
07:54 cait1 also, hi back ;)
07:54 eythian cait1: a) I don't see why not, b) why are you at work there's a pandemic going on you know.
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07:55 cait1 working from home...
07:55 wahanui i think working from home is still recommended
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08:03 cait1 ups
08:04 cait1 eythian: it only shows there is some logic in my language - don't you think? :)
08:05 eythian cait1: tell that to the beak animal. Or the spike pig.
08:08 eythian (to be fair, porcupine also means spike pig.)
08:10 Joubu @later tell khall Hi Kyle, about 15253 - did you see the other comments? indentation and undef@undef?
08:10 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
08:15 cait1 eythian: logical
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08:36 jajm cait1, https://lists.koha-community.o[…]/mailman/listinfo is up
08:38 cait1 cool thx
08:38 cait1 jajm++
08:38 cait1 what's laurent's nick?
08:39 jajm it's lds but he's not here
08:39 cait1 lds++ still :)
08:39 cait1 jajm: was looking at course reserves this morning - hope to get back later
08:39 cait1 homebranch
08:40 cait1 but there is a qa tool fail
08:46 jajm cait1, how should i fix that ? should i only add the piece of code at the end of schema file (like in https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]DBIC_schema_files) even if the column is not present in the schema file yet ? or should i generate the whole schema file ?
08:47 cait1 oh
08:47 cait1 maybe i forgot to run dbic?
08:47 cait1 Joubu: around ?
08:47 cait1 I am used to people adding the schema files, i might have just forgot, if nothing is missing on your side
08:48 Joubu jajm: generate schema files commit separately, then add a separate commit for the is_boolean change
08:48 jajm cait1, no, there's a piece of code to add manually, i'm just asking if i should attach only that to the bug report, or also the generated parts
08:48 jajm Joubu, ok thanks
08:49 Joubu jajm: is_boolean can be part of a "DB changes" commit (kohastructure, atomic update, etc.)
08:49 Joubu if you want to avoid a one line commit ;)
08:50 jajm i don't mind one line commits ;)
08:50 cait1 Joubu: so something is still missing?
08:51 Joubu missing from?
08:56 cait1 bug 22630
08:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22630 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , Allow to change homebranch in course reserves
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09:06 ashimema I am not sure why we do the whole Don not push schema commits
09:07 ashimema As RM I don't worry too much.. I tend to convert the commit message..
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09:07 Null404 Hello there
09:07 wahanui Greetings, programs!
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09:08 ashimema I have scripts to regenerate the schema as part of push anyway to help me catch issues
09:08 nlegrand a git yur
09:13 cait1 jajm: talking to Joubu - missing some lines somewhere is the conclusion
09:14 jajm cait1, that's a vague conclusion :)
09:15 cait1 you shoudl listen to Joubu - ia m not making much sense today :)
09:15 cait1 (10:49:22) Joubu: jajm: is_boolean can be part of a "DB changes" commit (kohastructure, atomic update, etc.)
09:15 jajm cait1, i submitted new patches to bug 22630, qa tool is happy now :)
09:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22630 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , Allow to change homebranch in course reserves
09:17 Null404 It in normal that some functions are in English language instead Polsih in KOHA 19.11 ?
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09:24 davidnind Null404: others can confirm (or say otherwise), but I think it depends how much of the translation has been done https://translate.koha-communi[…]g/projects/19.11/
09:25 Null404 okay
09:25 davidnind One of the many tasks that need people to do them! :)
09:26 Null404 if translating is done will names automatic updated ?
09:28 Joubu Null404: in the next release
09:29 Null404 ok, thanks for info
09:30 cait1 Null404: the RM and RMaints pull in the most current files for every version before each release - so you can also fix stuff in older ones, while they are still maintained
09:31 ashimema heads up qateam.. lots of improvements to the QA script just merged
09:31 ashimema Joubu++
09:31 ashimema qateam?
09:31 ashimema qa_team?
09:31 wahanui qa_team is cait Joubu marcelr kohaputti josef_moravec tcohen kidclamp khall
09:31 ashimema ^
09:32 ashimema cait1.. one for your next weekly mail.. :)
09:32 * ashimema goes back to playing with the kids
09:32 ashimema have a good one #koha
09:33 Joubu Thanks ashimema
09:33 Joubu gitlab stopped sending me notifications, hum?...
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10:27 khall mornin!
10:28 Null404 hi
10:29 khall Joubu as long as you've verified all reserve notices use the pk now, that is a good fix
10:33 Joubu IIRC we always send the Koha::Hold object
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10:50 Joubu wiki?
10:50 wahanui wiki is back :)
10:50 Joubu it's not wahanui
10:51 Joubu now it is, weird
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10:54 davidnind Joubu++
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11:06 oleonard Hi #koha
11:07 Null404 okay, I found opac.css location on Ubuntu
11:07 Null404 is in : /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/bootstrap/css
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11:16 cait1 hi oleonard :)
11:16 cait1 you might be just on time
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11:48 tcohen hi alll
11:48 Null404 hello
11:48 wahanui hey, Null404
11:50 tcohen whats up Null404
11:50 tcohen what are you trying to do?
11:53 Null404 I'm trying to copy opac.css file from main server to test one
11:53 Null404 a files are difrent
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11:53 Null404 I'm trying via ssh
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12:02 * oleonard brb
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13:13 oleonard Seems weird that the list "remove share" link is only on the list for the user with whom the list is shared
13:14 oleonard Why can't the sharer un-share the list?
13:14 magnuse too confusing for the sharer to unshare the share
13:15 oleonard Confusing because we don't want to build in a mechanism for notifying the person that the list was unshared
13:17 cait1 maybe also bcause it would be mean
13:17 cait1 you work on something for homeowrk (or whatever) together
13:17 cait1 and then the other kicks you out
13:17 cait1 and you lose access to the data :)
13:18 * oleonard assumes you can revoke a share in, for instance, Google Drive?
13:19 cait1 no idea
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13:44 TimothyAlexis Hello, is this the proper channel to bring stuff about code?
13:44 oleonard Yes
13:45 TimothyAlexis I was working with and made a ton of fixes with indentation and such.
13:48 TimothyAlexis We have custom code in there which I was fixing but I noticed there was a lot to fix in the base too.
13:48 TimothyAlexis So I went through the whole file and made corrections.
13:49 oleonard TimothyAlexis we try to keep patches specific to one issue, each tied to a separate bug report
13:49 oleonard Indentation corrections would be just one issue, and shouldn't be mixed with other changes
13:49 TimothyAlexis Yeah I figured.
13:49 TimothyAlexis That's why I came here. :)
13:50 cait1 good decision :)
13:50 oleonard So the first step would be to file a bug report for each of the issues you found, and make them dependent on each other if necessary
13:51 TimothyAlexis The changes I made was for the code to agree with the https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]Coding_Guidelines
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13:52 rramalho Hi!
13:52 rramalho i'm talking from Portugal
13:52 edveal joined #koha
13:52 TimothyAlexis Other than that is was minor things like reduntant whitespace characters and inconsistent closing comments.
13:53 rramalho We use Koha on our Municipality to manage all public Libraries
13:53 TimothyAlexis Could these be treated as one issue?
13:53 rramalho I'm having an issue that I can't find a solution for
13:53 rramalho When I search for something on the OPAC
13:54 rramalho If the search is just a work like "economy"
13:54 rramalho It's fine
13:54 rramalho returns the results just fine
13:55 rramalho If I search "state economy" it'll timeout after a while
13:55 oleonard TimothyAlexis, you could file a bug for the markup corrections and submit two patches on it: one for indentation and another for markup
13:55 rramalho koha
13:59 lari tcohen: good work with the api exception handling. do you know if it's possible to pass the exception into a hook by itself, maybe before render
13:59 lari if so we wouldnt have to write anything in the controllers
13:59 rramalho Can anyone help me?
14:00 oleonard rramalho do you manage the server Koha is installed on?
14:00 rramalho yeah
14:00 cait1 rramalho: i am sorry, I am not coming up with anything that could cause this
14:00 rramalho It's our server
14:00 tcohen lari we can explore that, I haven't. I felt comfortable with devs explicitly writing there might be unhandled exceptions
14:01 lari It's good like this, just a thought
14:02 oleonard rramalho has anything changed recently? Hardware change, Koha upgrade?
14:02 rramalho nop
14:03 rramalho the database server only had package updates
14:03 rramalho and the koha server itself had an uptime of 200 days
14:03 rramalho I've just restarted all services and after the problem persisted, I've rebooted
14:04 rramalho
14:04 rramalho Same thing happens on the intranet/Backoffice
14:04 tcohen lari I'm open to discuss any ideas you might have
14:04 tcohen just pm
14:04 TimothyAlexis oleonard, Thank you for the guidance. I wish you superb health, well-being and happily memorable times ahead. :D
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14:05 oleonard TimothyAlexis thank you for modifying "memorable" with "happily" :D
14:06 TimothyAlexis oleonard :D
14:06 oleonard rramalho For what it's worth, my search in your OPAC for "state economy" returned results very quickly
14:07 rramalho now try to open any link
14:07 rramalho It won't open until a very big timeout
14:08 oleonard rramalho it works very quickly for me
14:09 rramalho ok
14:09 rramalho very wierdly, it's something that only happens inside our network
14:09 rramalho thanks
14:10 rramalho I'm sorry for your time
14:10 rramalho so very sorry
14:10 oleonard Not at all rramalho, I'm happy to help
14:15 eythian when seeing things that happen within a network only, the first thing I'd look to is if there's weird local DNS stuff happening (for example, one DNS server not responding - though you'd possibly see that across multiple URLs, depending) or a proxy in the way.
14:16 oleonard git blame is bullying me today
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14:44 rramalho It was happening to all clients connected via VPN
14:44 rramalho no one ever noticed this, because almost no one was working from home
14:45 rramalho now that almost everyone is working from home
14:45 rramalho wierd stuff on the firewall
14:55 cait1 rramalho: glad you figured it out, such things can be tricky
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14:59 reiveune bye
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17:08 tcohen back from power outage!
17:33 caroline @wunder montreal
17:33 huginn caroline: Error: Failed to load Wunderground API. Check the logs for more information.
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17:57 philor_ hmm, why aren't you broken[…]56b1;hb=HEAD#l347 ?
17:58 philor_ did JSON.stringify already do what encodeURIComponent does and encodeURI does not?
18:25 oleonard Hey y'all what is this about? {UNKNOWN}: Can't open /var/log/koha/kohadev/opac-error.log (Permission denied) at /usr/share/perl5/Log/Log4perl/Appender/ line 143. at /kohadevbox/koha/Koha/ line 345
18:25 oleonard Never seen that before
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19:16 oleonard Thanks lukeG1 !
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20:14 * cait waves
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