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06:46 ashimema <_oftc_alexbu "hi all, I have a problem. I am t"> Interesting alexbuckley
06:47 ashimema Oh, likely missed you
06:47 ashimema Certainly sounds like a bug.. we've not done any such upgrades ourselves yet
06:47 ashimema In fact, I probably wouldn't even notice if I had
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07:10 fridolin hi there
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07:38 reiveune hello
07:38 wahanui hi, reiveune
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07:48 marcelr hi #koha
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07:56 alex_a bonjour
07:56 wahanui what's up, alex_a
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08:02 * magnuse also has a varying number of tables in instances of varying age
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08:57 ashimema irc are you there
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09:29 Archie^ good morning Ladies and Gents ;)
09:31 Archie^ hey guys is DDMS auto increment fix instruction up to date? i'm looking at it and it says to modify /etc/mysql/my.cnf and was wondering is this same for both mariaDB and mysql?
09:31 Archie^ coz the document has only "!includedir conf.d and mysql.conf.d|
09:31 Archie^ so maybe i should modify those?
09:34 Archie^ i'm pretty sure we need to change it to modify mysqld.cnf  but i would like someone to confirm this
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09:40 Archie^ hey cait maybe you can confirm my suspicion?
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11:38 Archie^ how does ISSN staging works? I've added the record but if i go to serials, it does not show me the added record :/
11:39 cait serials shows only subscriptions
11:39 cait so you have to add a subscription for your record, that does not happen automatically
11:39 cait i think you have a wrong idea about what the module does :)
11:43 Archie^ i have to add subscription to journal? for instance National geographic journal should be added there?
11:47 cait you only use the serials module if you want to track the issues
11:47 cait track = check if you received everything yu paid for, have an information about when th enext issue will be arrive etc.
11:47 cait if you have a paid subscription for national geographic you might wan tto do that
11:47 cait but you can also use kioha without the serials module
11:47 Archie^ ahh, but is there a way to check all journals ?
11:48 cait check what?
11:48 Archie^ again lets say i upload all national geographic ISSN via marc xml (100 monthly issues) Is there a way to find all these issues ? coz it does not appear in catalogue
11:49 cait it should
11:49 cait if you staged and imported correctly all records will appear in the catalog, independent if they are serials or not
11:49 Archie^ mkey, prolly making some sort of mistake then. tn
11:49 Archie^ tnx cait
11:49 cait most serials have only one record for the serial itself, having a record for each issue is possible, but not the most common
11:50 cait koha would attach issues to the serial record - not creating individual ones, if using the serials module
11:51 Archie^ right so after configurating serials module will koha pick up all the records for that serial?
11:53 Archie^ checking with Demos that are on Koha website ;D all of the serial modules are empty
11:55 cait no, ther is no automatism, because it would never work
11:55 cait you create a subscription in the serials module and link it to the record
11:55 cait the module will then let you search on your created subscriptions
11:58 cait khall++ thx for comments
12:00 Archie^ ahh ok thank you
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12:40 oleonard Hi #koha
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12:51 kidclamp hi
12:51 wahanui privet, kidclamp
13:12 cait hi oleonard and kidclamp
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13:12 kidclamp hi cait
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13:17 nikola hi
13:17 nikola any one here
13:17 nikola ????
13:18 cait yes
13:18 cait there are many here, but not always talking :)
13:18 nikola currently im installing koha in ubuntu 18.04?
13:18 nikola but i can"t find my opac
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13:22 oleonard nikola: Did you do a package installation?
13:22 nikola which package?
13:23 oleonard https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ki/Koha_on_Debian
13:25 nikola yes
13:25 nikola but i cant find the opac
13:26 oleonard Have you followed those instructions up to this step? https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]the_web_interface
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15:08 oleonard Is anyone around who is familiar with the auto_increment bug?
15:08 oleonard I'm fielding a question about it and am not sure about some aspects of the fix.
15:08 oleonard Is a change to MySQL required, or has Koha adapted to the bug?
15:09 ashimema sorry oleonard, that's not one of my expertise area's
15:09 cait newer versions have
15:09 cait but not the one in current debian
15:09 cait i have looked up the versions where the bug is fixed recently, let me find it
15:09 oleonard cait: So an upgrade to MySQL is required in order to prevent the bug from reoccurring?
15:09 cait MariaDB 10.2.4 Release Notes
15:09 cait[…]24-release-notes/
15:10 cait MySQL:[…]nt-initialization
15:10 cait 5.7 and earlier have the bug, in 8.0 it will work
15:10 cait is what my notes say
15:10 cait you can use the script on the wiki page until then
15:12 oleonard That MySQL page is just a description of the problem, correct? Not a description of the fix?
15:13 cait which page are you looking at?
15:14 cait In MySQL 5.7 and earlier, the auto-increment counter is stored only  in main memory, not on disk. To initialize an auto-increment counter  after a server restart, InnoDB would execute the equivalent of the  following statement on the first insert into a table containing an  AUTO_INCREMENT column.   SELECT MAX FROM table_name FOR UPDATE;   In MySQL 8.0, this behavior is changed. The current maximum  auto-increment counter value is written
15:14 cait to the redo log each time it  changes and is saved to an engine-private system table on each  checkpoint. These changes make the current maximum auto-increment  counter value persistent
15:14 cait the fix for 5.7 and earlier is on the koha wiki
15:14 cait it's a script that gets executed when the mysql server is restarted and makes sure that the pk will not get doubled up by resetting the auto_increment counters to the right values
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15:21 Joubu Hi #koha
15:24 cait welcome back Joubu :)
15:29 alex_a_ Joubu, \o
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15:36 CrispyBran I am noticing a LOT of notice duplications in the All libraries of the Notices & slips.  Am I looking at it wrong or is there something off with our notice templates?
15:37 CrispyBran We're experiencing some internet issues at the moment, so it would help to have a outside set of eyes looking at it.
15:37 CrispyBran[…]Ti4oIdulPrQ%3D%3D
15:41 CrispyBran Looks like it isn't just the all libraries.  I see duplication within some libraries as well.
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15:51 cait it's only display, you can ignore possibly - i think there was a bug showing one entry per messaging type
15:51 cait (email, print)
15:51 cait which version is thiis?
15:52 cait bug 22002
15:52 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22002 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to Stable , Each message_transport_type in the letters table is showing as a separate notice in Tools > Notices and slips
15:53 cait it looks like it#s only fixed in 18.11 not in 18.05
15:53 cait JesseM: coudl you take another look at bug 22002? rebased patch might have been missed
15:56 cait oh
15:57 cait @later tell CrispyBran check irc logs for anwer to your question
15:57 huginn` cait: The operation succeeded.
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16:21 corilynn alex_a_ are you equal to "Alex Arnaud" ?
16:21 alex_a_ corilynn, yes!
16:21 corilynn excellent!
16:21 wahanui darn tootin' it is.
16:21 alex_a_ corilynn, nice to see you there :)
16:23 corilynn I opened up a chat windoe, alex_a_
16:24 corilynn window
16:31 cait corilynn: for hints see the irc regulars page on the wiki :)
16:31 cait irc regulars?
16:31 wahanui irc regulars is probably
16:42 corilynn thx cait!
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16:53 oleonard Still fielding some questions about this MySQL autoincrement bug... Are there any Koha-specific concerns related to upgrading MySQL to 8.0?
16:53 reiveune bye
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16:55 cait oleonard: i haven't seen anyone doing it yet
16:56 cait we will stick with what is in Debian
16:57 oleonard cait: So your advice would be to apply fix described on the wiki, not to do an upgrade?
16:57 cait i haven't tested the other option, but we have implemented the wiki fix
16:57 tcohen hi all
16:58 cait i think restart of mysql takes a bit longer becuase of it, butit seems to work ok
16:58 cait hi tcohen :)
16:58 cait about to run off - bbl :)
16:59 oleonard tcohen: What do you think? Upgrade MySQL or perform the autoincrement fix described on the wiki for older MySQL?
17:00 * oleonard is being asked questions which are above his pay grade
17:00 Joubu it depends on the MySQL version available in your distro
17:00 tcohen we use the autoincrement fix
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17:07 cait i've been 'taught' it's alwys better to use what is packaged for your distro - so if that is mysql 5.7, we'll use that until it changes
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17:12 Joubu Looks like I am rusty, what's the difference between $order->biblio->serial and $order->subscriptionid?
17:13 Joubu can we have biblio.serial != 1 and $order->subscriptionid not null?
17:15 Joubu $order->subscriptionid is set if we are creating an order from a subscription
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17:56 oleonard-away Has anyone here ever configured Zebra to search by Accelerated Reader levels?
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18:43 kidclamp i have palyed with it oleonard-away
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19:05 oleonard kidclamp: I'm helping a small library with their Koha setup and they're interested in using Accelerated Reader levels. I've got a report working for them but it'd be nice to be able to give them the ability to search
19:06 kidclamp https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=20078
19:06 huginn` Bug 20078: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, RESOLVED FIXED, Indexes 'arl' (Accelerated reading level) and 'arp' (Accelerated reading point) not usable in search menus
19:07 kidclamp some hints there oleonard
19:07 oleonard Cool, thanks
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19:17 ashimema That may even be backportable as is oleonard .. I didn't because it was an enhancement but I didn't really check how hard it might be
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19:32 oleonard Thanks ashimema, they're on 17.11 and I don't know when they'll be able to upgrade
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19:56 oleonard Bye #koha
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20:09 carlsons hi all
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20:18 Guest1435 hi, does anyone know how to make a patron give a notice when certain fields are incomplete?
20:18 caroline1 Guest1435: like if their address is missing?
20:18 Guest1435 yes
20:19 Guest1435 googling, but seems my search queries aren't catching what i want
20:19 caroline1 There is the "Gone no address" flag that you can put in their account
20:19 caroline1 It will prevent from doing circulation actions and put a message in their account
20:19 Guest1435 oh thanks caroline, where would i find that?
20:20 caroline1 In the patron account, click on "Edit"
20:20 caroline1 Then go down and there is a section called "Patron account flags"
20:20 caroline1 in "Gone no address" click yes and save
20:20 Guest1435 oh okay, thanks. so that has to be done individually for each patron?
20:21 caroline1 hmm, I don't know if it's possible to change by batch...
20:21 caroline1 let me see
20:21 caroline1 it would be in Tools > Patron batch modification
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20:22 csmith_ja sorry about that caroline, my irc client disconnected me
20:22 csmith_ja caroline1> it would be in Tools > Patron batch modification, last message i got
20:23 caroline1 it's the last I sent :)
20:23 csmith_ja so i can set it to notify if address, last name, or whichever "essential" field may be missing
20:23 csmith_ja so as the person registering users looks up a user, they see that the record is incomplete
20:23 caroline1 Well, actually, there is only one flag, but you can tell your staff that if there is that flag, check all the essential info
20:24 csmith_ja oh okay, thanks. hopefully this generation will be willing to accept that lol
20:24 csmith_ja also, i have a theory of sorts, just wondering if you could confirm it or not for me
20:25 caroline1 Just checked and the batch patron modification doesn't allow to add the gone no address flag... :(
20:25 caroline1 If you have access to the database, you can change it directly
20:25 csmith_ja can i create a query to scan for fields and list patron names that have "null" value in them?
20:25 csmith_ja i dont
20:26 csmith_ja but i will see about asking
20:26 caroline1 yes you can
20:26 caroline1 in Reports
20:26 caroline1 something like
20:27 caroline1 SELECT cardnumber FROM borrowers WHERE surname IN ("", NULL) OR address IN ("", NULL)
20:27 caroline1 add as many "OR" as you need
20:28 csmith_ja oh thanks, that took the work out for me lol :D
20:28 caroline1 :) you're welcome (hopefully it works!)
20:28 csmith_ja was about to go through the table relationships to find the trail
20:28 csmith_ja i going to check it right now and let you know
20:29 csmith_ja will test with the two for now
20:33 csmith_ja hi caroline, it worked
20:33 caroline1 yay!
20:33 csmith_ja will modify it further for more information so its more friendly to people that will be using it XD
20:34 csmith_ja thanks much
20:34 caroline1 no prob, good luck
20:34 csmith_ja <^_^>
20:34 csmith_ja thanks
20:38 cait caroline1++
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20:48 alexbuckley hey ashimema just seen your note, thanks for replying! Yeah I changed the command I used to run the koha-upgrade-schema from nohup to -i and that appears to have fixed some of the issues
20:49 alexbuckley as nohup was repeating several of the db upgrade steps it was most strange
20:49 alexbuckley it also dropped the aqbasket table which definitely shouldn't have been removed
22:44 caroline1 bye all!
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23:34 philor could someone tell me if this is broken for everyone, or just for me?
23:34 philor 18.05.06 (from a demo site), edit a bib with double-quotes in the title like "A" is for alibi, in the basic editor, everything's fine
23:34 philor 18.05.08, edit it, the text input is blank because the quotes aren't escaped, so it's |value="" a="| etc.

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