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01:00 tuxayo caroline: there:[…]0-04-22#i_2239393
01:01 tuxayo And there:[…]0-04-22#i_2239111
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03:04 philor when[…]record-management claims that choosing a framework on import is helpful for having the right bib level item type selected, what does it mean?
03:11 * philor suspects it means "bet you wish this was true" or perhaps "once upon a time this was true"
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03:47 tuxayo philor: works for me :P
03:47 tuxayo (retrying with another framework)
03:49 tuxayo To see the logs you can run "koha-plack-err" as root.
03:49 tuxayo Work on koha-testing-docker and maybe KohaDevBox
03:52 tuxayo Does actually work! It's just that I elected the same framework as the imported record...
03:53 philor works in what sense? you're seeing a itemtype being inserted in biblioitems? where does that itemtype come from?
03:55 tuxayo > works in what sense? you're seeing a itemtype being inserted in biblioitems?
03:55 tuxayo I only checked on record level.
03:55 tuxayo > where does that itemtype come from?
03:55 tuxayo I'll try to interpret the MARCXML of my imported record
03:57 philor my question is further back than that: you select to import using the VR framework, to set the bib level item type to VM, but what part of the framework definition says that records imported into it should get the VM itemtype?
03:57 tuxayo Sorry, I don't know MARC ^^"
03:57 tuxayo Here is the record:
03:57 tuxayo[…]bCy3BtmMWoBq5dj4Q
03:58 philor certainly, by experiment, not the only part that it could be, setting 942 to mandatory, setting subfield c to mandatory, and setting its default to VM
03:58 tuxayo I missed what is VM.
03:58 tuxayo and VR
03:58 philor so yeah, that has a 942 $c set to BK, where did it get that?
03:59 tuxayo Z3950 from library of congress
04:00 philor well, their record did not have a 942 $cBK, if it did they wouldn't also be claiming to use Dewey rather than LC classification
04:02 tuxayo > well, their record did not have a 942 $cBK
04:02 tuxayo It did, the link is the file that I imported
04:04 philor
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05:29 tuxayo philor: thanks, so no relevant diff between 1) at the LOC 2) in koha after Z39.50 import and MARCXML export
05:29 tuxayo 3) in koha after "file import" IIUC
05:30 tuxayo Is that good? (I unsuspectingly went well too far into librarian territory)
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05:36 philor tuxayo: if the manual was telling the truth, then when you import a file which does not have a field 942 with a subfield c containing BK, and you select the Books, etc. framework, after import it would have a 942 $c
05:37 philor so if there's no diff, then the manual either lies, or completely fails to mention the secret to making something which would be extremely useful work
05:41 tuxayo So the manual say that Koha on import can define a missing 942$c. And it doesn't.
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05:53 philor it says that choosing a framework is "helpful for running reports and having the right bib level item type selected on import."
05:54 philor the former is true, you can use frameworkcode in a report, the latter is the whole of my question
05:54 philor there's no place in the UI for defining a framework to put that framework's default itemtype
05:54 philor bib level itemtypes are stored in biblioitems.itemtype
05:55 philor they get there when a record is saved, by parsing out the contents of 942 $c
05:56 philor you could, hypothetically, stick a value in there while creating a bilioitems record, without touching the marc data, though that would be insane, and I see no sign of that being done
05:56 philor and if in your framework you mark 942 as mandatory, subfield c as mandatory, and the default data for subfield c as BK, when you import a record with that framework it has no 942, no c, no BK
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06:02 marcelr hi #koha
06:05 philor marcelr: hello, is it morning already?
06:09 philor ah, it is, just an early part of it
06:12 tuxayo thanks philor for the clarifications. I still piece by piece, i'll understand more Koha.
06:12 tuxayo o/ marcelr
06:14 tuxayo > marcelr: hello, is it morning already?
06:14 tuxayo Ho your are right, it's morning already >_<
06:14 tuxayo I should be in sync with marcelr since I'm in france, not with philor (from NZ or AU I guess?) .
06:15 tuxayo At least not always, It's good switch timezones to get to know everyone :D
06:16 philor US west coast, so I count on Europe getting up and greeting the world at 8am as a sign that it's midnight and I should give up for the day
06:21 tuxayo Indeed
06:21 tuxayo Actually due to summer time, it's 8:21 in FR, NL, UK
06:23 tuxayo Does anyone know how feasible it would be for one of our bots to be able from one command, list to the current times in at least 4 or 5 places?
06:23 tuxayo !time
06:23 AnnaBoten Error: "time" is not a valid command.
06:23 tuxayo @time
06:23 huginn tuxayo: downloading the Perl source
06:23 tuxayo whaaaaaaat
06:23 tuxayo @time
06:23 huginn tuxayo: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
06:23 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
06:24 tuxayo okay
06:26 tuxayo See you later #koha o/
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06:31 marcelr hi philor tuxayo
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06:33 reiveune hello
06:33 * cait waves
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06:47 alex_a Bonjour
06:47 wahanui what's up, alex_a
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07:12 magnuse \o/
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07:45 eythian hi
07:45 wahanui que tal, eythian
07:52 ashimema[m] bug 25245
07:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25245 new feature, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Signed Off , Add a plugin hook to allow running code on a nightly basis
07:53 ashimema[m] @seen nlegrand
07:53 huginn ashimema[m]: nlegrand was last seen in #koha 1 week, 5 days, 23 hours, 46 minutes, and 10 seconds ago: <nlegrand> gut morgn
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08:12 nlegrand a gut yor
08:12 ashimema[m] as if by magic
08:14 ashimema[m] I was wondering about your desks bug tree nlegrand
08:14 ashimema[m] whether you're likely to get back to it in the next few days or whether it should be a 20.11 target
08:14 ashimema[m] right now you can define desks but not do anything with them.. which feels wrong
08:16 nlegrand right
08:17 nlegrand I have some reports to do and then I will be able to concentrate a bit on it.
08:18 nlegrand maybe something can be ready monday
08:22 Joubu Anyone using kohadevbox here?
08:24 ashimema[m] thanks nlegrand
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08:32 nlegrand ashimema[m]: to make the desk choice on the change library page, I think I need a sort of js that update the desk list according to the library. Is this kind of behaviour already existing in Koha? Is there a good way to do it? I'm asking because some are picky about js.
08:35 ashimema[m] Indeed, it'll need some JS
08:35 nlegrand ashimema[m]: by the way, thank you a lot for your enthousiasm and help about all thoses patches.
08:36 ashimema[m] as for prior art.. I can't think of any off the top of my head, but I'm sure there must be an example somewhere
08:36 ashimema[m] no worries at all
08:36 ashimema[m] Joubu can you think of an example for the above?
08:37 ashimema[m] form field select box whose content is dependant on the selection of a precedding select box selection?
08:38 nlegrand josef_moravec: thanks a lot too for all your work on Bug 24201 and Bug 2441
08:38 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=24201 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nicolas.legrand, Failed QA , Attach desk to intranet session
08:38 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2441 normal, P3, ---, chris, CLOSED FIXED, receiving more than 1 item
08:40 josef_moravec nlegrand: not at all ;)
08:40 ashimema[m] :)
08:40 ashimema[m] teamwork.. we've got some great people
08:41 ashimema[m] as ever.. I really hope we can carry the current moment through into the next cycle.. allot of things get left too late in a cycle to really achieve :(
08:50 Joubu query nlegrand Salut Nicolas
08:50 Joubu ...
08:52 nlegrand :)
08:59 josef_moravec nlegrand: I would generate a select box for each library desks and they would be hidden. And then in javascript add hander for onchange to libraries select box, the handler simply hide the shown desks select if there is any visible and shows the right one - based on library code for example
09:02 nlegrand josef_moravec: nice idea
09:04 josef_moravec nlegrand: hope so, don't forget to handle it right in pl script. I think the form does send the other select too, even if they are hidden
09:04 josef_moravec but that should not be big deal
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09:13 Joubu yes, disabled="disabled" to not send them
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10:38 ashimema[m] davidnind++
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11:12 oleonard Hi all
11:12 tcohen morning
11:18 magnuse \o/
11:19 magnuse huh, i was sure i had seen a bug about waiting holds messing with the decreaseLoanHighHolds settings, but now i can't find it. did i dream up a koha bug again?
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11:32 kohaputti Joubu, I'm thinking it is worth documenting the circulation rule database schema change in the tech notes
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11:39 magnuse document all the things!
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11:44 Joubu kohaputti: yes!
11:44 Joubu we should at least say that the previous table does no longer exist
11:45 kohaputti Joubu, wrote something there now... Maybe you can rewrite the text more nicely
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11:51 davidnind Kohathon2020 starting in about 10mins - see for the schedule and live stream link
11:57 * ashimema[m] has the tab open and waiting :)
12:04 * oleonard remembers that existed and that it was a good idea[…]//
12:04 oleonard Sacrificed to the ideals of profit :(
12:06 cait1 :(
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12:43 tcohen anyone seen this: start-stop-daemon: matching only on non-root pidfile /var/run/koha/kohadev/ is insecure
12:43 tcohen [....] Starting Plack daemon for kohadev:Pid_file already exists for running process (757)... aborting
12:43 tcohen . ok
12:43 tcohen in buster
12:45 ashimema[m] ooh, never seen that
12:46 tcohen I cannot start plack on KOHA_IMAGE=master-buster
12:48 ashimema[m] are we still recommending kohadevbox strongly>
12:49 ashimema[m] whats the windows experience like for koha-testing-docker?
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12:49 oleonard Hi lisettelatah!
12:49 ashimema[m] I'm just wondering about the challenges of maintaining both.. I've been recomending docker more of late simply because I'm more familiar with how it works and how to help others using it.
12:49 oleonard Smile everyone you're on the live stream
12:49 lisettelatah hi oleonard
12:49 wahanui hi oleopard
12:50 ashimema[m] Hi lisettelatah
12:50 oleonard :D
12:51 ashimema we will always try to help :)
12:51 kohaputti hi
12:51 wahanui hi, kohaputti
12:51 ashimema and cats.. and cake recipes ;)
12:51 oleonard ashimema I agree, I think we should be suggesting koha-testing-docker these days.
12:52 oleonard The main issue with koha-testing-docker on Windows is that you can't run it and Virtualbox at the same time
12:52 oleonard ...which is only an issue if you use Virtualbox for something besides Koha
12:52 ashimema Interesting
12:53 oleonard There's a system-level service which has to run or not run depending on which you're using, requires a restart to turn on and off
12:53 davidnind last time I tried I couldn't get it working on Windows (should try again), koha-testing-docker works brilliantly on my linux desktop
12:54 oleonard davidnind I also had problems getting docker working on Windows a while ago but it seems to be better now
12:54 ashimema yeah.. I pretty much only use linux these days.. have to borrower the daughters laptop if I want to play with windows.
12:54 ashimema but I'm totally aware it's not the case for most others out there
12:56 * oleonard threatens to demote "regulars" off the irc regulars page if they're not regular enough
12:56 ashimema hehe
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12:56 ashimema there are certainly a few less than regulars listed there
12:57 oleonard There should be a section of super-regulars labeled, "If you don't see them in IRC please check on them in real life to make sure they're okay"
12:57 ashimema haha..
12:58 ashimema agreed.. I have a few in mind like that..
13:04 magnuse lulz
13:04 * magnuse thought we were already recommending the docker thingy
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13:04 * magnuse still uses kohadevbox, though
13:05 cait1 dito :)
13:05 cait1 oleonard: not sure who you are talking about!
13:05 cait1 but if Iever fall in the shower or something... it might be helfpul
13:05 oleonard :D
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13:07 ashimema always love it to here "koha is the most used ils in the world"
13:08 cait1 is it possible mailing lists are down again? noticing some bug mails i haven't got yet
13:08 oleonard ashimema: It's the closest to world domination any of us will ever get, and I'll take it!
13:08 cait1 https://lists.koha-community.o[…]/mailman/listinfo
13:08 magnuse oleonard: very cool point!
13:09 cait1 oleonard++ :)
13:09 magnuse @quote add oleonard: [Koha is] the closest to world domination any of us will ever get, and I'll take it!
13:09 huginn magnuse: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
13:09 cait1 jajm: around? or alex_a?
13:10 magnuse @quote add oleonard: [Koha is] the closest to world domination any of us will ever get, and I'll take it!
13:10 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.  Quote #338 added.
13:10 jajm cait1, yes
13:10 ashimema :)
13:10 magnuse @quote get 337
13:10 huginn magnuse: Quote #337: "oleonard> Everything Koha lacks is something that no one has given to Koha." (added by magnuse at 01:50 PM, February 20, 2020)
13:10 cait1 hi :) I was wondering if you coudl ping ldl? - https://lists.koha-community.o[…]/mailman/listinfo seems to have an issue
13:11 magnuse @quote get 336
13:11 huginn magnuse: Quote #336: "josef_moravec: ... no problem, that's why we are team, nobody can notice everything by self ;)" (added by cait at 09:22 AM, March 07, 2019)
13:11 cait1 oh - I don't remember that one :)
13:11 cait1 jajm: sorry to 'use' you, or trying to happy to see you as well :)
13:11 magnuse adding quotes in your sleep, cait1?
13:12 jajm cait1, that's ok ;) i just told him
13:12 cait1 thanks :)
13:12 cait1 jajm++
13:12 ashimema I remember you adding that one
13:15 ashimema hmm.. did github just fall over
13:17 lisettelatah It looks like it. Nothing will load for me
13:17 ashimema glad it's not just me
13:18 cait1 sabotage...
13:18 cait1 the mailngl ist server, gitlab...
13:18 cait1 or github
13:18 oleonard gitlab is still up!
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13:39 ashimema github came back up long enough for me to grab the branch I wanted :)
13:51 Joubu lisettelatah: regarding your kohadevbox problem, do you have something in the Koha log file?
13:56 lisettelatah joubu, let me check
14:07 lisettelatah Joubu: In the intranet-error.log I get: [(date info)] [proxy:error] [pid 23660] [client] AH00898: Error reading from remote server returned by /cgi-bin/koha/, referer: http://localhost:8081/cgi-bin/koha/
14:09 lisettelatah and [(date info)] [proxy_http:error] [pid 32660] (70007)The timeout specified has expired: [client] AH01102: error reading status line from remote server
14:10 kohaputti ashimema, mute your mic, it is echoing
14:11 ashimema thanks
14:11 ashimema though. it claims it's muted
14:11 kohaputti it is now
14:11 kohaputti :)
14:11 ashimema hopefully better now
14:12 lisettelatah github should be back up now
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14:16 Joubu lisettelatah: something else in /var/log/koha/*/* ?
14:16 Joubu try `tail -f /var/log/koha/*/*`
14:17 Joubu I am expecting something more meaningful in /var/log/koha/kohadev/plack-error.log
14:17 Joubu then restart_all, and hit the mainpage
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14:24 ashimema https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Roles_for_20.11
14:24 ashimema someone fancy putting that in the yourtube chat for me.. don't want to mess up my audio ;)
14:27 Joubu done
14:27 ashimema thanks
14:28 cait1 hm did we overlap?
14:28 cait1 idid too, but don't see yours JOnathan
14:28 Joubu I don't see yours :D
14:28 lisettelatah I don't see either of yours
14:28 Joubu lol
14:29 cait1 lol
14:29 cait1 wonder if we are in a different timeline
14:29 lisettelatah I'll try from Koha-US, do you see that?
14:29 cait1 yep
14:29 cait1 odd
14:29 cait1 i was seen earlier i think
14:30 lisettelatah I wonder if there is a link permission for chat or something?
14:31 cait1 ah, it came thropugh lol
14:31 cait1 i continually watched since yours lisettelatah, so not sure what changed
14:31 cait1 maybe just youtube oddities
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14:38 lisettelatah Joubu: There is a ton of that and it is still running.
14:41 Joubu lisettelatah: sudo apt install libemail-messageid-perl
14:41 Joubu there is a missing module
14:48 caroline kidclamp: I feel like a basic understanding of git is necessary... :/
14:48 kidclamp can you submit via gitlab directly now?
14:49 caroline yes, but it's still git vocabulary (commit, merge-request, etc)
14:49 kidclamp at least to submit a patch and say "this bit shoudl say this"
14:49 kidclamp I'd rather over encourage though :-))
14:49 caroline definitely :) you're a good salesperson :)
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14:51 lisettelatah Joubu: That worked and then when I logged into the webinstaller I got this: Can't locate object method "phases" via package "CPAN::Meta::Prereqs" at /home/vagrant/kohaclone/C4​/Installer/ line 55
14:54 Joubu lisettelatah: sudo apt instal libcpan-meta-perl
14:57 lisettelatah Joubu: That worked!
14:58 lisettelatah But then I got some update errors: [Thu Apr 23 14:57:44 2020] Use of uninitialized value $interface in concatenation (.) or string at /home/vagrant/kohaclone/C4/ line 122. [Thu Apr 23 14:57:44 2020] Use of uninitialized value $theme in concatenation (.) or string at /home/vagrant/kohaclone/C4/ line 122.
14:58 Joubu thos are warnings, you can ignore them
14:59 Joubu those*
15:04 lisettelatah perfect, thanks for your help
15:04 lisettelatah joubu++
15:14 cait1 :)
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15:22 cait1 could someone quote add what heather just said in kohathon chat? :)
15:26 Joubu @quote add heather This embodies the whole spirit of the Koha Community--it's like you walk up and ask, "Can I play?" and everyone starts sharing the toys & it's full of laughter!
15:26 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.  Quote #339 added.
15:30 cait1 thx!
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15:36 reiveune bye
15:36 reiveune left #koha
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16:54 cait wonder if someone would be able to have a look at fixing 23081
16:54 oleonard Aw, I missed RM chat
16:55 cait Donna is just heavily demoing item search
16:55 cait and it turns out you can't look for 'has had no checkouts'
16:56 cait bug 23081
16:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23081 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Item search : Filter for Items with Zero Checkouts Returns No Results
17:00 cait oleonard: looks like rangi slept through it too :)
17:01 enkidu joined #koha
17:01 cait oleonard: mail server has problems again, don't be disappointed at empty inbox
17:02 * oleonard isn't very productive while listening to YouTube
17:05 caroline same...
17:06 cait not sure that was the indented effect - but same
17:06 oleonard cait, rangi might have been afraid that if he showed up for the RM chat someone would ask him to be RM again
17:07 cait who knows :)
17:10 oleonard I wish we had batch a patron message management tool... batch delete messages, batch add messages...
17:12 caroline ah, I lost the chat in my youtube tab,,, I was wondering if we could do batch edits of authority records with MarcEdit (re: my question from yesterday of switching a topic_term authority to a genre/form authority)
17:13 caroline like export all the authority records, batch edit, reimport with right framework
17:14 caroline was in the wrong video, lol!
17:15 oleonard caroline I did the same!
17:22 cait caroline: it might work if they match, but not sure
17:22 cait authority matching rules appear to be hard - there is some discusion on koha-de about it
17:23 philor reimporting the same records with the same control numbers ought to work
17:24 cait philor: i wonder... as you are an authority expert
17:24 cait do you have a working matching rule for 035 by chance?
17:24 philor and be less tiresome than my method of creating a new personal name record and merging the topical to it
17:24 philor cait: I don't, sorry
17:24 cait was worth trying :)
17:26 philor I'm an "expert" at cleaning up seven years of completely ignoring authority records, but I've only just started on import, and hadn't even thought about export->import
17:26 cait philor: you are already a valueable resource :)
17:26 cait hm thinking about it... maybe topic expert authorities would be for you?
17:27 cait https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Roles_for_20.11 )
17:28 ashimema I feel like we aught to help lissettelatah update her workflow to use koha-testing-docker.. or start maintaining kohadevbox again.. most of here issues reading back are to do with a lack of maint.. i.e. we've resolved them in koha-testing-docker
17:29 ashimema Or perhaps more of the ansible stuff could be shared between the two
17:29 ashimema I'd love to be watching the kohathon still.. but family calls
17:30 ashimema Hope your all still enjoying it.. ping me here if you want me at all 😀
17:31 tcohen hi
17:31 philor and if kohadevbox is abandoned, someone should probably go through all the docs that currently say it's the thing and don't mention koha-testing-docker at all
17:31 tcohen finished servind family's lunch
17:32 tcohen what's failing with kohadevbox?
17:32 oleonard ashimema and tcohen, it was great to see you in the RM chat!
17:33 ashimema A bunch of the dependancies we've added to the dockerfiles in koha-testing-docker
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17:33 ashimema They're not listed in kohadevbox equivalent
17:33 ashimema Email messageid for example
17:34 ashimema Its our workaround for the nightly packages not currently being built.. once I spot the issue, I check that it's in hand with mason than I manually add them to our dockerfiles to get Jenkins happy
17:36 tcohen we can solve that right now
17:51 ashimema By the same workaround of adding them into kohadevbox setup scripts.. or did you mean fixing the nightly builds
18:15 oleonard Bug 25244 has me thinking about the checkboxes in OPAC search results...
18:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25244 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Accessibility: Checkboxes on the search results page do not contain specific aria labels
18:15 oleonard What if we got rid of the column?
18:15 oleonard[…]?p=15876657007590
18:25 caroline hm... I don't know I feel like checkboxes are always on the top left (not just in Koha, but everywhere)?
18:25 did joined #koha
18:26 * oleonard is innovating ;)
18:27 caroline Just wondering if patrons will be confused... Like when the "Save" button was suddenly switched to the top of the form rather than the bottom
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18:38 ashimema Lol.. your beating me to those bugs
18:38 ashimema Awesome.. I really didn't mean to add them to your list
18:38 ashimema Beers owed
18:40 oleonard It's good to get a kick in the pants about accessibility
18:40 oleonard It occurred to me that having a screen reader read off the label for the checkbox *before* it read the rest of the information about the title might not be helpful
18:43 oleonard I dunno if that's true, of course!
19:24 * tuxayo searches what does "kick in the pants" means
19:25 tuxayo Okay, that's the metaphor I guessed ^^
19:25 tuxayo
19:33 inlibro joined #koha
19:35 nancy joined #koha
19:44 andreashm joined #koha
20:00 rangi damnit i slept through kohathon
20:21 ashimema morning rangi
20:28 rangi morning ashimema
20:33 inlibro joined #koha
20:43 aleisha joined #koha
20:46 alexbuckley joined #koha
20:47 hayley joined #koha
21:03 bag rangi: we are just starting the third part - if you wanted to join that
21:04 bag
21:05 rangi thanks bag
21:06 bag it’s been pretty good so far - and you didn’t miss that much this morning during the campfire chat.  I don’t think you would have said anything different - the overall theme was encouragement
21:08 cait :)
21:08 rangi :)
21:11 caroline cait, did you see the onesie?
21:13 cait no?
21:13 wahanui i think no is that a thing? I was just thinking about how I like all kinds of chips and now I find out that there is a licorice flavor!
21:13 cait where?
21:13 caroline jzairo put a picture of her baby with the "Future Koha developer" onesie
21:13 caroline[…]&
21:14 cait ooh
21:15 hayley cuute
21:33 inlibro joined #koha
21:38 ashimema Aww.. Millie's onesie is in a memories box waiting to come out in her 18th birthday 😀
21:40 cait :)
21:47 oleonard bag: I liked seeing y'all together in the RM chat
21:47 oleonard did anyone call jcamins XD ?
21:49 bag huh I wonder what he’s up to :)
21:59 oleonard Probably sulking because we killed queryparser ;)
22:00 * tcohen hates tests about dates math
22:00 cait hates dates
22:16 philor there was a time when you could only get some of the Firefox date tests to pass by setting your timezone to match Mountain View, CA
22:17 tuxayo 😱
22:20 wizzyrea joined #koha
22:24 tuxayo wow kohathon is so cool, I'll try follow now and catchup on the rest
22:34 inlibro joined #koha
22:58 tuxayo Good thing the KohaDevBox setup demo was recorded. Since a new dependency of Koha on master could break any live demo ^^"
23:03 bag
23:05 rangi ta bag
23:07 tuxayo bag++
23:14 bag this stream is going pretty strongly now - yay!!
23:15 cait koha_us++ :)
23:15 cait it's great to see the online events
23:15 cait still finding ways to bring the community together :)
23:18 rangi yep :)
23:34 inlibro joined #koha
23:39 tuxayo I forgot which status should I set on a bug when after applying a test plan, I don't get the expected result.
23:40 tuxayo (and I'm confident about having well followed the test plan)
23:40 tuxayo Failed QA?
23:40 bag Failed QA works
23:41 tuxayo thanks :)
23:41 tosca_ joined #koha

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