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00:34 dcook @later tell nuentoter How are the checkouts being performed?
00:34 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
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06:43 reiveune hello
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06:53 alex_a Bonjour
07:09 * magnuse waves
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07:37 ashimema yowser dcook was busy..
07:37 ashimema I'm at the point of.. lets just add a note and give up on the tests I think
07:37 ashimema thanks for working so diligently dcoot
07:37 ashimema * thanks for working so diligently dcook
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07:47 magnuse dcook++
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07:53 * magnuse hands andreashm the double sided tape
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08:08 dcook Thanks, ashimema and magnuse :)
08:08 dcook I reckon maybe just adding a note is a good plan hehe
08:09 dcook My test can live on Bugzilla in case anyone ever desperately needs it
08:09 ashimema Thanks so much for persuing all the options :)
08:09 dcook :)
08:09 dcook I've been in a bit of a testing frenzy lately
08:09 ashimema always nice to have a test when possible but I think you've diligently proved if possible it's bloomin hard and not entirely worth working any more on.
08:09 dcook Really actually want to get more tests in for 10662, but I've actually had a lot of non-Koha work lately, so focused on htat
08:10 ashimema bug 10662
08:10 dcook Arguably could maybe put something in xt/ I guess but yeah I don't think there's too much to be gained
08:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10662 new feature, P3, ---, dcook, Failed QA , Build OAI-PMH Harvesting Client
08:10 ashimema oh, yeah.. that one would be nice
08:10 dcook 10662 uses an event-driven framework which makes things a bit tough to test...
08:10 dcook But I'm thinking a bit about how I can do it
08:11 * magnuse should be looking at the functional side of that one, but no time...
08:11 dcook I take it https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]sts_are_required_.28updated_Apr_26.2C_2017.29 refers to all methods and not just public methods?
08:11 dcook Although I think Devel::Cover might only look at public methods
08:11 dcook Not that Perl knows what that is but I think it treats methods starting with _ as special..
08:12 * dcook has actually had quite a bit of fun writing unit tests in Ruby lately
08:13 dcook Oh and I have a Koha::Daemon module... not sure how to test that one..
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08:22 dcook Trying to rebase now...
08:22 dcook And missing my shameface emoji..
08:22 dcook 😅
08:22 dcook There we go
08:24 andreashm hey dcook
08:25 andreashm working late?
08:25 dcook Yep heh
08:25 dcook I wasn't going to, but...
08:26 dcook Have some time to make up at work plus I have been thinking a lot about tests lately and thinking about 10662
08:26 * andreashm reads the logs and sees discussions about 10662. yay!
08:27 dcook heh
08:27 dcook I moved to a new computer recently so need to re-establish some of my community dev tools
08:27 * andreashm was at a BIBFRAME workshop here in Stockholm yesterday. Was thinking about our RDF in Koha project
08:27 * andreashm looks at magnuse
08:27 dcook :o
08:27 dcook Funnily enough, I've actually been working a lot with RDF over the past year or two with Fedora Commons
08:27 andreashm cool!
08:28 dcook Fedora 4.x uses RDF as its native data format
08:28 andreashm really? interesting!
08:28 dcook Although it stores it in a weird way
08:28 andreashm all RDF seems to be stored in a weird way in production. =)
08:28 dcook Heh
08:29 andreashm LIBRIS har it stored as json-ld in postgres for example
08:29 dcook Well this has some scalability issues I think
08:29 * dcook likes json-ld :)
08:29 andreashm no triplestore even
08:29 * andreashm likes json-ld better than rdf-xml
08:30 andreashm but both often fly way over my head.
08:30 dcook Yeah in the past few years I've seen next to nothing about triplestores
08:30 dcook Or SPARQL
08:30 dcook Yeah I find json-ld way easier to work with than RDF/XML
08:30 dcook Although I find Turtle I think the easiest to read..
08:31 dcook Fedora Commons uses ModeShape... which uses "Java API for content repositories" (JCR) and stores that data I think in binary in PostgreSQL...
08:31 dcook It's weird
08:31 dcook I know I talked down kidclamp from storing RDF in MySQL ages ago, but I think I'd be more inclined to do that now
08:32 dcook Fedora Commons doesn't really take advantage of any "Linked Data" functionality
08:32 dcook But it uses RDF
08:32 magnuse i have listened to hundreds of FLOSS weekly podcasts, and i think rdf/linked data has been mentioned once...
08:32 dcook Oh that being said... there is something neat going on in Japan soon
08:32 dcook
08:32 dcook They're having a meeting in Fukuoka I think
08:33 andreashm magnuse: yeah. and bibframe has lots to sort out before becoming truly useful (mostly regard works). But the community should start working supporting it, and multiple metadata formats in general, or there will be trouble in coming years.
08:33 dcook
08:33 magnuse andreashm: amen
08:34 * magnuse has booked trip to, and hotel in, marseille!
08:34 dcook I was talking to a non-library person too about how they used with some of their projects (I think just in terms of SEO for Google)
08:34 dcook Oh yeah I wanted to go to Marseille this year..
08:34 dcook Too busy though O_O
08:34 andreashm clear your table and go! =)
08:34 magnuse dcook: we wanted you to go too :-)
08:34 dcook Ah mostly me needing to be here for the kid
08:34 dcook magnuse: daww
08:34 dcook One day
08:35 magnuse kids > everything else
08:35 dcook Yarp
08:35 magnuse dcook: are you going to kohacon20 in wellington?
08:35 * dcook ponders
08:35 andreashm this is going on in Stockholm now:[…]d169b8ba882a1e762
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08:35 dcook Yes I think I'm going to do whatever I can to go to that one
08:35 * andreashm could only go yesterday though
08:35 dcook Might need to hire someone to look after the kiddo while I'm in Wellington heh
08:36 magnuse how old are they now?
08:36 dcook Three years old now
08:37 dcook andreashm: I recognize a few of the names on there I thik
08:37 ashimema They grow up so fast
08:37 magnuse ah, not quite ready to stay home alone ;-)
08:37 dcook They sure do
08:37 dcook Hehe yeah not yet
08:37 dcook And not so big as to enjoy trucking along with dad to a conference
08:37 magnuse yeah
08:37 andreashm dcook: seems like a lot of the main players in the bibframe/linked data/semantic web in libraries are here
08:37 dcook Yeah?
08:37 andreashm or so I understand.
08:38 ashimema interesting
08:38 * andreashm is out of the loop on that one
08:38 dcook Yeah I'm out of the loop as well
08:38 dcook Had other things to occupy my days
08:38 dcook I don't know where all the time goes though
08:40 dcook I've been missing Koha a bit
08:40 dcook I mean I've been doing BAU type Koha things but missing the Koha community :p
08:40 dcook Using Docker for pretty much all my things now, so going to try revisiting koha-testing-docker rather than kohadevbox..
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08:42 andreashm I think most are using koha-testing-docker now.
08:42 * andreashm should revisit that at the hackfest.
08:42 dcook Ohh that's good to hear
08:43 dcook It certainly seems to get a lot of attention on Gitlab
08:43 * ashimema likes it
08:43 dcook :D
08:43 dcook I think I had some issues using git clone on Git Bash on Windows...
08:43 dcook So I ended up just using a named volume to keep it all within the Hyper-V VM
08:44 * ashimema does everythng on linux.. what is this Windows you talk about?
08:44 dcook Hehe
08:44 ashimema aren't those the things you open when it gets a bit warm inside?
08:44 dcook I recently had someone run into a problem running a Linux desktop
08:44 dcook The department mandated software didn't have a Linux client
08:45 dcook Just Windows and Mac..
08:45 ashimema really.. don't believe them.. it never happens :P
08:45 * ashimema has barely touched Windows in best part of a decade now
08:45 dcook hehe
08:45 dcook I haven't at home for... yeah nearly a decade.
08:46 ashimema mm.. that's about the only reason I have a laptop that still dual boots windows.. it gtes the windwos side booted about once a year for a client much like that..
08:46 dcook Helps that most things these days are done over the web
08:46 dcook Used to be you had to do your taxes in Australia on Windows or Mac
08:46 ashimema annoying thing is.. it then takes best part of a day to run through updates
08:46 dcook Right?! heh
08:46 ashimema ouch
08:46 dcook I turned on an old Android tablet for my kid to play with
08:46 dcook Got sunk by updates and syncs
08:46 dcook Eventually it caught up though
08:46 dcook Trying out "Scratch Jr"
08:47 dcook Seemed a bit of a hit
08:47 dcook Speaking of updates... waiting for the git in this named volume to update... heh
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09:00 dcook Hmm getting lots of errors which seem like they wouldn't be from my code... going to try master..
09:00 dcook Yeah...
09:00 dcook ashimema: Is master broken right now?
09:00 dcook DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::_dbh_execute(): Unknown column 'me.privacy_guarantor_fines' in 'field list' at /kohadevbox/koha/Koha/ line 92
09:00 dcook at /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/Class/ line 77
09:01 dcook Oh or do I just need to restart plack..
09:01 ashimema er
09:01 dcook I'm so out of touch atm..
09:01 ashimema well it's working locally.. and passing the test suit
09:02 dcook I think I probably just need to restart Plack heh
09:02 ashimema that sort of error is usually an error on my part forgetting to run the dbic schema files generation
09:02 dcook Hmm
09:02 ashimema still not working for you?
09:02 * ashimema quickly checks here
09:03 dcook Just rechecking now
09:03 dcook restarted starman but now it's just spinning its wheels int he browser... going ot check the logs..
09:04 dcook Table 'koha_kohadev.plugin_methods' doesn't exist
09:04 dcook This should be a fresh database but maybe koha-testing-docker did something else..
09:04 dcook I don't think I've really used it since Portland last year
09:05 dcook I might just rip it down and start again..
09:06 ashimema reset_all will clean up the db for you
09:06 ashimema might be worth running that
09:06 dcook Ah I recalled reset_all from kohadevbox but wasn't sure itw as across
09:07 dcook I already took down the docker containers. Waiting for them to start again.
09:08 dcook /kohadevbox/misc4dev/ is taking its sweet time hehe
09:09 dcook Nearly done..
09:10 dcook Yep loaded just fine this time
09:10 dcook Now to remember the username and password hehe
09:11 * magnuse still uses kohadevbox
09:11 dcook There we go..
09:12 dcook magnuse: kohadevbox and Docker Desktop don't play nicely together on Windows :(
09:12 dcook And I use Docker Desktop for a lot of other projects..
09:12 dcook So join the dark side to make it easier for me... hehe
09:13 dcook Ok updating the 10662 instructions for koha-testing-docker..
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09:26 dcook Hurray for writing test plans
09:26 dcook I've gotten to the very last step with no fuss
09:27 dcook Hmm looks like maybe a newer patch has caused a problem..
09:33 dcook Oh or maybe we're stricter now..
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09:51 andreashm nice to see you working on that again dcook
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11:23 oleonard Hi #koha
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12:42 * oleonard waves to wizzyrea
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13:22 caroline_crazycatlady good morning!
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14:41 jzairo_ hello
14:43 caroline_crazycatlady hi jzairo_!
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14:49 ashimema fridolin about?
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14:51 fridolin ashimema: yep
14:52 ashimema pm'd you
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16:21 oleonard I completely forgot the koha-US conference started today!
16:21 oleonard Anyone here also there?
16:35 wizzyrea heaps I reckon
16:37 * oleonard hopes it is well-attended
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17:07 reiveune bye
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17:39 oleonard tcohen around?
17:48 tcohen yes
17:48 tcohen sorry for the delay
17:48 tcohen preparing for a call
17:49 oleonard Do you have a moment? It can wait if not
17:49 tcohen yes
17:49 tcohen shoot
17:50 oleonard Thinking about the holds interface... The data the API provides isn't as fully-formed as what we need to show onscreen. I'm not sure if the answer is to change the API or to have an intermediate step
17:51 oleonard So, biblionumber and borrowernumber are provided by the API, but not biblio.title and borrowers.surname, etc.
17:55 tcohen right
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17:55 tcohen I proposed to use the HAL model to represent objects that have relationships with other objects, and even embeded ones
17:56 tcohen I think that was voted or is about to
17:56 tcohen work on your prototype UI without that data
17:56 tcohen and I will provide (in paralel) a solution to that
17:56 oleonard Ah, I didn't understand what HAL was about when it was brought up at the meeting
17:56 tcohen now that we have sort of a consensus on how to wrap the things together
17:57 tcohen HAL is a standard way of representing the data
17:57 tcohen my idea is that, when you request a hold object using
17:57 tcohen Accept application/json
17:57 tcohen you get the raw object as we do now
17:58 tcohen but if we use Accept application/hal+json
17:58 tcohen we get the full fledeged one
17:59 oleonard I see.
17:59 oleonard Okay, I can continue my work with that in mind.
18:03 oleonard tcohen: Do you plan to make an endpoint for system preferences?
18:04 tcohen yes sir!
18:05 oleonard Good :)
18:05 tcohen I mean, for all the things :-D
18:05 tcohen if you have something in mind, like revamping the sysprefs area, I'm all in
18:07 oleonard I just had some ideas about how we handle links to sysprefs throughout the interface... Would be nice to be able to offer a little popup window for setting a single pref
18:13 oleonard Including, perhaps, a link from the database update output in the web interface
18:13 oleonard Although I guess that would be a request from the db user
18:18 * tcohen is bouncing of joy
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20:33 * cait waves
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