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06:35 reiveune hello
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07:01 magnuse \o/
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07:09 fridolin hi
07:09 wahanui hi, fridolin
07:20 liliputech_asu hi!
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08:45 cait arthur around?
08:45 cait liliputech_asu: there?
08:45 wahanui somebody said there was a sound coming from under the floorboards
08:45 liliputech_asu yup :)
08:45 cait "pushed for Qa" doesn't mean anything
08:45 cait don't use it :)
08:46 cait it's something we will probably remove soon, it's referrig to an idea to push to external branches
08:46 cait if you use this stauts worst case the bug will get lost and noone looks at it because none of the queues show it
08:46 liliputech_asu hoon... (disapointed) the status would be "signed off" then?
08:46 cait I wsd wondering
08:47 cait i think so, it dos have sign-off lines on the first patch
08:47 cait signed off = QA team look here!
08:47 cait it's the same, the one you want
08:47 cait just explaining, because if i miss one it might get lost.. and then we both will be sad :)
08:48 liliputech_asu Ok :) ^^ (my throats just hurt so badly after spending a week chatting in dublin >< IRC is great, no need to talk much ;))
08:49 magnuse <3 irc
08:49 liliputech_asu cait: oh you already changed the status, thanks! ^^
08:50 liliputech_asu magnuse: yeay! thanks for your comment on the patch btw, otherwise would not have seen it :) now applies fine on master
08:52 magnuse np!
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11:26 paxed hm, installing master with default settings and selecting all data gives me couple warnings:
11:26 paxed message_transport_types.sql
11:26 paxed [Tue May 28 11:26:55 2019] DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Duplicate entry 'email' for key 'PRIMARY' at /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/ line 273.
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11:35 paxed tried again, still got that. and two others:
11:35 paxed sample_notices_message_attributes.sql
11:35 paxed [Tue May 28 11:36:34 2019] DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Duplicate entry '1' for key 'PRIMARY' at /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/ line 273.
11:35 paxed sample_notices_message_transports.sql
11:35 paxed [Tue May 28 11:36:34 2019] DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Duplicate entry '1-email-0' for key 'PRIMARY' at /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/ line 273.
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12:17 caroline_catlady hello everyone!
12:19 davidnind hi caroline_catlady
12:21 magnuse hiya caroline_catlady and davidnind
12:23 davidnind tcohen: tested koha-testing-docker working offline (network cable unplugged, Wi-Fi disabled, in flight mode), all worked fine once I deleted images and ran again for the first time
12:24 davidnind hi magnuse
12:24 davidnind tcohen++
12:24 caroline_catlady davidnind: I'm trying to add andy to the taiga team, but I can't find him
12:25 caroline_catlady also, I think you have the same permissions as me (product owner)
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12:27 davidnind caroline_catlady: just trying to find my email with hos details...
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12:37 davidnind aah, it was actually on IRC - Andy's username is  andybozend, have email if needed ([…]9-05-09#i_2142910)
12:45 davidnind for me, I can't see any of the options for adding a new team member (as per[…]to-your-project/)
12:46 davidnind Andy's email address is
12:47 davidnind also,can't see Lucy listed either...
12:50 davidnind maybe only Lee can add new team members?
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13:03 tuxayo kidclamp++
13:03 tuxayo ashimema ++
13:04 * tuxayo After a bit long investigation, found that bug 22650 backport to 18.11 caused a regression but that it was already fixed in bug 22895 <3
13:04 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22650 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Pushed to Stable , Can place multiple item level holds on a single item
13:04 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22895 critical, P5 - low, ---, nick, Pushed to Stable , [18.11] cannot place item level holds
13:05 caroline_catlady Oh I just found that screen under the cog wheel
13:07 caroline_catlady @later tell davidnind I gave you admin permissions on taiga
13:07 huginn` caroline_catlady: The operation succeeded.
13:09 tuxayo Joubu++
13:09 tuxayo bug 22898
13:09 tuxayo I was exactly thinking about this <3
13:09 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22898 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Selenium tests for placing holds from the staff interface
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14:12 fridolin for Elastic lovers Bug 22997
14:12 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22997 normal, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, Needs Signoff , Searching gives no results in
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14:14 wizzyrea hi
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14:41 oleonard Hi all
14:41 caroline_catlady hi oleonard
14:41 wahanui hi oleopard
14:48 oleonard Is everyone suffering from post-KohaCon blues?
14:49 caroline_catlady a bit... and also a cold :(
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14:51 caroline_catlady it's hard to go back to the nitty gritty day to day after talking for a week about more macro stuff
14:53 liliputech_asu oleonard: caroline_catlady : got a cold too!
14:54 liliputech_asu oleonard: caroline_catlady : but it was worth it ;)
14:54 oleonard I don't doubt it!
15:00 tuxayo Ho, Gladys also got a cold. Or maybe KohaCons are a good way to start an epidemic ^^"
15:00 oleonard Possibly, but I don't think that's enough reason to cut down on the kissing.
15:01 oleonard git status
15:01 oleonard whoops :)
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15:36 tuxayo « I don't think that's enough reason to cut down on the kissing.»
15:36 tuxayo +1, and actually hand shaking might be worse (/me should search about that at some point)
15:36 tuxayo There would still be bowing and many other ways of greeting I guess.
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15:42 caroline_catlady fist bumping?
15:43 caroline_catlady[…]s-the-most-germs/
15:43 caroline_catlady "Fist bumping, a form of greeting popularized by President Obama, spreads significantly fewer germs than the more traditional alternative, according to a new study."
15:49 caroline_catlady re: kissing, I had an interesting conversation with the French delegation on kissing (one cheek, two cheeks, three times, four times, men vs women, hugs, etc.)
15:52 oleonard I would have liked to have heard that caroline_catlady
15:53 caroline_catlady we noticed americans tend to hug, would you say that's true?
15:54 oleonard Yes
15:54 caroline_catlady we hypothesized it was because americans viewed kissing as too intimate
15:54 oleonard There are some exceptions, but I agree
15:55 caroline_catlady Personally, I find hugging more intimate since a lot more body is touching
15:55 oleonard Americans generally speaking simply don't know the rules for kisses as greetings
15:56 oleonard So few people have experience with it
15:56 caroline_catlady it's confusing for us too when we go elsewhere :)
16:00 oleonard I think hugging as a form of greeting is relatively new in American culture, and it definitely only happens between people of some vaguely-determined level of friendship
16:01 oleonard All of us American Koha-ers are hugging all of you international Koha-ers because we just love y'all to bits :)
16:01 caroline_catlady hehe! :D
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16:22 caroline_catlady Can anybody try to modify a patron card template name on their master?
16:23 caroline_catlady When I do it, nothing happens, it's like it's not writing in the db
16:24 caroline_catlady my mysql wasn't running this morning, could it have something to do with the restart?
16:25 caroline_catlady But I can add new patrons, so it musn't be a db problem, right?
16:25 bag Morning
16:25 caroline_catlady good morning bag!
16:26 oleonard Hi bag
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17:05 oleonard caroline_catlady: Did you get your patron card template to work?
17:05 caroline_catlady No
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17:06 oleonard It's working as expected for me.
17:06 caroline_catlady ok thanks for confirming
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17:09 tecnicounco Hi, I'm a laboratory technician at the Comahue University. I run into a problem using koha to catalog reals and three-dimensional objects. Our idea is to use koha as a library manager but in this case for electric machines, oscilloscopes, signal generators that are commonly used among electronic engineering students. Any information about it is appreciated. By the way I do not "speak" English.
17:11 caroline_catlady hi tecnicounco, welcome! :)
17:12 caroline_catlady In administration > MARC bibliographic framework, you can create cataloguing forms for your objects
17:13 caroline_catlady I would suggest creating a new item type for your devices
17:14 caroline_catlady that way you can create specific circulating rules (for example, only engineering students can borrow these tools)
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17:16 tecnicounco_ I have an inventory of laboratory equipment in excellent format is it possible to carry out that data in one place, and also to be possible, should fields be filled? that's the problem
17:17 caroline_catlady tecnicounco: so what you need is help mapping your data to MARC fields?
17:18 tecnicounco yes
17:19 caroline_catlady can you send an email to the mailing list with a sample data? I could try to map it for you
17:20 tecnicounco Necessary fields such as type, description, responsible, bar code, location, status, etc.
17:21 tecnicounco yes I can
17:27 tecnicounco caroline_catlady:  Is it possible to do it?
17:28 caroline_catlady to do what? catalog objects? Of course
17:29 tecnicounco But you have to make a change in the fields of marc21
17:30 caroline_catlady yes and no. Most fields can be adapted... But you will have to change your bibliographic framework (in Administration > MARC bibliographic framework)
17:31 oleonard tecnicounco: If you would like to see examples of how my library does it:[…]sort_by=relevance
17:35 tecnicounco Yes, that's what I want to do. Would you have a template of marc21?
17:36 oleonard tecnicounco: You can look at the MARC view of any of those records to see which fields are used how.
17:39 tecnicounco Thank you. Is it possible to import the inventory from a csv a koha so that you do not have to load each item one by one? I will be in contact
17:59 reiveune bye
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18:06 oleonard Is this an improvement?[…]?p=15590667312486
18:09 tcohen hola Koha
18:09 tcohen oleonard: yes yes!
18:13 cait hm tcohen!
18:14 cait i got a question actually :)
18:14 cait oh
18:14 cait and oleonard++ thank yo uso much for the patches and sorry we didn't really use them :(
18:14 cait the workshop turned more into a presentation due to the huge number of people
18:15 cait oleonard: server side or new design for the paging things?
18:15 cait i think it looks nice
18:15 cait not so dark
18:16 oleonard I'm looking at upgrading DataTables to the latest version and adding some style updates at the same time
18:16 cait tcohen: can i ask you a zebra indexing quetsion?
18:16 cait oleonard: hope it doesn't give you too much trouble with all our extras
18:18 oleonard Extras?
18:18 wahanui Extras are good... right?
18:18 tcohen shoot
18:18 cait i am trying to add a new index to the authority index
18:18 cait well for uathority data
18:18 cait on kohadevbox
18:19 cait once i changed the files in the repo, do i need to copy them somewhere?
18:19 tcohen right
18:19 tcohen of course
18:19 tcohen I mean
18:19 tcohen I don't think the instance will pick them from the repo
18:19 tcohen you probably need to run
18:19 tcohen but
18:19 tcohen LET ME CHECK
18:19 cait ah there is a trick
18:19 cait thank you :)
18:19 cait i will make my test file
18:21 cait it also looks liek the xsl conversion adds changes that should not be there... a title sort thing - probably we messed this up somewhere
18:21 cait xsltproc /etc/koha/zebradb/xsl/koha-indexdefs-to-zebra.xsl authority-koha-indexdefs.xml > authority-zebra-indexdefs.xsl
18:23 tcohen it seems to me that wont take care of /etc/koha/zebradb
18:23 cait ah too bad
18:23 tcohen so please run xsltproc and output to /etc/koha/...
18:24 cait i wlil also need to copy the bib1 att i tihnk
18:26 cait reindexing
18:26 cait let's see if this worked
18:27 cait our authorities are weird
18:28 cait i search with 'entire record' 'contains' blubber
18:28 cait which i added to 1 record
18:28 cait and it returns all?
18:29 cait it returns all... when it should not return anything???
18:30 cait tcohen: could you confirm if this happens for you too?
18:30 cait or oleonard?
18:30 wahanui i think oleonard is seeing some buggy stuff though
18:30 cait search nonsense in authority search
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18:45 cait bug 23000
18:45 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23000 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Running xsltproc for authority index definitions adds unwanted changes
18:51 cait bug 23001
18:51 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23001 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , When the whole authority record is searched, search always returns all records
18:57 oleonard See y'all later
18:57 cait bye oleonard
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19:23 davidnind caroline_catlady: thanks for adding Any and Lucy to Taiga, and updating my access as well
19:24 davidnind caroline_catlady++
19:46 rangi morning
19:46 bag hiya
19:47 cait :)
19:47 * cait joins the party
19:49 cait did one of you add andrew to the mailing list yet?
19:49 * cait forgot
19:52 rangi ?
19:52 rangi what mailing list
19:52 wahanui mailing list is, like, a good idea. Thanks
19:53 cait koha-docs
19:53 cait there was some problem so he couldn't sign up
19:53 cait i'll have alook was just wondering if caroline_catlady or davidnind already did
19:54 rangi ah ok, i didnt
19:55 cait all good
19:57 davidnind I didn't...
19:58 cait I'll do it :)
20:06 davidnind I don't think I could have done it anyway...
20:12 cait pm'd you :)
20:15 cait davidnind: how did your first day back turn out?
20:17 davidnind thanks cait!
20:20 davidnind cait: managed okay, hit a wall about 5pm - eyes decided they didn't want to remain open all of a sudden, so left for the day and had a nap for a few hours when I got home
20:21 cait 5 seems like a good time to call it a day
20:21 cait i am still tired... and I didn't do the crazy timezone shift
20:26 davidnind I was a bit surprised that I lasted so long, kohacon is always a busy week so not surprising that you get tired
20:28 cait but it's been so grant :)
20:28 caroline_catlady sorry, i'm back... My cold is pretty bad, so i napped
20:28 davidnind speaking of course of my extensive experience attending kohacons (two now) :)
20:29 caroline_catlady I didn't do anything to the koha-docs list
20:29 caroline_catlady <I wasn't able to access it for a while
20:29 davidnind napping is allowed, isn't that what cats do all day?
20:29 caroline_catlady I told paul, but i didn't check if it was back
20:30 davidnind cait has fixed, so all good - now I can fix as well if needed in the future
20:30 davidnind cait++
20:31 cait i think paul fixed the technical issue
20:31 cait but he had asked me to add andrew manually and i forgot until today
20:31 cait so probably not deserving the karma points
20:34 cait davidnind++ caroline_catlady++
20:35 davidnind cait always deserves karma points!
20:37 caroline_catlady and cookies :)
20:37 cait can't say no to the cookies :)
20:38 cait sorry to hear about the cold caroline_catlady
20:38 cait hope you feel better soon
20:39 caroline_catlady the andrew we're talking about is the new right hand at ptfs?
20:39 cait yep think so
20:40 cait the other andrew at ptfs :)
20:40 cait not the ill andrew
20:40 cait ILL
20:40 caroline_catlady hehe!
20:41 davidnind this Andrew
20:58 caroline_catlady he will forever be "Andrew the baker" in my mind
20:58 caroline_catlady Not sure he bakes, but he had a bakery
21:00 cait yep he did
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23:05 mwr Koha Installation question: I wan to have my servers on my intranet (internal private network, 10.x.x.x) but I plan on forwarding ports to them from through the router. Question part A) Do I put the dns for the external internet in the /etc/koha-sites file? (i.e.: DOMAIN="") or the internal DNS domain? (i.e.: DOMAIN=".internalnet.local")
23:06 Joubu @later tell ashimema Please have a look at[…]/merge_requests/8 we need it for 19.05
23:06 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
23:08 mwr Question part B) If I forward through the router, should I specify different ports for each server (OPAC and Admin panel)? Or will apache virtual-server resolution work through port forwards like that?
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