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00:11 oleonard joined #koha
00:12 oleonard Is Hayley ever on here?
00:15 cait1 joined #koha
00:16 wizzyrea she should be, alexuckley is away on holiday tho so she might be really busy
00:16 wizzyrea speaking of you
00:16 wizzyrea i was looking at 22803 and I'm not seeing the table squish?
00:16 oleonard That's me
00:16 wizzyrea on master
00:17 wizzyrea the holdings table is squished
00:17 wizzyrea but not the subscription ones
00:18 oleonard I was only able to reproduce the problem if I started with a narrow browser, then expanded it. I don't think it has to do with columns being hidden. I think it just has to do with DataTable initially rendering a table with a pixel-defined width
00:18 wizzyrea this is the opac right?
00:18 oleonard Yes, subscriptions on opac-detail
00:19 wizzyrea oh there it is
00:19 wizzyrea yes thank you for the tip I see it now
00:19 wizzyrea I was like it's not doing that!
00:19 oleonard Yeah I had the same problem at first
00:20 wizzyrea the holdings table also does that weird thing
00:20 wizzyrea would the same fix work?
00:20 oleonard I commented on the bug that the "autowidth" option should probably be set to "false" in a global configuration rather than table by table
00:20 oleonard I can't think of a reason to have it keep a fixed width
00:21 * oleonard has a talent for uttering famous last words
00:21 wizzyrea haha
00:21 wizzyrea so it's just that one little bit there :P
00:21 wizzyrea is that what makes the table squish nicely too?
00:22 wizzyrea i mean, collapse nicely for responsive view
00:22 oleonard I should have changed more lines just to make the effort look heroic
00:22 wizzyrea hehehe
00:22 oleonard The collapsing table is something separate... Should probably be improved upon.
00:23 oleonard Some table have relatively readable data without table headers, others don't
00:25 wizzyrea right
00:25 wizzyrea jeez
00:25 wizzyrea that's insanely good thing to know
00:25 wizzyrea oleonard++
00:26 * oleonard disappears again
00:26 * oleonard is away: I'm busy
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00:36 wizzyrea hi kathryn
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00:49 kathryn hi wizzyrea :) am back after a large working-at-home lunch hehe
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05:11 indradg Hi #koha
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07:41 rangi this is a cool trick
07:42 rangi
07:42 ashimema oh.. hello rangi
07:42 rangi hey ashimema
07:42 wahanui somebody said ashimema was RMaint for 18.05 ?
07:43 * ashimema wonders where that git bundle trick suddenly came from.. have we been having git server overload issues again?
07:43 rangi nope
07:43 rangi its just super slow to clone the repo
07:43 ashimema oh good.. I certainly hadn't noticed any
07:43 rangi when you are starting from scratch
07:43 ashimema is our repo really over 10G now
07:44 rangi ie a new devbox
07:44 rangi yep
07:44 ashimema blimey
07:44 ashimema gitlab is complaining when it tries to mirror
07:44 rangi so has been mirroring for years
07:44 ashimema indeed
07:44 rangi but they only just added this bundle trick
07:45 ashimema I see.. it's pretty cool
07:45 ashimema I've used it a few times myself elsewhere
07:45 rangi we could in theory make the devbox grab a bundle
07:45 ashimema not a bad idea at all
07:45 rangi and the set the origin
07:45 rangi would go from 3 hours to 10-15 mins
07:46 rangi just thinking tricks for the bugs session cait and I doing
07:46 ashimema do we not already shallow clone and things?
07:46 rangi it doesn't seem to
07:48 * ashimema will admit he still doesn't understand git behind the scenes enough to know why/how our repo is so huge
07:48 ashimema 2 decades of history I suppose
07:48 rangi its mostly the .po files
07:49 ashimema we've discussed slimming it all down a number of times before haven't we?
07:49 rangi one of the plans and I made the repo
07:49 rangi so ill talk with you in 2.5 weeks
07:49 ashimema :)
07:49 rangi basically we just need to change the release procedure
07:49 ashimema sounds great
07:49 rangi to get the .po files from elsewhere, and add them to the tar etc
07:49 * ashimema is more than happy to be forward thinking there
07:49 rangi same with the packaging scripts
07:50 rangi even if we move them out, it wont slim, but it will stop it growing so fast, then we can slim it next step
07:50 ashimema indeed
07:51 rangi[…]ons.git;a=summary
07:51 ashimema I'm sure there's lots we can do to slim it down, but it's more about making decisions on how/what to lose
07:51 rangi yeah
07:51 * magnuse waves to rangi and ashimema, then goes for a drive
07:51 rangi i think if we remove the history of the po files, it would drop us a lot of GB
07:51 rangi the diffs of those are big
07:52 ashimema we don't have anyone signed up as translation manager for the next cycle yet :(
07:52 rangi i reckon we can aim for 19.11 to be the first release that uses a sep repo for translations
07:52 ashimema oh yeah, that would be great.. especially as splitting it out means we don't really loose the history.. just move it
07:52 rangi yeah
07:53 ashimema that would be great
07:53 ashimema do we have a consistent plan for manual translations yet
07:54 ashimema I've lost track somewhat there
07:54 ashimema sounds like a similar approach from the start would be good
07:54 rangi we sorta do
07:54 rangi theres an email thread going at the moment
07:55 rangi i figure we can happen out a consistent plan in person, and document it, and then make it so
07:56 ashimema kohacon for the win
07:56 rangi yep :)
07:57 ashimema it's times like these I regret how dispersed we all are.. there's nothing quit like sitting in a room together with the right key players for a few hours
07:57 rangi hi magnuse
07:57 rangi yeah, thats why the kohacon are so important
07:57 rangi i hope caroline is able to come too
07:57 ashimema but then I remember how awesome it is I have friends from so many far flung places
07:58 rangi but with davidnind coming we will have a doc manager back up there too
07:58 ashimema :)
08:29 cait joined #koha
08:30 ashimema cait around yet this morning?
08:34 cait around now :)
08:34 cait sleeping in
08:36 cait ashimema: ?
08:36 ashimema I was going to ask your thoughts on bug 20310
08:36 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20310 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Signed Off , Article requests: Can we redirect article records without items to host record?
08:37 cait hm I have to read it first
08:37 ashimema I've never seen a catalogue where the 773 contains biblionumbers (or the 001's match bibliobnumbers).. am I missing something somewhere?
08:37 cait which subfield?
08:37 cait it would in $9 i think if you use EasyAnalytics
08:38 ashimema the bug always assumes 773$w contains a biblionumber
08:38 cait orif you decide to make 001 = biblionumber...
08:38 ashimema there's nothing in Koha which maintaina 001 = biblionumber though is there?
08:38 cait Unimarc used to map 001 to biblionumber i think in some old frameworks
08:38 cait but it's not a safe assumption i think
08:38 ashimema interesting
08:38 ashimema haha.. well this code also ignore unimarc
08:39 cait the problem is that in marc21 you don't want to change that mapping i think, because of indexing
08:39 * ashimema would put money on the feature not working for you for example
08:39 cait and making 001 biblionumber manually is tedious
08:39 cait as you have to safe first and edit again
08:39 cait and yeah, union catalogs
08:40 cait why does it not use $w 001?
08:40 ashimema I think we need to add a db field which maps 003 + 001 (whatever they may contain in the mark record)
08:40 ashimema then link to that rather than always using biblionumber
08:40 cait i tihnk our feature to create analytics does that, the one colin did (Add > add analytic)
08:40 cait true
08:41 ashimema yup
08:41 cait i've had some mind bending relaization too
08:41 cait if you read the MARC documentation it's not clear what $w links to
08:41 ashimema well.. it's just hard coded to do a '->find' and that uses biblionumber
08:41 cait i always assumed 001, becuase that is how Germany works
08:41 ashimema the test plan makes it clear
08:41 cait but it could well be 035
08:41 ashimema indeed
08:42 cait so probably the $w(prefix)something should look for 001+003 and 035(prefix)...
08:42 cait and than the fact that $w is repeatable... and things get even harder
08:42 ashimema https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]rt_Bibliographics
08:42 ashimema it's always there for updates if you learn more.. share the love ;)
08:42 cait heh
08:42 ashimema scary
08:42 cait yeah :(
08:43 cait let me catch up on emails and i will hae a look
08:43 cait but marcel might be around you might want to leave your questions
08:43 cait he usually works with the standard, soi wonder why not here
08:47 ashimema as you say.. it's about the most obtuse area of MARC21 in my opinion
08:47 ashimema he may just not understand it or how Koha does things right now
08:47 ashimema I know I don't fully understand either
08:51 cait wizzyrea, oleonard: one problem with fluid width was the column for title getting really narrow in some cases i think, because titles can break well, while other data can not
08:51 cait marcel extended on my xslt code to understand prefixed
08:51 cait he knows :)
08:52 cait wizzyrea: oleonard: at least we fixed something there for item search a while aog.. might be a different setting than you were discussing
08:59 cait [3] Create an ART biblio record, no items. Include a 773w pointing to the     SER record with '(MARCorgcode)[recno]' (keep the parentheses, remove     the square brackets when inserting the biblionumber).     Include text in 773$g too.
09:00 cait I think the assumption record contorl number = biblionumber is not safe
09:00 cait and there is no way to turn this feature off
09:01 cait which might lead to wrong behaviour in cases where hte numbers match by accident to an existing record
09:10 cait ashimema: I've commented
09:10 cait i hope it makes sense
09:11 cait ashimema: i think we could do a search
09:11 cait even without a proper mapping table, we could change the host record search to look for a matching 001
09:12 cait it won't be super fast, but as this doesn't need to be
09:14 ashimema yup.. I just came to the same conclusion
09:14 ashimema and commented just before I say you comment
09:14 ashimema thanks cait
09:14 cait collided with my follow up
09:15 cait i don't want to put our way of dong things on everyone... but what I see from coris work and others, i think we are not too far off
09:19 ashimema haha
09:24 cait and my typing is really bad today
09:24 cait i am on 22808 :)
09:25 ashimema :)
09:25 * ashimema is still really hoping some more of his accounts tree will move
09:25 ashimema but that hope may be in vein
09:26 cait what is the next one yo uneed to move?
09:26 cait do you think we can just ad claudio's sign off on the tag ccloud bug?
09:26 cait https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]g.cgi?id=22766#c5
09:26 huginn` Bug 22766: critical, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, Tags cloud link in OPAC does not work
09:26 cait i am tempted to
09:27 ashimema I reckon so (tag cloud)
09:27 ashimema either 22563 or 22610 are next in the queue for accounts.. neither have signoffs yet though :(
09:28 * cait summons wizzyrea
09:28 cait bug 22563
09:28 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22563 enhancement, P4, ---, martin.renvoize, Needs Signoff , Convert lost handling to use 'status' instead of multiple accounttypes
09:28 cait hm enh, was hoping bug :)
09:28 ashimema sorry
09:29 ashimema I personally count them as bugs.. but code clean up is usually an enhancement
09:30 ashimema they lay the foundations for lots of work I want to do next cycle.. I'd love to be able to start with a clean slate at that point.. and.. not spread this type of change over multiple releases.. as a chunk of the changes are already in for 19.05 it would be nasty not to follow through and complete the process
09:30 ashimema it would lead to some really funky reports :(
09:30 ashimema for example
09:30 ashimema do give me some bugs to SO/QA in return though ;)
09:32 cait i agree we should finish more of it
09:32 cait maybe we can talk to nick to extend deadline on some
09:32 cait but trying to recruit some SO today would be good
09:32 cait i stayed out of it because i don't fully undrestand the new mechanics et
09:32 cait yet
09:32 ashimema he's offered that to me.. ;)
09:33 * ashimema is currently QAing 21036
09:33 cait bug 21036
09:33 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21036 trivial, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Fix a bunch of older warnings
09:33 cait i am on the tag cloud one
09:33 cait just tagging a bunch of stuff
09:35 cait oh so much better
09:35 ashimema cool
09:37 andreashm joined #koha
09:39 cait hi andreashm :)
09:39 cait ashimema: on bug 21411 next
09:39 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21411 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, Signed Off , Advanced cataloging editor - rancor - Allow configuration of Keyboard shortcuts
09:43 ashimema you're on a role today cait :)
09:46 cait i got a secret: sleep and public holiday
09:46 ashimema hehe
09:46 ashimema ice
09:46 ashimema nice.. even
09:46 * ashimema is at work
09:47 ashimema but slept well
09:49 cait you could send a sign-off request too
09:49 cait you just helped marcel
10:08 cait kidclamp: I expect a quick follow-up on the keyboard shortcuts! ;)
10:10 rangi upgrading bugzilla if you notice it go away shouldnt be long
10:12 cait ah
10:12 cait just had an error
10:16 ashimema rangi++
10:16 rangi working now?
10:16 ashimema working for me
10:17 * ashimema still needs to follow through with his ambitions to clean up BZ status's a bit
10:17 cait looks good to me
10:17 ashimema if not before I will catch you at kohacon for that rangi :)
10:17 cait something new in this version?
10:18 ashimema also.. my target milestone (which was used for that trello like bz board) experiment didn't really pay off.. so we can probably kill that back off I reckon
10:28 Oak joined #koha
10:32 cait h Oak :)
10:44 Oak Hello cait :)
10:45 Oak It's been ages.
10:45 cait it has been!
10:45 cait how are you doing?
10:54 rangi hmm has anyone else bumped into
10:54 rangi fatal: [stretch]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "No package matching 'oracle-java8-installer' is available"}
10:54 rangi in the devbox using stretch
10:54 cait hm java... related to elastic maybe?
10:55 cait i remember i had to turn off elastic on one of mine a while ago, but don#t remember the issue
10:55 cait still have to fix it
10:55 * ashimema wonders where rangi is right now.. timezone doesn't feel right
10:55 * cait guesses ont he couch at home
10:56 rangi yeah trying to start up a new devbox with elastic
10:56 rangi heh yeah nearly 11pm going to sleep soon
10:56 ashimema I tend to use koha-testing-docker these days.. I've just found it to generally be more reliable
10:57 cait ashimema: teach me in dublin? :)
10:57 ashimema sure
10:59 rangi isnt the idea of containers they are immutable, and disposable, doesn't seem like the best place to do dev work. Testing, sure, I can see that but doing dev, not so much?
11:00 kidclamp you import the git repo though, so that remains even after containers are destroyed
11:00 kidclamp and you can now have your mysql persist between sessions too, it really just makes getting all the things running and working together easier
11:02 rangi hmm i think i'll continue with the devbox
11:02 ashimema Indeed.. I dev outside of koha-testing-docker
11:03 ashimema and use the container really just for runtime
11:03 cait I feel like often the new tools don't have lots of docs for the 'not daily devs' like me
11:03 kidclamp it is also v useful for selenium
11:03 wahanui okay, kidclamp.
11:03 ashimema and it's the immutable nature I love about it..
11:03 cait so i tend to use not the newest you guys come up with
11:03 kidclamp wahanui forget it
11:03 wahanui kidclamp: I forgot it
11:03 cait took me forever to get kohadevbox running
11:03 ashimema means I can throw away the DB and things and not worry about config side at all
11:03 cait and i still fail with stuff like elastic
11:04 ashimema rangi , do you dev inside the devbox then?
11:04 rangi often yes
11:04 ashimema I think importing lots of helper functions from devbox into testing-docker was the wrong way to go.. I don't use any of that
11:04 rangi often in a few different devboxes at once actually
11:04 ashimema but then.. that's my own use case
11:05 ashimema so.. I use git worktree's on my dev server and then run up lots of koha-testing-dockers pointing to different worktrees as I need them
11:05 rangi i just have a bunch of devboxes
11:05 ashimema it's lovely being able to checkout multiple branches and set multiple testing-dockers running the whole test suit against them
11:05 rangi but i like to start from fresh every so often and make sure it still works
11:06 ashimema totally understand.. same'ish' workflow
11:06 rangi mostly im getting ready for the bug workshop
11:06 ashimema I couldn't do lots of devboxes.. my dev server isn't big enough to support that much virtualisation
11:06 ashimema cool
11:06 * ashimema wants to attend pretty much all the workshops..
11:06 rangi im a bit sad its the docs one at the same time
11:07 ashimema gonna be painful that many of them overlap.. but I've tried really hard to predict what groups of people will want to go to them and space them out nicely
11:07 rangi *nod*
11:07 ashimema the workships schedule isn't 100% set in stone.. I will play it by ear a little if I hear I've got some of my predictions wrong
11:07 cait same for ill and modern perl withme.. but I tihnk it's the best you could do
11:08 ashimema as you say.. doc with bugs may not have been my best move
11:08 cait i overlap with librarian and dev things... so I am a difficult 'group' :)
11:08 ashimema totally.. I think a fair few of us fall into that camp.. we want to go to everything
11:09 ashimema speak up if any of you see a better way to re-arrange stuff.. I hit a wall in the end
11:09 rangi ahh we depend on a ppa for oracle8 and that ppa no longer has it
11:09 ashimema which reminds me.. I need to go chase mst and make sure he's still good
11:09 cait i need this sand clock thing form harry potter hermione had
11:09 cait to go to overlapping classes :)
11:09 ashimema hehe
11:09 * ashimema want's one of those
11:11 rangi so this is going to be a problem for docker too
11:11 rangi[…]chive/ubuntu/java
11:11 cait ashimema: do you know if the abstracts will go on the website too?
11:11 cait i tihnk it would be helpful
11:11 cait I noted 'bring your laptop' for testing
11:11 cait because that will make it much more fun.. but not sure how to make people aware
11:11 cait i'd like to at least file bugs with them
11:11 rangi god damnit oracle
11:12 rangi is there nothing you don't ruin
11:12 cait lol
11:12 cait sorry, not funny
11:12 cait sandboxes...
11:12 ashimema :(
11:12 ashimema annoying
11:12 cait and if people are up for it we could try to get a devbox running
11:12 ashimema I'm pretty sure that's the intention cait
11:12 cait ok :)
11:12 rangi oh can totally get it running, as long as no elastic
11:12 ashimema I have a meeting to discuss tomorrow.. I'll raise it
11:13 cait rangi: that's what i had too :(
11:13 cait the only thing to get it up was to disable
11:13 cait so at least it's not just me
11:13 * ashimema needs to spend a bit more time on the PTFS sandboxes.. there are bugs lurking
11:13 * cait feels like most of the time with kohadevbox she gets told it's something I did and it just needs me to destroy everything and start from scratch
11:14 cait woudl be good if they all worked before
11:14 ashimema yup
11:14 cait are you running old or new sandbox?
11:14 ashimema that's also the intention.. I need to poke Kyle
11:14 ashimema we still have two old ones
11:14 ashimema and a server for the new ones
11:14 ashimema it's the new one's that are causing me fun and games at the moment
11:15 cait from a testers point of view they ar enicer
11:15 cait also seemed more reliable
11:17 ashimema oooh
11:17 ashimema this should also be entirely optional right?
11:18 ashimema i.e. the pref should accept undef or something to allow for "Don't email purchase suggestions"
11:18 rangi right now im going to sleep
11:18 ashimema oh.. wrong window
11:19 ashimema nighty night rangi
11:21 cait sleep well!
11:29 cait wonder if it's ok to say we ar enot as close as we'd like to be?
11:29 cait thnking of Kohastructure and slow move to Koha namespace using dbic
11:29 cait dbix?
11:29 cait probabl someone else shoudl answer heh
11:30 kidclamp follow-up posted cait
11:30 cait kidclamp: staring at subtitle stuff
11:30 cait will try to come back
11:31 khall joined #koha
11:33 * cait waves at khall :)
11:34 * ashimema took the approach of trying to tempt him into helping ;)
11:34 ashimema I'm sure we could do it.. it's as much about whether we want to as anything
11:34 * ashimema really like postgres
11:35 ashimema but.. also doesn't see the point of going all out DB agnostic in the sense of not writing DB specific queries for things.. use a db for what it's good for and take advantage of as much of it as you can I say.
11:35 * ashimema loves json types in postgres for example
11:36 marcelr joined #koha
11:36 cait hi marcelr
11:36 * ashimema also loves that working with postgres forced him to be better at db design up front
11:36 marcelr hi #koha, cait
11:36 ashimema marcelr don't shoot me ;)
11:36 marcelr ashimema++
11:38 cait ..or me please
11:39 cait bug 22819 might overlap with ashimema's work
11:39 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22819 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Release team 19.05
11:39 cait hm reminds me i should do a webinstaller thing for german too
11:41 marcelr ashimema: did you submit new release team patch ?
11:41 marcelr ashimema: see also omnibus 18303
11:41 cait he has been working on updates for about and history
11:42 cait maybe he just wend to lunch?
11:42 ashimema sorry
11:42 ashimema was commeting on a bug
11:42 * ashimema reads back
11:42 marcelr cant find your patch ?
11:43 cait bug 21662 is one
11:43 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21662 enhancement, P5 - low, 19.05, martin.renvoize, Failed QA , Missing developers from history
11:43 cait and bug 21626
11:43 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21626 enhancement, P5 - low, 19.05, martin.renvoize, Needs Signoff , Add 'current maintenance team' to the 'Koha team' page
11:43 cait have to say i forgot aobut the onnibus
11:43 ashimema it's the second one.. it changes how we do release teams
11:43 ashimema should make it much easier in future cycles
11:43 marcelr ok i will close 22819
11:44 cait ashimema: i tihnk the only thing 'needed' for 21662 is some capitalization fixes
11:44 cait the commits don't sohw... we can figure that out later
11:44 ashimema oh.. I'd missed that it had failed again
11:44 ashimema sorry
11:44 ashimema I'll get back onto it.
11:44 ashimema indeed
11:44 ashimema thanks
11:45 ashimema also the ones that don't have a commit count (or first_commit date) for that matter are those that don't appear in the git history but were already in the contributors list
11:46 ashimema I was going to quiz rangi about them to see what they're contribution was
11:46 ashimema funnily enough I was talking to him about the history stuff this morning.. we're gonna have a chat at kohacon and come up with a plan for giving better attribution to people
11:47 ashimema I want to recognise everyones contributions. Not just the Devs... we're an awesome team, lets recognise it :)
11:47 cait :)
11:47 cait i am always for that
11:47 cait we can't pay... but we sure can recognize
11:47 ashimema yupd
11:48 cait right now we have dev, so and manual in release notes at least
11:48 marcelr ashimema: 21626 does not apply
11:49 ashimema ok, on it
11:49 ashimema thanks
11:59 cait +[% USE Stash %]
11:59 cait huh
12:06 ashimema 21662 updated :)
12:11 ashimema hopefully 21626 now applied too marcelr
12:18 marcelr will try
12:19 ashimema ta
12:19 ashimema if not I've pushed a branch.. it annoys me that git doesn't do well with a rebase and then push of patches fairly often
12:20 marcelr still: error: sha1 information is lacking or useless (
12:21 marcelr oh wait
12:21 marcelr i need the other one too !!
12:22 ashimema haha, yup, they're dependant
12:22 ashimema sorry..  couldn't work out a way to keep them independant
12:22 marcelr ok we'r efine now
12:22 ashimema brill
12:23 ashimema not using gitbz with the apply dependancies patch?
12:24 marcelr right assumption ;)
12:24 ashimema not sure if I could live without that now.. it's central to my workflows
12:29 cait all the new tools made us azy
12:29 cait lazy
12:29 cait i remember when i had to do a git rebase -i to sign off multiple patches
12:29 cait and upload them one by one..
12:30 ashimema both patchsets should apply to the 18.11.x branch reasonably trivially too btw... which should help with testing it a little
12:30 * ashimema still does rebuase -i for signing off
12:30 ashimema never got out of the habbit and can't even remember what the alternative it now
12:31 ashimema hmm
12:32 ashimema I'm back on 5770 again now cait
12:32 ashimema I'm second guessing myself now
12:32 ashimema if most places rely on 'Is there a letter template for this' to turn on/off notifications
12:33 ashimema is it bad that I'm suggesting we shortcut using the system preference instead?
12:33 marcelr ashimema: can you do it with the regular yaml module too ? yaml/xs is a new dep
12:33 ashimema oh.. is it
12:33 ashimema pants
12:33 ashimema I thought it was already in there
12:33 marcelr no
12:34 ashimema if I remember correcly xs handles unicode much more accurately (which for names is really important)
12:34 ashimema hmm
12:34 ashimema let me have a play
12:34 ashimema good spot though
12:34 marcelr just an internal server error ;)
12:34 cait ashimema: i tihnk the current behavioru is not ideal
12:34 cait there is some notices you can delete safely
12:34 cait while others (like slips) will cause errors
12:35 cait and if we add the notice with the database update, the feature will 'auto-activate'
12:35 cait i tihnk having a pref is nice
12:35 ashimema okies.. so not a terrible idea to introduce such a check on the pref then
12:35 cait ther eis also another newer one that kyle did - for the payment/writeoff emails
12:35 cait no i don't think to
12:35 cait so
12:35 cait maybe one day we want to have a nicer config page for all those notice things
12:35 cait but not there yet by far
12:36 cait small stpes
12:36 cait steps
12:36 ashimema another one that's already on my list cait :)
12:36 cait turns out ere is using a non-required dep too :(
12:36 cait so it is a fail, but i am doing some mor etesting
12:37 ashimema it's easily done
12:42 cait marcelr: i think you know htat
12:43 cait if i change the mapping in the frameowrks with sql... why wuld it not show up in the gui as Koha Link?
12:43 cait do we need to do something else since we changed to use default?
12:43 ashimema curse my bad memory.. nearly 8 months ago I wrote a script that converted from a YAML strcuture built with to the structure produced by YAML::xs
12:43 ashimema but I can't for the life of me remember why
12:43 marcelr cait: think about the cache
12:44 cait hm restart_all... but i will try again
12:44 cait thx
12:45 * ashimema now wonders what we use YAML::Syck for
12:45 Shane-S joined #koha
12:45 cait marcelr: all frameworks should have hte mapping, right?
12:45 cait or is default enough?
12:46 marcelr no we look at default
12:46 cait i am trying to figure out why batchRebuildBiblioTables didn't update my columns
12:46 cait which led me to the mappign tables
12:46 cait i think the script might be wrong
12:47 cait or the db update... i am really not sure righ tnow
12:47 cait ere does:
12:47 cait +        $dbh->do(qq{
12:47 cait +            UPDATE marc_subfield_structure SET kohafield='biblio.part_name'
12:47 cait +            WHERE (kohafield IS NULL OR kohafield='') AND frameworkcode='' AND tagfield='245' AND tagsubfield='p'
12:47 cait +        });
12:47 marcelr debugging is fun
12:47 cait should that be enough? or shoudl we remove the frameworkcode=""
12:47 marcelr no default should be enough
12:47 cait basically stuck right at the beginning with this
12:48 cait it does still look at the frameworkcode
12:49 ashimema marcelr.. what are you're thoughts about me creating a bug to remove YAML::Syck from our deps
12:49 cait hm it worked onw
12:49 cait ok
12:49 cait maybe the cache after all
12:49 cait weird
12:49 ashimema there's really no reason to have YAML and YAML::syck
12:49 cait ashimema: check bugzily
12:50 cait bug 9125
12:50 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9125 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Syck parser error caused by uploading Koha Offline Circulation file
12:50 cait was just sure i had seen Syck somewhere in the old bugs
12:51 cait hm and some discussion on bug 7170 about speed
12:51 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7170 normal, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Remove use of XML::Simple
12:56 ashimema So.. looks safe enough to switch to straight up YAML.. I'll add a followup marcelr
13:01 marcelr ok
13:01 ashimema just doing these email patches for mengu first
13:02 * cait just failed bug 11529... some additinal insight welcome
13:02 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11529 normal, P5 - low, ---, ere.maijala, Failed QA , Add subtitle, medium and part fields to biblio table
13:04 marcelr cait: maybe a report that you do not want to add just before freeze too
13:04 caroline_catlady joined #koha
13:04 * caroline_catlady waves
13:05 cait marcelr: i was hopeful... but after looking more... ithink you might be right
13:09 cait hi caroline_catlady :)
13:28 ashimema cait...
13:28 ashimema is there a history for this emailPurchaseSuggestions thing I don't know about?
13:28 ashimema Suddenly spotted `# Broken, omitted: acquisitions, emailPurchaseSuggestions` as a header line in the sysprefs yaml config files
13:28 ashimema and wondering where it came from
13:29 cait ugh no idea
13:30 cait some very ealry comments go back to jesse
13:30 cait can you git blame see who added it?
13:30 ashimema jesse ;)
13:30 cait jesse not knowing what things did
13:30 cait i have seen a working one
13:30 cait pref i mean
13:31 ashimema oh really
13:31 ashimema so there once was an emailPurchaseSuggestions pref which as some point got deprecated/lost
13:31 ashimema interesting
13:31 ashimema that opens a can of worms for this patch..
13:31 ashimema should it take that into account during upgrage
13:31 ashimema :(
13:32 * ashimema might pretend he didn't see that
13:32 cait is there still a refernce in the code?
13:32 ashimema not that I can see
13:32 cait maybe remove thenote in a follow-up?
13:33 ashimema aha!
13:33 ashimema https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2776
13:33 huginn` Bug 2776: normal, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, chris, CLOSED FIXED, emailPurchaseSuggestions system preference deprecated
13:34 cait really interesting
13:34 ashimema indeed
13:35 ashimema just working on my third followup
13:35 ashimema to handle reply-to
13:35 facuy joined #koha
13:36 facuy Hello! Can someone please help me with the problem I'm having?
13:37 cait you'll tell us what it is about first :)
13:37 facuy Every time I want to open (my library page) i receive this error message: Software error: DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::catch {...} (): DBI Connection failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (111) at /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/Class/Storage/ line 1492. at /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/ line 100 For help, please send mail to the webmaster ([no address given]), giving thi
13:38 facuy And I'm terrified!!
13:38 kidclamp is mysql running?
13:39 facuy I really have no idea... I'm not a programmer, I'm just a libarian :'(
13:39 cait who is taking care of your koha installatoin?
13:40 cait did you install it?
13:41 facuy No, I didn't. And I don't know who was the installator. Koha was functionating when I arrived to the library
13:41 cait the problem is, with an error like this you will probably need someone to check things server sde
13:41 facuy I was using it, updating some members data, when the error happened
13:41 oleonard joined #koha
13:41 cait i don't think that was your fault
13:42 cait can you get to any page? staff or opac?
13:42 oleonard I don't know who you're talking to cait but I'll take it.
13:42 cait I am sure it was not your fault either oleonard
13:43 facuy My fear is to have lost my library data for ever haha
13:43 cait i don't think that's likley
13:43 cait you are in argentina?
13:43 facuy Yes, I am!
13:43 cait :)
13:43 cait which city?
13:44 facuy We started to use Koha about six years ago i think.
13:44 * ashimema thinks Tomas could get some business
13:44 facuy I'm in Tucuman right now
13:45 facuy I started to work in this library and got used to koha easily
13:45 facuy But now, it fails hahah
13:46 oleonard facuy: It looks like something has caused the database to stop running on the server, so there's really no way for you to proceed without finding someone who has access to that server.
13:47 cait it might just need a restart
13:47 cait but yeah, nothing we can do to help until someone gets there on the command line
13:48 facuy oleonard: I think I can find the guy who installed Koha. But I don't know... I'm using koha from the web, from chrome in windows 10... I don't know if it's installed or something
13:49 cait it's installed on a server somewhere
13:49 cait that you can access through your browser
13:49 facuy But, in the case I found the guy, what must he do?
13:49 cait i think starting with checking if mysql is running
13:49 cait and why it might have died
13:49 cait is there enough disk space etc
13:49 cait if he gets stuck while on there, we might be able to help better
13:50 facuy But, does he need to be a programmer or sth?
13:50 * ashimema can't remember how email works now.. even though he had a really good handle on it at one point
13:50 ashimema grr
13:51 oleonard ashimema: Get your nephew to show you how to launch AOL from the CD
13:51 ashimema lol
13:51 caroline_catlady lol!
13:52 cait facuy: more a sysadmin
13:52 cait the the first problem is htat he needs to be able to access it
13:52 cait to acces the server, you need to know where it leaves and have an account etc.
13:52 wizzyrea hi facuy are you the one who emailed me?
13:53 facuy cait: I hope It will help! I will try to find the guy!
13:53 facuy wizzyrea, in fact :)
13:53 wizzyrea hi :)
13:53 wizzyrea i'm glad you found the IRC
13:53 facuy hahaha hi!
13:54 facuy It was hard, because my english is not very fluent
13:54 wizzyrea that's ok, we understand most things :)
13:54 facuy guys here said that I have to contact the person who installed koha!
13:54 wizzyrea that seems right to me
13:55 facuy I'll try to
13:55 wizzyrea good luck, always a bit tricky when you don't know where the server is or how to get into it
13:55 wizzyrea possibly just rebooting the thing would bring it back
13:55 wizzyrea but you'd have to know which server to reboot!
13:56 facuy And how do I know what server must I reboot? :'(
13:58 ashimema cait ...
13:58 ashimema isn't this wrong:[…]
13:59 * ashimema tries to regain his email knowledge
13:59 cait hm
13:59 cait i'd have expected it the other way around
13:59 cait branchemai lis usually set
13:59 cait branchreplyto not always?
14:00 cait i'd have said.. branchreplyto, branchemail, replyto, kohadmin
14:00 cait so the first 2 different
14:00 ashimema me too
14:00 facuy Guys I have to go... Thank you so much for your help! God bless you all!
14:00 facuy left #koha
14:00 wizzyrea good luck
14:00 wizzyrea bah
14:01 cait ashimema: new or old code?
14:01 ashimema the same patturn is in a few places and feels wrong in most
14:01 * ashimema runs off for school run
14:01 ashimema old code
14:01 cait oi
14:01 ashimema I was looking for an example to remember how it's done
14:01 ashimema came accross this and it made things worse as my vague memory told me that's wrong
14:01 * ashimema switches to phones..
14:01 cait yeh
14:01 * ashimema apologises now for the typos that will ensue
14:01 cait go onthe school run, give your brain a moment to breathe
14:03 cait bbiab
14:15 oleonard Ooh lucky wizzyrea got assigned an XSLT bug :)
14:16 wizzyrea yeah ashimema you should go on the school run and then go get icecream or something
14:16 oleonard ashimema: Bring some back for the rest of us too
14:16 wizzyrea well tbf I volunteered because I think i have fixed that before
14:16 wizzyrea >.>
14:17 wizzyrea or I have, at the very least, heard of it before
14:17 oleonard Keep this handy so you'll know when you've taken a wrong turn:[…]?p=15180992229249
14:18 wizzyrea hahaha
14:18 wizzyrea i've seen that one a lot lol
14:24 oleonard Do you have to have automembernum turned on to have patron self-registration assign a library card number?
14:24 oleonard I thought it was separate, but we're getting online registrations with no card number
14:35 wizzyrea hmm
14:35 wizzyrea im not sure
14:37 cait i dont think we have another mechanism
14:45 oleonard That's too bad. I want card number to remain mandatory on the staff client patron entry screen
14:45 oleonard Can't do that if automembernum is on
14:47 alreadygone joined #koha
14:47 cait hm true
14:47 wizzyrea oleonard, what is the workflow like for adding members? like, how do you give the right card number to a patron?
14:48 wizzyrea do you have preprinted cards?
14:48 oleonard Yes, so we just scan the card we're giving them.
14:48 wizzyrea so if you have an automembernum, how will you know that you're giving the right card to the right borrower?
14:48 wizzyrea unless it's in a different range
14:48 wizzyrea for a remote reg
14:49 oleonard We'll change their card number if they come in to "upgrade" to a regular account
14:49 wizzyrea why do they need a card number for remote registration?
14:49 wizzyrea i'm just thinking this through to try and understand
14:50 wizzyrea it's not an interrogation :)
14:50 oleonard They don't need one, but Koha will try to assign them one. I'm not sure if it's a problem to have registrations with blank cardnumber fields
14:50 wizzyrea my feeling is that it's not?
14:51 wizzyrea I think the mandatory fields are separated for self reg and intranet reg
14:51 wizzyrea you can do different ones for each
14:51 oleonard Yes
14:52 wizzyrea to me, if you're just going to give them a new number when they walk in anyway, do remote registrations really need a card number?
14:52 wizzyrea and could prevent possible collisions
14:52 wizzyrea with physical cards unassigned
14:53 wizzyrea there is probably some nuance there i'm missing
14:53 oleonard Okay, yeah, so Koha definitely doesn't care if cardnumber is empty. For some reason I thought it would.
14:54 Oak joined #koha
14:54 wizzyrea because lots of systems use the cardnumber as the unique id
14:54 wizzyrea but koha has an internal number for that
14:55 wizzyrea hi oak
14:55 oleonard There is no Oak only Guest1518
14:56 oleonard </ zuul voice>
14:58 * oleonard clutters up the message queue with test registrations
15:11 Oak Hi wizzyrea :)
15:11 Oak Hi oleonard :)
15:11 Oak Huh, same number of letters!
15:14 wizzyrea hm, technically I am done for this week
15:16 * oleonard tries to change his nick to OLEONA~1 without success
15:23 wizzyrea eythian did you know you had a whole bug dedicated to you
15:23 wizzyrea bug 21892
15:23 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21892 minor, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , Robin Sheat is not a typo
15:24 caroline_catlady It's still at need signoff?
15:24 eythian wizzyrea: I wouldn't expect anything less.
15:24 wizzyrea i think currently it's at the "is this really required" stage :P
15:24 wizzyrea <3
15:24 eythian well of course it is. Who would even question that.
15:25 wizzyrea hehehe
15:25 eythian Help! I'm being oppressed!
15:25 wizzyrea ^.^
15:25 wizzyrea you should sign that off
15:25 wizzyrea lol
15:25 wizzyrea that'd be awesome.
15:26 * oleonard already has too many bugs created in his honor (honoring bugs he caused)
15:26 wizzyrea my claim to fame is the "test bug for git-bz"
15:27 andreashm joined #koha
15:50 oleonard I want something like this:[…]?p=15567257970310
15:51 oleonard We should not make people hand-type database columns. It's not fun.
15:52 wizzyrea oh hell yes
15:52 wizzyrea tell me you are doing that
15:52 wizzyrea oh please oh please oh please
15:52 oleonard The question is: How to keep that list in sync with the current database schema
15:53 wizzyrea hmm
15:53 wizzyrea it's basically everything in the table except borrowernumber yea?
15:54 oleonard sms_provider_id, privacy, privacy_guarantor_checkouts, checkprevcheckout, updated_on, lastseen, lang, login_attempts, overdrive_auth_token
15:55 wizzyrea hm not quite then
15:55 wizzyrea do we see that table changing much now that we have extended borrower attributes?
15:55 wizzyrea anything new is gonna go in an attribute, it might be a relatively safe assumption
15:56 oleonard I have a feeling there would be objections to hard-coding the list... Maybe not. I think I'll take it to the devel list for suggestions.
15:56 wizzyrea the list is already hard coded, you can't put anything in there that isn't on the schema
15:57 wizzyrea imo
15:57 oleonard What do you mean?
15:57 wahanui well, do you mean is the only place where a hold gets placed?
15:57 wizzyrea what I mean is
15:58 wizzyrea the list is already limited by what's in the schema, just that humans have to type it in.
15:58 wizzyrea idk
15:58 wizzyrea i guess what im saying is
15:58 wizzyrea I don't feel like the table is going to change that much
15:58 wizzyrea we don
15:59 wizzyrea we have a mechanism to add additional fields
15:59 wizzyrea that doesn't involve adding things to that table
15:59 wizzyrea it's been relatively static for these kind of fields for a while
15:59 wizzyrea these essential borrower data fields
16:00 wizzyrea the problem they're objecting to might really not come up very often at all
16:00 wizzyrea a few years ago it might have
16:00 oleonard Not that that ever kept anyone from objecting... :P
16:00 wizzyrea the speculative problem of objections to hard coding the list
16:00 wizzyrea yeah but imo, objecting is dumb :P
16:01 wizzyrea for a 10000000000% usability improvement?
16:01 oleonard That number is accurate to 4 decimal places
16:01 wizzyrea i've trained libraries on this
16:01 wizzyrea it SUCKS for them
16:02 wizzyrea overrides any "this should be automatic propagated and not hard coded because reasons" argument in my mind
16:02 wizzyrea the table doesn't change that often for *the fields libraries care about putting in there*
16:03 oleonard That's certainly been very true for quite a while
16:03 * oleonard needs to see if there's a way to use some kind of include to keep from repeating the list in the .pref file
16:04 wizzyrea now that would be a good thing. 1 place to change it if required. :)
16:04 wizzyrea alternatively you could offer the table
16:04 wizzyrea and a box for typing in
16:04 wizzyrea or the ability to add your own?
16:05 wizzyrea like a text input box "I ticked all of these but I don't see this new thing in the list i'll type it in"
16:05 wizzyrea i mean if we 100% have to solve that "this might not be in the list because new field" problem
16:06 oleonard Possible... But an undesirable complication for the user
16:06 wizzyrea well that's what I think too
16:06 wizzyrea i like the simplicity of the tickboxes
16:06 wizzyrea well, a potential argument is that we have a list of fields in the notices template
16:06 wizzyrea and not all of them are there
16:06 wizzyrea they are hard coded
16:06 wizzyrea I don't see how it's much different
16:07 wizzyrea or at least they were hard coded/hand selected last time I checked
16:07 wizzyrea i'm sure someone wants to make that automagic as well haha
16:08 wizzyrea anyway I think it's brilliant
16:08 wizzyrea please do it
16:08 oleonard That's a good point.. How do notices do it...
16:08 * oleonard looks
16:09 oleonard Hm.... "show columns" SQL embedded in Not great
16:10 wizzyrea it's a way I guess
16:10 oleonard Maybe tcohen can build me an API for table columns
16:11 wizzyrea hehe
16:12 oleonard Looking at, we already need a way to designate table columns as non-interesting to the user (it manually skips "timestamp", for instance)
16:13 oleonard I think I'll build a proof-of-concept using json files
16:14 wizzyrea a potential improvement on just the table names
16:14 wizzyrea but not one you have to do
16:14 wizzyrea is to give them the same labels as what is on the patron input form
16:14 wizzyrea for the tickboxes
16:14 oleonard I'm definitely doing that
16:14 wizzyrea you are a champion
16:15 oleonard Don't say that before I return from my quest
16:15 wizzyrea sorry, you are a green, inexperienced, but plucky hero who fights for the user
16:15 wizzyrea is that better?
16:15 wizzyrea no I don't think it is really
16:16 oleonard I'm skinny-Hercules from the start of the Disney movie
16:16 wizzyrea rofl
16:16 oleonard If I succeed I'm going to be so jacked
16:16 wizzyrea percy at the beginning of the lightning thief?
16:17 wizzyrea no no, more like, harry potter around book 5
16:17 wizzyrea "your greatest challenge is yet to come" or something.
16:19 oleonard So Dumbledore is still alive, but he's being a real jackass
16:21 dpk_ joined #koha
16:24 m23 joined #koha
16:24 m23 Hello Koha
16:25 m23 Can somebody help with kohadevbov? I stuck on install Javo for ES. I get Error: TASK [kohadevbox : Elasticsearch 5.x | Install Oracle Java 8] ****************** fatal: [stretch]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "No package matching 'oracle-java8-installer' is available"}
16:26 m23 Ansible config looks good.
16:27 ashimema funny you should run into that today.. we we're just discussing it this morning m23
16:28 ashimema Oracle appear to have suddenly decided to kill of the PPA we use for install oracle-java8-installer
16:28 ashimema so kohadevbox for the time being is broken when attempting to run it with ES
16:29 m23 strange Oracle :-)
16:29 ashimema it's something we'll need to fix at our end I'm afraid.. not much you can do about it right now :(
16:29 ashimema tcohen
16:29 ashimema ping.. were you aware of this... it'll kill koha-testing-docker too no doubt
16:30 oleonard Good job Oracle, still impressing the FOSS world at every turn
16:30 m23 I did some test with maual install, but still no result
16:31 m23 Thank you
16:44 andreashm joined #koha
17:08 lukeG joined #koha
17:15 lisettelatah joined #koha
17:51 oleonard Wow this prefs idea is kicking my butt, unexpectedly.
17:57 magnuse ooh, nice, a biblio with 985576 items...
17:58 oleonard :O
18:00 oleonard magnuse: Serial, horrible mistake, or both?
18:00 ashimema yowsers
18:01 andreashm joined #koha
18:02 andreashm joined #koha
18:02 magnuse horrible mistake, i can't imagine anything else
18:03 andreashm joined #koha
18:04 andreashm joined #koha
18:04 andreashm joined #koha
18:05 andreashm joined #koha
18:06 ashimema @later tell cait I've PQA'd bug 5770 but I wouldn't mind a second pair of eyes on the very last followup just to sanity check my understanding of replyto.
18:06 huginn` ashimema: The operation succeeded.
18:06 andreashm joined #koha
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18:08 andreashm joined #koha
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18:13 lukeG joined #koha
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18:19 Shane-S joined #koha
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18:58 oleonard Bye #koha
18:58 andreashm joined #koha
19:15 dpk__ joined #koha
19:50 lukeG joined #koha
20:03 rangi ashimema: which ones don't have a commit ? if you let me know I can tell you what the did :)
20:12 andreashm joined #koha
20:57 khall joined #koha
21:07 ashimema I'll email you rangi.. likely easier
21:16 ashimema done
21:16 ashimema there's a wopping 17
21:16 * ashimema heads to bed
21:42 khall joined #koha
21:49 caroline_catlady bye everyone!
23:14 papa joined #koha
23:24 Shane-S joined #koha

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