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05:24 fridolin hi
05:24 wahanui niihau, fridolin
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06:36 reiveune hello
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07:17 ere Morning, #koha!
07:18 liliputech_asu morning :)
07:19 calire morning #koha
07:20 kohaputti hii :)
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07:24 alex_a bonjour
07:24 ere Hmm.. the "Invalid data, cannot decode object" error has popped up quite a few times already on the mailing list.
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08:12 * cait waves at ere
08:12 cait are you back?
08:13 cait I am still waiting to learn the name :)
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08:58 vfernandes hi #koha
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09:37 gb_____n hello
09:38 ere cait: Hi! Yeah, I'm back :)
09:38 gb_____n i have a xslt question, i am modifying MARC21slim2OPACResults.xsl, my fix crashes on some records, that is the result line in Koha is entirely empty
09:39 gb_____n but when i try it locally with xsltproc it works fine
09:39 gb_____n i'm using kohadevbox
09:39 gb_____n version 18.12
09:40 gb_____n to be very precise, i want to handle field 490 on the results page, the problem arises when the value of the first indicator of a 490 field is 1
09:40 gb_____n the logs on kohadevbox don't seem to have anything about the xslt part
09:49 gb_____n ahah solved it!
09:49 gb_____n the UseControlNumber variable was not declared in the results stylesheet
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09:49 gb_____n which xsltproc had actually nicely warned me about /o\
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11:38 oleonard Hi all
11:39 calire hi oleonard
11:39 wahanui hi oleopard
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11:55 eythian hi oleopard
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11:55 magnuse ~~~
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12:25 oleonard Hi khall is your consciousness present in this realm?
12:28 khall oleonard  partially ;)
12:29 oleonard I just wanted to let you know that Bug 23039 has been on my mind, especially as I've been working on Bug 23328 and Bug 23286
12:29 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23039 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Hold found modal on checkin screen ( ) obscures Check in message info
12:29 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23328 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Signed Off , Some check-in messages should be dismissable
12:29 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23286 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Improve style of hold confirmation modal
12:30 oleonard I'm not sure what the solution is. I think the first thing to try is moving (copying?) messages in the modal
12:46 cait hm?
12:48 oleonard cait: If there is an informational or error message which is displayed during checkin and it will be obscured by a confirmation modal it should be displayed inside the modal
12:48 oleonard (is one possibility)
12:48 cait ah ok
12:48 cait so... we should show all of ti in the modal?
12:49 cait but somem people don't like the modals
12:49 cait we didn#t get any complatins yet... but we are still on 17.11
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12:53 cait oleonard: tricky
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13:21 oleonard Welcome wizzyrea
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13:26 magnuse wizzyrea!
13:26 wahanui wizzyrea is very glad the git repo is reliably working todya
13:28 oleonard I wasn't worried about it before but now I am, thanks wahanui
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13:51 wizzyrea hi :D
14:21 oleonard Confusing.[…]?p=15644964476557
14:24 cait could it have... like a second heading or so? like multiple 'cards'
14:28 oleonard Below the hold message seems to work better:[…]?p=15644968660167
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14:48 cait yeah
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15:01 reiveune bye
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15:10 oleonard If we're putting messages in the modal (and even if we're not) it would be good to be able to redisplay a dismissed message:[…]?p=15644993823634
15:12 cait does it always show the messages of the last checked in?
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15:13 cait what if you already confrimed the hold? (i like the diea, just wondering abotu one time things)
15:14 oleonard I'm still working it out, so I'm happy to have it critiqued
15:14 cait oleonard: trying to set up a sandbox with 18.11 to test your patch from yesterday :)
15:14 oleonard If you confirmed the hold, the page would redisplay anyway, so I think having the message disappear wouldn't be unexpected.
15:14 cait probably something for the mailing list too, i really like the way it develops right now
15:14 * oleonard isn't sure if that's correct
15:15 cait hm me neither
15:21 cait :( fails with a sandbox, but i think it's the sandbox
15:21 cait i ahve an ugly erorr
15:21 cait DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::_dbh_execute(): Unknown column 'me.accountno' in 'field list' at /kohadevbox/koha/Koha/ line 209  at /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/Class/ line 77
15:22 cait i can't even get on the accounts page
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15:22 * cait waves at lisettelatah
15:23 oleonard cait: Need an older db version?
15:23 cait not sure... i have recreated the schema with the sandbox tools
15:23 cait hm i coudl try resetting the db to get into the installer
15:23 cait nuke the sample data
15:26 cait yep that worked
15:28 cait sign-off doesn#t seem tow ork tho :(
15:28 cait *sigh*
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15:53 cait @seen lukeG
15:53 huginn` cait: lukeG was last seen in #koha 4 days, 1 hour, 29 minutes, and 52 seconds ago: <lukeG> Happy Koha Community Day everyone!  :)
15:54 cait @later tell lukeG - can you please push bug 23143? It's 18.11 only - thx!
15:54 huginn` cait: The operation succeeded.
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15:56 cait bye all
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16:04 pabloab Hi all!! :-)
16:06 pabloab I was looking around bug and showing item data through OAI-PMH. I tried the YAML and all the info show up successfully. The problem is that all the 952$x (non public note) are also shown
16:07 pabloab This seems a bug but I wonder if someone here think is the intended behavior
16:09 pabloab *bug 12252
16:09 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12252 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, robin, CLOSED FIXED, OAI-PMH GetRecord result doesn't include item data
16:28 oleonard Sorry pabloab there doesn't seem to be anyone around who knows about that issue
16:28 * oleonard isn't familiar with OAI-PMH
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16:55 pabloab Thank you @oleonard! I'll add a comment about this issue to that bug
17:18 oleonard See y'all later
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17:48 Vero hi
17:48 Vero Good afternoon, koha brings predefined authentication methods I want to use the TOKENS authentication method is possible, I hope your comments thank you very much
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18:02 tcohen Vero: what do you mean the TOKENS authentication method?
18:02 tcohen Koha implmenets the client credentials grant from the OAuth2 spec
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21:26 kidclamp cait++
21:27 cait that's strange given that I failed you :)
21:27 kidclamp FQA is always better than no QA at all
21:27 cait well the patch
21:27 wahanui the patch is, like, coming
21:27 kidclamp oh no, don't fail me!
21:27 kidclamp I will apply!
21:27 cait heh
21:27 * kidclamp rebases hisself
21:28 cait what about the qa script?
21:28 kidclamp I considered it
21:28 cait probably a good workout
21:28 * kidclamp has trailing spaces
21:28 cait ohoh
21:29 kidclamp :-P
21:29 kidclamp laters
21:29 cait later
21:29 caroline_catlady good night everyone!
21:30 cait good night caroline_catlady!
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23:22 aleisha hi
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