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04:23 * mtompset collapses asleep.
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07:04 cait @later tell wizzyrea could you take a look at bug 7088 maybe? It's a circ question about handling renewal overrides of on hold items
07:04 huginn` cait: The operation succeeded.
07:05 cait @later tell caroline could you take a look at bug 7088 maybe? It's a circ question about handling renewal overrides of on hold items - interested in librarian opinions :)
07:05 huginn` cait: The operation succeeded.
07:05 cait @later tell oleonard could you take a look at bug 7088 maybe? It's a circ question about handling renewal overrides of on hold items?
07:05 huginn` cait: The operation succeeded.
07:10 paxed hm.
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07:10 paxed select count(*) from aqorders where datecancellationprinted is not null and orderstatus!='cancelled'; => 172
07:10 paxed i wonder how that happens.
07:10 fridolin hi
07:10 cait there were bugs with the status settings
07:10 cait i don't know of any unfixed
07:10 cait but if they are new, probably worth investiaging
07:11 paxed cait: we're running a fork of 17.07
07:11 cait we are not that far off, 17.11
07:12 cait you can't undo 'cancel order' can't you?
07:12 cait and there are only 2 spots we allow to cancel from - basket and parcel
07:12 paxed err, 17.05, of course :D
07:13 cait I'd start looking if both of those behave the same i guess
07:28 cait sorry, have to run, bbiab
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07:38 reiveune hello
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07:56 alex_a bonjour
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08:33 magnuse \o/
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08:43 ashimema hello
08:44 * cait waves again
08:53 magnuse ~~~
08:56 ashimema @seen Joubu
08:56 huginn` ashimema: Joubu was last seen in #koha 8 weeks, 4 days, 18 hours, 34 minutes, and 49 seconds ago: <Joubu> JesseM: 18.05_D8 is green! I am starting manually the runs for D9 and U18 right now
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09:17 Archie^ Yoh Koha team!
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09:51 * andreashm waves
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12:32 gerundio hi everyone
12:32 oleonard Hi all
12:32 gerundio I'm experiencing some issues regarding mails being sent from Koha
12:32 gerundio so far I couldn't find any documentation on this topic
12:33 gerundio is there any reference on how to properly set up a Koha installation to send emails?
12:42 gerundio is Koha still using the Mail::Sendmail Perl library to send all its emails?
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13:10 oleonard No one able to advise gerundio?
13:16 cait oleonard: which email was that?
13:18 oleonard They were asking here, a few minutes ago
13:18 ashimema Huh
13:18 ashimema I have no idea what module we use these days.. but I don't believe it's changed in a long time
13:19 ashimema Basically getting the server able to send mail properly is the first step . . We just use the servers MTA to do all the real work
13:20 * ashimema needs to get back to his customers again now.. sorry I couldn't be more heloy
13:20 ashimema Helo
13:20 ashimema Help .. even
13:20 cait ashimema: release on 22nd?
13:21 cait i need to catch up on translations too i just realized
13:21 ashimema That's the aim
13:21 ashimema fridolin is aiming for 25th for 17.11
13:21 ashimema I totally forgot to announce string freeze properly
13:22 cait i have a reminder in my calendar
13:22 cait there are strings
13:22 cait so po files appear to have been updated
13:22 ashimema Bit of a challenging month 🤔
13:22 cait tomas is working on handover still i think?
13:22 cait yeah
13:22 cait not sure what's up... must be something in the water or suns pots
13:23 ashimema Lol
13:23 cait we also have a flu wave :(
13:23 ashimema Yeah, Tomas did great getting things moving again
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13:42 fridolin kidclamp: hello, any of BW using our demo ?
13:42 fridolin be have code from
13:43 fridolin funny ;)
13:58 cait code?
13:58 wahanui code is bad but exists, so I copied it.. really? :D
13:58 oleonard Customizations?
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14:35 cait hm I wonder why this didn't get replaced by %s? Can't cancel order, ([% books_loo.holds_on_order | html %]) holds are linked with this order. Cancel holds first
14:35 cait staff.po
14:43 cait this mkes me cry: http://translate.koha-communit[…]g.po#unit=8649543
14:46 ashimema ouch
14:46 blou_ ooouuuuuuh, ouch
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15:05 cait .... and the worst of all, it was my patch changing it
15:05 cait because there was a mistake somewhere
15:05 cait that i noticed the last time i trasnlated that
15:07 ashimema lol
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15:30 cait tcohen: strange question... isn#t recovery wrong?
15:30 cait recovery would be to get your lost password back, but we force a reset
15:31 tcohen hi
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16:24 * oleonard hates to see "still valid" comments on a bug going on 6 years...
16:24 oleonard In this case, Bug 10215
16:24 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10215 minor, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Failed QA , Increase the size of opacnote and librariannote for table subscriptionhistory
16:37 corilynn i mean... it's set to low priority... are librarians clammoring for it?
16:38 corilynn everyone knows SQL table changes are like chisseling WAR AND PEACE onto stone
16:54 tuxayo Hi, :)
16:54 tuxayo Has anyone ever manually fixed (SQL) various aqorders.unitprice_tax_excluded (field "Actual price" when receiving)
16:54 tuxayo Due to bug 18723
16:54 tuxayo I'm trying to figure all the things that must be updated as a consequence. At least there is aqorders.unitprice_tax_included
16:54 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18723 critical, P5 - low, ---, josef.moravec, Pushed to Stable , Dot not recognized as decimal separator on receive
16:56 tuxayo oleonard: Why? Due to the bug still being there? Or due to the fact that votes (if more visible) should be the way to showing interest in a bug.
16:56 tuxayo «hates to see "still valid" comments on a bug going on 6 years...»
16:57 oleonard tuxayo: A patch was submitted, a correction was suggested, then nothing for 6 years while people comment that they wish it could be fixed.
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17:00 reiveune bye
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17:01 wizzyrea hi peeps
17:02 tuxayo o/
17:02 oleonard Hi wizzyrea
17:04 wizzyrea what's the haps
17:04 ashimema want to resurrect the patch for it oleonard.. or would you like me to and then you can SO?
17:05 ashimema or tuxayo could if he feels like rescue duties ;)
17:05 oleonard ashimema: I didn't feel qualified to resurrect it myself, but I'd be happy to sign off
17:05 ashimema it looks like a tiny patch
17:05 ashimema I'll hit it.. won't take long
17:05 ashimema nice one to finish the day on
17:05 tuxayo oleonard: indeed, and there is not much left. It's a low hanging fruit (academy tag?)
17:06 tuxayo (indeed it's not a pleasure to see such a situation)
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17:08 tuxayo ashimema: «tuxayo could if he feels like rescue duties»
17:08 tuxayo I shoud probably finish stuff before beginning new one. Otherwise I will create other bugzillas like this and it will be a never ending cycle!!
17:08 ashimema haha
17:08 ashimema no worries
17:08 ashimema I'm on it
17:10 tuxayo thanks :)
17:13 * tuxayo wonders if it would work to have general donations that could allocaded as bounties to small/medium bugs
17:13 tuxayo[…]bscriptionhistory
17:13 tuxayo And if that would attract more individuals doing Koha support to start contributing
17:14 ashimema I've wondered that a few times
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17:26 ashimema rescued.. fancy testing it oleonard
17:26 ashimema ;)
17:27 ashimema how did you do that bounty thing tucayo?
17:28 wizzyrea another idea is a list where libraries could ask for development bids from vendors
17:29 ashimema we've never had any luck with croudfunding
17:29 wizzyrea not crowdfunding
17:29 ashimema we're trying again recently, but I don't hold out a huge amount of hope myself
17:29 ashimema hmm.. suppose not
17:29 cait no josef... around... but he is awesome. hope he knows.
17:30 wizzyrea a library has money to solve a problem, but no developer, make a place where that library can ask vendors to bid.
17:30 wizzyrea i feel like they'd have to have a spec ready though
17:30 ashimema that would be nice
17:30 wizzyrea as part of the request for bid
17:30 ashimema indeed
17:30 wizzyrea not vague feature requests
17:30 ashimema totally
17:31 cait hm would be interesting to hear how bwater's experiences are
17:31 ashimema find-a-dev type thingy
17:31 wizzyrea yeah
17:31 ashimema indeed
17:52 oleonard ashimema++
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17:56 niki hi
17:56 wahanui que tal, niki
17:56 niki how can i sow the all patrons list
18:01 tuxayo ashimema++
18:01 tuxayo in commit message: «Rescued-by: Martin Renvoize <>»
18:01 tuxayo hue hue hue
18:18 tuxayo wizzyrea: «another idea is a list where libraries could ask for development bids from vendors»
18:18 tuxayo That's pretty much how Bountysource works. Someone would fill a bug, then in Bountysource, store money on it (get it back after some time if nothing happens)
18:18 tuxayo And when the issue is solved, the dev can claim the bounty.
18:21 tuxayo I'm amazed that IBM uses that and has put 300k USD in it
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18:23 tuxayo I wish EBSCO could do that to make Koha better, in case Folio doesn't end up as they expect.
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18:25 cait feeels like i missed some interesting discussion
18:28 oleonard cait: We were talking about the idea of "bug bounties" ... paying for patches
18:28 cait i tihnk fixing is only hte half of it
18:29 cait we have tons of patches untested
18:29 ashimema josef_moravec  about?
18:30 tuxayo cait:[…]9-02-20#i_2118978
18:31 cait tuxayo: i know, thx :) just betweenkitchen and laptop right now
18:35 tuxayo «we have tons of patches untested»
18:36 tuxayo I wonder if it would work if support companies would give a small discount if the libraries-customers would do a signoff from time to time :P
18:36 tuxayo Or also have bounties for signoffs.
18:38 ashimema We encourage our libraries to sign off.. many do
18:38 ashimema Many dont
18:38 ashimema I don't think it often comes down to money
18:38 ashimema More confidence and time
18:41 cait there is lots of patches stuck that need developers to sign off to
18:41 cait maybe another approach would be to add a charge for community type of work
18:41 cait every patch you submit... also test 2
18:43 ashimema Very hard to sell that.
18:45 cait then name it something different?
18:45 cait truth is... libraries invest in folio too
18:45 cait heavily so
18:45 cait so it can be sold
18:45 cait thinking of all the people working on interest groups etc
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18:53 cait sorry, I didn't wan tto kill the discussion
18:53 cait hi caroline1 :)
18:53 caroline1 hey!
18:56 cait kidclamp: thx for the quick follow-ups :)
18:56 kidclamp np, doing my best :-)
18:56 cait i would probably have fixed them later - just didn't get further this morning
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19:20 cait oleonard++ bug clean-up
19:20 kathryn morning oleonard and cait and all :)
19:20 oleonard Hi kathryn
19:20 kathryn hi :)
19:24 tcohen cait: I bet we all test more patches than those we submit already
19:24 tcohen a bag of hazelnut cookies
19:25 tcohen =D
19:28 cait hi kathryn :)
19:28 cait tcohen: the dashboard shows those stats btw :)
19:29 cait and you are right... but with qa and so needed 1:2 is not quite reached
19:29 cait hm
19:29 cait patches to signoffs: 20105412
19:30 cait 2010   5412
19:30 cait wonder what breaks the theory... multiple qa runs?
19:30 tcohen indeed
19:30 tcohen 205 284
19:30 tcohen that's not a 2x ratio
19:30 tcohen but isn't that bad, right?
19:31 tcohen cait: you break the media
19:32 cait hm?
19:34 tcohen your ratio
19:34 tcohen 104 511
19:34 cait 104 appears a bit high even... although i have been writing lots of small things
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19:56 oleonard See y'all later!
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23:30 alexbuckley hi all, I have a problem. I am trying to load a 17.05.06 db data into a site and then upgrade it to 18.11.01. I have dropped and re-created the db, then run koha-upgrade-schema however I end up with 224 tables rather than 205 as expected for 18.11.01. This is due to some tables not being removed during the koha-upgrade-schema, has anyone come across this before and have any suggestions?
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