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01:39 * dcook waves
01:42 dcook Is kohadevbox still the de facto dev tool or is koha-testing-docker rising up to replace it?
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03:19 dcook Looks like kohadevbox doesn't work using Hyper-V with Virtualbox 6.0.x. Tempted to see if I could get kohadevbox to use Hyper-V instead of Virtualbox...
03:19 dcook But for now going to use koha-testing-docker instead...
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03:47 mtj hiya dcook, i took bug 13193 for a spin... everything looks good, test suite passes
03:47 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13193 normal, P3, ---, joonas.kylmala, Needs Signoff , Discussion: strategy for diagnosing memcache issues.
03:47 dcook mtj: Interesting. I am just testing that now and I can't reproduce the problem with the snippet.
03:47 dcook Double-checking that I'm not blind. hehe.
03:49 dcook Joonas's comment perfectly describes the scenario I've encountered in the wild though
03:50 mtj i didnt get round to testing the snippet myself... perhaps bump the loop to 5000 ?
03:50 dcook Actually, there are some errors... there we go. Had to up from 50 to 100
03:50 mtj snap
03:50 dcook Cache for version is 18.1101000 at C4/ line 420.
03:50 dcook Cache for version is 18.1101000 at C4/ line 420.
03:50 dcook dcook@kohabackup:/kohawebs/dev/dcook/git> Use of uninitialized value $cached_var in concatenation (.) or string at C4/ line 420.
03:50 dcook Cache for timeout is  at C4/ line 420.
03:50 dcook Use of uninitialized value $cached_var in concatenation (.) or string at C4/ line 420.
03:50 dcook Cache for version is  at C4/ line 420.
03:50 dcook Cache for version is 18.1101000 at C4/ line 420.
03:50 dcook Cache for timeout is 1d at C4/ line 420.
03:51 dcook When I saw this in the wild, I thought I was going insane... hehe
03:51 dcook I mean I was pretty sure I wasn't insane, but was stumped
03:52 mtj ..might be nice to use the snippet as a test.t file
03:53 mtj a good way to catch similar problems
03:57 dcook Hmm mtj you tested the fix?
03:58 dcook Oh derp I'm doing the wrong dir..
03:59 dcook Oh beautiful..
04:00 dcook mtj: It requires some debugging code at the moment though, so I think probably would need to use something else
04:01 mtj i ran the test suite, and confirmed the was correct/green
04:02 dcook I'll look at signing off really quickly
04:02 dcook Have to leave the office in a few minutes
04:02 dcook I was so happy to discover Joonas's comments this morning though. I think I almost wept for joy hehe
04:05 dcook Signed off :)
04:06 mtj aah yes, re: debugging code.. i see the snippet needs a 'warn' added to
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05:34 mtj dcook: i wrote the following snippet to prove the memcache bug, but hit a Schrodinger's cat problem..
05:34 pastebot "mtj" at pasted "memcache snippet" (17 lines) at
05:35 mtj it seems that attempting to fetch the pref values, stops the buggy behaviour, somehow...
05:42 mtj anyhoo.. i'm happy to admit defeat.. :)
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06:34 reiveune hello
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07:01 alex_a Bonjour
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07:44 dcook mtj: It's a hard one. In my case, the buggy behaviour was causing IndependentBranches to return "softno" instead of 0. It had to do with the ordering of the syspref lookup in the code as well.
07:44 dcook I'm guessing that maybe 2 SIP requests came through in close proximity and then one retrieved the 2nd value when it was trying to get the 1st value because of a race condition
07:45 dcook Or rather got the 1st value when it was trying to get the 2nd value because it was getting a value intended for a newer request...
07:45 dcook Debugging concurrency problems is ahhhh
07:45 paxed hm. i think i've seen something similar, with different sysprefs. "solved" it by restarting plack, iirc
07:45 dcook paxed: Sounds about right
07:45 dcook Any time you have a persistent process I reckon
07:46 dcook So Plack, SIP server, maybe something else
07:46 dcook The implications seem pretty massive to me
07:46 paxed indeed
07:46 dcook Looks like it's not too hard to fix in any case
07:46 dcook Hardest part is working out the logistics of packaging a few more extra modules, but that's not uncommon
07:47 paxed wondering if it's due to koha using plack/caches wrong at some place, or if it's due to some module misbehaving
07:47 mtj hi hi, i hit the bug using a non-placked instance too..
07:50 dcook paxed: yes and yes
07:50 dcook mtj: Whaaaat? Really?
07:50 dcook That's disturbing
07:50 dcook non-placked instance using a fork?
07:50 dcook paxed: see[…]ached::Fast::Safe and
07:51 dcook Specifically the bit about "disconnect_all"
07:52 dcook I can see how file handle inheritance would be a problem with forking, so a preforking server like Starman or SIP server would have the problem..
07:53 dcook Apache would prefork workers but each one should load up a new copy of Perl and using a single thread use the same socket synchronously..
07:53 dcook Admittedly, the Koha cache code is a bit terrifying...
07:54 dcook mtj: Ohhh that makes me think..
07:54 dcook I saw something about that
07:54 dcook In theory, memcached (ie L2 cache) should only be used 1 time to look up a value, and store it in the L1 cache (hash variable)
07:54 dcook This causes a problem in persistent processes...
07:55 dcook trying to think how it would bite you for a non-plack instance though..
07:55 dcook Koha::Caches->flush_L1_caches(); is what stops the problem in persistent processes like Zebra daemon and Plack..
07:55 mtj dcook: i ran Joonas' snippent on a non-placked instance, and got the expected corruption
07:56 dcook (still a problem for SIP server though... feel like I've talked about that somewhere..)
07:56 dcook mtj: You're running the snippet on the CLI though, right?
07:56 dcook Not via the web?
07:57 mtj yes, in a koha-shell via cli
07:57 dcook Ahh ok np
07:57 dcook In that case, it doesn't matter if it's plack or not plack
07:57 dcook Because you're creating a persistent process by running that snippet
07:57 dcook Well not persistent exactly..
07:57 dcook But you create the forking server essentially
07:58 mtj yep, understood
07:58 dcook In any case, I reckon we should just do Joonas's fix hehe
07:59 dcook Hmm I think the L1 cache issue will still be a problem with the SIP server, but I'll have to look at that one another day
08:00 dcook Oh the bug report has been updated..
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08:05 ashimema Mornin'
08:06 ashimema adding a regression test does look challenging
08:08 dcook I was just replying to your comment hehe
08:08 dcook Another reason why?
08:08 dcook First 5 tries I got errors
08:08 dcook Now I'm running the same snippet another 5 times and no errors
08:08 ashimema be interesting to se your reply..
08:09 dcook I'm going to try a few more things and then finalize that reply
08:09 ashimema I've not looked into testing it in great detail yet.. but I thought it might be challenging.. hense my comment of 'if at all possible'.. hense if people generally think it's not possible that's ok.. but if anyone wants to try I'd be really happy
08:09 ashimema :)
08:10 dcook I really want to haha but I don't think I've got it in me
08:10 dcook I ran into this problem with the SIP server and I was tearing my hair out
08:10 ashimema so the issue is that two processes end up using the same socket connection right..
08:10 dcook I was praising Joonas from my head to my feet this morning
08:10 ashimema and that leads to protocol errors
08:10 dcook Looks like
08:10 dcook At least in theory
08:10 dcook And I could see that
08:10 dcook Because if you think about it..
08:11 dcook I mean I've written a number of servers and totally made that mistake
08:11 ashimema it worries me that neither module has been maintained since 2017
08:11 ashimema though.. `if it works why change it`
08:11 dcook Have 2 processes with the same socket connection, and process 1 writes and tries to read, but process 2 reads first and gets the response for proess 1's write
08:11 dcook Yeah, I noticed that too and wondered
08:11 dcook I figure memcached is still a big name, but it's probably lost a lot of ground to redis
08:12 dcook And whatever the other one is
08:12 ashimema mmm, makes total sense that sharing a socket is bad
08:12 dcook In theory, we could re-write our code to still use Cache::Memcached::Fast
08:12 ashimema or rather.. could be bad.. I don't know the innards of the comms protocol used by memcached to be honest.. but yeah.. it rings out as 'could be true'
08:12 dcook But I'd trust Cache::Memcached::Fast::Safe more than us
08:12 ashimema me to
08:13 dcook But scratching my head as to why I can't reproduce this problem now lol
08:13 ashimema also.. I wonder about the santizer stuff in ::Safe.. whether we should have been worrying about that side of things before now too
08:14 dcook ashimema: I swear sometimes we share the same brain
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08:14 dcook I was wondering the same thing..
08:15 dcook And I just had a bit of a brainwave
08:15 ashimema we could plausably roughly copy the forking test from Cache::Memcached::Fast::Safe and adapt it to Koha::Cache I think
08:15 dcook ashimema: I was thinking about that a bit too
08:15 dcook But as for testing...
08:15 ashimema hehe.. it's sort of testing by side effect rather than testing the race condition itself.. but I'm OK with that..
08:15 dcook Joonas's code reproduces a particular situation by kind of guessing that it'll break
08:16 dcook And I was just thinking... we could probably do a better testing
08:16 dcook better test*
08:16 * dcook ponders
08:17 ashimema it's hard though isn't it.. we need to get the timing just right in the test to cause a certain read/write cross fork scenario.. one which I'm not even sure of the out of order nature yet myself..
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08:17 dcook I was just thinking that
08:17 dcook So I'm looking into the code from the snippet first
08:18 dcook Depending on how low we need to go down, we might be able to simulate the timing
08:19 dcook Although that's probably optimistic
08:19 dcook check_api_auth is... a little over 200 lines of code..
08:19 ashimema indeed
08:20 dcook Hits Version twice in a row...
08:21 ashimema :(
08:21 magnuse dcook++ for staying late
08:21 dcook Cheers, magnuse
08:22 dcook I had to take a few hours off in the middle of the day, so working late anyway heh
08:22 dcook Got other things I probably should be working on right now, but this particular issue has bothered me for a while, and really keen to solve it
08:22 dcook Also hi ^_^
08:22 magnuse :-)
08:22 dcook Ok I'm going to try writing a more reliable test..
08:22 magnuse don't let me interrupt the flow (any more than i alreadu did)
08:25 * ashimema doesn't understand how comparing server_versions before and after a fork actually tests this thing...
08:25 * ashimema is sure he's missing something there..
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08:27 dcook Oop.s Family emergency so I think I might be out again.
08:29 ashimema have a good evening dcook.
08:44 mtj i tried poking at the cache bug a few ways, but it seems very subtle
08:44 paxed heisenbug
08:45 ashimema indeed
08:45 paxed i'm not sure you can conclusively test for (regression of) that kind of bug
08:45 ashimema I believe it's there.. sure I've also seen it very randomly but infrequently enough that I've always put it down to fluke situation
08:45 mtj running the snippet with a  perl -d:Trace , seems to slow the execution down enough that the bug does not occur
08:47 mtj also, adding a syspref lookup to the loop, seems to stop the bug occuring too
08:47 mtj
08:47 ashimema what we need to do to test it really is to slow down memcached so our perl hits it whilst previous operations are still taking place
08:47 dcook I'm still semi here heh
08:48 dcook mtj: If you take out those two sysprefs lookups, I'd guess the bug might not happen either
08:48 dcook mtj: I can't even reproduce the bug anymore with the original snippet
08:49 mtj dcook: the bug happens as expected, when removing the lookups
08:49 dcook Oooh really? Interesting
08:49 dcook I don't know why it doesn't happen for me anymore :S
08:50 dcook Ha, and now it just happened again
08:50 dcook undef this time instead of the wrong value though
08:51 mtj seems increasing the threads provokes the bug more
08:53 dcook Makes sense
08:54 dcook Although I would quibble and say increasing the child processes provokes the bug more heh
08:54 dcook I think Joonas's use of the $threads variable name is misleading
08:55 dcook I've got to run, but please update the bug report with anything interesting. I'll take another look tomorrow.
08:55 dcook ciao #koha. Missed you folks ;)
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09:47 mtj ^ ah yes, a heisenbug is what meant
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11:34 oleonard Hi #koha
11:41 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 22037: (QA follow-up) Correct misleading comment <[…]83873ef12e796ae68>
11:41 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23597: Add missing reserved query parameters to GET /holds <[…]ed83ee55a240a7517>
11:41 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23575: Template error causes item search to be submitted multiple times <[…]09e8d9e387bcc5474>
11:41 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 22037: (QA follow-up) Implement use of CHARGES_GUARANTEES <[…]d8a4490fad9049ab8>
11:41 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 22037: Block SIP checkout if guarantees have debt <[…]f022f1d07fe2b327f>
11:45 magnuse hiya oleonard
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12:04 magnuse kia ora cait
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13:02 tcohen hi
13:12 oleonard Hi cait and tcohen
13:13 * cait waves
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13:20 caroline_crazycatlady Good morning everyone!
13:20 magnuse kia ora caroline_crazycatlady
13:21 cait hi caroline_crazycatlady  and magnuse !
13:22 cait tcohen pm :)
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13:49 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 20691: (QA follow-up) Fix self-reg <[…]5ef0dacf5ff1ffdea>
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13:59 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21390: Send registration verification emails immediately <[…]8ae823ae05da7ce79>
13:59 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21390: Send registration verification emails immediately <[…]229fda91c58324bc2>
13:59 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 21852: Add more columns and column configuration to overdues report <[…]15e4659f8357c2f19>
14:01 cait tcohen++ ashimema++
14:01 cait maryse++
14:02 cait moving bug 21390
14:02 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21390 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Pushed to master , Send self registration verification emails immediately
14:02 * ashimema is excited to see lots of holds api's happening.. and looking forward to seeing the ux/ui using them
14:02 ashimema :)
14:02 ashimema pleasure
14:02 * ashimema gets his hits from pushing these days.. line 'em up folks ;)
14:03 cait :)
14:04 cait I'll try to feed your queue a bit next week
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14:19 wizzyrea hi
14:19 oleonard Hi wizzyrea
14:19 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
14:19 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9 build #873: FIXED in 30 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D9/873/
14:19 wizzyrea why would zebra have stopped understanding mc-ccode as a limit
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14:41 lukeG *waves*
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14:52 magnuse huh, why would the sip2-server start to say this after a restart: unable to locate Koha configuration file koha-conf.xml at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 244, <STDIN> line 1.
14:55 eythian magnuse: a chance for you to fix the error message so it describes the actual filename with path that it's looking for
14:56 magnuse clever! :-)
14:57 magnuse any hunches what it might be looking for?
14:57 eythian not a clue sorry. My guess would be environment weirdness so that it's looking in the wrong place.
14:58 * eythian has developed the religion of supplying verbose error messages with enough information in them to actually diagnose the source of the issue.
14:59 magnuse that does not sound like a stupid idea ;-)
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15:05 reiveune bye
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15:51 oleonard tcohen still around?
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16:07 magnuse soo, as far as I can tell, during the SIP2 Login process, everything is ok until this line: my $dbh = C4::Context->dbh; in C4::Auth::check_api_auth(). then it just dies silently. but why?
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16:31 wizzyrea cait about?
16:31 wizzyrea oh, no.
16:44 wizzyrea cait++
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16:49 caroline_crazycatlady any cataloguing geeks around?
16:53 oleonard Maybe you should ask, caroline_crazycatlady, in case people are afraid they're not geeky enough to answer
16:54 caroline_crazycatlady I have questions regarding subdivision authority records (fields 18X), how to use them
16:55 caroline_crazycatlady I know Koha doesn't support that type of authority record, although there seems to be an opening, looking at the code in bug 21697
16:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21697 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Free-floating subdivision cannot be manage correctly in Koha
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18:46 magnuse figured out my SIP2-problem, will submitt a patch after i catch some sleep
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20:48 nuentoter o7, question, I'm using koha - I seem to have some random checkouts, that simply don't register in the system. I will checkout a book to someone, and it will show it as checked-out. The next day I will search for that book and it is available with no circulation history.
20:49 nuentoter got my coverflow working well btw, it was a stupid mistake on my end or improper syntax in the plugin options, one too many spaces
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20:52 davidnind[m] nuentoter: Excellent! Will make the updates needed to the docs in the next day or so.
20:55 nuentoter any idea of where to start looking for where my missing checkouts are going?
21:01 caroline_crazycatlady nuentoter: The first place I'd look is in the logs (in tools > Log viewer)
21:02 caroline_crazycatlady I had that problem with a client once and I was telling her that she was the one returning the items and it ended up being because she was doing inventory and had checked the box to return items >_<
21:06 nuentoter im looking through logs now and i see nothing abnormal. the books that were checked out but not appearing in system as checked out are completely missing from logs....... I'm gonna have to look over shoulders for a couple days i think to rule out human error
21:08 caroline_crazycatlady so you have no logs of those books being checked out?
21:08 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D8 build #166: STILL UNSTABLE in 23 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.11_D8/166/
21:08 nuentoter only my checking them out then back in today so that they appeared in their circ history to keep statistics correct. but it was returned today after being checked out last tuesday
21:09 nuentoter which was the first checkout.
21:13 caroline_crazycatlady nuentoter: just rephrasing so I understand. The log only show your checkout and checkin from today, but not last tuesday's checkout and today's checkin?
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21:20 nuentoter correct
21:21 caroline_crazycatlady huh... so the logs are logging... Do you have any proof that the book was actually checked out at one point last week?
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21:31 nuentoter a pretty good employees word lol
21:37 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_U18 build #159: STILL UNSTABLE in 28 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_18.11_U18/159/
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22:15 caroline_crazycatlady good night everyone!
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