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01:49 * philor makes a note to check IRC logs tomorrow
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06:58 josef_moravec ashimema: around?
07:22 ashimema Hi
07:22 wahanui salut, ashimema
07:24 ashimema Did I miss josef_moravec
07:26 josef_moravec ashimema: in add_enrolment_fee, you call add_debit with param type = account
07:26 josef_moravec when add debit creates offset is set type = $Koha::Account::offset_type->{$type},
07:26 josef_moravec there is no key 'account' in  $Koha::Account::offset_type
07:26 josef_moravec Am I missing something?
07:36 * ashimema looks
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07:38 reiveune hello
07:42 ashimema I'm confused
07:42 ashimema https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]&attachment=83707
07:42 ashimema that's the pushed patch for add_debit isn't it..
07:43 ashimema I see $account_type_debit contains `"account => 'A'"`
07:44 ashimema hang on
07:44 josef_moravec ashimema: it does, I was speaking about $Koha::Account::offset_type
07:44 ashimema yeah.. just re-reading
07:48 ashimema you're right.. not sure how I missed that
07:49 josef_moravec And I don't understand how the tests could pass for you nad Katrin ;)
07:50 josef_moravec I think there are more missing values in offset_types
07:50 ashimema I think that one got lost during a rebase somewhere
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07:50 ashimema I'll add a followup with it now
07:50 ashimema but yeah.. I'm confused how the tests are passing for me.. I'll have a dig
07:51 alex_a bonjour
07:51 josef_moravec hi alex_a
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07:54 ashimema I'm really confused.. it feels like there are patches missing.. you're right there's a fair few offset_types missing
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08:13 ashimema aha..
08:13 ashimema yup..
08:14 ashimema I have an accounts branch with a bunch of patches that are missing from the pushed add_debit patch
08:14 ashimema well spotted josef_moravec , sorry to have been such a pain
08:14 ashimema and tha'ts the issue with things taking so long to get in.. lol
08:14 josef_moravec ashimema: no problem ;)
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08:32 magnuse josef_moravec++
08:42 cait josef_moravec++ :)
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08:56 koha-jenkins Project Koha_17.11_D8 build #146: SUCCESS in 28 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_17.11_D8/146/
08:57 magnuse @confetti
08:57 huginn` magnuse: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
08:57 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn`.
08:59 cait confetti!
08:59 wahanui o/`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
09:10 ashimema josef_moravec: still about?
09:11 ashimema so.. as you say, it looks like a few offsets are missing.. but it also looks like a couple of offsets I'd removed have crept back in.. seems some followups from my merged branch which included all the accounts stuff didn't make it into the add_debit patch this all relies upon.
09:12 ashimema from your own qa perspective.. do you think cleaning them all up here is appropriate or should I add the cleanup bits in another bug.. so far the main one I'm seeing if 'overdue'.. I don't think that really exists anymore (I'm double checking at the moment) as it's been replaced for a long time by the FU->F combination
09:18 josef_moravec I would like to see it as another bug report, just clean things for this one to, as it is almost ready I think...
09:18 josef_moravec "this one first " i thought ;)
09:18 ashimema brill, glad I asked :)
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09:37 cait andreashm: connection issues?
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09:46 ashimema balls.. i found another reason for this to fail josef.. I've not accounted in any way for the authorized values option in invoice types :(
09:46 ashimema that's going to be a challenging one to overcome
09:46 ashimema hmm
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10:06 tcohen hi
10:12 ashimema josef_moravec: are you keen to resurrect bug 17702 at some point?
10:12 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17702 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, josef.moravec, ASSIGNED , Create configuration for account types
10:13 ashimema What I'm thinking is that I'll rip out the members/ changes from the bug you're currently qa'ing for me.. reducing it's scope a little bit.. so we'll be left with that one use
10:17 josef_moravec ashimema: I would like to, but as you said, it is not that easy ;) it should definitely be adaptet to account changes made, i postponed it, because there were many patches in that area, even some concurring with mine ;)
10:17 josef_moravec ashimema: if scope is reducing, we'll have better chance to finish that ;)
10:18 ashimema brill
10:18 ashimema I'm very nearly there on this bug then and will move the final manualinvoice removal to it's own one which will likely depend on your one above... I'm happy to do he first rebase and the we could perhaps work on it together to give it polish?
10:19 ashimema sure tcohen would be keen to jump on board too
10:19 josef_moravec ashimema: sure, thanks!
10:20 ashimema :)
10:20 tcohen Oh I love 17702
10:20 ashimema cait, joubu, bug 17702.. would love you're thoughts/advice on how we can make that translatable when we come to it..
10:20 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17702 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, josef.moravec, ASSIGNED , Create configuration for account types
10:21 ashimema I imagine that'll be the main qa challenge at this point
10:21 ashimema I'm thinking a 'db_strings' table which could allow for translations of 'descriptions' or something like that... but that's a very high level view.. I've not thought it through yet
10:23 * ashimema isn't even entirely sure how many koha's are installed multilingual
10:27 Joubu What is the main goal?
10:28 Joubu how is that different than AV?
10:29 ashimema it could plausably be done with AV.. but I don't think it's great having AV as a catch all...
10:29 ashimema it means you can't easily setup constraints
10:29 ashimema or translations
10:29 cait ashimema: did you see the translation of itemtypes?
10:30 ashimema nope
10:30 cait ashimema: our kohas are ALL multilingual
10:30 cait so at least 130 :)
10:30 ashimema awesome
10:30 cait go to administraton > itemtypes
10:30 Joubu bug 20307
10:30 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20307 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Language overlay for authorized values
10:30 cait the goethe institute libraries all offer the opac in the language of the coutnry they are at if possible and german
10:30 cait the otehrs are mostly german english at least, with some additional languages
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10:44 josef_moravec have to go for today, thanks all!
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11:07 ere If anyone's interested, I just posted a patch for bug 21280 to unify tabbed MARC editors of biblios and authorities. Also brings authority editing functionality to same level with biblios (e.g. showing/hiding of tags and docs).
11:07 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21280 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, ere.maijala, Needs Signoff , Unify MARC editor in biblios and authorities
11:18 paxed ere: the marcfielddocURL might need a placeholder for type, eg. is it "bib" or "auth"?
11:19 ere paxed: true, or a separate pref for auths since the url structure might be completely different
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11:20 paxed ere: more prefs, eww no. imo, better to have a url rewrite under your control to which you point it
11:23 cait paxed: guess it deepnds if you can host yourself or arer referring to external docs
11:23 ere paxed: a pref is definitely more accessible than url rewriting, though
11:23 cait yeah
11:24 cait for a lot of libraries url rewrite apache side is not a viable option
11:25 paxed couldn't you just point the "url" to a file on a shared drive folder...?
11:26 cait if there is a shared folder
11:27 cait just sayin gi don't think most libraries host their own marc docs
11:27 cait so will have no influence on the url structure
11:29 ere Also it seems that UNIMARC docs, even the obsolete ones, are no longer available as html
11:31 cait fun...
11:32 cait afk for a bit, back later
11:33 paxed at least we in finland have the translated format in xml available.
11:36 ere paxed: I just have to boast a bit here: It's mostly because I went through the trouble of writing the XML docs and transformations to HTML. :)
11:37 paxed ere: thank god. now if only we could get more data in there.
11:38 ere well, yeah..
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11:46 ere paxed: pref done, sorry!
11:48 paxed *shrug*
12:15 Joubu @later tell kidclamp could you fix the description of (yes I know it's old)?
12:15 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
12:20 Joubu @later tell dcook to link bug reports, use "bug 12345", not "#12345", bugz will add the link for you
12:20 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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12:36 oleonard Hi all
12:42 magnuse ho oleonard
12:43 oleonard How is everything up your way magnuse?
12:48 magnuse not freezing but raining, got a bit of a cold, and working on swedish ill :-)
12:48 magnuse and it's friday!
12:48 cait pizza?
12:49 magnuse probably a frozen one :-|
12:49 cait oh, how disappointing ;)
12:50 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_D8 build #204: SUCCESS in 19 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.05_D8/204/
12:50 magnuse @wunder bodo, norway
12:50 huginn` magnuse: Bodo, Norway :: Rain :: 39F/4C | Wind Chill: 33F/1C | Friday: Cloudy and windy with periods of rain. High near 45F. Winds SW at 25 to 35 mph. Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall near a half an inch. Friday Night: Cloudy and windy with periods of rain. Low 42F. Winds SW at 25 to 35 mph. Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall around a half an inch.
12:50 oleonard @wunder 45701
12:50 huginn` oleonard: Athens, OH :: Clear :: 35F/2C | Wind Chill: 32F/0C | Friday: A mix of clouds and sun during the morning will give way to cloudy skies this afternoon. High 48F. Winds light and variable. Friday Night: Cloudy skies. Low 38F. Winds light and variable.
12:52 magnuse no sun on our house yet, but i can walk to where it is in my lunchbreak, if the weather is good
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12:57 magnuse tjänare andreashm
12:57 andreashm hej magnuse
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12:59 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_U18 build #204: SUCCESS in 27 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_18.05_U18/204/
12:59 oleonard Joubu++ # Thanks for your help on Bug 21091
12:59 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21091 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Signed Off , Move add item template JavaScript to a separate file
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13:15 ashimema @later tell wizzyrea have the permissions for users on the website changed?.. I can't seem to add the 'Koha news' tag to the release anouncement.
13:15 huginn` ashimema: The operation succeeded.
13:16 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_D9 build #202: SUCCESS in 42 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.05_D9/202/
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13:24 * kidclamp waves
13:24 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D9 build #33: SUCCESS in 25 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_18.11_D9/33/
13:24 oleonard Hi kidclamp
13:25 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_D8 build #32: SUCCESS in 25 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_18.11_D8/32/
13:28 magnuse kia ora kidclamp
13:28 magnuse ashimema++ for 18.11.03
13:28 * magnuse should set a date to upgrade
13:29 kidclamp today! bleeding edge!
13:30 oleonard yesterday! upgrade paradox!
13:30 ashimema Lol
13:34 magnuse tee hee
13:34 * magnuse needs to wait for the packages
13:38 kidclamp just apply all the changes manually
13:38 ashimema lol
13:45 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_D8 build #205: SUCCESS in 20 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.05_D8/205/
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13:47 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_D9 build #203: SUCCESS in 23 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.05_D9/203/
13:59 * magnuse starts to apply the changes manually
14:04 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.11_U18 build #31: SUCCESS in 47 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_18.11_U18/31/
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14:13 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_U18 build #205: SUCCESS in 27 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_18.05_U18/205/
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14:13 magnuse have fun #koha!
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14:57 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20639: DBRev <[…]172bf6a2c7d041e40>
14:57 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 22049: Do not pass Koha::Patron to AddIssue <[…]b3614915fc589f13e>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Fix status_alias -1 bug <[…]9e39079328fc59e83>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Passed value to status_alias <[…]99889b8dab182e423>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Fix unit test <[…]aa05ce87e71eb5476>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Fix status_alias comparison <[…]3ff8fe7dff1022b78>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Overload status_alias <[…]5f3888cb67f8c40f0>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Fix typo in DB upgrade <[…]79204f07c5dccae12>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Do not use PK for AV FK <[…]f0a0576514d8774e9>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Fix dependency requirement <[…]513b6741cf0dd4e02>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Fix QA errors <[…]d046752ac570a7eec>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Fix typo in kohastructure <[…]fe07ad2a85db3b0c7>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Fix AV population <[…]31bbdcfed4de0dbfa>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Modify POD <[…]b24e71dd1b1329fd6>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Fix fallback status_alias <[…]5e8f4c57ac4980d58>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Allow for undefined lib <[…]a29917285eae1fdd3>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Fix statusalias return <[…]5a65b9561733fceec>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: Fix display of status alias in OPAC <[…]5d286d63f00204834>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: (follow-up) Display status name <[…]7c525479d8c3f3409>
14:58 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 20581: Unit tests for status_alias <[…]c2b7755f03d1d9dd6>
14:58 ashimema damn.. I have some catching up to do again now
14:59 cait yeah...
14:59 cait ah no
14:59 cait this is just the many patches from that ill bug
14:59 ashimema :'(
15:00 * ashimema is 88 commits behind on his queue again now :(
15:00 cait oh
15:00 cait but possibly not as many bugs, you will see
15:00 ashimema indeed
15:00 ashimema shouldn't be too bad
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15:08 ttt is it necessary to add all : ; . / while doing dataentry in koha these symbols are as per AACRII rules
15:09 ttt are all libraries following these symbols if this is not done and only data entry is carried out will that have any impact later
15:09 ttt how many libraries follow these AACR II punctuation in Koha
15:09 caroline1 ttt: if you want them to appear in your catalog, you must enter them
15:10 ttt but nobody prints catalogue now
15:10 caroline1 ttt: some punctuation will appear anyway, whether you enter it or not
15:10 ttt i have a question when data will be exchanged will these make any issue
15:10 caroline1 ttt: I mean it will appear in your OPAC
15:10 caroline1 ttt: no it will not cause issues when data is exchanged
15:11 cait ttt: take 245 for an example, if you don't enter them, there will be no separation between title and author etc.
15:11 ttt are all libraries following these aacrII rules while cataloguing
15:11 oleonard Because MARC is a bad bad data format XD
15:11 caroline1 oleonard: hey!
15:11 cait he is right
15:11 caroline1 don't listen to him MARC
15:11 eythian not wrong
15:11 cait ttt: right now it's mostly a display issue
15:11 oleonard @karma MARC
15:11 huginn` oleonard: Karma for "MARC" has been increased 0 times and decreased 19 times for a total karma of -19.
15:11 caroline1 ttt: no, not all libraries use AACR
15:11 cait if you decide not to enter them in general, there is a marker somewhere in the leader i think to indicate that
15:12 cait then you can say your data is fully valid
15:12 cait but it might still not look good in soem spots :)
15:12 ttt thats fine but it is difficult for people to remember all those symbols and do data entry
15:12 ttt hence achiving standardization is really difficult
15:12 cait yeah, no fun
15:13 caroline1 I wouldn't worry about it... there is no cataloguing police who will arrest you if you don't add punctuation
15:13 ttt one more question i have is if book is in some language and if we create card in that language is it necessary to fill up all fields in english as well to retrieve data in both languages
15:13 cait ... oh can somene add that to quotes? :)
15:14 cait ttt: lots of fields are not repeatable
15:14 * oleonard suspects caroline1 is an undercover cataloging police agent
15:14 caroline1 busted...
15:14 cait hm maybe I don't understand
15:14 cait can you give an example?
15:14 corilynn first rule of cataloging police is no talking about cataloging police
15:15 cait usually you don't translate but use what is on the item - but you can for example transliterate original scripts etc.
15:15 cait but it's overcomplicated if you want to do that to standard
15:15 caroline1 ttt: retrieving will only work in the language it's written in
15:15 cait @narc 880
15:15 huginn` cait: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
15:15 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn`.
15:15 eythian heh @narc
15:15 ttt say book is in french language and we create cataloguing  in french with all fields entered in french but user may enter its title in english
15:15 cait @marc 880
15:15 huginn` cait: The fully content-designated representation, in a different script, of another field in the same record. Field 880 is linked to the associated regular field by subfield $6 (Linkage). The first and second indicator positions in field 880 have the same definition and values as the indicators in the associated field. The subfield codes in field 880 are the same as those defined in the associated field except (1 more message)
15:15 ttt what is RDA
15:15 wahanui rumour has it RDA is indicated in another field
15:15 cait ttt: you coudl probably enter that... 246?
15:15 caroline1 ttt: you can put alternative titles in 246 or 534
15:15 cait hah :)
15:16 cait caroline++
15:16 ttt but what about author, publisher, subject etc. if all these fields are added in original language would it be write to add them in english as well
15:16 ttt from retrieval point of view
15:16 caroline1 in bilingual libraries here they often put subject headings in both languages but the rest is as it is on the item
15:17 caroline1 for authors, you can have authorities that redirct to the right spelling (like Tchaikovsky vs Chaikovsky)
15:17 cait for subjects too
15:17 cait i think
15:18 ttt ok
15:18 cait but it will only show one form, thisis for helping search
15:18 ttt as well same doubt about creating item record
15:18 caroline1 I'm not sure how well Koha handles redirection though
15:19 cait caroline1: it's a bit difficult, but you definitelyneed the pref on before indexing... IncludeSeeFromInSearches
15:19 cait ttt: test it before implementing
15:20 ttt ok
15:21 ttt one more question many libraries while using koha will not bother about indicators and leave them without giving any proper indicator number in such cases will there be any issue
15:22 caroline1 ttt: indicators will cause some issues, esp. for sorting and display
15:23 ttt oh
15:23 ttt people only enter data in different tags without bothering indications, punctuations
15:23 caroline1 like the 2nd (I think) indicator of field 245 is how many characters to ignore in sorting by title... If you don't put that, the titles will be sorted by 1st character which might give you wierg results (like "the something..." will be sorted in Ts)
15:24 corilynn def. what the second indicator does in 245
15:24 cait huh
15:24 ttt is there any quick guide for koha cataloguing with all these cares because marc is huge and if there is simple guide with few eg those can be taken as a guidelines
15:24 cait Failed to submit form: error when staging records in Koha?
15:24 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9 build #659: SUCCESS in 25 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D9/659/
15:25 caroline1 ttt: I have some libraries that don't have any librarians or library techs who do the cataloguing and they do fine
15:26 ttt so they dont bother much about these punctuations, indicators etc.
15:26 ttt entering author in 100$a in one way and in 245 in other way etc.
15:26 caroline1 You can simplify a lot in the framework with dropdown menus and default values and it takes away a lot of the worries
15:27 cait i kinda liked the tutorials here:
15:27 cait when i ws new to marc21
15:27 cait understanding...
15:27 caroline1 ttt: they do have to follow SOME rules, like entering last name first in 100$a,
15:27 ttt ok
15:28 cait it has a guide to the most commonly used fields with examples
15:28 cait
15:28 caroline1 Also, have them do derived cataloguing (Z39.50 for example) a lot of records are already catalogued somewhere
15:29 tuxayo caroline1: «there is no cataloguing police who will arrest you if you don't add punctuation»
15:29 tuxayo Maybe we need one :P (for other violations)
15:29 * tuxayo remembers their colleagues complaining about libraries deviating from standards and causing issues, and one of them bringing a UNIMARC red book to a training to make the librarians take an oauth to follow the standard ^^
15:30 caroline1 I've had colleagues in the past like that, but I find that it's a lot of worry for not much results
15:30 caroline1 even if you don't put a period at the end of an ISBN, who cares really?
15:31 * eythian wishes that people developing cataloguing standards in the dark ages knew about data/presentation format separation theory.
15:32 ttt thats what is my question then why to task libraries to remember those : ; . / and put them while cataloguing
15:32 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_U18 build #151: UNSTABLE in 32 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_U18/151/
15:32 eythian ISBN shouldn't have a . because it's not semantically meaningful, the presentation layer can do that
15:32 cait leaving off the ending . should give no issues i think - i never do those
15:32 eythian I mean, it shouldn't even be in  the standard.
15:32 cait eythian: we know :)
15:32 cait yes. but it is.
15:33 ttt in database context i think we should not bother so much
15:33 eythian right, they needed a computer scientist or three on their board when designing it.
15:33 tuxayo caroline1:  Â«I find that it's a lot of worry for not much results»
15:33 tuxayo I think it's mostly about tickets for things for displaying, or displaying in the wrong place due to unnecessarily  being in the wrong filed (or an invented)
15:33 tuxayo Or indexetions issues.
15:33 eythian (that said, I look at data formats from those days and they're not much better.)
15:33 corilynn eythian++ wouldn't that be awesome... a reason to go back in time!
15:34 eythian heh
15:34 oleonard eythian: I wonder how many data formats from that time are in as wide use as MARC today
15:34 corilynn oleonard, like zero
15:34 eythian corilynn: alas no
15:35 corilynn eythian, should be zero :(
15:35 eythian for example, ISO8601
15:35 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #168: STILL UNSTABLE in 37 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/168/
15:35 eythian which is what is used to carry MARC around
15:35 eythian it's optimised for tape storage and access...
15:35 eythian err
15:35 corilynn at least it has a four digit year
15:35 eythian wrong ISO
15:36 eythian ISO2709
15:37 corilynn but 2709 isn't being used anymore, is it?
15:38 eythian what is dead can never die
15:38 eythian It's not used in Koha, but I am 100% sure it's used elsewhere.
15:39 corilynn similiar to what a friend of mine used to say about dev projects "there is no phase 2"
15:39 eythian prototype is production.
15:39 corilynn word
15:43 caroline1 Is there somewhere other than noissuescharge that triggers the "Checkouts are BLOCKED because fin balance is OVER THE LIMIT"?
15:43 caroline1 I have 5 in noissuescharge and a patron with 75$ in fine who can still checkout...
15:43 * caroline1 is confused
15:49 tuxayo corilynn: «but 2709 isn't being used anymore, is it?»
15:49 tuxayo ISO2709 is the format I see the most. I have the impression that every time I get a file to import into the reservoir to reproduce an issue for example. The customer provides an ISO 2709
15:49 corilynn tuxayo, huh
15:50 cait caroline1: what kind of charge?
15:50 cait there is one pref that says to not count some type
15:50 caroline1 they are overdue fines
15:50 cait hm
15:51 caroline1 he has like 15 items overdue, almost all are over 5$ overdue
15:51 eythian marcxml is much too new, it's not even 18 yet. You can't risk everything with such an unproven format.
15:53 caroline1 I'm checking and there is only something about garantees... I'm not proficient in tt though...
15:55 caroline1 ugh... having problems with the paste thing...
15:55 caroline1 [% IF ( charges ) %]
15:55 caroline1 [% INCLUDE '' fines = chargesamount %]
15:55 caroline1 [% END %]
15:55 caroline1 [% IF ( charges_guarantees ) %]
15:55 caroline1 <li>
15:55 caroline1 <span class="circ-hlt">Fees &amp; Charges:</span> Patron's guarantees collectively owe [% chargesamount_guarantees | $Price %].
15:55 caroline1 [% IF ( charges_guarantees_is_blocker ) %]
15:55 caroline1 <span class="circ-hlt">Checkouts are BLOCKED because fine balance is OVER THE LIMIT.</span>
15:55 caroline1 [% END %]
15:55 caroline1 </li>
15:55 caroline1 [% END %]
15:55 caroline1 lol!
15:55 caroline1
15:58 cait caroline1: have you checked all prefs that come up with 'noissue'?
15:58 cait here are 7 now
16:00 caroline1 yes, but they don't really apply. the patron only has fines, no manual_inv, no holds fee, etc.
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16:05 cait caroline1: sorr,y no idea, sounds like a bug?
16:05 cait has someone experience with match points?
16:06 caroline1 cait: I sent it over to a dev... they will check the code more in detail
16:07 deb-CSPL joined #koha
16:09 cait vs. match rules?
16:10 caroline1 cait: wasn't it you who sent me a blog post by joy explaining those?
16:10 cait yeah i have seen that, but i have some issues applying it :)
16:10 cait i am wonderin gif you can only have a match check without a maching rule
16:10 caroline1 oh, yeah me too... big headache that
16:11 caroline1 I don't think you can
16:16 cait hm i think th help for matching rules needs an update :(
16:16 cait at least in 17.11 it doesn't reflect the new things from back then
16:17 * oleonard prepares the ceremonial fire in case someone decides to begin the ritual to summon talljoy
16:17 cait heh
16:18 cait i have achieved my goal another way, so maybe we won't need it
16:18 cait our unin catalogs merges with another
16:18 cait and all 001 are changing
16:18 cait which created a lot of work as a lot of system use this number for linking
16:18 cait creates
16:21 cait Koha only has one ‘Normalization rule’ that removes extra characters such as commas and semicolons. The value you enter in this field is irrelevant to the normalization process. ‘Required match checks’ - ??
16:21 cait yep. needs updating in 18.11 too
16:22 cait it also claims 001 has a subfield a
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18:41 philor could someone do a quick check of something in 18.05.08 or master, before I report a bug that turns out to just be broken for me?
18:48 cait depends on how difficult
18:51 philor edit a bib with a double quote in the title, like |"A" is for alibi| in the basic editor, see whether the title text input winds up blank
18:52 philor so somewhere between dead simple if you have the basic editor on by default and have a record for that, and annoying if you have the advanced editor on and don't know a title in your db with a double quote in it and have to make one
18:52 cait i think that was reported already
18:52 oleonard Yes, confirmed philor
18:53 cait bug 22395
18:53 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22395 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Data in 245 field (subfield a or b) will be deleted if it has Quotation Marks
18:53 philor bah, I tried lots of words, but not "quotation"
18:55 cait i saw it earlier, i can't remember numbers for my life... but i am good with keywords in bugs :)
18:55 philor thanks for the link and the confirmation
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19:59 oleonard Happy weekend, everyone
20:45 vero joined #koha
20:45 vero Please help me, when I change the preference (item-level_itypes) to (bibliographic record) to show the item type icon of Opac When I load a loan from the librarian, it throws me an error  the koha method :: Biblio article-> not for loan
21:26 jzairo joined #koha
21:55 vero Please help me, when I change the preference (item-level_itypes) to (bibliographic record) to show the item type icon of Opac When I load a loan from the librarian, it throws me an error  the koha method :: Biblio article-> not for loan
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