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00:19 oleonard
02:09 sen I just upgraded from 17.11 to 18.11 and all the CSS and JS and resources like that are now giving me a 404, it looks like it's appending a version number to what it's looking for now like "mainpage_18.1102000.css", any pointers on where to look to fix this?
02:12 sen Hah okay I feel silly, I just had to restart Apache after the upgrade :) Sorry to bug you all!
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14:59 lelebart joined #koha
15:09 lelebart purged koha for the second time, cannot make it work. :(
15:23 lelebart purged for third time. i give up
16:43 zb sen: you just restarted apache? i'm wondering about those appended version numbers too...
17:47 cait can i help?
19:17 aleisha joined #koha
19:24 zb well, i too am getting 404s for links like /intranet-tmpl/lib/jquery/jqu​ery-ui-1.11.4.min_18.1200008.css - which i guess should be cached version of /intranet-tmpl/lib/jquery/jquery-ui-1.11.4.min.css ? am i missing an apache module or something?
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20:28 alexbuckley hi all
21:57 cait zb:  how did you install? which instructions did you use?
21:57 cait hi ale
21:57 cait hi alexbuckley
22:01 alexbuckley hi cait!

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