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06:51 reiveune hello
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07:04 alex_a bonjour
07:04 wahanui hey, alex_a
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07:23 fridolin hi
07:23 wahanui hi, fridolin
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07:30 liliputech_asu hi :)
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07:54 Benoit Hi Koha community ! Looking for help with an update from 17 to 19 and a "no result found" problem after restarting zebra etc... Anyone can help ?
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07:57 cait we can try if you give us a little bit more information
07:57 cait ther eis no koha 17 and 19 :)
07:58 cait we do 2 big versions each year, so there are 17.05, 17.11 and 19.05
07:58 cait how did you update? waht kind of installation is it? (OS, packages?)
07:58 Benoit ok I'll check these number to be sure of what I say..
07:59 Benoit So I moved from to
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08:00 Benoit Also changed OS from Debian 9.4 to Ubuntu 18.04
08:01 magnuse did you do a full reindex?
08:01 Benoit yep
08:01 Benoit I did import all sql data and tmplates
08:01 Benoit then reindex
08:02 magnuse and zebra is running?
08:02 Benoit everything looks fine except search that doesn't give any result
08:02 Benoit yes it's running but just when i'm root logged
08:02 Benoit if I try to start it as normal user I get an authorization error
08:03 magnuse sounds like you might have a problem with permissions, then
08:03 magnuse how did you install?
08:03 Benoit like changing ownership^on zebra-output.log not pernmitted
08:03 Benoit following the "official" way
08:03 magnuse meaning debian packages?
08:04 Benoit yes I think
08:04 Benoit https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ubuntu_-_packages
08:05 magnuse yup, that would be the debian packages
08:05 magnuse you shouldn't really have to worry about starting zebra then
08:05 magnuse do you know the koha-* commands? like koha-zebra?
08:06 Benoit yes some of them
08:06 wahanui some of them are probably available in yum
08:06 Benoit followed that to move old koha to newer one :[…]abase-to-new.html
08:06 magnuse what does this give you? "sudo koha-zebra --status <your instance name>"
08:07 Benoit with sudo it's OK
08:07 magnuse yes, you can only run it with sudo
08:07 Benoit ok was worried about the error without it..
08:08 Benoit but still have this "no result" pb :(
08:08 Benoit both zebra error and output logs are empty
08:10 Benoit each time I make a search on the Opac I get a AH01215, uninitialized value in concatenation (.) error in C4/ line 584 error
08:11 magnuse and you reindexed with "sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -f -v <instance>"? no errors?
08:11 magnuse what does line 584 look like?
08:14 Benoit the line : mylibraryfirst => ( C4::Context->preferences("SearchMyLibraryFirst") && C4::Context->userenv = ? C4::Context->userenv->{'branch'} : '',
08:14 Benoit I restart a reindex to check for errors
08:16 magnuse do you have a value for "SearchMyLibraryFirst"? try this: "SELECT * FROM systempreferences WHERE variable = 'SearchMyLibraryFirst';
08:17 Benoit ok waiting for reindex to end, got over 40k records..
08:17 magnuse yeah, that takes a little while
08:19 Benoit got error retreiving record around the end but can't fully read, scrolling too fast :(
08:21 magnuse there is one particular error to look out for, something to do with locking
08:22 magnuse the indexing should complete even if some records can't be retrieved
08:23 Benoit the searchmylibraryfirst is set to 0 in my library db
08:24 Benoit yep it does finish and I can even access to my notices in opac, just can't search them
08:26 cait where is the concatenation in this line?
08:26 cait could it be the wrong line?
08:26 magnuse the file should be /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/
08:27 cait Benoit: have you tried a sudo koha-zebra --restart instance?
08:28 Benoit yep
08:28 cait looks ok?
08:28 Benoit yep
08:28 cait hm
08:28 cait anythin gin your plack-error.log?
08:29 Benoit where can i find this log ?
08:30 Benoit can't locate it
08:30 magnuse sudo tail -f /var/log/koha/<instance>/plack-error.log
08:30 magnuse i think
08:30 magnuse if you are running under plack, that is
08:31 Benoit nope don't have this file
08:32 magnuse ooh, you should run plack, much faster, but worry about that later
08:32 magnuse try this:
08:32 magnuse sudo tail -f /var/log/koha/sksk/intranet-error.log
08:32 magnuse or this:
08:32 magnuse sudo tail -f /var/log/koha/sksk/opac-error.log
08:32 magnuse depending on where you search
08:33 magnuse run that, press enter a couple times to add newlines, run a search, then check what new errors you have after the newlines
08:34 Benoit ok hold on
08:34 magnuse if that gives a lot of errors you can share them here:
08:35 cait yep but definitely need to activate plack and memcached in the end
08:37 Benoit well still have these AH01215 concatenation errors but can't copy paste from VMWareConsole :(
08:38 Benoit can recopy if you've got 10minutes :p
08:43 pastebot "Benoit" at pasted "Errors after a search in opac" (2 lines) at
08:45 Benoit also I've just found errors in indexer-output.log could that help ?
08:46 cait hm those look just like warnings
08:46 cait what's in the indexer?
08:53 Benoit DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table 'koha_cirdoc.zebraqueue' doesn't exist [for statement "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM zebraqueue WHERE done= 0;"] at /usr/share/koha/bin/migrat​ion_tools/ line 324
08:53 Benoit and a second one :
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08:55 Benoit DBD::mysql::st fetchrow_arrayref failed fetch() without execute() [the same query as up here] at same path line 325
08:56 Benoit question : does the fact that I changed the library name between old an new install can make this error happen ?
08:57 cait the instance name?
08:57 cait or the library in your koha admin config
08:58 Benoit nope the instance name like the koha_library name in the DB
08:58 cait is cirdoc the old or the new one?
08:58 Benoit new one
08:58 Benoit the old one was kohaclone
08:58 cait the error above is a 'not good' one
08:58 cait it tries to check for records to index and doesn't find the db table it's looking for
08:59 cait so that's definitely something to look at
08:59 Benoit yep but I did the update schema process
08:59 cait these tables haven't changed
08:59 cait between versions
09:00 cait make sure your db name is really koha_cirdoc?
09:00 Benoit yes it is
09:00 cait how did you migrate?
09:00 cait did you create the new isntallatoin + instance on a new server and then load the db?
09:00 Benoit yes
09:00 cait did you mgirate any other files?
09:01 Benoit yep some tmpl for opac
09:02 Benoit and if I check in the DB got this zebraqueue table
09:02 Benoit it's empty but there
09:03 Benoit in the old install the same table has over 23k rows
09:04 cait that's a bit much
09:04 Benoit realizing also that old install on the Debian is using MariaDb, the new one on Ubuntu uses mysql, if it can help... ?
09:05 cait usually you clean that out using a cronjog regularly
09:05 cait it should still be ok
09:05 cait we are still using mysql too
09:05 cait both work
09:05 Benoit ok
09:05 cait I am not sure why the indexer woudl not find the table - maybe permissions?
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09:06 cait I am sorry, but running out of ideas :(
09:06 Benoit :(
09:06 cait if you try again a little later or post the error we found to the mailing list, someone else might be able to help from there
09:06 Benoit it's ok don't worry, I'll finish to manage this damned search !
09:06 Benoit ok cool, thanks !!
09:18 magnuse "Table 'koha_cirdoc.zebraqueue' doesn't exist" is definitely the thing to focus on
09:19 magnuse Benoit: if you do "sudo koha-mysql circdoc" and then "show tables" you are sure zebraqueue is there?
09:20 magnuse sorry that should be "sudo koha-mysql cirdoc"
09:22 magnuse you say you can see that zebraqueue is empty, are there things in other tables in that database? like tables systempreferences or biblio?
09:23 magnuse if you created a db dump on an old machine and then restored it on the new machine, it will recreate a database with the old name on the new machine. did you edit the dump file to use the new db name?
09:45 Benoit sorry for answer delay : yes the koha-mysql works, everybody is there
09:46 Benoit yes for the dump
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10:02 magnuse Benoit: so if you do "sudo koha-mysql cirdoc" and "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM zebraqueue" + "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM biblo", the first gives 0 and the second gives the right number?
10:03 magnuse sorry, biblio, not biblo in the second query
10:03 Benoit that's it
10:04 Benoit got 0 on the first and 46764 on the second wich looks fine
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10:05 magnuse yeah, sounds good
10:06 magnuse so why on earth does say it can't find the koha_cirdoc.zebraqueue table?
10:07 magnuse hm, if there was just one error like that, maybe the cronjob to index the zebraqueue was run before the db was initialized
10:07 magnuse is the log entry timestamped?
10:07 magnuse or can you see if more errors like that are added?
10:08 Benoit nope that's the problem
10:08 magnuse yeah, i think that is a red herring
10:08 Benoit Could I try to clear it then retry the zebra rebuild ?
10:08 magnuse the real problem is in the searching
10:08 magnuse clear what?
10:08 Benoit the indexer-outptut log
10:09 magnuse you can watch it live with "tail -f"
10:09 magnuse if you can have two terminals at the same time
10:09 Benoit nope
10:09 magnuse ok
10:10 magnuse but you can check if the indexing has been done, like this: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_with_yaz-client
10:10 magnuse $ yaz-client -c /etc/koha/zebradb/ unix:/var/run/koha/cirdoc/bibliosocket
10:10 magnuse then Z> base biblios
10:11 magnuse and Z> f <something that should give results>
10:11 Benoit no result :(
10:12 magnuse you get "Number of hits: 0, setno 1"?
10:12 Benoit nope setno is 3
10:12 Benoit but 0 hits indeed
10:13 magnuse and you searched for something that should give a result?
10:13 Benoit sure
10:13 magnuse then we know the indexing failed
10:14 magnuse and that zebra is running
10:17 magnuse try to index just 10 records: "sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -f -v --length 10 cirdoc"
10:18 Benoit hmm looks like the --length 10 instructions is not taken into account
10:18 Benoit putting it after cirdoc ?
10:20 cait magnuse++
10:20 magnuse maybe "sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -f -v --length=10 cirdoc"
10:21 Benoit yep
10:21 magnuse the instance name should be last
10:21 Benoit ok did it
10:22 magnuse any errors or search results?
10:22 magnuse try searching for just "a"
10:22 Benoit just got a warn "record didn't contain match fields in (bib1, Local-number)
10:22 magnuse 1 warn or 10?
10:23 cait hmm
10:23 cait which marc flavour are you using?
10:23 Benoit unimarc
10:23 Benoit just one
10:23 cait did you create yoru instance to be unimarc?
10:24 cait marc21 is the default, so that could have been missed
10:24 cait and the index configuration is very different
10:24 Benoit never been asked for that ? I'll find that in the conf file ?
10:24 cait it wouldn't ask
10:24 cait i think
10:25 cait magnuse: you set that in the conf file for creating an instance.. right?
10:25 magnuse yes, i'm pretty sure
10:26 magnuse check in /etc/koha/sites/cirdoc/koha-conf.xml
10:26 magnuse it should say marc21 or unimarc in lots of places at the top of the file
10:26 magnuse also check the MarcFlavor syspref
10:27 Benoit ok it says marc21 everywhere
10:27 magnuse ah, that's the problem then
10:27 magnuse cait++
10:27 Benoit so shall I just change marc21 to unimarc ?
10:28 magnuse good question :-)
10:29 magnuse yeah, i think that should work, but there are some more files in /etc/koha/sites/cirdoc/ you need to edit too
10:32 magnuse these four: zebra-authorities.cfg, zebra-authorities-dom.cfg, zebra-biblios.cfg, zebra-biblios-dom.cfg
10:32 Benoit ok i'll do that
10:32 magnuse then restart zebra and probably the indexer?
10:32 magnuse and try reindexing
10:34 Benoit did it !!!!
10:34 Benoit sooooo happy !
10:34 cait hah!
10:34 Benoit thanks a lot guys !
10:34 cait team_work++
10:35 cait magnuse++
10:35 Benoit and also sorry for my stupid lookin like mistake !
10:35 magnuse team_work++
10:35 magnuse it happens!
10:35 magnuse for the record, you should have edited ZEBRA_MARC_FORMAT in /etc/koha/koha-sites.conf to avoid this
10:36 Benoit ok noticed !
10:36 magnuse guess it means you are probably set up with en for the zebra language too
10:36 Benoit feel like it's the end of my 2 weeks headache !
10:37 magnuse you might want to look for "en" in the four files i mentioned and replace it with "fr", then restart and reindex again
10:37 cait is fr still more complete n mappings?
10:38 cait I've created a sort file or us mixing them all together heh :)
10:38 magnuse dunno, but i would suspect there are some frenchisms :-)
10:40 cait possibly :)
10:45 magnuse guess koha-create could be made a bit more user friendly, e.g. by displaying the values from /etc/koha/koha-sites.conf and asking "does this look ok?" :-)
10:51 magnuse bug 23401
10:51 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23401 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Make koha-create more user friendly
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11:36 oleonard Hi #koha
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11:43 kidclamp hi oleonard
11:43 wahanui hi oleopard
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12:33 oleonard Hi corilynn
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12:46 eythian hi
12:46 oleonard Hi eythian, what are you up to today?
12:47 eythian just work. Nothing exciting.
12:48 oleonard Straightening manhole covers, polishing traffic lights
12:48 eythian pretty much, yes
12:48 oleonard Yeah same
12:50 oleonard (eythian and I are the only ones who know we work across from each other in a secret spy facility)
12:50 oleonard ...but like... the billing department.
12:50 eythian shh!
12:51 cait lol
12:51 cait thx for that :)
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12:54 oleonard Oh no cait is here now we will have to... uh... silence her...
12:54 magnuse i'm not here, btw
12:58 cait oleonard: what does billing use for this.... paper clip chain?
12:59 * cait wonders what eythian did to her booking account that she has to reset the password every single time she uses it
12:59 eythian you're probably just a suspicious person
12:59 oleonard You laugh now cait, but you won't be laughing after the paper cuts
13:00 magnuse it's the secret "make life hell for my friends" setting
13:00 magnuse bug 23403 is fun
13:00 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23403 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , SIP2 lends to wrong patron if cardnumber is missing
13:00 cait ugh
13:00 cait oleonard: I am frightened
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13:24 caroline_catlady hi everyone!
13:25 cait hi caroline_catlady :)
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13:46 oleonard Just like a good test plan can reveal problems with patches... preparing a screencast demo
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14:01 oleonard Working on Bug 23039:[…]?p=15645814910650
14:01 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23039 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Hold found modal on checkin screen ( ) obscures Check in message info
14:02 oleonard (look out everyone oleonard upgraded his image album software and now it supports video)
14:03 cait oleonard: doesn't play for me :(
14:03 oleonard Boo
14:03 cait just shows the broken image icon
14:04 oleonard ?[…]03b8e104d7a40.mp4
14:05 cait oh that works
14:05 cait i was trying tthe link above
14:05 * oleonard has no idea why the first link didn't work
14:06 cait it's nice :)
14:11 oleonard khall ^^
14:11 * caroline_catlady likes it
14:12 caroline_catlady Is the see last message button new?
14:12 cait yep
14:12 * caroline_catlady likes that too
14:18 oleonard If anyone would like to help this along, please test Bug 23399 :D
14:18 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23399 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Reindent
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15:08 cait hm any reason why after a git fetch my system woudl still claim that v18.11.08 doesn't exist as a tag?
15:10 oleonard I don't see it listed either
15:10 cait huh
15:10 cait shows as tag for me here:[…]oha.git;a=summary
15:10 cait how did you look it up?
15:11 reiveune bye
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15:11 oleonard cait: git tag
15:11 cait ah yeah
15:11 cait it#s not on the branch....
15:11 cait[…]efs/heads/18.11.x
15:11 cait not here
15:11 cait hm
15:11 cait lukeG: aroudn?
15:11 cait around even :)
15:12 cait khall: around? kidclamp: ?
15:15 kidclamp hm?
15:15 cait lukeG: we are missing the v18.11.08 tag
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15:21 lukeG cait what should i do? add the tag now?
15:22 cait i don't know actually
15:22 cait gmcharlt: maybe?
15:23 gmcharlt cait: lukeG: would be OK to add the tag now; just need to make sure that it is attached to the correct commit in 18.11.x
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15:29 cait hm now we lost lukeG
15:29 cait gmcharlt++ thx
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15:30 cait wb
15:31 cait lukeG: did you see what gmcharlt said?
15:32 cait git tag -a v1.2 commitid - says the manual
15:46 lukeG cait yes
15:46 lukeG i did that and pushed it out
15:48 lukeG git tag -a v18.11.08 -m "Koha release 18.11.08" a71bd8c1952ddc7ae5e02be3b1cacddfe788af65
15:49 lukeG cait: does that seem right now?
15:49 lukeG[…]efs/heads/18.11.x
15:53 cait seems ok, on the phone sec
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15:58 cait lukeG: the fetch looks good
15:58 cait and git kc too
15:58 cait it's on the right tag
15:59 cait that seems to have done it
15:59 cait lukeG++
15:59 cait i always rebase our branches using the tags
15:59 lukeG oh good, sorry about that one. I won't make that mistake again!
15:59 cait all good, fixed! :)
15:59 cait oleonard++
15:59 cait thx for helping figure it out
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16:33 oleonard lukeG1++ # Thanks for the signoff!
16:34 lukeG1 oleonard++
16:34 lukeG1 Thanks for the patch!
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17:13 oleonard cait and wizzyrea: Should Bug 13420 be "in discussion" ?
17:13 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13420 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Needs Signoff , Holdings table sorting on volume information incorrect
17:34 cait oleonard-away: commented and changed status
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17:46 oleonard Thanks cait
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18:28 caroline_catlady are spaces important in yaml? (asking specifically for OpacHiddenItems.)
18:29 caroline_catlady I seem to remember there had to be no space between the field and the colon, then a space and the bracket, e.g. itype: [], but I can't find that info anymore
18:34 caroline_catlady ok wikipedia answered my question :)
18:34 caroline_catlady "YAML requires the colon be followed by a space"
18:34 caroline_catlady
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19:00 oleonard See y'all later
19:28 cait caroline_catlady++
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20:36 Mandersoon Does anyone tinker with the Digibib Koha docker container? I am trying to run it, but things go sideways because it seems to not set up the /koha symlink correctly or something.
20:37 Mandersoon Lots of this: unable to locate Koha configuration file koha-conf.xml at /koha/C4/ line 243.
20:37 cait I've not, sorry
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21:40 lukeG anyone have any idea what is going on here:
21:40 lukeG https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=23408
21:40 huginn` Bug 23408: normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Relatives' checkout table columns are not configured properly
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